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Cool Monday 1/15 "Graham's Smug After Ashley Falls Into His Trap"

Monday 1/15 "Graham's Smug After Ashley Falls Into His Trap"

Monday January 15, 2018: Nick’s concerned about Sharon’s actions, Cane makes arrangements to go to Paris, and Nikki is stunned to see a familiar face

At Crimson Lights, Ashley learns Paul doesn’t have any new information on the break-in. Ashley hasn’t figured out which chemicals are gone since they weren’t catalogued yet. She wants the culprit locked up.

In their Club suite, Dina asks Graham what he’s doing with all the drugs. Graham suggests a walk, and brings the bag of vials along.Nikki-Vikki-smile-YR-CBS In the dining room, Nikki updates Victoria on Reed, and Vikki warns her mother about taking issue with how she raises her son again. Nikki apologizes that things got so intense, and asks what, or who, put the smile on Victoria’s face. Vikki laughs about Johnny and Katie being at Phyllis and Billy’s, before talk turns to JT. Vikki shares they’re more in sync than she ever thought they’d be.

Nick arrives at Sharon’s place to pick up Faith for school and greets Mariah. He’s surprised to see Kathy and her kids appear. Nick pulls Sharon aside to complain she’s putting Faith and Mariah at risk. Sharon insists Kathy’s harmless and offers for Faith to stay with him and Chelsea for a few days. Nick looks concerned as she rants that she can’t abandon a fellow mom in crisis.

At the Chancellor mansion, Cane has something shocking to tell Billy and JT - he’s going to Paris and plans to leave Billy in charge of Chancellor.JT-Billy-spill-YR-CBS Billy goes to rustle up a celebratory omelet, and Cane asks JT to keep an eye on Billy. In a moment alone, Billy senses JT got lucky last night and wants details. “Spill it.” Cane reappears, along with the twins. Billy leaves for the office, and Cane tells the twins he’s going away and leaving them with JT. Mattie deduces her father’s going to Paris, and feels it’s a disaster in the making. Charlie’s irritated. Cane shares that he believes Lily’s open to reconciling. Mattie’s scared people will get hurt again. After, Cane says goodbye to Sam and the twins see him off.

At the park, Graham is about to dump the bag of vials in the trash when Nick appears. He introduces himself to Dina, who doesn’t know him, then notices Graham snatch the bag away from Dina. Graham explains they’re medications. Nick suggests he make sure she takes them; if she hurts his family again, they’ll have an issue. After Nick goes, Graham tosses the bag in the trash.

Tessa-Mariah-miss-YR-CBSMariah encounters Tessa at the coffeehouse and learns she’s having trouble writing lyrics. Tessa misses bouncing ideas off her. They chat, and Tessa tells Mariah she looked good on her last segment on The Hilary Hour. Mariah rushes off. On the patio, Ashley takes a call from Graham inviting her to the Club to spend time with Dina. She dubs it a phony maneuver, but agrees to come. Later, Nikki’s upset when Nick tells her about Sharon taking in homeless people and leaves to straighten her out.

JT-Victoria-desk-sex-YR-CBSAt Newman, JT asks Victoria, “What was that last night?” Victoria doesn’t know, but they agree it left leave unable to form words. Neither of them told anyone, and both feel nothing could compare to last night. They decide to move on and take it for what it was before having sex on the desk.

Ashley arrives in Dina’s suite and learns she believes Graham is taking her on a cruise. Graham explains he’s not and her belief he’s a pharmaceutical salesman is also a delusion from the Alzheimer’s. Next, Dina thinks Ashley is from housekeeping. Graham wipes away a tear as Ash looks skeptical. Ashley-adjust-YR-CBSThey sit down to eat, and Graham asks Ashley to reach into the mini-fridge for his hypodermic needle and insulin – he’s diabetic. Ash does so, then he decides it was a mistake; she can put them back. Graham grins to himself as she places them back inside, leaving her fingerprints on them. Graham insists he has altruistic intentions where Dina’s concerned, but Ashley isn’t buying it. She feels the only part of his vows he meant were ‘until death do us part’, and warns him to adjust his expectations. Graham calls her a selfish little bitch as she vows her family will win. Ash snarks there’s only one selfish little bitch here and she’s looking at him. Once alone, Graham places they hypodermic needle in a baggie.

At Sharon’s house, she senses Mariah’s in a mood. Mariah rambles on about messing up everything in her life, observing that ‘adulting’ is hard. Sharon’s happy to hear she’s journaling and assures her she’s going places. Later, Nikki arrives and is surprised when Kathy opens the door. Nikki assures her she won’t press any charges from their encounter at Christmas and tells her she was lucky to be taken in someplace special. Mariah and Sharon appear. When Mariah and Kathy go to the kitchen, Nikki embraces Sharon, who is amazed when calls her a guardian angel. Nikki muses she may be up for a new challenge.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki and Nick join forces.

