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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of JANUARY 8

General Hospital 1-8-18 Preview GH 1/8/18
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GH: Promo for week of January 8th Big January

General Hospital Promo 1/8/18
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Cool sneak peek video clip for Monday, January 8, 2018

GH Sneak Peek: Maxie freaks out to Lulu.
Faison's looming presence has Maxie terrified.
Maxie wants to distance herself and her baby from Faison,
but Lulu wants to find Faison.

Watch video here


Previews for Monday January 8

Transcription of this video:

- Finn to someone with dark hair (Anna?): "It's time I told you the truth."

- Josslyn to Oscar: "Something you want to talk to me about?"

- Carly: "OMG, my baby is growing up so fast."

- Maxie to Lulu: "What if our baby inherits those genes?"

- Dante asks: "Who's your father?" Nathan replies: "Cesar Faison."

- Drew to Sam: "We've got a problem."

- Jason, with Sonny, to Anna: "We think Sinclair is Faison's son."
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Dante and Jordan talking about the
Cassandra case.

Finn is getting dressed Anna comes in who
said he could leave.

Maxie reassuring Nathan thier baby won;t turn
out like Faison. Lulu hears and is like what?
Nathan tells Lulu Faiso is his father.

Carly comes to Sonny house Joss is dancing
to music Carly watches. Joss is all dressed
up for a school ball. Joss goes to change. Carly
is like OMG muy baby growing up.

Sason talking Spin will step up make it ok
for his daughter and MAxe. Sonny says Spin
odd but good guy. Jason suugest he tell Spin
that himself.

Sam and Drew she wonder what he wants to do
love and honor her for rest of lives. Sam says
let get married today. Right now today at city hall

Anna says let the doc decide when yoe
then we can go home and celebrate NYE. Anna
says don;t go to police it was self defense/

Jordan going to see Anna. Tell her the investigation
is over.

Finn worries police will come after him. Anna says
you have no memory of hurting Cassandra. Anna
says you won;t say a damn thing about what happened
Sonny arrives. Anna talks to Sonny in the hall
Jason is ther they want to talk Faison.

Maxie tells Lulu Dr. O told them about Faison being
NAthan father. Nathan leaves. MAxie says she is
terrified what if baby inherits bad genes.

Joss comes down Carly asks about Christmas
Joss mentions oscar was at Q christmas. CArly mentions
Sam and Drew being there. Oscar arrives.

Sam says she has all the documents for Drew and
the $40.00 Drew say we got a problem.

Drew says we can;t married for 24 till after
the marriage liscense is issued. They go to
get the liscense. HE says he meant ever single
word of the vow he took at the first weeding.

Oscar and Joss he wishes Carly happy New Year,
CARLY give them privacy.

Jason tells Anna Faison has one son Nathan West
Sonny explains how they found out. Anna says why
tell me. Jason says Nathan not son we are looking for
Faison didn;t write the manuscript story of his son
taking revenge against his father. We think Sinclair
is Faison son. We need to find him. Sonny asks if
another woman could have had a child with him Anna says
one woman in particular.

Nathan arrives at work at PCPD. Dante wonders
what is up with him. He says he found out who
his father is.

Lulu says to Maxie stress not good for the baby.
Maxie says I don;t want to worry my baby will
grow up wiht depraved personality.

Finn gets a visit from Jordan. She came to talk
about Cassandra Pierce.

MAxie says we went thru this with SPin and
Georgie where Spin couldn't get his records
Lulu says Nathan great guy won;t pass down bad

Dante says who is your father. Cesar Faison
Dante is like NO...Dante is sorry .so is Nathan
says he feels different how do you forget who your
father is. Dante say syou cant

Anna says Deseray she was very devoted to him
Anna will get he WSB to look into Sinclair so
just sit tight. Jason says he wants to know
what happened Anna gets testy why he took
5 years of your life dont; let him take more. walks
off Sonny says she know a hell of a lot more than
she is saying.

Oscar says he finished reading the book on
Edward he sasy all that stuff was crazy. He
thanks her. Carly brings food. wonders what is
goin on.

Jordan says thougth Anna would be here. Finn
says I should tell you the truth.

Jordan asks if he making offical statement
yes he starts as Anna arrives and explains.
Jordan says we know who injected Cassandra
and left her to die.

