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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of DECEMBER 25

General Hospital 12-26-17 Preview GH 12/26/17
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GH Spoiler: Sonny and Drew's Heart to Heart


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Merry Christmas!!!

No show today monday 12/25
, booooooooo

nba basket ball game

gh will be back tomorrow, tuesday 12/26
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GH Tuesday 12/26 Recap

Lulu and Charlotte, Valentin and Nina
talking christmas.

Naxie with Dr.Nero he mentions not sure
the records are really victors.

PEter comes to see Sam says who really owns

Sonny arrives at the PH to talk to Drew
wishes him Merry Christmas Drew says that
was yesterday. Sonny says yes and we didn;t
talk to each other would like to fix that.

Jordan and Dante talking the Mayor
who is in closed door session. talk of Lulu
article and the ballots Jordan wonders if
the Mayor really stole the election.

Valentin and Lulu talks the ballot. Valentin
says all that happened did so before I came
to town. Valentin says maybe Spencer took them.
Valentin then says Nik may have been involved.
how your brother rigged an election.

Sam says Drew and I own Aurora. Sam says
we own it. Peter wants this on record. Sam saYs
none of us will be talking. Peter says this would be
one hell of a story. Sam says yes I am living it.

Sonny says can I come in. Sonny says last time
we saw each other was at police station. you
accused me of paying Dr. Maddox to lie you said
i turned against you I didnt. Drew apologized for that
Sonny says I am still your firend.

Anna and Finn in the boxing ring. They are talking
about Cassandra and danger, danger. Anna takes
Finn down on the mat after he says he can take
care of himself.

Nathan says my mother could have put
Victor name on someone elses records he
mentions Beta Thalesemia. Kim checks the records
that Nathan was tested and not has it.

Lulu says you can;t prove Nik did anything.
Nina returns with Charlotte. Lulu is gonna take out
says Lante and Rovvo loved spending Christmas
with her and leaves. Nina asks Charlotte about her
christmas she had fun but missed papa.

Anna helps Finn Anna says you are going up
against people who kill. Finn willing to take the risk
Anna is not. Anna can;t let anything happen to him
why not..she says you are more than an asset.

Sam asks Peter about the projections. Crimson
most consistant performer. Talk of Lomax stealing
the election. Peter says if you were to publize about
Drew situation some people might come forth
with information.

Drew appreciates and respects Sonny coming
you say I am still your friend I look at you I am
looking atmy best friend, brother, those feelings
are not real. what am I suppose to do with that.
they belong to someone else.

Sonny says you are right but you save my
life in the warehouse not Jason you. you went
after morgan that night not JAson. Drew says
sorry he should have been able to save him.(Morgan)
Sonny says you tried will always be grateful, I am
still your friend.

Kim says we need complete info as possible
but right now everything looks normal on track
to have healthy baby. they leave. Naxie talks
if the records are accurate who cares who name
on them.

Kim gets a visit from Sam she wants to talk
about Drew.

Lulu comes to PCPD jordan tells Lulu whatever
she hears in the squard room is off the record.
Lulu comes to see Dante. Dante says the board
of electors meeting to consider if those ballots
are real if they are MAyor Lomax loses the race.
Lulu says maybe I should write a new article
about Nik being involved?

Nina says at midnight they walked into the meadow
and saw Santa. when they got back to the house
the stocking were filled Cassandra comes along.

Anna cares about Finn safety. talk of the kiss
she says it was an unwanted distractions Finn
says are you sure. He goes to kiss her. she collapses
on the mat.

Lulu says Nik was living at Wydemere at the time.
What is she suppose to do write another article
imagine what that would do to SPencer.
A election guy comes to see Jordan the ballots
are authentic the Mayor election is invalid.

Cassandra gives Charlotte a gift a outfit for
skating Nina grab Cassandra by the ear threatens
her. as Nathan and MAxie walk in. Cassandra leaves
Charlotte runs back in. Nathan takes Nina aside
why were you trying to rip that woman hair out.