- Candace Young
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Monday US

Crimson Lights
Paul tells Ashley he doesn't have any news on the burglary.
Ashley says they haven't determined what was stolen .. 'cause the drugs hadn't been recorded yet.

Dina's Suite:
Dina asks Graham where all the drugs came from.
Graham tells her he was a pharmaceutical salesman.
Graham changes the subject by suggesting they go for a walk in the park.
Dining Room
Nikki gives Victoria an update on Reed.
Victoria tells Nikki not to mean-mouth how she raises Reed.
Nikki apologizes & wonders what has put the smile on Victoria's face.
Victoria sidesteps the question by talking about Johnny & Katie being with Phyllis & Billy.
Later .. talk turns to JT & Victoria says they're getting along better than she thought they would.

Sharon's Cottage
Nick arrives to take Faith to school.
Nick is shocked to see Kathy & her children.
Nick tells Sharon .. inviting someone she doesn't know to stay with her places Faith & Mariah in danger.
Sharon says Kathy is harmless & she can't abandon a Mom in crisis .. so Nick can have Faith stay with him & Chelsea for a few days if he wants to.

Chancellor Mansion
JT comes home after being "out" all night.
Cane tells Billy & JT he's going to Paris.
Cane says Billy will be in charge while he's away.
Billy leaves to ask Esther to rustle up celebratory omelets.
Cane wants JT to keep an eye on Billy while he's away.
When they're alone .. Billy wants to know if JT got lucky last night.
JT avoids answering when Cane & the kids return.
Billy heads out to the office.
Cane tells the twins he'll be away for a couple of days .. so .. they'll be staying with Uncle Devon.
Mattie twigs .. Cane is going to Paris.
Mattie thinks it's a disaster in the making.
Esther will be taking care of Sam.

Chancellor Park
Graham & Dina are enjoying a hot chocolate.
Graham gets up to dump a paper bag of vials in the trash & Nick appears.
Nick introduces himself to Dina (who doesn't recognize him).
Graham grabs the paper bag away from Dina.
Graham tells Nick the bag has her meds in it.
Nick tells Graham to make sure Dina takes her meds .. 'cause if she hurts his family again .. there'll be trouble ahead.
After Nick leaves .. Graham drops the paper bag in the trash can.

Crimson Lights
Tessa tells Mariah she's having trouble writing the lyrics for a new song.
Tessa says she misses having Mariah around to bounce ideas off of.
Tessa tells Mariah she did great on the recent segment of The Hilary Hour.
Mariah says she has to pick up her dry cleaning & leaves in a hurry.
Ashley gets a call from Graham .. inviting her to spend time with Dina.
Ashley knows Graham is up to something .. but .. agrees.
Nick tells Nikki about Sharon & the homeless woman & Nikki heads over to Sharon's.

Victoria's Office
JT & Victoria wonder what happened last night.
JT asks Victoria if she told anyone. Victoria says "no" & JT says he didn't either.
They decide it was what it was .. then .. end up having sex on Victoria's desk.

Sharon's Cottage
Mariah yammers away about messing up her life.
Sharon is pleased Mariah is keeping a journal & assures her things will work out.
Nikki arrives & is shocked when Kathy opens the door.
Nikki assures Kathy she won't press charges re: their previous encounter.
Mariah & Sharon are there & when Mariah & Kathy head to the kitchen .. Nikki gives Sharon a hug & tells her she's a guardian angel.
Nikki thinks she's ready for a new challenge.

Dina's Suite
Ashley arrives & Dina tells her Graham is taking her on a cruise.
Graham tells Ashley .. he's not taking Dina on a cruise & her latest delusion is Dina thinks he's a pharmaceutical salesman.
When Dina thinks Ashley is from housekeeping .. Graham wipes away a phony tear.
While sharing a meal .. Graham tells Ashley he's a diabetic & asks Ashley to take his hypodermic needle & insulin out of the mini-fridge which is next to her.
Ashley takes them out .. then .. Graham says he read his test wrong & doesn't need them .. so Ashley places them back in the fridge.
Graham smirks .. knowing Ashley's fingerprints are on them now.
Graham tries to convince Ashley his intentions are altruistic. Ashley doesn't buy it.
Ashley says the only part of his wedding vows he meant was "till death do us part".
They snark .. Ashley leaves .. & .. Graham puts on gloves & places the hypodermic needle in a plastic bag.



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