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Cool Y&R: Wednesday January 20 Day-Ahead

The Young and The Restless - Next On Y&R (1/20/2016)

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Wednesday USA 1/20

Dr. A says she does not have a hidden agenda. She says she has worked professionally with his ex-wife and has tried to help his current wife get through the tremendous loss that she can’t begin to handle on her own. Nick says she makes it sound like Sage is unstable. She says she sees two people convincing themselves they are getting by. She advised him to give Sage space so they can find their way back to each other which is what happened. She says she will leave them alone and starts to leave. Nick stops her. She says Sage has an unhealthy fixation on Sharon’s baby. She tells him to get Sage a doctor before things get worse and leaves.

Sage explains to the nurse why she needs Dr. A’s information. The nurse says she heard Dr. A was married but that is all she knows.

Nick finds Sage and says Billy is awake and they go to see him.

Jack and Phyllis arrive. Vicky says there may be residual damage when Billy wakes. Jack says if Billy isn’t Billy when he wakes up then it is his fault. Jack doesn’t know what to say to Billy. Billy says how about welcome back. Billy says DD told him to go back and fix things and that’s what he will do. The last thing he remembers is a wedding. Nick and Sage arrive. Billy says he remembers a fists flying but that is it. Vicky says he needs his rest. Everyone leaves. Billy says he hasn’t been worthy of her but this is his chance to stop screwing up. He wants her to find someone who will bring her joy. She says he is her second chance and wants him to come home with her. She kisses him.

The nurse tells Dr. A someone was asking questions about her. Dr. A says she knows who it was.

Nick tells Jack that Victor closed the deal with Kevin and tells Jack to leave things alone. Alone with Sage, Nick says there is something not right about Dr. A who overhears this comment.

The investigator gets a call from Victor saying there is a change of plans. He cuts Marisa loose and tells her to follow him.

Luca is trying to stop Noah from going to the police. Luca asks if Noah would turn on his family for Marisa’s sake. Noah says you risk everything to keep your loved ones safe.

Marisa walks in and Noah and Luca want to know where she has been. Dylan says he wants her to tell him where she has been and shows his badge. Marisa describes how she was taken, driven around and woke up tied up in a room. Luca tells Dylan to arrest Victor. Dylan asks based on what and even if they arrested Victor, he would be out in 5 minutes. Luca says that ego maniac kidnapped his wife and Dylan is doing nothing. Dylan wants to contain everything so no one else gets hurt.

Victor tells his investigator to get Marisa ready to move when Natalie arrives. She says he has the wrong girl. Victor is about to have her escorted out. Natalie guesses Victor doesn’t want to see his son alive. Victor asks who she is and what she knows. Natalie says she is the one who created the program. She says there is a tiny glitch with her program and she needs time to work the bugs out. She says the bozos she made a deal with kidnapped his son. They want her to fix the program for them not Victor. Victor asks if they paid $2M, she says the price was $1M. He asks if she is offering herself in exchange for Adam. She says she is there to help and they need to work the investors. She says she will work out the glitches but Victor needs to keep her safe. She says he can have the program and his son. She tells Victor she needs wine and a place to work. Victor’s investigator arrives. Victor says to put her somewhere safe and make sure she gets everything she needs.

Victor prepares an email asking if they are ready to trade the girl for Adam but does not send it.

Dylan arrives, shows his badge and asks Victor when he was going to report Adam’s kidnapping. Dylan asks if Victor has Natalie in the same place he had Marisa. Victor says they are done. Dylan says he is there to help Victor bring Adam back.

Dylan, Kevin and Mariah return to Natalie’s and figure out that Victor is the common denominator for three missing people and he has to go to Paul. Kevin is concerned that Victor will know that Kevin spoke to him. Dylan says if there is a fall-out in Kevin’s agreement with Victor, he is sorry and leaves. Mariah tells Kevin that Natalie sold the project twice and when Victor finds out he is coming after them. Kevin gets into Natalies computer. He hears Natalie say if he is hearing this then Victor has her.

Day Ahead
- Kevin tells Mariah he is the reason Natalie is in trouble so he is going to help her with or without Mariah’s help
- Noah tells Victor it’s only a matter of time before Billy remembers it was Billy’s car that hit him and he is going to jail
- Billy remembers the license of the car that hit him

Ill be back wth Toni's later

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Wednesday 1/20

"Billy awakens, and Dr. Anderson learns Sage asked about her background"

Summary for Wednesday January, 20 2015: Billy reassures Jack, Victor deals with Natalie, and Dylan offers help.

