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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of JULY 31

Sneak Peek- Carly Demands Answers From Garvey

Carly tells him she used to be a nurse, twists his morphine drip so it doesn't flow, and wants to know where her husband is.

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General Hospital 7-31-17 Preview GH 7/31/17
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Live Monday 7/31

Jason sitting by San empty bedside He talks to himself
she is having tests.

Griffin and Finn talking wondering about the scans for
Sam. They wonder if she will wake up anytime soon Griffin
says longer she is out less chance she will wake up as
Jason overhears

Hayden on the phone at the possible new home
looking around.

Jarod meeting with Dr. O He has decided to pass

Nina talking to Nathan at PCPD as she see Valentin
who is there to see what is what with the case on

Garvey brought into the hospital Carly and Liz come
along Carly says he knows where Sonny is\

As we see the pit it is dark Sonny cut his hand he says
he won;t die like this he can breath. he wants to live

Finn tells Jason it is only speculation. Griffin tells
finn to go see Hayden, Jason wonder what they are
not telling.

Dr.O telling Jarod about Hayden new identity

Nathan bad talks Valentin, Valentin calls it a witch hunt
spencer has civil suit against me and they want me
person of interest

Carly tells Dante about finding Garvey with Liz he was holding
her he wanted medical supplies. Dante tells her she should
have been a cop when she tells him she jumped her. They find
a phone or something that shows Garvey had Spencer

Dr.O says just an overview Jarod says Rachel had
brought me bad luck cutting my losses and he
gets out of the car and leaves. Dr. O yells coward.

Finn at the new house finds Hayden laying on the floor
he wonders if she is ok she is just visioning a skylight
etc. Finn is distracted. He mentions Sam lapsing into
coma. the look in her husband eyes the fear I could

Jason tells Griffin Sam may seem small and dainty but
she is not she is a fighter and loves our kids can you help
my wife. Griffin will fight for her. He tells them we need
to get her conscious longer she is like that there could be
complications, you need to hold it together for her. You should
go home kiss your children. Jason is like kids are fine
I will stay here till Sam awakens.

Nathan talking to Valentin Nathan gets a call from Dante
we know who took Spencer Valentin says it wasn't me

Carly frets what if Garvey really did something to Sonny
Dante tries to calm her. Carly says Sonny made sure
he was untraceable.

Sonny breathing heavy holds his necklace and saying

Hayden all upset she says she wants this. This
is about marriage curtis wants to know if we talked
about it.

Nina says tell us who took Spencer he deserves to know
Nathan says Valentin deserves nothing I won;t release
the name of a suspect. Nina goes to get bail info
as Nathan and Valentin talk Nathan says you will regret
trying to worm your way into Nina life again.

Sonny talking to God. He says Sam is in trouble just like
Morgan was God please help her and me I am afraid to die
right now. My kids and Carly o not see them in the future
I am afraid to die right now down here alone in the ground.

Dante tells Carly to go home. Carly has to get Garvey to talk
Dante says he will no go home. Carly see Jason and runs
and hugs him.

ABC NEws Special Report Anthony Scaramucci is now
leaving gave his resignation today. I would hope
this doesn;t take all the time..everyone has to talk
about this

Carly sitting with Jason head on his shoulder holding his hand

Finn didn;t think she wanted to get married. He talks
his first wife never thought he would get married again.
whatever he is or did it is for her. Yes he wants to get married.

Nina runs after Valentin she apologizes for her brother.
He is over protective of me. CAn;t be mad at him for that.
Valentin understands that. Her money was returned
so he is not indebted to her anymore. She kisses him.

Sonny saying the "Our Father"

Griffin has Sam tests Jason talks to him about the latest
on Sam. Carly sits there waiting. Liz says Garvey out of surgery
in room on tenth floor. Carly goes to that room.

Finn says we should celebrate. He will go get
them some takeout for dinner here at the house. She sits on the floor
looking at the computer as Jarod shows up.

Nina and Valentin kissing he wanted to do that for so long
please come back we be family again. Nina leaves.

