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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of AUGUST 7

General Hospital 8-7-17 Preview GH 8/7/17

Previously posted:
SOC Scoop
Trouble finds Olivia.

Trouble finds Olivia.
Digest has this as "Olivia runs afoul" for Tuesday Aug 8.
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Live Thread 8/7

Ava looks at her face in the mirror as Kiki shows
up She tells kiki to go home she doesn;t want her
to see her like this. She does open the door

Hayden on the phone with Finn to push back dinner plans.
She visits her dad in prison

Sam remembering holding the gun and threatening Sonny
she says no it is just a dream Finn comes in

Sonny continues the memory telling Sam she is like
family to him he wakes with a start. Jason and Carly
talk Dante comes along to follow up with Sonny. Jarly
go in the room with Dante. Dante says who
shot you.

Kiki suggests that Ava go talk to the therapist.
Ava doesn;t want to go. her face and such no one
can look at me without flinching. Ava wants another
drink kiki is like if you want to keep punishing yourself
I won;t stop you. as Kiki calls Griffin. he will come
right over.

Raymond and Hayden talk. she mentions mom bring
unfaithful. He put up a wall when he found out she wasnt
his bio daughter. you will always be my daughter I will always
be your dad. she wonders if anything left from hedge fund.

Sam says things are fine just some nightmares. Her tests
show the antibotics are working Sam wonders if she can go home
soon. Finn is like well you need a sign off from Dr. Monroe as well/

Dante says to Sonny if Garvey didn;t shoot you who did.

Griffin shows up at AVa who says you don; t need to
be here. As Ava puts her mask on. He says you can;t
keep yourself locked up. She says she has her brother.
She will get a insurance settlement and she will never
need to leave the house again. He is like you are hiding
because you are afraid.

Hayden says you must have been able to hid something
from the feds. Raymond says nothing left. Hayden tells
him she changed her name and made new life. He wonders
why she needs the money. She tells of Finn best thing ever.
she mentons Jarod.

Finn says the toll on your body causes hallutinations. Sam
needs answers what is real what is not. Finn says stress will
make it worse. let your body and mind heal. you will get
answers in time. He leaves she checks her phone Krissy left
her message her dad was shot.

Sonny says the first shot was garvey but I was wearing
Bullet proof vest, I shot him self defence. Dante says why
did Garvey shoot you in the leg. Sonny doesn;t really remember
its a blur.

Sonny does in fact remember according to his

Ava goes on about people staring Ava says sorry
but there isn;t anything to say. Griffin reminds her
of the convo they had the night she bought him a drink
he says you are condemning yourself to hell. you turn your
back on God.

Hayden says one week to get money. Hayden says Jarod
wants me to funnel money from the hospital. Finn donated
most of it. she gets texted from Jarod, Tick Tock.

Dante says why did GArvey shoot you in the leg. Carly
says to Dante Sonny needs rest. Sonny asks Jason about Sam
Carly is like how do you know something wrong with Sam. He heard them talking Jason answers Sonny says he wants a min
with JAson.

Sam trying to get out of bed as Felix comes in and catches
her Sam asks about Sonny being shot? Felix is like yes he will
make full recovery. Sam is like he is here in hospital. yes
down the hall.

Ava at hosptial for therapy

Felix comes to Sonny room tells Carly and JAson to clear
out Sonny doesn;t get to tell Jason whatever it was. CArly
tells Dante to go easy on his dad right now. Carly wonders
why Sonny wants to talk to Jason.

Raymond says call Jarod bluff Hayden says this is on me
I did something wrong tried to cover it up. Raymond says you
seem genuinely can embezzle money from
hospital or come clean to Finn. Raymond has to go back he says
you will alway be my little girl hope you are happy. He made
lots of mistakes she is way smarter than him she will succeed.
he leaves

Ava at the hospital for the group session as Sam happens
upon her says I helped you put on your mask the other day is
that true. yes . Ava says you were not yourself when you came
to see me. you blamed my scars on Sonny and said he would
get what was coming to him I have never heard you talk bad of
him before.

Felix tending to Sonny asking if he feels discomfort.
He says piph can;t wait to get you in PT again.

Jason says Sonny probably wants me to watch over the
kids while he is in here. CArly is like nope. she worries
if Garvey has men out there. Jason says I will get involved
if I need to don;t worry.