Anna seems better Finn and her almost kiss again
as the phone rings. It is Cassandra.. We need
to meet. to review the formula tomorrow my suite.

Drew glad he was able to be there for them. He
says you wanted a guy who would do whatever needed
to be done despite what it would do to my family. Sonny
agrees there is certain loyalty that Jason has I was
confused when you tried to distance yourself.

Sam mentions the CEO wanting to run a story.
Maybe if he ran it it would make someone come
forward with info. Kim says and you come to me
what do you want to know. Sam says how did you
and Drew meet. In a bar in San Diego. he was wearing
his dress whites charming and funny and respectful
he made it clear from first date that he could be deplyed
at anytime. There was no expectation of a future.


I'M BACCCCCCCCCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim says our three month relationship we just
lived in present. Drew mentioned his deployment
all he said was it was cold and he had good view
of night sky. Drew grew up in group home. Got feeling
he was lonely he liked high school. Sam says where did
he go to HS. somewhere in upstate NY. Sam says
maybe I am doing this all wrong. Sam mentions
Drew having a feeling when he first saw Kim. Sam
says maybe if we could find some info something about
his past might jar his memory. Kim doesn;t have anything
to help. Kim thanks Sam for being so kind about Oscar.
Sam says Drew looking forward to being a father to him
Sam leaves. Kim looks at little Oscar picture.

Lulu at Samn office Peter is there. He says she
will get paid for her article. She wants a job.

Nina says I had a bad moment..she asks about the
baby. yes the baby is perfect. she says why are not
walking on air. She gushes about the baby. Nina will
persuade Charlotte to get rid of that ugly outfit.

Naxie talk how they can never prove Victor is his
father . Nathan has to leave. MAxie will stay at

Anna says to Finn you are just leaving. They
argue the danger, he says he got this wish me lujc
she says you will need more than luck

Sonny says remember the distillery project you said
no it didn;t make sense till Jason came back. Drew
says sounds like Jason does whatever you say. Sonny
sasy I did not betray you. Drew apologizes he can
wrap his head around it now but not at the time.
Drew says your brother is back I am not Jason as much
as we may be friends my life your life don;t fit together
as Sam walks in .

Sam asks if things ok Sonny says he respects
his choice but either of them need anything just
ask. Sam asks what happened. Drew says two
guys comming to grips with reality. Drew says
ILY that is all that matters

Lulu reminds Peter if she brought him a good
story he could print he would give her a job.
Peter asks about did they get the resluts from
the election commission. yes Peter tells her to
get on the story.

Dante and NAthan talk the results

Charlotte with Nina. MAxie puts on her coat hits
Valentin in the head with her sleeve goes outside
then checks her pocket.

Nina says to Valentin Cassandra threatened Charlotte
Valentin says the bitch will be gone soon.

Anna and Finn she has other ways to protect him

Kim arrives at Drews She gives him the CD
he made for her. HE says Oscar told me about this
Kim says listen to it it might bring something bck

The End.

★˛˚˛*˛°.˛*.˛°,˛.★˚˛*˛°.˛*.˛°˛.*★*★* 。*˛.
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.(...'•'.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°,,.[田田|門|* *

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Here is what's going on with Nathan and Maxie:

As a general precaution, many "parents-to-be" obtain their ancestral health history -- to see if there are any potential genetic health problems that their future baby might inherit.

Nathan and Maxie have tried to do this. Maxie's mom Felicia provided her health history; and Maxie's bio-dad Frisco sent Maxie his health history. Nathan's mom Dr. Obrecht provided her health history. So far, all of that was fine.

In the past, Obrecht had told Nathan that his biological father was Victor Cassadine.

At the time, the show seemed to have hinted *to the viewers* that Obrecht might have been lying; I think Obrecht said out loud to herself "Nathan can never know the truth" or something dramatic like that.

But Nathan wasn't aware of this, so he assumes his father really was Victor Cassadine.

When Nathan recently asked his mom Obrecht for his father's health history, Obrecht stalled.
Then Obrecht finally gave Nathan some records -- that Obrecht claims are from Victor Cassadine.