Jason talking to Danny on the phone. Mommy is sleeping doctors
taking care she will be fine. I know because she loves you and your
sister. Tell Grandma Monica to give you extra kiss from mom. Jason
says I love you. hangs up says to himself she will be fine

Garvey in his rrom as we see someone walking towards his bed
CArly is there good you are awake. She says this morphine is a real
gift for those in real pain. she goes to stop it says where is my

A light appears to Sonny we see someone walk towards him
Sonny looks like the person and say smiles and says it is you
(no we don;t see the persons face)

The End


● Curtis to Finn...happiness ain't going to protect u from a relapse....

● Hayden...we r done with each other...
● Jared....n, we're not...

● Ava to JUlian...what was most surprising of all was how she was trash-talking Sonny....

● Joss to Michael and Nelle....where is mom, and ur good for nothing father ...

● Carly to Dante...if u can't get this bastard to talk, I am going to find someone who can...

● PitSonny....I'm just happy to see u...

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"Finn gives Hayden an answer to her marriage proposal"

Monday July 31, 2017: Obrecht is disappointed, Nina has a change of mind, and Sam remains comatose.

At the hospital, Jason hopes for good news so he can take Sam home. Meanwhile, Griffin and Finn are eager to get Sam’s latest neuro scans. Griffin doubts she’s waking up any time soon and suggests he take a break. Jason comes out as Finn takes off. Jason is sure that Sam will fight and asks him to help. The doctor agrees to fight for her, but they need to get her conscious first. Down the hall, Garvey is brought in on a gurney with Carly trailing after, yelping that he knows where Sonny is. Dante asks Liz and Carly what they know and sends a cop down to look at Garvey’s car. Carly tells Dante all she knows. The cop comes back after finding the Cassadine crest in the car. They guess Garvey took Spencer as bait. Dante takes off. Carly spots Jason and rushes over to hug him. They sit down and hope God will answer their prayers. When Jason walks off to call his son, Liz returns to whisper to Carly that Garvey is alone upstairs. Carly leaps on an elevator. She sneaks into his room and starts threatening him.

Obrecht asks Jed for help-GH-ABCObrecht meets with Jared in her car. He doesn’t want to help in her plot against Hayden. She hands him a dossier of how Hayden has been living it up while he was in jail. Jared still turns her down. She curses him as a coward.

Hayden visits the house that could be her new home. She’s looking forward to that and calls Finn over. When the doctor arrives, Hayden has news for Finn-GH-ABChe’s frazzled and tells her Sam is in a coma. She hugs him. They discuss renovations and then she tells him why she hates tennis. Jared was good at tennis but bad news otherwise. Hayden wants to build a life for them and their child. She babbles about loving him until he kisses her. He assumes she just proposed. Finn never thought he’d fall in love again but then he met her. He says ‘yes’ and they kiss. After he runs off to get food from The Floating Rib, Jared strolls in.

Nathan gives Valentin a warning-GH-ABCNina runs into Nathan at the PCPD. She’s disappointed in him and accuses him of giving up on her. Valentin pops up, wanting to know if he is still a person of interest in the kidnapping. Nathan starts badmouthing the Cassadine, who trashes the competence of the police department. After getting a call from Dante, Nathan explains they know who the kidnapper is but won’t say more. Valentin wants an apology and assures Nina her faith in him was not misplaced. After she leaves, Nathan warns Valentin that he’ll regret it if he worms his way back into Nina’s life.

Nina runs into Obrecht at The Floating Rib. The doctor tells her about how most people are afraid to go after what they want. Nina thanks her and runs off.

Sonny prays for help-GH-ABCSonny is still in the pit of the construction site, telling himself he will survive. He starts praying and offering confession. The mobster claims his biggest sin is pride. He should have realized that Sam was having mental problems. After passing out for a while, a line shines on him and a figure emerges. “It’s you,” Sonny gasps.

Nina chases Valentin down in a parking garage and apologizes for her brother. After some awkward conversation, she kisses him. He asks her to come back to him. She walks away.