Dante says not comparing Sonny deeply flawed
but he has code and conscience. Dante
explains being undercover with Sonny for months
woke up in hosptial after he shot me with rage
didn;t kow what to do with it. learned things about
him, Dante says you grew up rich kid priveledged
you became a cop. you chose to be good man.

Lulu holds maxie hand your baby will grow up
to be good and happy. you will give baby a good
home then talks Charlotte and why she went for
custody. lulu says you have so much happiness
ahead of you. Maxie greatful to have friend like her.
Lulu says Faison doesn;t know NAthan is his father.
MAxie has to go.

Carly says are you sure things ok. Joss says fine
Carly is like ok and leaves them alone. Joss is mad
Oscar says are we having a fight. yes Joss says just
go. Oscar is like you want me to go.. Joss says bye.
so Oscar does go. Carly comes out are you ok
Joss says he is such a jerk he didn;t ask me to the
ball. Doorbell Carly answers it Oscar arroves with a
hat on mad hatter. He says Josslyn JAcks will you
go to the ball with me.

Sonny on the phone time frame late 80's early
90's talking to Brick. Jason says he can talk to Spin
Sonny says no he is going thru lot. Jason wants
to stop Faison but Anna is right it won;t change anything
Sonny says what like Sam staying with Drew.

Drew says it is fine we can wait a little longer. they

OScar says he chickedn out wasn;t sure Joss
wanted to go to dance since she never mentioned
it thought the mad hatter idea was lame. Joss
says of course she would go.

Sason talk. Sam calls Jason to come to the office
he rushes out the door.

Drew asks sam is she wants him to stay for this.

Jordan says ERic killed Cassandra. Anna thanks
her Jordan leaves at the elevator she turns and looks
back toward the room.(this is the second time
Jordan has given a strange look could she be
involved in this mess)

Dante and Nathan talking Nathan says they need
to find Faison so he can;t get near MAxie or the baby.

MAxie arrive at Sonny office babbling Sonny tells
her to sit she says he can;t tell anyone about

Carly comes in Oscar says Mrs. C I want
to take Joss to the dance. Carly is fine with it.
Joss says it will be special night.

Sam says it will be better if I handle this alone.
want this accomplished with little friction he will
be down the hall in his office. Drew leaves.

Sonny says Anna knows? Sonny is like Anna
is family she will protect you. Sonny gives his
word. MAxie is like SPin promised me he woudln;t
tell. Sonny says don;t go borrowing trouble. Maxie
says trouble already here.

Dante will help NAthan as Lulu was listening and
comes over. Dante has to go do something.
Lulu says she is looking for Faison too she has
contacts he doesn;t they can work together.

Jordan arrive Dante ask how things went. Jordan
is like Finn almost confessed. Dante says DA is happy
everyone is happy rights Jordan says right.

Finn needs to get out. Anna won;t fight him
she insist he comes home with her.

Sam in her office looking at her wedding pic
with Drew. Jason arrives. hey.

The End
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General Hospital 1-9-18 Preview GH 1/9/18
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Tuesday 1/9/18 Recap

Franco talking to the twin painting why
won;t you leave me alone.

Olivia thinks Ned should run for mayor

Michael talks to Carly

Jason arrives at Sam office She thanks him
for coming. there is problem that should be
addressed. I need a divorce.

Alexis and Molly talking TJ and I are gonna
expose our landlord.

Franco still talking to the picture. The darkness
has always been there . I should tell her what
if she freaks out and runs back to Jason. keep my
mouth shut. can;t risk losing best thing ever happened
to me. Sorry for what I did to you Drew.

Mr. HArvey (Greg Evigan) on the phone with
Ned who tells him he is not in charge of ELQ and
he has to deal with Michael.
Olivia says leaving ELQ best thing for you NEd
is like I am buisness man not politician. She says
that can be an advantage.

Michael says Nelle is working at Ava gallery. Carly
wonders if that bothers him. He says he doesn;t have
say in where she works. Carly says put stop to it.
We told Nelle to get a job. She did. Carly says this
is about getting you back. Michael says she is playing
a game but so am I.

Sam tells Jason that her first marrige to Drew isn;t
legal. You and I are still techinally married. Jason
says you need a divorce. Sigh. OK she says it is important
to me us my family. Jason says it is ok he gets up
draw up papers send to Diane I will sign them. She says
we should agree on something. We need a reason
for the divorce legal reason. read them here. the read
the list on the computer. He says none of those are

Jim Harvey talks with Juliabn

Molly says we will get banners for the windows
outing this creep. ALexis is like no.

