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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of JANUARY 1

General Hospital Is Pre-empted for New Year's Day 2018
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General Hospital Spoilers January 1 – 5 , 2018 | GH 2018


General Hospital Spoilers SHOCKER Jason & Sam will be back together | GH Daily New Update
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TUESDAY 1/2/18

NYE continues in PC

Carson talking

Jasam song..longing looks...Kissing more looking
at each other.

Griffin says he wishes he was here with Ava who
is at home. he hopes for good things in New Year,
She takes a party hat and horn and leaves.

Nina leaving Valentin a message waiting for him
to come here.

Finn asks where Anna is Cassandra says join me
anna is indisposed at them moment sit down

Anna is tied to Valentin whereever he is Eric
the guard it there with them.

Jasam reminising as Drew shows up wondeirng
what is going on.4

Sonny wants to know what is going on with her
plan Carly admits going to Aurora heard that
Sam and Drew were going to celebrate. so she
sent JAson told him you wanted him to meet
him there. Carly says this is special case ends justify
the means. Sonny says won;t end werll.

Ava at GH Griffin is talking to Kiki Ava sees them
hugging. Ava sasu clearly you are buys

Anna saying I have a blood condition. Erci says no
one going anywhere.

Cassandra sasy did you think you could take me on
Finn is like what did you do to anna. Cassandra yells
stop saying her name I dealt with her now I deal with
you do what I say or you die

Valentin tells Anna it is her fault she bugged
the phone Anna asks how she found out that
she threw the phone against the wall. There
was only one other person in town she was
doing business with.

Cassandra says as my doctor you know it is not
good to upset me. they are going aways we were discussing a patient. Kiki says
to her you have a problem you nned to control my
life. Find help and storms off. Ava says she has gaul
griffin is like what happened. Ava says you will
always see imperfections in me. and walks off.

Drew explains his car wouldn ;t start which
is strange since it worked fine this morning
he realize Carly is behind this. he says were
you trying to rekindle things JAson says he will
talk to Carly. Drew says you do that tell you
BFF to back off or the two of us will have a problem

Carly says this is Jason time. Sonny says
he deserves it. Carly goes 5 years he lost
histurn wife and kids everyone acts like it is wrong
to take it all back. Sonny says not your choice
to make a choice for him.

Sam says I triggered the shut off, called the
harbor master. Jason says he will take the boat to
shore. Drew says Jason knew what Carly was doing
and let her do it. Sam says it doesn;t matter. Drew
is like so you are fine with this. no she didn;t get what
she wanted. nothing happened here to night.

Griffin followed Ava home what did she mean
not the first time. She says I followed you and kiki
to the hospital the other day. why. I have trouble
trusting people. He says are you accusing me of having
affair with your daughter. Griffin doesn;t know what to
say. Ava doesn;t believe him what man would choose
this (her) over kiki. Griffin says me I truly care for you.

Valentin tells Anna her infatuation with Finn
is messing things up. She says Finn risked alot
they try untieing each other.

Finn says this is payback you have to get over it.
you are playing with fire the WSB will find you
do you want to hurt Anna. Cassandra says what
you think yiou say a few harsh words I crack
finn raised his voice WHERE IS ANNA. she says
let me calm you as she blows a powder in his face.
He coughs and says what was that.

Michael comes to see Carson they talk
Nelle she has low blood pressure she has
to lower her stress. Carly says we need to
protect the baby but I don;t trust her. As Jason
comes along Sonny takes Michael Carly says how
mad are you.

Sam says to Drew Carly doesn;t run my life
Drew admits he is upset he wanted to spend
NYE with her the person he loved the most but
she spent it with her ex. you drank tequila and
played dominoes you knnow what that means.
she says do you believe that I love you .yes but
don;t pretend you don;t have feelings for Jason,
Sam says you have a past you don;t remember.
HE says mine is lost Jason is right here. She understands
it makes things difficult but it doesn;t change her
feeling for him she wants to be with him. He loves
her too and he loves her enough to step aside it
that is what she wants. She says when I met Jason
I was a mess he helped me become person I am
today that person loves you that is why I marry
you I want to share my life with you.