On the next General Hospital:

Jordan is on the receiving end of a lecture from Carly.

Avery is traumatized.

Ava tries to hide her disfigurement.

- Matt Purvis


General Hospital 8-1-17 Preview GH 8/1/17
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Julian with Ava who is wearing her mask. She talks
Sam being nice to her and trash talking Sonny.

Finn talking to Curtis tells him he and Hayden are engaged.

Hayden with Jarod. She is surprised to see him. He says
imagine my surprise when I got divorce papers in the mail.
He thought taking the fall for her would save theri marriage
she says we are done with each other.

Dante and Jordan at GH talking Garvey. and no sign
of Sony

Carly in Garvey room. Carly says where is my husband.

Sonny in he pit he says am I dreaming I am happy
to see you.. STONE..they hold hands and bro hug
Michael Sutton(Stone for those who don;t know who
the actor is ) is looking FINE..

Julian asks when Sam was here. This morning looking for you
she didn;t seem like herself. Julian says Sam is sick in the
hospital she might be dying. AVa is like what is wrong .
Toxoplasmosis. she got it when Olivia pushed her off the bridge.

Hayden says I am having baby and marrying the father. He
feels bad for the good doctor. She says everyone knows my

Curtis and Finn having drinks.

Dante and Jordan who says there is nothing concrete
to Sonthey ny disappearance.

Carly says you used child to lure Sonny somewhere but I
know you didn;t kill him.. Garvey says I did. Carly is like
this is how it goes down. Sonny people know you are here
and they won;t be so understanding. as Dante comes in Carly
WTH you doing.

Stone and Sonny who says he thinks alot about him over
the years. the way you died was so unfair. Stone says
he had great life mostly thanks to Sonny you did save me
it what you do with the life you are given. Sonny says everyone
dies is that why you are her. Stone says it is up to you.

Dante tells Carly to go call Michael.
Garvey tells Dante Carly is crazy. Dante
is like well she is married to Sonny he says
just you and me. I am Sonny son. you understand
how personal this could be. I could leave a guard
outside the door or not Garvey says are you threatning
me Dante say no just giving you options.

Julian wonders about Sam Ava says she seemed fragile
feverishly determined. She was very angry with Sonny.

Finn says hayden and I had our baggage. but Hayden
unloaded her and helped me thru my addiction. Curtis
has advice for him about your addiction what will protect
you from your addiction.

hayden is like the Feds cleaned me out. Jarod says you have
a job Hayden says nothing to give you.

Sonny says I get to choose if I live or die. Stone says not
the first time you alway chose to stay and fight. Sonny
says I was afraid but I am not not cuz I am with my buddy
if I go with you I will see my son Morgan and he smiles at

Michael and Nelle with Joss who snarks at Micheal
about his father. Michael tells her about Garvey
and Sonny being missing.

Hayden says if she could she would give him what she
promised but she can;t . Jarod is like lets reviews who got
behind the wheel drunk behind her car. I wasn;t the one
who didn;t see that girl walking her dog on side of room.
and hit her so hard she hit a tree. HAyden yells yes I did it.
Jarod is like you did the crime I did the time.

Curtis says you have to stay in control of your cravings the
need to use will fade. Curtis still hears the echos but has it
under control. Curtis then tells his boo hoo story about
Jordan and Aunt Stella.

Carly tells Jordan michael says no one of his associates
have seen Sonny.

Dante says come clean and I willl try to get you
reduced sentence. you took a child and kept him as
your prisoner we have enough DNA evidence so tell
me what you did to my father. and then he flatlines.

Sonny says you know about my boy. Morgan
Stone Corinthos named after my two best friends. as he got
older I didn;t recognize what I had passed to him Bi-polar.
I thought it would destroy my boy but he fought hard but he
died no good reason. I have been trying to figure out how to
live in world without him. Maybe I just found out as he looks
at Stone.

Joss says she is sorry to Michael and they hug. Michael
says Sonny knows why you are mad and he would forgive

Jordan says Sonny was a friend to my son so that makes
this search personal to me I am doing my best.