Julian says you want me to sell place I just bought
Julian says take a pass Charleys stays right where
it is.

Liz and Laura talking

Kevin telling Franco he had a twin who was
troubled he made peace with it. He asks Franco
what he is going to do with the painting. Franco
says it is going to storage. Kevin says he wouodn;
suggest putting paintings or his feeling in storage.
face them.

Michael can;t tell Nelle who to work for.
Carly says it worries her he is playing Nelle
Carly has that gene he doesn;t nice he sees
good in everyone. The only person Micheal
cars about in this mess is his child.

Sam talks about NYE it should not have happened
(the kiss) neither one of us could have known
what was ahead of us when we married. he asks
if she would have changed anything. No.neither would
he he wanted to spend rest of his life with hier and make
her happy he still does so it Divorce is what she wants
he will give it to her.

Liz tells Laura she would make great mayor.
Liz is happy for Laura she is glowing Laura
thanks her.

Carly says with what I told you on Christmas
with how I behaved with you as a baby. Micheal
says I believe every decision you made was what
you thought best for me. Carly is like yes I did
I worry about you. Micheal see Ned has to talk to
him. Olivia leaves Micheal talks to Ned. He thinks
the company strenght comes from being family
his offer for Ned to come back is genuine. Micheal
says so you will reconsider.

Franco has the twin painting at home. Liz comes
out kisses him welcomes him home. she says
we haven;t set wedding date right now. Can;t
wait to marry you Franco Baldwin.

Sam says seem strange to thank you for ending our
marriage. Sam says you made me really happy
back then and you made me whole or at least got
me t o place where I could be. Jason says just live
be happy mom and wife. Glad you get to live the life
we both know I couldn;t give you and he starts to walk
away says irreconciable differences for the reason.
ILY and you love him. Jason leaves.

Laura at Charles pub talks to Jim Harvey
he heard of her speech and he feels his plans
are misunderstood . she mentions the children
and families who live there how does his vision
benefit them.

Carly cleaning the bar Olivia asks if she is ok
Carly mentions Nelle Olivia says if you need
any help let me know.

NEd is happy to hear that Micheal has come around
in terms of the Charles street project. Micheal
says that is still off the table. But Mihcael wants
him to run the South American division. Ned says
you don;t send someone of my calibur to the boondocks
are you worried it will be obviouse I should run
ELQ not you.

Liz is sure she doesn;t want to wait. Liz loves
him wants to marry him. He is like ok.

Jason comes to see Carly she goes on about
Nelle. She needs him she wonders where he was
she says you were with Sam tell me everything
Nothing to tell. Sam asked me for divorce.

Alexis arrives at Sam office Sam says I need
your help getting a divorce from Jason. I can;t
go back we both need to let go. Alexis says are
you letting go for right reasons.

Julian talks to Molly she says I don;t want
you anywhere near me if I have a problem
I will call Uncle Sonny, Jason , drew or the
garbage man before you.

Laura is not on board Jim Harvey says nice meeting
you and leaves. Kevin comes in.

Michael and Ned talk as Olivia coems along
Ned says Mihcael reinforced my decision to leave
ELQ. Michael sorry to hear that door always open.
Michael leaves. Olivia says maybe this is for best
you can carve out your own path. you are smart
head for business your name is Quatermain. You
know who is good bad who to trust. She really thinks
he caN do it.

Liz says how about February. HE is chugging milk
he says he was suppose to pick up more he has to
go get some right now. for the boys.

CArly knows Sam is rushing into marriage to DRew
to hide her feelings. Jason says he loves her wants
her happy she will have stable happy life with Drew.
Carly says Sam wants you she can;t have that with
Drew.. Even if she doesn;t admit it.

Alexis says if you marry Drew now he may pick
up on your feelings. Sam says you think I should
not be with Drew. Alexis says don;t do anything right
now just make piece with things first.


iM BACK....

Jim Harvey shows up at Liz house looking
for Fr anco to speak to him leaves his card.
I knew mr. Baldwin used to know him as
Bobby Frank knew him as a kid. Love this
house Franco arrives Jim Says Bobbie
Framl my how you have grown.

Laura says the plans are criminal. Our spineless
local governments won;t do anything.

Ned can;t beleive he is considering this. Ned
says she would make best politician wife.