Sam is like what did I say about Sonny. AVa says it sounded
like you hate him. Sam says no I don;t hate him. Ava says
you were very ill maybe you were speaking from your self
counscious Sam says you don;t know anything about what I want
(she is very testy) and she leaves.

Hayden back at GH. Finn comes to see her

Jason asks Griffin for update on Sam. will there be any lasting
effects. If sam did something she doesn;t remember could she
do it again when she is well Griffin goes off.

Ava tells Kiki she is not ready to do this as Griffin
says you need to try. Ava is like ok and she sits and

Hayden says I didn;t go shopping thought we should
make this choice together.

Felix says Carly is a friend you don;t realize toll this takes
on her. Sonny is glad he speaks up for Carly and Felix leaves
and runs into Carly who thankis him for watching over

Jason goes to Sam room finds her gone.

Sonny remembering Sam and him on the docks. He remembers
saying she didn ;t mean to do it and she pushed him in the pit
Sam is standing over his bed. she says you are still alive.

The End.


● Jared to HayFinn...Hayden and i used to be married...

● Dillon to long r u going to pretend u don't want Michael's job...

● Olivia to Monica....i am never going to be a part of this family...

● Carly to did u get that shell casing to begin with...

● Oscar to Joss...i gave u a necklace made from a bullet...

● Sam...Sonny, I left u there to die...

● Dena to Jason...where'd she go...
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Facebook post caption:
"General Hospital Teaser: August 7th, 2017
Kiki's empathy shines through the darkness. Plus, the clock is ticking for Hayden; and Sam's memories are indistinguishable from her nightmares."

