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Cool Friday 3/10 "Chloe has a passionate reaction to Kevin’s news"

Friday 3/10 "Chloe has a passionate reaction to Kevin’s news"

Friday March 10, 2017: Scott gets bad news, Faith worries about Sharon, and Victor visits Chelsea after Nick asks him not to interfere.

At home, a still emotional Lauren expresses her relief to Michael about Scott being safe. Michael giggles at her fussing over her adult son. Suddenly, Lauren realizes Scott’s not in his room. Michael soothes that he needs space and urges his frantic wife to give him time. Paul arrives to welcome Scott home, and realizes something’s wrong. Michael updates him and then steps out to take a call. Paul commiserates with Lauren’s worries her son will walk back into danger. Michael returns and the men exchange a look as Lauren continues to stress.

Chloe confronts Kevin at Crimson Lights about his absence from home. He reveals he went to the Middle East to save Scott Grainger. Chloe marvels as he tells the story. Kevin feels he’s different now. At the counter, Sharon teases Faith about trying coffee and remarks on how much things have changed since she and Nick owned the place. Faith-Sharon-CL-YR-CBSTalk turns to Nick dating Chelsea. The girl snaps that she can’t be happy for him when her mom’s alone. Sharon assures Faith she’s comfortable living her own life and is a whole person without a relationship. Faith admires her mother and muses that Dylan shouldn’t have left. Sharon shares that she’s going to take courses at the university, which amuses her daughter.

In The Underground’s office, Nick kisses Chelsea and talks about buying a lake house, getting out of the bubble, and limiting his father’s influence on the kids. Nick-Chelsea-freaked-out-YR-CBSHe senses Chelsea is thinking about Adam and apologizes. Chelsea sighs – she’s the one who’s sorry. Nick realizes she’s freaked out. Chelsea assures him they’re in the same place. Nick whispers that when he thinks about his future he absolutely sees her in it. They share a tender kiss.

Scott appears in Victor’s office and bluntly informs him neither he nor his mother can pay him back. Victor shrugs it off. Scott asks, “Why’d you do it?” The Mustache chuckles at the idea his issues with Michael would matter during a crisis, and reveals that he admires Scott’s writing and him putting his life on the line. Scott-Victor-office-YR-CBSScott wants his help saving someone else. Victor assures him it’s already being done. Scott is frantic with concern about the driver and feels he should go back. Vic seems to talk him out of it, and agrees to keep him posted. Later, Nick arrives. Victor assumes he wants him to talk to Faith about Chelsea, but Nick asks him not to interfere at all. His father enthuses about his ‘ready made family’ and Nick cautions one day at a time.

Kevin and Scott meet at Crimson Lights and discuss the missing driver. Kevin is appalled his friend wants to go back. Scott shrugs that Genoa City doesn’t feel like home and maybe it never will. Kevin introduces Scott to Sharon when she stops by. She remembers him and asks how long he’s staying. Kevin takes her aside and advises her to be thankful she hasn’t heard from Dylan, as that’s good news. After, Scott reveals he lost his job due to being compromised. Nick arrives and teases Faith, who announces she’s going to be a whole person like her mom when she grows up. Nick admires Sharon along with their daughter.

Chloe finds Chelsea mooning about Nick at the penthouse. She realizes they had sex and giddily presses for details, and squeals when Chelsea confides it was amazing. Chloe senses guilt in Chelsea and earnestly urges her to embrace this or be left with regret. Later, Victor shows up and warns her to take the secret to the grave with her. When Chelsea questions if she can go along with it, Victor cautions her to think about the consequences to their boys. He leaves Chelsea unsettled.

Scott arrives at home, where Lauren fusses over him. She’s ecstatic when he says he will stay for a while, though dismayed he was fired. Scott goes to shower and Michael hugs Lauren. He takes another call, and Paul warns Lauren cautiously that Scott may still want to leave.

Kevin gets into his car, and Chloe jumps in the passenger seat demanding to know all the things she doesn’t know about him. She’s turned on by his badass side and things turn passionate.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Devon reveals to Mariah that he thought he and Hilary had hashed everything out but he got a message from Michael.

Lily is surprised when Victoria informs her that Cane’s been done with his meeting for a while.

In Japan, Cane grins as Juliet tells him she will be his personal tour guide for the evening.