Laura and Ned both say they are running for mayor.

Sam says Jason was my first love will always love
him but won;t act on it. Alexis says if will
get better.

Carly says I do want this for you I am worried
about Sam Drew could never have wife who loves
someone else. Carly tells him about JAx. but her
heart belongs to Sonny. Carly says you two
can still have a future.

Sam says I am actively choosing to marry Drew
cuz I love him. our life our family we created I love
him want everyone to know it. Alexis says ok
lets get you a divorce.

The End


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General Hospital 1-10-18 Preview GH 1/10/18
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Jim Harvey at Liz house mentioning he
thinks he knew Mr. Baldwin knew him as a kid
He says he loves her home. Franco returns
Liz introduces them Jim says bobbie Frank man
have you grown. He says I dated your mom
when you were a kid you were atist back them
too get into all sorts of things. Franco doesn;t
remember him

Olivia is like PC has been your home for long
long time. Ned says she would make perfect
politician wife. He says he is running for mayor.
that is the man she married. she will be his
campaign manager.

Kevin talking o Laura she will run for mayor.
Kevin is like she sees reason. Laura says someone
needed to push that Jim Harvey and his plans back

Charlotte see Laura says to Nina..Grandma..
She shows her the new skate outfit.

Valentin at home ...doorbell... it is Jordan.
Should he call his attorney. Talk of Cassandra
Eric confessed why did you visit him so soom after.

Finn says she doesn;t have to babysit him.
She says we should have our NYE dinner.

Jim says he and Betsy keep in touch. Jim
says she loves you. Franco says why turn up

Olivia and Ned toast. Ned says there may be
other candidates. Olivia says you pivoted not
quit your job. to Mayor Quatermain

Nina has laryngitis nina takes Charlotte for
hot chocolate.

Valentin says Eric tied up both me and Anna
wanted to look him in eye tell him enjoy
prison. Jordan says when man confesses that
quickly maybe somoene paid him.

Finn and Anna toast the glam life of a undercover
agent. She has nice laugh. Finn says I will always
be an addic. doesn;t scare Anna. she asks about
his family, Anna mentions she was secretive as a girl
he was loner as well. He grabs her and kisses her.

Jim mentions the twin pic what was his
motivation. Liz comes out. Jim says I will put
it out there bobbie. Franco would like to buy your
art studio.

Kevin says should we tell Charlotte you are running
for mayor. Laura says the weight of this just hit me.

Charlotte asks Nina why she is mad at Cassandra
Nina flashed back to the ear grab threat. Nina
says I am not mad Cassandra won;t be a problem

Valentin says he worked with Anna. Jordan says
if you can think of anything else tohelp you will call me.

Anna and Finn shirts coming off. kissing she says
wait. the clock it is on the floor. why does
it matter

Anna is going out she wants him to think
NYE you came here to find me what time was
that. He can't remember. it was before the ball
dropped then she confronted you at midnight
when did she drug you. He says we talked for
about 15 20 mins. He syas you are leaving right
now with a gun. Why right now. she promises
she will be back.

Jim says I know you have studio storage unit
and loft you rent out. it is all public record
that building in prime location. Franco likes
where he is. Liz says he is inspired Jim says
don;t knonw to many artist I told to eat their
veggies. Jim says change is good.

Olivia says we need to make a buzz. We gotta
start this at Charles Street. Ned says she is brilliant
he says smartest thing I did was asking you to marry

Laura says we need to move quickly Kevin knows
who to call for advice. A man walks in Charlotte
asks what is wrong Nina looks at him says nothing.

Valentin pulls up photo of Claudette as Anna
shows up. HE says did you come the thank me for my
help. no she says your time is off. shows him the clock.
she wants the truth.

Anna asks if he recognizes the clock. No
should he she mentions finn. Anna says she
asked if Finn remember Eric drugging Cassandra
but Eric didn;t and this (the clock) proves it
Cassandra was found in an alley this clock was on
the floor must have fallen when Cassandra was taken
as 47 min past midnight but Eric was with us at that
time. While I was rushing Finn o the hospital you
came to wipe things clean and missed the clock.

Jim Harvey gives Franco his card. Get in touch
with me when you change your mind congrats
to both of you and he leaves. Liz says you don;t
remember him. Franco says I don;t but why does
he remember me.