Griffin says yes he shares imperfection when he looks
at her but not cuz her scar. He says you have repented
for your sins. That is what I see. Ava says the woman
you describe it not who I see my scars will be
barrier between us. Griffin says no I don;t accept
that I should give you your Christmas present.4

Nina talking to Kiki who checks ER no Valentin
has not been brought in.

Valentin frets about Nina and Charlotte. She says
I am free she is free of the ropes they hear footsteps
she hides behind the door as Eric comes in she knocks
him out and unties Valentin they goe thier seperate

Finn says what did you give me she says the opiods
I have been marketing as he starts to hallucinate
she says drugs have greater impact on former addicts.
you are gonna make my opiods I will pay you in yours.

Griffin says Kiki and I have spent lots of time
together we have kept secret from you. He says
he has been studying Dr. Kliens formula. I have
been using the lab Ava says and Kiki has been
helping you? Yes . She says thank you I have
accused you of things. HE showed the research
to Dr. Whoever. Ava says there is possibility you
could fix this. Yes. she says you did it for me so
did Kiki I am really overwhelmed no one has ever
gone to these lengths for me before they kiss.

Kiki on the phone with Dillon she misses him to
she hate spending so much time apart.
she could maybe fly out to LA.

Michael wants to be good father. If this child
is mine I have to make sure he/she grow up
happy and strong if I can be half the father you
were to me. Sonny says you will be better than me
you will love this kid. in the end that is all that matters.

Jason is not mad but hear me. I love Sam will always
all I want is her happy. SHe is happy with Drew
Carly startst to talk he says no I can;t cause Sam
pain I am asking you to please STOP.

BRB WITH a few


Ava and Griffin in bed. She says soon I will
be whole again.

Sam says let Carly do her worst. Drew says
Jason wants you back. Sam says maybe but he
can;t offer me a life for my children for me.
Drew is not looking for a fight. he says it is
about loving you sam says do you.. yes they kiss.
They go to fix this boat they wish each other
happy new year they kiss.

Carly tells Sason they need to toast. Jason says
thank you for believing in me when I got back.
I love you both sorry I was gone I am very
very happy to be home. Carly says not as happy
as we are.

Valentin arrives at the MC. See Nina she asks
what happened he hugs her.

Anna arrives at her home finds Cassandra on
the floor yells for finn who is there he stumbles
to the floor.

The End

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1-2-18 GH SNEAK PEEK FINN CASSANDRA (Michael Easton Jessica Tuck General Hospital Preview Promo


General Hospital 1-3-18 Preview GH 1/3/18


"Laura Isn't Sold on the Idea of Mayor, as Olivia Suggests Ned Run"

Wednesday January 3, 2018: Ned quits ELQ, Laura and Kevin honeymoon, Alexis and Curtis team up and Anna worries about Finn.

Ned and Michael meet for breakfast at the Metro Court. Ned wants Michael to keep an open mind about the Charles St. project. He introduces Michael to Jim Harvey (played by Greg Evigan), a developer, who walks off the elevator. Harvey thinks Charles St. is full of diamonds in the rough and presents his plans, which includes an ELQ arena. Ned is impressed, while Michael wonders what happens to the residents who call that area home. Over at the bar, Julian finds Olivia to ask about spending time with Leo. Olivia pushes back. He reminds her he's been exonerated and is now the legit owner of Charlie's. He wants Leo to be proud to call him his father, which he is and not Ned. He walks off and steals some of Ned's bacon as he passes by. Harvey promises Ned and Michael they will work with the people in the community as their plans move forward. After he leaves, Michael challenges Ned on the ethics of the deal. Their bickering gets heated. Olivia tries to referee, but Ned announces he's quitting the family company. Michael says the door is always open and leaves. Olivia thinks ELQ's loss might be the city's gain and suggests Ned run for mayor.

alexis-busts-the-kids-curtis-gh-abcAlexis meets Molly, Curtis and TJ at Charlie's. The kids ask Alexis to help them take down their landlord, who refuses to perform basic maintenance on their building. T.J. wants to sue for harassment, but Alexis and Curtis inform them it won't do much good unless they have proof. Molly and TJ have never even met the landlord. They just deal with a faceless company. Curtis volunteers to investigate. However, he will probably be working within the grey area of the law. Alexis reminds him she needs him to remain above board for his findings to be admissible. He suggests she not ask and he won't tell. Julian enters as they wrap up their meeting. Alexis hangs back as the others leave and explains Molly and TJ's problem to her ex. Julian offers to keep an eye on the kids, since he's right across the street. Unless she prefers he doesn't. She says it's probably best if he doesn't. Julian smirks, "So that's a yes."