Dante says what is happening the random doc says
we need to get him to surgery.

Hayden says I was the one you told the cops I was
driving the car. you wanted me to owe you. I can;t
give you anything I am empty . Jarod says you were
always good at gettimg money so do it or Doc finds out
there is girl out there who can;t walk again cuz of you as
Hayden falls to the floor crying.

Finn tells Curtis I have things to tell you. IS your aunt
using her condition to take advantage of the situation.
Neither you or Jordan caused the stroke. If you want to
be with Jordan don;t let Aunt stand in the way.

Carly says anything you do to find Sonny appreciated.
Dante tells Carly and Jordan that Garvey needs more

Sonny says take me to him. Stone is like are you sure
what about your other kids. AVery won;t remember Morgan
or you she will hear stories about you lots of people
hate you they will tell her bad things. Sonny says maybe
she is better offf without me. Stone says if you believe that
then we can go now.

Joss says she has been unfair and is sorry to Carly.

Hayden crying Finn returns. Hayden says they need to
talk he wants to first. she is all he ever wanted we forgive
each other you are strong and kind and ILY will you
marry me

Dante and Jordan look at the video of Garvey car.
Jordan tells him to go home. He says he won;t
stop. Curtis comes along

Stone says thought we were leaving Sonny wants to
see Morgan so bad but not ready but can;t leave my
wife and kids gotta go back. Stone says if you are not coming
wiht me gotta show you way out of here. you say the walls are
closing in . close you eyes put your arms out do you feel any
walls. NO. what you fear is in your head your bastard step dad
put that in your head but you are not there anymore now look
up there is your freedom Sonny right above you Fight. and you]
are one Hell of a fighter. Sonny looks back and Stone is gone.(

Those scenes with Stone and Sonny were so good.
old times..old times..

Sonny wakes up in the pit all revitalized he looks up
at the hole.

Jordan and Curtis talk she asks how Aunt Stella is.
Jordan has to get back to work Curtis has to get
Aunt Stella meds. Jordan leaves.

Hayden says it is me my mistakes. Finn is like look
at what we fought thru. He says after all that making
a life together will be walk on the beach. so he asks
again. will you marry me. She says YES. they kiss.

Michael says no reason to lose hope. Joss says I was
terrible to Sonny. Carly says when he comes home you
go back to giving him hell he wouldn;t want it anyway.
Nelle offers her apology. She leaves as Dante comes in
they are narrowing the search. Carly says we need to say
a prayer for Sonny . NElle goes to leave Joss tells her to
stay you are a part of me literally so stay. they all hold hands
and say a prayer
as we see Sonny trying to get out as we hear Carly say
the prayer. it is very, very dark I can;t see but I think
Sonny just fell.

The End


● Michael to Nelle...the longer it takes to find him, the worse his cyhances get...

● Jared to Hayden at GH....i have a broken heart, u think u can fix it....

● Finn to Griffin, as Deanna listens...r u sure, it's my engagement ring, I don't want to screw things up....

● Joss to does it look...

● Jason ...Sam, (on respirator in hospital room)....

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General Hospital 8-2-17 Preview GH 8/2/17
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Joss says this is unique.Nelle is like this is unusual
she shows it to Michael he says this is a bullet casing.

Jarod says since you don;t have the money you will
have to embezzle the money from GH.

Finn still talking to dead wife. Hayden is strong like you
a person you would want me to be with. you told me to
fight and I did. I got second chance at life. I am gonna
have future and family with Hayden wish I could still keep
you around he is holding a letter from her. he lights it on
fire. HE says I will love you forever.

Hayden says steal from the hospital? Jarod is like you have
means and opportunity . you are not hurting anyone. HE says
hospital big business. She says I can;t it is impossible I worked
hard to keep it in the black I can;t do that. Jarod says well
then Finn will know.unless you pay me you got one week.

Jason walking with SAm she says I am delicate little
flower. He knows that. She is ready to go back to her room as
she see garvey .Jason say what is the matter.