Kevin friend helped get Laura registered at town hall
Olivia and Ned comes in. Olivia says Ned not part
of ELQ now he found other things to do he is running
for Mayor. He would welcome her endorsement ,
she can't she is running for mayor.

Finn leaves Anna a message he is worried.
Jordan shows up. looking for Anna. Jordan says
when you were working undercover were you in
Cassandra hotel room did she have computer
her laptop is missing.

Valetnin says I have no motive to clean up.
Her assosiates might have as Nina and Charlotte
return home. Anna looks at Nina.

Valentin talking French to Charlotte. Tells
her to get her pajamas on. Nina takes her
upstairs. Valentin says maybe Finn put Cassandra
in a coma Valentin says pleasure doing business
with you. she says it was. she leaves.

Laura and Ned say at same time they love PC
and do what is best for this town. The press
shows up.

Jordan says all the info is in the cloud. Jordan says
tell Anna I will call her tomorrow. Jordan says you
pretended to be involved with Anna. Jordan learned
the hardway one thing when danger is in the air but
when things return to normal you realize how much
you don;t know about each other. She leaves.
Finn looks at the flowers.

Nina comes back in the living room Anna left
she had questions about NYE Nina says she
figured it out. Flashback to Valentin arriving
at Nina on NYE. Mentions seeing Cassandra.
Flashback of Nina at Anna house banging on door
it opens she goes inside calling for Anna as
Cassandra comes out she is with your husband
Cassandra will kill her they struggle Nina stabs her
with the needle. and walks out. Nina says to
Valentin what if nightmare just beginning

Valentin says he is glad she told him what
happened. Flashback he says thanks for telling
me what happened we should call the police
no I was in mental institition for assualt can go back
Valentin and Nina back at Anna house to clean
up the mess. Cassandra on the floor. He will
clean up. we see him doing so. placing things back
in order. he carries Cassandra out.
Valentin says I will always protect you. they hug.

Laura pledges to run clean campagne. Ned agrees
KEvin is proud of he. Jim comes to NEd. who says
we share vision of what PC can be. Laura watches
says game on.

Franco says he doesn;t do business with people
who call him Bobbie.

Anna returns home looking for Finn he left
her a note. Good news the MC had suite available
Roxy and I are going back to normal whatever that is

Valentin deletes the pic of Claudette says in the

The End
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General Hospital 1-11-18 Preview GH 1/11/18
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Sason talking Diane comes to say
she is here for Jason to finalize divorce

Drew and Sam talking Alexis comes says
we need to get to courthouse so Drew
asks Sam if she is ok with this.

Dante comes to see Julian who called him
cuz someone threw a brick thru the window

Peter finds MAxie sleeping at her desk.
she mentions being pregnant. Maxie wants
to talk to him about a mutual friend.

Nathan and Lulu he hasn;t slept since he found
out Faison was his father.

Dante says you think one of your old rivals
did this. they are all dead except your father.
Dianee went to some meeting on waterfront project
maybe a few protestors. Julian says can you guys
do something for me. Dante will see if he can
get patrol car to come around.

Sonny says Jason and Sam still married.
Diane says lets go to the courthouse. Jason says
give Sam whatever she wants. Diane is like I am
ob retainer to help you and that is what I
plan to do.

Alexis will be in court to protect Sam interest
Alexis and Sam leave as Curtis comes in. Curtis
found something about his past.

Maxie thanks PEter for hiring Lulu her
best friend.

Lulu says to Nathan your interview will
be exclusive to Aurora but once it hits press
it should lure Faison into the open Dante shows
up says what.

Julian cleaning the bar. As Sonny shows up
he always liked this place. He had to come
see with his own eyes. Julian says I got your
present your goons threw the brick thru m
y window what do you want.

Curtis says you went to HS in Sawyer NY. Drew
read that Curtis says middle class the pride
of the town has year book Sawyer Spartans.

Alexis and Sam in the conference room Sam
says you are sending mix feelings. Ilove Drew you know
it I know it Jason knows it as he and Diane show up.

MAC comes to see Maxie. Meets Peter
August. Peter leaves. Maxie says mom
wanted me to drop this off for you Green Juice
she made it. Mac says you don;t look so hot
glassy eyed, MAxie didn;t sleep well she says
she found out who Nathan father is.

Dante is like what is this setting trap for Faison.
Lulu will interview Nathan instead who says when
he finds out who I am he will show himself
Dante worries about lulu safety.