Elizabeth unwraps Franco's twin painting that was just delivered. He doesn't want to keep it. She runs off to work, as Franco welcomes Kiki inside. She fumes over her canceled flight to see Dillon. She blames fate working against her. Franco glances at the painting and bemoans his own bad luck. Kiki calls the painting his karmic boomerang and urges him to figure what it means before he loses the best thing that ever happened to him: Liz and the kids. She leaves and Franco naps. He has a dream of Drew giving him a rabbit's foot and calling him his best friend. Franco bolts awake and finds the rabbit foot. He wonders, if Drew was his best friend, why did he try to kill him?

finn-has-something-to-tell-anna-gh-abcJordan finds Anna outside Finn's hospital room. Anna relays that Finn is stable and insists Cassandra should be arrested for drugging him. Jordan explains that cops were dispatched to the house, but Cassandra was nowhere to be found. Jordan is irate that Anna would run a huge operation in her town without informing her. Anna explains what went down and blames herself up for putting Finn in danger. Jordan tells her the case is hers now and she plans to question Valentin. A teary Anna visits with Finn. He takes her hand as they update each other on their ordeal. Anna returns to Jordan, imploring her to find Cassandra before she can get to Finn. Jordan wonders if Anna feels more than responsibility towards the patient. Jordan steps away to take a call. Elizabeth consoles an emotional Anna. She tells her that life is random and if she and Finn have a chance of happiness together, maybe she should go for it. Jordan returns to tell Anna Cassandra has been located. Anna heads back to Finn, who is asleep but agitated. He jolts awake and tells Anna that he killed Cassandra.

kevin-has-key-to-lauras-future-gh-abcLaura and Kevin vacation in Mexico. Kevin wants to spend as much alone time with her as he can before she becomes mayor. Laura doesn't know about all that, but she does want to go to the ruins and explore. After their trek, Kevin continues to encourage Laura to run for mayor. She appreciates his support, but thinks she can do good without running for office. She then suggests they put out the Do Not Disturb sign on their door before they head home.

On the next General Hospital:

Anna asks Finn the last thing he remembers.

Spinelli has two new leads.

Valentin is brought in for questioning.

- Lori Wilson

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General Hospital 1-4-18 Preview GH 1/4/18
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Finn trying to tell Anna how he killed Cass.

At Charles street Pub - Dr. O and Nina discussing baby shower for Maxie - people are late to meeting.
Nina chides leisl about Nathan's paternity evasion?

spinelli shows up at Sonny's office....

Valentin with Dante and Jordan they have questions about him and cassandra

finn telling Anna Cassandra drugged him he had to stop her he lunged but doesn't really remember much
shevthreatened you Anna says do you remember struggling with her

spin with sason spin babbling Jason says what did u find on manuscript


- Sonny and Jason discuss finding Faison, using a writer to draw him out...
- spinelli appears, assured that he can reconstruct missing parts of manuscript...

- Lulu brings jelly donut to Dante, wonders if anything new on Faison....

- Liesl giving baby shower for Maxie, lamenting everyone is late cause they aren’t early, Nina and her discuss Nathan’s father...

- Maxie and Nathan at Gh, kiss goodbye, Nathan asks Amy about DNA results, she pretends to not understand, he says Maxie told him...

- Jordan and Valentin walk in, neither look happy...

- Finn wants to tell Anna... he killed Cassandra...

