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Old 08-10-2017, 04:53 PM
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General Hospital 8-11-17 Preview GH 8/11/17


Thurs Aug 10 and and Fri Aug 11 (and also Aug 22,23,24)
Brian Majestic appears as the Courtroom Baliff.

The following tweet and instagram post is from Brian Majestic

Brian Majestic was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Maureen (Majestic) and Robert M. Seuffert. At the age of seven he began studying tap, jazz, and ballet. His first stage appearance was a Jet in a production of West Side Story at Pittsburgh's Byham Theatre. Brian continued honing his talents while booking work in plays and musicals throughout his hometown before moving to New York City where he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In the fall of 2001, Brian placed his artistic career on hold when he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He served a total of seven years as a Field Radio Operator with two combat deployments to Iraq. Upon completion of his enlistment Brian moved to Los Angeles to resume his acting career

Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Old 08-11-2017, 02:35 PM
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GH FRIDAY 8/11/2017

Alexis on the stand DA asks if Julian had to you
the truth you would have gone to the police..yes.
so all the bloodshed could have been prevented..yes

Dante and Nathan talking Mac and Felicia and thier
antics in the park. Dante says ask Manlanders since
he is reason Mac got his freak on

Carson Carly helping Sonny walk with a cane. she trusts
him that he would never keep secret from her again.

Sam sleeping remembering her convo with Sonny
she wakes as Jason is there.

Hayden on the phone Finn hears her say Rachel Berlin
she hangs up will call him back he wonders what the
phone call was. why did you call yourself Rachel Berlin.

Scotty asks Alexis questions Alexis tells Olivia used me
as bait to get to Julian she wanted him to shoot me. So
to torture her own brother she was gonna kill you Scotty
says you were sitting duck so is Julian a bad shot. he
is excellent shot he aimed at the handcuffs.. so I could run
so were Julian actions that night were the act of a
so isn;t that heroism.. yes.

Hayden says were you evesdropping Finn wonders what has she

Carly says you start PT next week. You are not taking this
seriously like you like this. He is like ok I will do it. Carly
hates being here. she is ready for things to change

Sam says I shot Sonny. You were too sick to know what you were
doing. no I was able to buy gun ..Jason says you did not have
the mental capacity to understand what you did. Jason says
only three of us know what happened you me and Sonny as long
as we keep our mouths shut no one will know.

Dante says Michael took carly to the location with shell
casing. Sonny and Garvey gun both missing then this
hands nathan report. Bullet taken from sonny leg and vest

Sam says how could I do this. Jason says it was not your fault
no one will know the real story. Sam is like so it can
weigh on my couscience the rest of my life.? Jason explains
let agree being in hospital better than being in jail. Jason
doesn't want her to hurt this is best solution, He says ILY

Sonny wants out of the business. CArly says it will be
difficult. Carly says above everything we have to be honest
with each other..

Finn says talk to me help me understand. Hayden says
you think I am stealing from but to outsider
it would seem sketchy. She slips and says she was gonna
give the money back.

Alexis says she was livid at Julian her feelings have
tempered. after getting a letter. which Scotty produces
and wants her to read into evidence.

Alexis continues reading the letter. As she gets emotional.
scotty says does this letter change your perspective of my
client. yes he was under duress. Why do you think he lied
.to protect his family. Scotty suggest she slept with Julian
who stands up and tells Scotty to stop it.

Hayden shows Finn the records she only made a few
payments she is gonna return it. there done. Finn
wants to know why she took the money. She says she
was gonna buy her freedom from ex husband.

Carly wonders if he remembers the shooting. He can't remember
as Jason arrives. Carly goes to check about discharge
as Sason talk. Sonny says it is gonna get ugly when we tell
her we tell her when we need to. How is Sam. Mentally
she is struggling. Sonny says she is not gonna confess.
as Dante and Nathan show up as JAson looks at them

Sam see Carly who wonders if she would be out of bed
Sam wanted to talk to Sonny but will have convo with Carly.

Finn realizes who Adam was (Jarod) she tells
the tale of hitting the girl. She cries Finn says why
didn;t you tell me come to me. She couldn;t she
was ashamed. Finn says I don;t know shame?? Your
love got me thru it I should have been the one to come
too. Hayden says I told myself I was doing it for you.
if you found out you would go back to doing drugs.

Dante wants to take his statement. NAthan suggests
JAson can go Sonny says he can stay. Sonny tells the
tale..well his version of the tale. Sonny doesn;t remember
anything except being shot in the vest. Sonny remembers
Garvey shooting me in the vest. Dante says was someone
else there. Dante mentions the ballistics two different
bullets from two different guns Jason glares.

Carly says if anything I can do. Sam is like are you ok.
Carly doesn;t want to dwell on that night. Sam needs to
tell her the truth.

Dante says you can;t tell me cuz you don;t remember
Sonny looks at him.Nathan says if anything comes back
Dante says gald your feeling better. Jason says maybe that
is end of it. Sonny says not by long shot.

Sam says her illness effected her head she wasn;t seeing
things clearly. I was scared and it magnified my feelings
about losing Jason everytime he walked out the door. Sam
says my illness I would do things and say things I would
take back. Sam says it involves Sonny. I went off on him
I really lost it on him. CArly is like that was your illness. Sonny
tried to tell me that thought he would take Jason away so I had
to do something about it as Carly sits up straight.

Finn is like you think that little of my recovery. Finn says Hayden
mentions Reiko. she is alway there I am sorry didn;t mean that.
He says yes I loved Reiko she was perfect but I let go of her
because I love I find out you can;t turn to me cuz you
think I will relapse.

Julian wants to talk to Alexis he says he never told Scott
about us being together. Alexis sorry if she disappointed you.
Alexis didn;t know what she would say.
I would have understood.

Alexis is glad she didn;t blind side him Scotty says lets
get out of here.. Julian says she was telling the truth.
Alexis not sure if she will ever forgive him she is just
living one day at a time.

Finn says ILY we are gonna have a baby. Bring a life in this
world for better or worse right now we are in worse. HAyden

Nathan and Dante at PCPD they don;t buy the whole
Sonny doesn;t remember. Second shooter maybe someone
one from 5 families he wants to retaliate on his own.

Carly says you can;t be held accountable. Sam says I was
willing to do anything as Jason and Sonny arrive just in time.
Sonnhy says he is getting discharged today. Jason tells Sam
they should go back to her room. Carly says this has her shook
up Sonny says what did you talk about. She talked about you.
She yelled at you about JAson. Sonny says she wasn;t in her
right mind. CArly says it seemed like more any idea what is was.

The End.

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