- Candace Young
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Lauren has prepared breakfast for Scott as Michael walks in, and they talk about how happy she is that he's back. She goes to wake him and he's gone. Michael says he may need space. Lauren says that he told her he doesn't plan to stay in Genoa City. Paul shows up to welcome Scott back and notices the mood. Michael gets a call and Lauren tells Paul he wants to leave already. Paul sympathises about having a son putting himself in danger constantly. Lauren continues to complain about how hard they worked to get him back, and now he wants to leave.

Kevin and Chloe have breakfast and she wonders why he's been so mysterious lately. He tells her that he just got back from the middle east, and she's astounded.

Faith and Sharon have breakfast at Crimson Lights and they talk about how things are going - Sharon talks about Nick and Chelsea together and how she is happy for them. Faith asks how she can be happy when she is alone. Sharon tells her she doesn't need someone else in her life to make herself feel complete.

Chelsea comes into Nick's office at the Underground. They kiss hello. He shows her a lake house he's thinking about buying; talks about them taking their kids for a weekend. She gets an unsettled look on her face. He notices the look on her face and apologizes for moving too fast - she says she needs to apologize. He says for what, and she starts to tell him something but he interrupts her. She changes the subject and says what they have works. He agrees.

Scott comes into Victor's office to thank him, and asks him why he paid the ransom when he knew they can't pay him back. Victor hands him a tablet with a story Scott wrote - he appreciates someone who risks his life - a truth teller. Scott asks to help him save someone else, and Victor says it's already being done. They have people looking for him but have not found him yet. Scott says he has to go back to find him. Victor says his mother needs him right now. Victor says if he goes back, he goes back alone - without his help. Scott leaves.

Scott and Kevin sit down for coffee - Scott says it's too quiet. He tells Kevin he needs to go back there to get Ahmed. Kevin says he just got home, but Scott says this doesn't feel like home anymore.

Victor is on the phone asking about Ahmed when Nick comes in. He is wondering how Faith is doing. He feels uneasy about Victor being so involved in his personal life, but asks him not to interfere with his and Chelsea's relationship. He doesn't want to spook Chelsea or Faith. Victor says he supports them 100% and says they have a ready-made family, which Nick says is the type of talk he wants him to avoid.

Chelsea is at home daydreaming about her and Nick when Chloe interrupts her. Chloe figures out that she and Nick hooked up and presses for details. Chelsea tries to change the subject to work but Chloe is persistent. Chloe says she and Nick are perfect together but Chelsea looks troubled. Chloe asks if this is about Adam. Chelsea is worried that it all seems too perfect and something is bound to go wrong. Chloe says to just focus on the positive.

Sharon and Faith are behind the counter at Crimson Lights and Sharon tells Faith she signed up for classes at GCU. She goes up to talk to Kevin and says hello to Scott, and looks somewhat flushed. She asks Kevin if he has heard anything from Dylan - Kevin says no, and he won't, and neither will she. Kevin goes back to Scott, and Scott says his editor just fired him - he's compromised, and now terrorists know they can get lots of money for taking him. Nick comes in and visits Faith and Sharon. Sharon and Nick tell Faith there's nothing cooler than an independent woman. Faith says she's proud of Sharon.

Scott walks back into Lauren and Michael's. He says if it's OK, he'd like to stay a while. He says he made it out alive when a lot of others didn't. He starts to break down but goes to shower. Lauren and Michael hug, and as Michael heads off, Paul tells Lauren she may have to accept that he won't stay in Genoa City forever.

Kevin gets into the car and Chloe jumps in beside him - she needs him to tell her all the secret things he's doing for the police - she's impressed by how confident and fearless he's doing. She loves this new badass side of him. They kiss passionately.

Victor comes to visit Chelsea and says he just saw Nick, and asks how things are going - she says she hates being dishonest. She is keeping a massive secret from him - Nick is not Christian's father. Victor tells her she has to take it to the grave with her. She says she can't live a lie. He tells her to think about the consequences; how many lives it will destroy. He leaves. Chelsea looks anguished.

Mariah asks Devon how things are going; he said he thought they were fine until he got a call from Michael
Lilly hasn't heard from Cane; Vicky says his meeting ended hours ago
Juliet tells Cane she has arranged a tour of Tokyo for the two of them
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