The End.
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Live Thread 8/3

Laura talking to Kevin about Spencer and his ordeal
and then about Garvey. Spencer is still fixated
on Valentin

Valentin at home with his coffee as Spencer pops up

Julian comes to Ava with Coffee He tells her this
behavior is not healthy it like she has given up.

Jasam walking down the hall as Garvey is wheeled by
Jason wonders what is it. Sam says I know him

Carly at Kellys Bobbie is behind the counter. Carly wants
coffee talks the search for Sonny.

Joss with Nelle and Michael showing them the necklace.
Michael says this is a bullet casing. Joss is like seriously
Michael says a 9mm.

Sonny out of pit passed out on the ground bleeding.

Valentin says you are trespassing. Spencer
says reclaiming what is mine. Spencer is
taking up residence so he can;t be turned out
Valentin says my birthright left to me by my
father. Get on Launch . Spencer is like
what do you do if I don;t throw out
that is assault that would work well for my case.

Laura worries Spencer is really angry. and he is thinking
like a Cassadine. Kevin is like Valentin is not stupid won;t
do anything to Spencer as Valentin calls her about

Ava and Julian who got her an insurance check so she
can go back to the gallery. The check is for her to by
new artwork for the gallery.

Sam says how do I know that man. Jason says he
is garvey he tried to Kill Sonny. Sam says Sonny?
Jason is like are you ok they hug as Alexis comes
Alexis helps Sam back

As Sonny lays on the ground mystery voice announces
20 min to demolition all workers should get out.

Laura arrives at Wyndmere. Laura is like you
were suppose to be at camp. Get on the launch
Kevin says don't argue with your grandma. Valentin
says I didn;t press charges against you for attackimg
me and put up with Spencer accusing me. Laura says
the civil suit isn;t go away. Spencer cna hears
Ava says you murdered his father.

Julian says you can;t fire all those people who work there.
Ava will not run gallery looking at this. She wants to be alone
he leaves.

Alexis tucks Sam in Sam is like everything is fine with Scout?
yes. Alexis says what is upsetting you Sam feels like something
she is missing. Sam says Sonny I saw him in the ET. Alexis
is like no you didn;t Sam is like i know there is something I
am missing Alexis goes to get the nurse. The door slams
she jumps

The guard at Garvey room gets called away as Jason
enters his room.

Carly with Bobbie she can;t get a hold of Micheal.
Bobbie says well he is with Nelle. CArly goes on Sonny
believes in prayer and redemption Carly is trying to do that.
Garvey said he killed Sonny . Sonny is strong I know what
I feel we are connected will keep searching.

Michael says where did you get this. Oscar . Micheal is like
does he have a gun. No we found it. Joss says I am suppose
to be grounded don; t tell mom. Micheal says tell or I tell
mom we went to a distillery .Michael says my dad an I
are redoing it that whole area is being Demo It is extremely
dangerous. Joss says yes we know. Nelle says his bullet
was fired recently.

Sonny starts to wake up rolls over that alarm goes off
as mystery guy says 15 min till demolition everyone check

Sonny yells help me I am injured don;t demo.

Carly comes to Nelles Joss begs Michael not to
tell. Carly finds Joss there. Carly says the police think
Garvey took your dad to some isolated building

Sam remember her convo with Sonny yelling at him
Alexis runs into Julian who asks about Sam. Julian wants
to see her. Alexis tells him no

Ava with her mask off looking in the mirror as
Valentin shows up.

Spencer tells Laura he was doing what he had to.
Laura is like Valentin is dangerous. Kevin chimes
in. Laura says you are the Cassadine legacy not
money or stuff. your father would be upset to
see you being so reckless. Laura says to Kevin
nothing I do get thru. Kevin is like it is a stage.

Valentin says he knows what is is like being judged
by her looks. She puts her mask on. He says you are
witness for Spencer. Ava is like you want me to lie
about what happened. no tell the truth She says get
out HE says he will after he ites up lose end.