^ Preview for Monday August 7

The twitter and facebook versions show Kiki at the beginning. The youtube version has her voice but doesn't show her face.

`````````````` sneak peek video clip for Tuesday August 8, 2017

Olivia's Rash Decision: Olivia Makes Her Mark in the Quartermaine House
No one makes Olivia's bruschetta like Olivia.
Too many cooks in the kitchen.
The bruschetta queen needs space to work her magic.
Olivia makes her mark in the Quartermaine house when she fires Cook for being unwilling to share the kitchen. How will Ned react?

Watch video here:


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GH LIVE TUES 8/8 Episode

Olivia cooked for Ned and DIllon Ned is like you
cooked that HERE. Monica wants a word with her.
(uh oh COOK will not be happy)

Michael and Nelle he hasn;t really slept Avery
isn;t sleeping well without Sonny around.

Oscar and Joss outside Kellys he mentions the necklace
she says she has to give it back to you. as Michael and Nelle
wonder what kinda kid make a necklace out of a shell casing.
Carly comes home. Carly says Sonny will be fine Michael
is relieved.

JAson looking for Sam who is not in her room as Deana
comes wondering where Sam is.

Sonny says to Sam Jason says you are sick. Sam doesn;t
feel ok parts of my mind (Sonny is giving her major side eye)
Sonny tells her she shot him..

Cook is pitching a fit in the kitchen Monica is like
the kitchen is cook domain. Olivia says I find
cooking theraputic Olivia is like I can never ever go
in there. Monica says this is my house. Olivia says I will
never be part of this family.

Hayden showing Finn some vacation plans Finn not sure
he can take time off. She is working hard to convince him
he says lets go under one condition lets make it our

Joss loves the necklace I think it is special. If my mom
sees it she will get wrong idea and flip out. Joss tells him
it is a bullet casing.

Carly says he is doing well. Nelle says she will go to the
office. Carly says Nelle I couldn;t have found Sony
without your help

Sam says so I did shoot you. HE says you don;t remember
I can't tell what is real. Sonny is like it is ok you were sick.
Sam says ILY you are like family my daughter godfather. Sonny
says it was not you, like it not me when I go manic. Sam says
tell me.

Dillon enjoys Olivia cooking Ned working on ELQ stuff
and says these numbers are not good. The company
needs to refocus. Dillon says you are man for the job.
Dillon wonders if Ned angling for Micheal job. Ned says
no I dont want that job again. Dillon is like you are a player

Hayden says we leave in 36 hours and you want to get
married. She wants him to be sure. She can;t wait
as Jarod shows up

Carly says you brought the shell casing to my attention
So thank you. Carly wonders how did you get the shell

Oscar is like a bullet. Joss explains. Talk of Sonny we were
there walking around while Sonny was in the pit waiting for
someone to find him. Oscar says keep it it is your reward
for being a hero.

Sam says to Sonny walk me thru what happened. Sonny
explains about Garvey and Spencer. Sam flashes back Sam
says I was terrified the whole time I started seeing you you were
telling me you were taking Jason away from me. Sonny says
you were sick. Sam is like I will never understand how I could
shoot you. Sonny says I was trying to talk you down. She
remembers kicking him in the pit she left him there to die.

Olivia says everyone tells me this is my home I feel
like a guest here. Monica is like understands she felt
that way once. Olivia is like when did you find your place.
Monica says when I talked back. Don;t go along to get along
go for what you want.

Jarod says it is Hayden now I had to come say hi. Jarod says
it this the famous finn. Jarod says Adam Green Hayden and I
go way back. Hayden and I used to be married not married married
she was my work wife. Finn wonders what kinda business he is in
Jarod says debt collectors. Finn mentions the trip to Africa.

Oscar wants Joss to have it. He doesn;t care if anyone else
see it except here. He wants to have a meal with her at Kellys
she says that sounds like a date. he says I will go for it what
about going out with me.

Carly wonders about the shell casing. Nelle says I friend of
mine found it. The casing. Carly not buying the story. Michael
walks Nelle out.

Sam is like how can look at me after what I did. Sonny says
you are my friend ILY. The person at the distillery was not you
Sam is like I shot you. Sonny says listen. I understand this
when you can;t trust your own mind, you can;t control your actions
you are not like me you don;t have a mental illness you have
an infection and will take meds and get better. Sam says what
if not I am scared. Sonny holds out his hand, Sam takes it.

Sam says you are letting me off the hook as JAson
walks in and see Sam very upset. JAson take Sam
back to her room. Sam says sorry to Sonny Deana takes
Sam to her room. Jason talks to Sonny He says Sam shot you
thank you for understanding Sonny says you need to calm
her down, or she will feel so bad she will confess to the police.

Carly says I need to know the truth. Carly tells Michael
to go she will watch Avery.

Jarod says if you are going to Africa Hayden tells Finn to
go catch up with Monica. Hayden and Jarod talk she says
WTH is that. All you have to do is take the money from
the hospital to my bank account.

Oscar is like I embarassed you. Joss says I have thought
about it. Being more than firends. as Nelle comes along. Oscar
says let me know. and leaves. Joss tells Nelle that was Oscar
he asked me to go out with him. What did you say.. Nothing
you showed up.

Dillon says ELQ fell in Micheal lap if you want it take
it back. Ned is like just like that. Dillon says your birthright.
Ned says you are out of your mind if you think Michael will
just hand over the reins he won;t let go. IF I was going to
I would have to out manuever him.

Jarod says Finn is an addict when he finds out his sobriety