Spin says no one named ok Sinclair has written anything so he contacted
the publisher someone wrote manuscript under name pk Sinclair he says whoever
has been emailing the publisher Jason asks if he knows who that is

lulu tells. I'm an she saw Valentin at pcpd

dante tells Valentin about Cara's draw being in hospital

finn worries he will hurt Anna she tells him that Cassandra is not dead

Anna says Cassandra went missing found in alley Finn says someone moved her

Dante says Cassandra and I have not worked together in a while eyounthink
i did it

felicia congrats lulu on the article lulu mentions her new article on faison

spin hacked the emails person says they have idea for novel under
pk Sinclair spa. Says the timing is the clue the date is day before Jason broke out of

lulu and Felicia who asks if Lulu would
reveal his location to the authorites if she
knew where Faison was. Lulu says damn right
Felicia tells her to start by looking at Wyndemere

Dr.O and Maxie talking about Nathan and the
records Dr. O wonders why Nathan questions
the records Maxie mentions the DNA test.

Nina and Nathan talk he asks if things with her
and Valentin are ok.

Anna goes into Finn room she went to see
Cassandra make sure she couldn;'t hurt anyone

Valentin shows up in Cassandra room Amy is there
making the bed. CAssandra was released to the
custody of the WSB.

Anna tells FInn she almost finished off Cassandra
she called Robert had her moved to secure
WSB facility. not sure if she will ever regain custody.
Finn says we did good. Anna says we did. he has one
regret they didn;t get thier NYE. holding hands.
she says always next year.

Dr.O asks about the DNA test

Nina says Valentin had to go somewhere I am
not worried about my husband Nina says worry
about the DNA test.

Spin says the author writes a character based
on Faison. he reads a part its been you all along
you stole everything from me..If you had opened
your eyes Father. Spin says does Faison have a son?

The End
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General Hospital 1-5-18 Preview GH 1/5/18
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Sam gets a visit from Carly. Sam is like you
are trying to force me to Jason and it has to
stop. It hurts me to hurt Jason. he is my past
Drew is my present and future.

Ava at the gallery giving Nelle instructions
Nelle quits.

Kiki carrying a bunch of files and drops them
Griffin comes to help. Kiki upset she couldn;t
get to LA cuz of the weather.

Spin and Sason. Sonny mentions the traitor
The traitor is Faison Son..(that is what they think)

Maxie and Dr. O talking the records. Nathan
comes says my father is someone else.

Dr.O says Victor was your father. you both
have all the medical records from all four
grandparents you are blest stop looking for
trouble. Maxie says maybe your mom has point.
Nathan says the DNA test results are in/

Spin is spazzing. Sonny says we have to figure this
out. Jason says Dr. Klein was being paid by someone
Sonny says Dr. Klein came to PC.

Griffin and Kiki talk Ava. Kiki says mom has a problem
with me.

Ava says you are quitting on your first day. Nelle
can handle the job, I don;t know anything about
art. Ava says this has been a waste of my time
Nelle boo hoos this baby took me by surprise.

Carly says I am trying to save you from the mistakes
I made. I loved Jax I felt safe and secure he was
great father I wasn;t honest with myself about the
Sonny side of my heart. My first loyalty is always
to Sonny. I can;t stop how I feel I broke JAx
heart don;t do that to Drew.. Drew walks in
don;t do what.

Drew says did you come to apologize she
is sorry she wants to get to know him for who
he is and she is still his friend. She is trying to
save him from a marriage to someone who can;t
stop loving someone else. Carly leaves Drew
says is she right.

Ava is like just do your job. Nelle thanks
her for the opportunity. Ava say I am really
horribly self concsious I worry about my scars
but I don;t have to worry much longer have
appointment with plastic surgeon. Then there
will be no stopping me.

Griffin says Ava still worried

Spin says he traced a call Sonny says if Obrecht
knows how to contact Faison she may know more
so we invite her over for some cappucino and a

Dr.O says the test could have been tampered
with, Maxie is like you are only nefarious person
and you didn;t know about the test. so you
couldn;t have tampered with it. MAxie
says we need to know the truth. Dr. O says
leave this alone.

Carly comes to see Ava finds Nelle there.

Griffin says to Kiki haven't you forgiven you rmother
yet. Kiki explains Ava didn;t want Morgan with me
Griffin thinks she is being harsh. Kiki says the operation
will change how she looks outside but not who she
is inside.

Sam and Drew talk Sonny wants what he wants
and goes for it so does Carly that is not use. Drew
is like are you sure. you have to tell me what you want.