At the hospital, Sage learns that Dr. Anderson was married, so Anderson may be her married name. In Billy’s room, Victoria tells Jack and Phyllis that there could be residual damage. Jack frets if Billy isn’t Billy, it will be his fault. Victoria and Phyllis reassure him and Billy wakes up. He assuages Jack’s concerns and talks about his dreams that he could see what they were all going through; Delia told him to come back and fix things. Victoria believes he will. Billy recalls his bookie ambushing him in the parking garage.

At Crimson Lights, Dr. Anderson tries to convince Nick that it’s preposterous she has an agenda where he’s concerned and opines that Sage is unstable. She sniffs that if they don’t want her help anymore that’s fine and storms away. Nick follows and concedes she’s helped Sharon, but Sage isn’t her patient. Anderson blames Sage for getting him riled up and accuses him of ignoring Sage’s fixation on Sharon’s baby. Nick defends Sage. Anderson suggests he get his wife a shrink and leaves. Nick gets a text that Billy’s awake.

Nick finds Sage at the hospital. She doesn’t want to discuss Anderson. They go to see Billy, and arrive as Jack is about to fill him in on the investment deal. They joke and Billy talks more about his beating. Once alone, Billy tells Victoria he doesn’t deserve her being there for him. He won’t screw up her life anymore – he wants her to find someone else. Victoria wants him to come home to her and the kids. They kiss. In the waiting area, Jack worries about the deal. Nick advises him to let it go. Elsewhere, Anderson learns Sage was asking about her background. She spots Nick and Sage in the waiting area and overhears Nick tells Sage he agrees with her – there’s something not right about Dr. Anderson, at all.

At the station, Mariah tells Kevin and Dylan that Natalie ran off on her and left her computer behind.

At Newman Enterprises, Natalie informs Victor he has the wrong girl. She introduces herself as the right girl, Natalie. He’ll have security escort her out. Natalie muses that he must not want to see his son alive again. Victor demands, “Who are you?” Natalie fills him in. She explains that her other investors took Adam. Victor learns they paid her $1 million, not $2 million as Kevin charged him. They debate how worthy her idea is, and she shares that she’s an orphan just like him. Victor finds her charming, but feels she’s wasting his time. Natalie thinks Victor should keep her safe while placating the people who have Adam. Victor agrees. He calls the men holding Marisa and says there’s a change in plans.

In an undisclosed location, Marisa, tied to a bed, screams for help. A man arrives and after taking a call from Victor, cuts her free. “You’re coming with me.”

At Newman, Victor tells Natalie she’ll keep her in a safe place and deal with the situation with his son. His man enters to take her there. Victor agrees to her plea for her gear.

In Natalie’s suite at the Club, Kevin, Dylan, and Mariah seek clues to her whereabouts. Dylan says three people are missing and they all have Victor in common. He exits, and Kevin and Mariah argue. Mariah thinks Victor will take Natalie down and then come for them. Mariah suggests ‘Kevin#nicebutt’ as a password for Natalie’s computer. It works and a recording says that Victor has her. Downstairs, Noah and Luca bicker over whether to go to the police about Marisa’s disappearance when she comes through the door. Dylan appears and questions her. She says two men said Victor wanted to see her and she woke up tied to a bed. Noah tells her about the ransom note. Marisa explains she was released and told it was a misunderstanding. Luca wants Victor arrested. Dylan wants to contain it so no one else gets hurt. Luca takes a call from his father, and Noah and Marisa whisper about keeping secrets. Noah asks if Luca knows he hit Billy.

At Newman, Victor is about to press ‘send’ on an email saying he’s ready to trade the girl for his son. Dylan enters, shows his badge, and asks if he has Natalie in the same place he put Marisa. Victor wants him to go. Dylan wants to help get Adam back. Victor agrees to talk.

In a safe room, Natalie complains she needs her computer. Victor’s man tells her she’ll have everything she needs.

Genoa City Spoilers for the next The Young and the Restless:

Kevin hollers at Mariah, “I am the reason she’s in trouble, so I’m going to help her with or without you!”

Victor says to Noah, “Wait a minute, you talked to Paul?” Noah says, “Billy remembers getting beat up. Paul says it’s only a matter of time before he remembers a car hit him, my car. That means I’m going to jail.”

At the hospital, Billy has flashes of Noah’s car and license plate
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