will be in jeopardy. so get to work.

Monica congrats Finn did they set a date. yes day after tomorrow.
she says you want time off. YES..get married go on honeymoon.

Joss likes Oscar a lot he gets me. But mom thinks I am too young.
Nelle of course has a story for this occasion just like Nelle
she had a boy she liked at that age. As Michael show up

Sonny says Sam is too fragile don;t let her confess. Jason
not sure Carly will be on same page as them Sonny won;t tell
her right now. Sason agree it is over. and that Carly shouldn;t
know cuz then she will want to hear it from Sam herself and that
will make Sam feel guilty enough to confess.

Oliva walks in she tried to make peace with Cook
Olivia says I fired her who wants Ziti Ned has o face.

Hayden transferring money.

Michael tells Joss mom asked about the necklace we
covered for you. Don;t make us regret it. Joss leaves
Michael wonders what Nelle and Joss were talking about.

Sam back in bed crying she says to JAson I shot him
he says it is ok. HE says it wasn;t you. Sam says she needs
to take responsibility Jason says it won;t help the kids. Try to
get some rest.

Carly brings Avery to see Sonny. Deana comes in sorry
about before. Sonny mentions Sam visiting she will make
full recovery. Sonny says everything will go back to way it
used to be.

The End.




● Jared to Hayden...sounds like u r about to have a big problem...

● Maxie to Nathan...can I steal u away for a romantic lunch in the park...

● Doctor...there u r, Miss Jerome, may I speak with u....

● Finn to Curtis....i need someone to step up for me, and I can't think of anyone I'd like better....

● Valerie jogging
, hears Aunt Stella, (who is peaking thru bushes),yell...OMG

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Spoiler for Franco and Liz

From Twitter.

Franco come back fro NYC with his artwork.

Friz fans will be happy with the renunion

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA we are having loving and sex and other stuff.

Finallly our couple is going to be on screen and having fun.

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Thumbs up

I added the wed previews in post #4
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Wed 8/9

"Someone is caught having sex in the park"

Wednesday August 9, 2017: Maxie returns for a visit, Finn and Hayden push ahead with wedding plans, and Stella tries to set up Curtis.

At the PCPD, Jordan and Nathan hope Julian will get convicted today. She takes off. Maxie calls Nathan and then pops out from around the corner to surprise him. Maxie’s flight is in two hours.

Stella gets an eyeful-GH-ABCStella is in the park with Curtis. She chases him off to get her a sandwich. He asks her to stay out of trouble. Once he’s gone, she hears groaning in the bushes. When she looks in, she gasps in horror just as Valerie is jogging by. Mac and Felicia hop out of the bushes, pulling on their clothes. Stella tells the cop that the couple were having carnal relations. “No one wants to see grown folks acting like farm animals!” Stella lectures. Felicia explains they’ve been married a long time and are trying to spice things up. When Valerie threatens to arrest them, Mac reminds her of who he is. Stella insists on pressing charges. Felicia asks Val to call Nathan. When he arrives, Val fills him in. Stella tells Maxie that they were committing public indecency. After Stella leaves, Nathan leaves the charges up to Val. She gives the couple a warning and jogs off. Maxie starts lecturing Mac and Felicia. Mac talks about how Man Landers kicked their marriage into high gear. Maxie trashes Landers and Nathan defends him. After the parents take off, Nathan and Maxie talk about how hard distance is. She suggests he move to Portland. He needs to think about. When he leaves her alone for a minute, she calls someone with a story idea about unmasking Man Landers.

Kiki gets a compliment from Bench-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Liz tells Kiki how well she did during a medical emergency. Doctor Bench calls her over. He was impressed he was by how she handled herself. The doctor can see potential in her and asks if she’s considered going to medical school. He thinks she has real talent. Jordan arrives and ushers the doctor away to discuss a case. They discuss Jason sneaking into Garvey’s room and talk about James Cagney movies. He asks her to see one with him. She explains that she just got out of a relationship but thanks him.

Finn asks Curtis to be his best man -GH-ABCHayden and Finn are at Kelly’s. He just picked up their marriage license. She gets another threatening text from Jared. The doctor notices she seems distracted. As they kiss, Curtis arrives and congratulates them. They invite him to their wedding. She gets a text and takes off to meet Jared. Meanwhile, Finn fumbles through asking Curtis to be his best man. He’d be honored. Outside, Kiki joins Dillon for lunch and tells him how great her day has been. She doubts she has what it takes to be a doctor. He’s sure she can do whatever she puts her mind to. Later, back inside, Stella arrives and looks for Curtis. He’s gone but she finds Valerie. They chat and Stella starts quizzing her about her love life. She asks her to have a coffee date with her and her nephew. Eventually, Valerie caves.

Jared makes demands on Hayden-GH-ABCJared corners Hayden in the park. He’s annoyed that the money hasn’t arrived in his account yet. She explains that she’s had to set up a dummy account for him. Curtis bumps into them. Hayden claims Jared is just an old friend. After he takes off, Curtis asks her what’s really going on. She explains but refuses his offer of help. He advises her to own her past mistakes and stop being a victim.

When Stella exits Kelly’s, Curtis arrives outside. She tells him she had a productive day.