Curtis flagged a few pages a pic of Jason with
long hair (thing younger JAson Q) Andrew Cain.
Drew says this guy looks just like my brother.
I wonder if they have a pic of him with his reindeer
sweater. He ran varsity track. Curtis says twin
even separted have so much in common.

Sam walks to Jason they LOOK at each other
she thanks him he says whatever you need.

The yearbook pic of Andrew Cain was
Younger Jason Q with longer hair....
He may not have Jason Q memories but
we get Jason Q pics.

Diane talks the Penthouse. Alexis says
Jason said he could keep it. Jason says I will
not take it away. Sam says it was yours Drew
and I will find a new home. Diane and Alexis
are Alexis suggest giving Drew and Sam 6 months
to find new place as we get flashback of JAson
findidng Sam with face mask on. the un her pink
hooker bodice where she falls down the stairs he
catches her. then her with sparkly ST. Patrick
day hat. back to reality as they look at each other.

Curtis says his cousin kid are twin they would
communicate with gibberish only they could understand
Drew mentions Sam getting divorced they can get

Julian says you still have it out for me. Sonny
says I always will but the time at the big house
got you nervous. I got no time for petty vandalism
Sonny says repay a debt. you owe me blood but
settle for cash opens a briefcAse congrats Julian
you bar will proudly be serving Corinthos Coffee.

Dante says to Lulu you won;t let this go. No she
won't it is important. he says you nathan or
your career he says he wants in. He doesn't
like it one bit. Lulu leaves. Nathan is like sorry
I thought you knew. Dante says what will Maxie
say when she find out you are using yourself as bait.

Mac is like you are sure Nathan father is Cesar Faison.
Mac is like sorry can;t imagine what you and Nathan
are going thru. Mac tells her it was a bad dream
she had that Faison took her baby Nathan chased
him with gun heard gunshot woke up she wants
Mac to help her and Nathan disappear.

Lulu joins Peter he says maxie was singing
your praises. He asks if she had the
interview with Faison. She says an interview
with his son he gets a look on his face a son
I thought he only had a daughter. Lulu says
maxie husband Nathan West.

Nathan hasn;t told maxie yet. Nathan says
better to tell truth draw faison out. Dante says
he has his back always.

Mac says what do you mean. Maxie says have
get in touch with Robert have mom get in touch
with Frisco. Mac says does Faison know Nathan
is his son. no.. Maxie says many people know
about this I don;t feel safe here in PC. Mac says
this is safest place you could be here. Anna is here
Me and mom and even Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny says NY state law says bars have to sell
coffee . you said you wanted to be normal
citizen will have my people send over a months
worth of beans I expect payment on monthly
and on time. Julian says admit it.

Drew says we want the wedding to be about us
now. we want our friends around. and says to
Curtis you always have my back so he asks him
to be his bestman. Curtis agrees.

Diane says Jason will accept his shares and not
others. Diane mentions Aurora media Drew and
Sam agree to pay 10 years of interest. Jason says
no.. I said you could have it. Alexis is like that would
draw interest from SEC. Diane says with regard
to the off shore accounts and holdings his mob
money that is his and his alone. exempt from
tnhis. Agreed. Jason half owner of Corinthos Coffee
and the ELQ trusts Diane says Drew and Sam have
been living off you for two years. as we hear the
Jasam song. JAson says enough ..enough *he raised his
voice** he signs the papers Daine says what
are you doing JAson says it is done. flashback
to them kissing and making love valentines day
rooftop lugnut. chinese restaurant wedding.
riding off on the motorcycle. back to reality
eye longing.

Why does Diane act like Sam was mooching
off Jason for two years she is his wife.
Didn't she have rights to his money e,state
etc? both when he was dead and when she
thought Drew was Jason.

Mac on phone with Robert who will bring
Frisco in the loop. Mac tells Maxie not to

Nathan gets a call from Lulu who says she
pitched her story to the boss they will run it.
when can we start. Lulu says now.

Sonny arrives at PCPD Dante sasy what are you
doing here. Sonny sasy someone threw brick
thru julian window what was tjat about as we
see Julian opening boxes of Corinthos Coffee and
looking at the manifest.

Drew will let Curtis know the details. Curtis saYs
bachelor party have you ever been to Atlantic City
Curtis gets a text he has to go.

Jason hands sam the papers he wants her to
be ok. she signs them Alexis says don;t sign them
yet we have to talk custody of Danny.

The End

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