After Nathan examined the records, he discovered some discrepancies ... something about a genetic trait that all Cassadines are supposed to be tested for ... but the records seem like something is strange ...
So Nathan is going to see Tamara Braun's character Kim, because she's an obstetrician, to ask her for insight.
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General Hospital 12-27-17 Preview GH 12/27/17
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Laura and Kevin at GH Kiki congrats them
Laura says my lst name we never talked about

MAxie comes to see Amy wants her to run DNA

Nathan and Dr. O at Kellys She gives him a

Lulu can't believe Lomax has been indicted.
how long before she is thrown out of office
as Alexis comes as an elected official the mayor
can't be fired

Griffin and Ava opening presents she gives him
a watch he can;t accept it.

Anna and Finn at MC

Laura is his wife now and she wants to be
Laura Collins. He thanks her. he will meet her
back here.

Amy can;t it is fraud. Maxie reminds that
Nathan and MAxie committed fraud for her.

Nathan gift if cuckoo clock she got it from
Bavaria. Her heart overflows they can set
things right. Nathan says things are not allright

Ava says she wanted to get him something
special if he doesn;t like it..He loves it he loves
the gesture. HE goes on about material things he
doens;t fele comfortable such expensive present.
she closes the box she will take it back. she doesn;t
want to bring it back can he accept it just this once.
Ok he accepts. she puts it on him. he says it is so

Cassandra having tea with her associate as Finn
shows up. Anna listening in says careful.. She gives
him tea.

Alexis says the key to getting rid of Lomax
is in town charter. Dante wants to talk to lulu
He kisses her. He is so proud of her.

Maxie says if I tell you what test is for will
you do it. She says for Nathan Amy says he
would never agree to back door shenanigans.

Nathan say finding out about his family threw
him for loop. Dr.O adores him he loves her.
She is overjoyed she can be Oma to thier little
one. He wonders what she isn;t tellin him
of his father.

Griffin says he is working on a gift for her.
she gets a visit from Kiki Merry Christmas. talk
of Dillon. she has a present for her mother.

Cassandrea wants him to turn off his phone
he does. Anna is like Damn Felicia comes
in are you alright.

Stella congratulates Laura the talks of Laura
speaking at the meeting. Stella mentions the
power outage at her building and many others
was on purpose.

Dr. O says why are you still asking about your
father. Dr. O says if you don;t believe Victor
is your father you can get a DNA. your suspicions
hurt me let this go.

Amy says I was affirming Nathan is an honorable
man. Maxie asks about how her Christmas was.
MAxie reminds her that nathan and Her bent over
backwards for her and Chet.

kiki and Griffin whispering about telling Ava
or not. as Ava listens.

Anna is like listening to pad cast Felicia
is like this is about Finn.

Finn looking at the files. Finn suggest removing
a certain enzyme and replace it wiht one from his
research. HE will need access to her factory.

Laura tells Kevin about what went on Charles
Street. Kevin is with her whenever they get back
she can't leave town now.

Nathan can handle the truth. Dr. O says will share
my shameful secret.

Alexis says the PC charter has ethics clause any
elected official can have thier salary recinded if they
are being investigated.

Ava comes out with Kiki present. A black
Doctors bag. Do doctors still carry those?
Ava opens Kiki gift a scarf Ava says great another
scarf to hide in. Griffin is like that is not what she
mje eant about that.

Anna says Finn and I are getting to know each
other he has some off putting qualities. HE has
terrible bedside manner. He has this need to care
he is kind and funny and he knows it. He doesn;t
know he is warm and caring. He is a morning person
she has grown accustomed to his smile. Felicia says
sounds like youare in love.

Cassandra thought he wouldn need more time
to work things out. Calls for celebration she
has chilled champagne. He spills his all over himself
she leaves the roon he takes Her phone and and
put something in it as she comes out and says
what are you doing.



Kevin says this is important but can;t it
wait a week. Stella comes and says she is
going to police station to file complaint. Laura
tells Kevin she can;t go right now Kevin says
lets all go to PCPD while on the way to the airport.