Jason covers garvey mouth. no guard here just me and
you yell out I break your necki. Sonny dead. HE says damn
right . Jason says you shot him where is the body Garvey
says I shot him but didn;t kill him

Julian comes in as Sam is gets out of bed she wants to go
see Sonny. Julian says you can;t go. Sam says she remembers
I met you in MC I was worried about Jason. I said I had
to get rid of Sonny

Michael says the distillery is abandoned. Nelle shows Carly
the bullet and where it was found. Joss has the OMG look
Carly says call Dante I am going there.

The mystery guy announces 10 mins clear the site final call
Sonny tries walking but falls.

Kevin says what does it mean too late. LAura is like
we can;t control Spencer he has no sense of his own
mortality. Kevin says one option Laura is like I know
you are right know what has to be done.

Ava says you here to kill me to where you wanna do it here
on the couch. My statement has been filed so I don;t need to
be alive. Valentin says set the record straight. Ava says why
would I help you Nik was good man. Valentin says our pasts
don;t have to dictate our future.

Julian says I never talked to you about getting rid of
Sonny you are having hallucinations.

Carly arrives finds Sonny she says wake up

Spencer comes back out. he has cookies. Spencer
hugs lawyer he is sorry for today. Laura says I decide
what is best for you. We have to talk when we get home
this has to stop.

Valentin hopes they could come to understanding
she says I am shell of woman I once was. two people
who saw good in me I killed one of them you killed the
other. Valentin goes on about hiding. I am paying for what
I did why shouldn;t I see you pay for what you did.

Joss thanks Nelle for not ratting her out. Nelle is like
when this settles down tell her so Michael doesn;t have to.
Joss hugs her and thanks her. Dante going to check out
the distillery.

Carly telling Sonny to wake up. He comes too announcer says
all clear start demolition in 20 seconds

Jason says if you didn;t kill him who did. Garvey says ask her
then coughs and flatlines.

Sam says she doesn;t know what is real anymore. Julain
will take care of everything. Alexis comes in Sam says maybe
it was a dream as Deana gives her something to sleep

the countdown as Carson argue 5..4..3..2..1..

The End


● Ava to Valentin...what do u think u can offer me that will get me to change my mind....

● Laura to Spencer....i don't want to do this, but I have made my decision...

● Dena...did u have a bad dream...
● Sam ...i dont know if I was a dream...

● Jason, shaking Garvey....hey, wake up..who shot Sonny...

● Dante to sit worker...i have reason to believe that someone is on that site...

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Live Thread 8/4

Laura tells Spencer he can;t stay in PC.

Jason says who shot Sonny Garvey says ask her
as he has an attack.

CArson talking while the alarm rings and the countdown
reaches 1.

Sam sleeping as she remembers Vision Sonny and
talking to Jason about working with Sonny.and remembers
shooting him she wakes up with a start. Deana asks if she
had bad frea,

Carson buried under ruble. Carly says Sonny wake up as
we hear mystery voice saying stage one demolition complete

Laura says I know it was not what you wanted to hear
Spencer says my father spirit is all around here I will
never stop fighting Valentin, Laura says you are going
back to boarding school in France.

Ava gets mad you wasted my time. I will look like this
for the rest of my life. Valentin offering her miracle

Griffin throws Jason out as GArvey flatlines

mystery voice counts down to the next demo as Carly yells
stop Sonny can;t get out he is pinned. Dante tells mystery
voice man to stop the countdown someone is trapped in there
CArly gets Sonny clear, Carly will go get help and come back

GArvey is pronounced dead.

Dante arrives on the scene. Tells Sonny about Spencer
being found. Sonny wonders where Garvey is.

Sam says the dream felt so real. Deana says the meds can
cause nightmares. Jason sits at Sam bedside she tells him
about her dream. she is like how do I know if it is dream
or what really happened.Sam says something wrong Jason
says the kids are fine you would never hurt them Sam says
Sonny is Sonny ok.

Laura tells Spencer that Valentin didn;t wind up going to
jail. she says you falsely accused him of kidnapping you
you snuck over to Wydemere. Spencer begs Laura not to
send him asay. Spencer gets his cry voice and says do you
not love me anymore.

