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Carson kissing. Sonny wonders where Jason is.

Drew asks Kim if she seen Monica. He
has Car trouble. He is suppose to meet Sam
at HS.

Sam asks Jason what he is doing at the HS.
He says he is suppose to meet Sonny here. Are
we alone. the boat take off.

Finn and Anna continue snarking
He says you don;t want me to go
She says he is impossible he says she
won;t admit how she feels. She calls
him insufferable.

Cassandra with her goon Eric. Valentin is
tied to the chair.

Nina leaving Valentin a message why is he not

Lante talking her next story. Lulu says what is wrong
to Nina who tells her she can;t reach Valentin.

Sonny asks CArly what did she do. He says whatever
you are planning won;t work.

Kim driving Drew to the HS. He rented out the whole
boat and it is on auto pilot.

Sam is like the auto pilot did what is was suppose to
we are adrift in the harbor Jason says we shut it off.
She says I should have known cutting off auto pilot would
shut off the engine. She says the point we are gonna be stuck
here for a few hours I gotta call Drew. no service. we are

Jasam she sasy she should know better.
Jason says Carly told me to meet Sonny here.
Sam says Carly she was at Aurora tonight
Carly set this up. Lulu mentioned we rented
out the boat. Jason says Carly went to far
to far he will talk to her. She wanted me on the
boat to change my mind.

Carly says whatever happens happens it is out
of our hands. Sonny says is Jason somewhere
with Sam.

Nina says Charlotte is ok. Dante comes

Valentin says don;t blame me for the bug.
She says if not you then who. IF I had bugged
your phone you would have never knonw Cassandra
tells Eric to beat the truth out of Valentin. he does.

Anna says are you rushing out the door. We can
have NYE together.

Jasam the harbor master says we are not
priority it will be at least 3 hours before they
can tow us in. He find dominoes. challenges
her to a game. she agrees.

Valentin telling Cassandra it is his anniversary
one year ago he married Nina. Eric doens;t
do a very good job beating him up. He says
he didn;t do this. you are wasting your time
find the leak in your organization. Eric says
the call from China the authorties siezed your

Dante asks Nina if she know if Dante is involved
in anything. Nina says she will find him.

Carly says she hosting party can;t talk Jason.

Sonny says he got two thank you notes from the
kids wasn;t necessary. Lulu says it was Charlotte
idea.Lulu tells Sonny dante is looking for Faison
you must be too.

Kim and Drew stuck in traffic. She asks him to
get her glasses out of the glvoe box he give her
a look you need glasses why aren;t you wearing them.
Please put them on. she only needs them sometimes
at night or when eye tired. he finds the CD
she asks if he listened to the one she made him

Jasam still playing dominoes and drinking tequila.
she doesn;t think this is what Carly had in mind
He says Carly feel bad she pushed you with Drew.
Jasam song she says no I am with him cuz I want
to be thiings have changed in these 5 years he said
he had no idea time had passed he just wanted to come
home he is glad she didn;t wait. Glad you went on
lived your life have Drew, Danny and Emily Scout.
I miss you but I can;t miss life we didn;t have.
As long as you are happy I am.

Cassandra says my operation is gone.
She will crush whoever did this. Valentin
says go back to Monaco. She says FINN.
Valentin says he wouldn;t know anything
about a bug Cassandra says his girlfriedn
Anna. Finn played me. Eric we gotta move.
She tells Valentin to not be stupid she has
to take care of Finn then him. They leave
him in the room

Anna and Finn toast happy New Years. He has
to go ..out a fresh start ..ok. He won;t be long.

Sonny doesn;t know Faison location. The bartender
tells Sonny he is willing to take care of any other
special projects she may have. Sonny gets his
confused look.

Sam says is he drunk yet. She has never seen him
drunk. He laughs. She says why make a stupid
play he was distracted. you are losing on purpose.
Jason Morgan hitman to polite to get lady drunk
unless she is your lady.. Sam says maybe this not
such good idea. Jason says almost midnight
lets go on the deck maybe see Fireworks. Sam
puts on her coat. he helps her put it on..touching

Anna gets a call from Robert they don;t
have Cassandra in custody, she will lock
up and stay armed till they do.

Moma gets a text from Vlentin.

Lante and Carson toast the New Year. Lulu
wants to text Laura Dante is like they will enjoy
thier honeymoon more if you don;t

Sonny mentions the bartender he is available
for any special projects you have. Tell me the truth

Dante wants to know why Lulu is asking about
faison he is dangerous and psycho he is bad guy
stay away from him. She will if he does. She says
you have to except my career like I do yours.

Carly says I arranged for Jason and Sam to get
stranded somewhere together. Sonny asks about Drew.
Carly says she paid bartender to tamper with his car.
Sonny sasy Drew will blame you. Drew will never be
happy with Sam cuz Sam will only be happy with JAson.

Drew and Kim talking she says you believe staying
in the moment you like to enjoy a song. She looks
good in her glasses.

Jasam on the deck she says my kids should be
here Danny loves fireworks.

Finn comes into anna house with flowers
he calls out for Anna.

Finn finds Cassandra holding the flowers

Valentin flashback to his vows with Nina.

Auld Lang Syne

Lante kiss at midnight
Carson do teh same happy New YEars
Drew and Kim in the Car Happy New Year
he gets out to go to Sam


Jasam watching
They hold hands stare into each others eyes
as flashback to when she was drunk they danced
and she fell. staring.. flashbck to Rain Dance.
Staring again. Kissing....

THe End



Happy New Year.

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