Amy says Nathan would not approve but ok.
Maxie says if we get answer Nathan won;t care.

Dr.O says she hopes his child will be a boy. she
could ;t raise him so that she can imagine the
years she missed. She told him what he needs
to know. Don;t look in the past anymore.

Kiki says I made a mistake I will return it. takes
the gift has to go. Griffin says don;t go. Ava
hates scarves. Kiki leaves Griffin says what just
happened. Ava says ask Kiki. Ava has work to do
he should go. Griffin is like if you want me to.
he kisses her and leaves.

Anna checking her phone. Felicia says long time
since I have seen you in love not since Duke.
Anna is like you are happy one of those people who
thinks everyone else is too. Felicia says you are not
afraid of bad guys but you are afraid of love. Felicia
goes says remember we dont; get to chose who we
fall in love with but chose what we do with that love and
Felicia leaves.

Cassandra says clear you work schedule for our
trip to the gallery as she unties his tie. She wants
some lovin. he is flattered and tempted but he can;t
she says no one has to know it wouldn;t feel right
she says cuz of Anna. yes.

Felicia at PCPD talks to Kevin why is he
here. Laura complaining to Jordan Lante
comes out Lulu asks if Laura read the
aritcle what happens to Lomax. Alexis says
Lomax has stepped out. Does Felicia become
the mayor.. Alexis is like no special election
in 4 weeks so you can run again Felicia who say
no not interested now. Kevin suggests his wife
Laura Collins run.

Naxie at Kellys' She notices the gift Nathan
shows her. Maxie looks at it a gift to wake up
the baby every hour. talk of his father.

AVa at GH hears Griffin and Kiki talking about
wanting this and no second thoughts. off they go
Ava is thinking they are getting together.

Finn comes see Anna. Finn tells him about
going to the factory then a private getaway.
Anna says no. when she calls the factory we
trace it and move in. and then uhhhhh..this whole
charade will be over go back to our lives.

The End

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General Hospital 12-28-17 Preview GH 12/28/17
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PEter the the gang at Aurora toasting the
business and the new year.

Carly on the phone with Michael about Nelle
and NY. She says Jason will be with us. Json
has a plane to catch.

Michael with Nelle at GH. Monica will check
her out.

Anna with Finn asking him not to touch
the computer.

VAlentin returne home to find Cassandra and
her goon with her. She says she is leaving
town and he is coming with her.

- Peter proposes a toast to whole staff...

- Carly tries to get Michael

- Nelle felt faint, Monica is to see her..

- Finn and Anna fuss at each other

- Cassandra and guy in Wyndemere, she informs Valentin he is leaving with her...

Finn and Anna he talks the waiting this
CAssandra situation getting out of hand.

VAlentin not going anywhere with her. Cassandra
says you need to show up at the factory. you owe
me.time to get your hands dirty and eliminate
Sonny Corinthos.

Jason is going to Russia. to check out the clinic.
Jason gets a call Carly tells Sonny he has to be
here with Sam.. Sonnny says whatever you are
planning just NO.. Carly runs to tell the kitchen
stagg something.

Peter says will our leader care to share any news
for the New Year. Carly comes in. CArly invites
them upstair for the New Years. Drew and Sam
say can;t come we rented the haunted Star to
watch fire works. Drew goes to see Monica. Carly
talks to Sam she notices the ring. Sam says Drew
gave it to me after we agreed to remarry. A resh Start
Carly says everyone can use one congrats.

Finn uses the out of hand term in relation to the fact that Cassandra needs to learn to keep her hands to herself, as Anna looks up at him sharply after he says that, ( he was side eyeing her to see if she reacted)...

Finn say he barely had time to plant the buh
when Cassandra was trying to rip off his shirt.
Anna says the nerve of her. Anna says you must
have led her on. Finn says he would never cheat
on her in fake relationship. or real one either.

Valentin says you want to assassinate Sonny
Corinthos. Cassandra says you were right he
is paragon of virture wher drugs are concerned.
What will he think when he finds out you are
dealing opiods . You will have to kill him before
you kill her.