Valentin tells the tale of his Scoliosis. They did a miracle
with me they canb do the same for you. Ava says why should
I believe you.

Valentin shows her the pic of his old self.

Dante talks to Carly who says Sonny was hurt so bad
you saved us both. Carly says Garvey shot sonny left
him to die.

Jason wonders why she is asking about Sonny. The dreams
were about Sonny we were threatening each other I was angry
at Sonny biut I would never do anything to hurt him. Jason is like
you have been thru so much it is just your mind . I am here
not going anywhere. lets focus on us you will get better it will
take time. Sam says I was scared for you and the kids was it
real have I been acting like that. Jason is like yes but it is part
of illness. HAve I threatened people. Jason says you were concerned
about my safety. Sam says it was about Sonny.

Nurse says to Carly we were able to remove bullet he lost lots
of blood but with fluids he should be fine. Carly goes into
see him he is groggy. She says you made it. Carly says
you were missing for hours but found you.

Carson talking as Dante comes in. He says to Sonny
you us a scare. Dante says Garvey shot you tell
me what happened.

Jason says you thought Sonny was gonna hurt me. Sam
says he says he was gonna make you work for him and I
had to protect you. Sam says I would never do that would I.
Jason says rest up. Jasonn says we will all be ok

Ava is like was that really you. It is hard to believe.
Valentin says I was born handicapped made compromises
it wasn;t cheap. Ava reminds him he killed Nik. So you
want me to exonerate you so I can look pretty. Valentin
says i was exonerated but Spencer is suing me don;t want
Charlotte hurt.

Laura says I do love you. Spencer wants to stay she wants
that to. She says I want you to be safe. Valentin is dangerous
you are all I have left of your father. Spencer says don;t send
,me away then. Kevin says this is difficult for all of us we love
having you here. We don;t want you to leave but we have to
do what is best. Spencer you are not immortal. Valentin is
a threat. Spencer says the only thing that scares me is being alone

Ava says I saw you shoot Nik in cold blood. Valentin
want to avoid bringing it up in court. Ava says by
bribing me. Ava says I am not good person. I am gonna
hold onto the one shred of decency I have left. Even if I
believe you could I won;t change my testimony. I know
you threatened me Nik defended me you killed him he was
a father too.

Laura says you are not alone. Spencer says I am an orphan
KEvin says you have your Grandmother, aunts, uncle. cousins
Laura wants him to go back to school to protect you. Spencer
says if I leave I won;t get to sue him I have to for my father.
KEvin says honor his memory your dad would want you to have
long happy life. Laura cries Spencer says ok I will go that way
we shall both honor father and they hug, ILY's

Jason says concentrate on here and now. You are improving
she says are the memories hallucination or nightmares. JAson
says stop, try to get rest. close your eyes.

DAnte says he called Michael to let him know you are ok. Sonny
is tired so Dante leaves. Sonny asks about Avery. ILY's Carly
leaves. JAson runs into her in the hall. CArly says garvey shot
him for dead. She asks about Sam Sony hears the convo
She is confused Sam remembers shooting Sonny.

Valentin says think about it. you will want you old
life back we just have to fix your face. Ava is like nothing
will stop me from telling the truth. Valentin leaves.
She takes off the mask.

Laura says I need to get you back so we have to go
and pack.Spencer says you are coming with me. yes for
a few weeks. Spencer says to Laura won;t you miss kevin
I will. Kevin says no you won;t I am coming with you both.

Ava pours herself a she looks at herse;f
in the mirror. she says OH GOd.

Sam remembers Sonny saying I don;t want to hurt you let
me help you. I promise things will be fine.

Jason comes to see Sonny who says how much do you know
Dante says Garvey is dead. Sonny says Garvey didn;t shoot me

Sam sasy I dont; have a choice. Sonny understands you are like
family to me. he grabs the gun it goes off. he collases.
Sonnys ays I know you didn;t mean to do this. Sam says
yes I did and kicks himm in the pit. Sam wakes up.

The End.

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