Nathan says the DNA test shows Valentin is not
my cousin so Victor is not my father. You are my
mother I know you love me. HE doesn;t want to do
this who is my father. aS Spin and Sason run in.
Maxie says go. We are having a crisis Sonny
says does this crisis have to do with Faison son
Dr. O says how did you know. Nathan looks at her

Carly mentions a piece that is being sold
proceeds going to Morgan foundation.
Nelle goes on that Ava welcomed me with
open arms. Carly says and you will probably
Sleep with her boyfriend and rob her blind you
two deserve each other.

Ava at GH she owes Kiki an apology. She has
overreacted. Thought you were spending to much
time with griffin.

Sam wants thier life with him and Scout and Danny
and Oscar too now. Jason definition of happiness
is not what I want Jason has to choose and so do you
I know you love me you have a whole past you
havent explored yet what do you want for yourself.

Sonny says Faison was in PC looking for his son.
and you knew. Dr. O denies it. Spin says I traced it
Nathan says Faison has a son mother why are you
so scared. Dr. O says jumping to conclusion Nathan
says I know why she wanted to keep the secret
I am sorry Dr. O says leave it alone. Nathan tells
MAxie my father is Cesar Faison.

Nelle says you should be nice to me if my
blood pressure drops it could endanger the baby.
Nelle says who are you to judge me. Calry says
I have on thing you didn;t have a friend back then
who saw the good in have no good in you
all you can scrap up is ava.

Kiki says did you really think we we sneaking around
on you. Ava says Griffin first man who ever wanted
me for myself I am afraid it won;t last. Kiki says
you have to work it out with Griffin can;t project
your problems on me. Griffin comes to tell Ava
the doc will see her now.
Dr.O admits it Cesar is your father. MAxie is like
o god. Spin and Sason leave. Nathan says to Dr. O
you owe us the truth. She explains she loved Cesar
he rejected Britta when I got pregnant again Cesar
said if I had a boy Cesar would take him so I concealed
it when you were born I gave you to my sister. I
wanted you with me but important to protect you
from Cesar.

Sam is like this is like an earthquake the ground shakes
you grab on to something safe. it is a reflex now
we know what we are dealing with we choose how
to deal with it. do you want to find out who Andrew
Cain is. He says he can contact the Navy reach out
to the SEALS see if any of the men who served with
me will sit down with me. what if I can;t remember
anything. I can;t dishonor the memory of anyone
who may have died for me can;t dishonor that.
Sam says that is who you are that is who I love.

Dr. O says ILY nathan when your anger has
cooled pray you forgive allow me to be part
of grandchild life. she leaves. Naxie talks
Faison is your father. that is lot to process
Maxie wouldn;t change one thing about him.

Spin talks his beloved georgie will have a half
sibling who is Cesar faison grandchild. Jason
sauys I did this with Sam could accept the baby
cuz of Franco don;t do what I did . Maxie will need
your support it doesn;t matter who the grandfather is
Spin can do that. Spin says we need to locate
Faison. Sonny says does anyone think Natha is PK
sinclair Spin says no Sonny says then Faison has
another son.

Griffin and Kiki (Oh no don;t tell me Griffin
is really Faison other son) Griffin says to Kiki
he hopes things don;t change between them if she
heed help with med school let him know Ava comes
says I can have to procedure tomorrow.

Carly will talk to Micheal about giving Nelle an allowance
so she won;t have to work for Ava. NElle decides
to work there. Carly tells Nelle about Ava killing
Connie then about Morgan meds which Nelle knows
since she walked in on it. AVa would kill you. I don;t
care about you but I care about that child..

Sam says reach out they will be there for you they
are your brothers you would do the same for them.
Sam is like what do you want to do. Drew wants to
love and honor her as long as they both live
she says lets get married today.

The End


- Finn to Anna? ( only see part of someone’s dark curly hair)’s time I told u the truth...

- Joss to Oscar...something u want to talk to me about...

- baby is growing up so fast....

- Maxie to Lulu... what if our baby inherits those genes...

- Dante...who’s ur father...
- Nathan... Cesar Faison...

- Drew to Sam... we’ve got a problem...

- Jason, with Sonny , to Anna... we think Sinclair is Faison’s son

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