Sonny tells Jason he can;t leave Sam talk of Drew
Sonny says you leaving won;t stop Sam from
having feeling for you. Drew eihter moves forward
or these feelings consume you.

MAxie talks to Sam about Drew and Sam
night on the boat alone. MAxie takes Sam
to the Crimson closet to get her something to wear.

Drew runs into Micheal at GH. Small talk. Michael
says good to see you and Monica having relationship.

Nelle mentions to Monica you Q's stick together
Monica says you better believe it. NElle is like
is that a threat?

Finn... I barely had time to plant the bug before Cassandra was back and toweling me off like I was a grease fire
- Finn... led her on... I would never cheat on u in a fake relationship... I would never cheat on u in a real relationship, either...
- Anna... I guess we’ll never know...

Monica checking out Nelle, asking medical
questions. Monica needs to do quick workup
Nelle is like cuz you don;t believe me. Monica
is not buying the act.

Sonny will back Jason for Russia. Jason won;t
turn his back on his life here. Jason talks seeing
Jake at Christmas wanted nothing to do with me.
Sonny says not your fault. Jason knows. JAke just
needs time to process. He got Lucky with Danny
he reached out to me.

Sam tires on a red dress for NYE.

Lulu asks Peter if he is coming to the party.
She thanks him for giving her amazing chance.
He has a story idea if she has guts to cover it.

Anna and Finn talking driving each other crazy
Anna listens in Cassandra phone call
Cassandra tells her guy that the lab says Finn formula
will work. Valentin says he can;t go he grabs Cassnadra
hand ask how far you can push me.

Cassandra tells Valentin he can have tonight
with his wife.

Anna talking to her contact.

Monica tells Nelle about not knowing who AJ
father was there weren;t DNA tests back then.
Learn something from muy experience. Monica
says I learned to focus on what was important
my child. you need to focus on your child. Monica
says you are not first woman to have Q baby won;t
be last but whether you are part of the family
remains to be seen.

Drew asks Micheal if he is sure the baby is his.
Michael says timing right waiting for DNA test.
Drew congrats him tells him he has child from his

Lulu says you want me to write article about
Jason and Drew. Peter says Sam and Drew
need to understand we should be in front of this
and write it.

JAson says Drew can give Sam stable life. I can;t
Sam chose Drew on her own. Jason is not gonna ask
her if she picked Drew it is cuz she loves hi. Sonny
says you are person she is met to be with.

Maxie tells Sam she looks great Sam says this
isn;t really me so she tries on the other one
a black one. Maxie also has a coat for Sam
Maxie leaves.

Drew sees Monica tells her Happy New Year.
She has to talk to Micheal will talk to Drew
about his plans. Monica says low blood pressure
causing the dizzy spells.

Carly comes in to see JAson he asks where she
went. Carly tells Jason that Sam will be at the

Nina with Nathan and Dante talking about the
baby. He says he needs to figure out if he really
is a Cassadine.

Cassandra tells Valentin to keep the partying
to minimum they leave early tomorrow. Cassandra
guy tells her there was a listening device in the phone.

Anna says they have secured the premises found
massive amonts of drugs there. Finn is like we
won the battle? and picks up Anna they look
at each other.

Anna pulls away says get a grip. He says
she could benefit from loosening up once in
awhile. Anna says one thing to take care of.

Nina holding her phone wondering where
Valentin is.

Anna on the phone with Valentin he says
you need to stop Cassandra she says we already
raided her factory. Anna thanks him. Anna says
to Finn it is finished. Finn says I guess so is our

Cassandra and teh goon hold guns on Valentin
She never left says come quietly for your
wife and child sake. Nina leaves him a message.

Lante together and MAxie joins them.

Nelle see Michael he says when looking for job
she mentions she found one. She says this
job may solve all my problems

Sonny tells Carly the party is starting. He asks
how the chef is. Sonny wonders what she is up to
he asks where JAson is.

Sam in the black dress looking at the white
coat she hears someone says Drew as JAson
walks in.

The End.
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