Back at the hospital, Finn tells Liz that he and her sister are getting married tomorrow and want her to be there. She wouldn’t miss it for the world. Hayden arrives and her sister congratulates her. Finn takes off for a consult. Liz can see how upset her sister is. Hayden says she’s not the person she used to be and she doesn’t want anything to ruin her wedding. She asks Liz to be her maid of honor. Liz promises everything will work out. As the sisters hug, Finn returns. A call comes in. The bank needs to talk to Hayden.

On the next General Hospital:

Finn feels like he isn’t getting the truth.

Scott is skeptical.

Things aren’t looking better for Ava.
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General Hospital 8-10-17 Preview GH 8/10/17
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Live Thread 8/10

Scotty telling Julian that he is concerned about
Alexis that she is mad about what happened to Sam
so they can;t be sure if she will help or hurt Julian

Alexis with the Molly and KRissy Molly says please don't
tell me you are thinking of helping Julian.

Valentin having lunch with Charlotte.

Ava at home gets visit from Kiki and Griffin
Griffin wants her to come to lunch

Liz tells Hayden the bank on phone has question
about a account . Hayden takes the call

Scotty asks what happened when He got texted Sam was
sick Alexis was upset. Tried to talk to her. She said she
didn't want to hear anything I said. Julian worries
she might try to hurt his c ase.

Alexis says they consider me hostile witness. Krissy says
promise you won;t help julian. Alexis promises to tell the
truth. The girls remind her what he did to thier fathers. and
Morgan died cuz of it. and then Krissy reminds her about
Sam. Alexis says I know you think I am wrong for giving
him benefit of doubt.

Charlotte says when Spencer left for school he said Wyndmere
belong to him. VAlentin says my father left me everythings in
the will. He will sue but this all needs to go away.

Ava is not ready for an outing. Griffin brought her some books
and then goes on about perseverence. He tells her to have
right outlooks. Kiki is like you can;t stay here all day every day
yes I can. kiki says you owe me come out to lunch at kelly

Hayden says she is just nervous bride. Finn tells her to be
stress free. Liz understands but wonder what is going on
something is going on.

Julian trial begins.

Alexis wants to table it. Molly says Julian has done
nothing but bring you down. Alexis admits it. Molly
says why do you still love him. Alexis says you sad glances
are starting to piss me off. Krissy and Molly have to go
register at PCU. Molly says we just care about you and they

Hayden says she has feeling she doesn;t deserve this.
mentions when she first came to town but Finn changed
me made me better person. All I want is happy life for
finn and the baby. Liz says we all get anxious about the
future. They hug

Finn in Haydens office with a gift he finds a visitor pass
as Hayden arrives, he wonders why she went to see her

Ava with Griffin and Kiki at Kellys. Charlotte freaks

Valentin tells Charlotte not to point it is rude and
explains why Ava has the mask. Valentin tells
Charlotte that she needs to make it right.
Ava is upset this is why I didn;t want to come.
Ava goes outside to wait while they order.
Charlotte comes and apologizes she understands
that she got hurt papa wanted me to apologize.
Valentin also does. Ava is like I act that way when
I see my face.

Hayden says she felt she owed it to him and her to make
peace, HE is the only father I ever know. Finn wonders
why she didn;t tell him. I had to talk to him alone. About
what. She had questions about things he did and only he could

Jarod arrives at GH ask Liz where HAyden is.

Alexis is called to the stand. Julian has his sad puppy dog
face. The prosecutor reminds the court that Alexis is hostile
witness, do you want him to pay for his crimes or do you
prefer he goes free.

Valentin says if Ava wants the treatment to let him
know he will set it up. Ava says the price he wants
recfanting her statement is too much . He says well
if you change your mind let me know.

Molly and Krissy Molly didn;t get the Teacher she
wanted for a class. Molly says Crap.

The DA asks Alexis how often did you see Olivia St John
Alexis says often. Did you suspect during those weeks that
he was hiding something from you..yes.. this was after
Mr. Jerome held knife to your throat..yes...At some point
the defendant son Leo was rushed to hospital and He thought
it was a warning to his family. did he warn the
defendant ever tell you the truth about

Ava at home with Kiki and Griffin she thanks them. She
thanks Griffin he has been kind to her. She will read one
of the book he gave her. Kiki mentions see Valentin talking to
her she says he was apologizing for his daughter. They leave
Ava takes off her mask.

Finn talks to Liz He is happy she will be maid of honor.
He says this is your fault. when the hospital was on
lockdown you could have gone to Monica about my

Hayden on the phone with the bank. she has adjustments
to make

Molly new teacher would be Parker

The DA says was the defendant honest with you
any clue of any he had been honest would
you have wound up on the bridge fighting for your life.
Scotty objects he is 0-2 .. The DA says was Julian
covering for Olivia ..yes. If the defendant told the truth
could that night have been prevented...I don;t know
MAYBE. it is possible.. Julian has his mad face.

Kiki tells Griffin she is worried about Ava. Griffin says
Ava will make a new life for herself.

Ava loks at her face in the mirror. she looks at Valentin
card then puts it away.

Hayden says Rachel Berlin white hat medical supplies
as Finn walks in and hears.

The End.


● Julian, yelling..ok, Scott, that's enough, please...

● Finn....why did u call urself Rachel Berlin...

● Jason to can we agree this is the best solution...

● Nathan to Dante....Jordan is on our case to close the case on ur father's shooting...

● ready for things to change...
● Sonny...they will...
● Carly...r u sure about that?....

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