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Smile Deconstructing Y&R:November 27 – December 1

"A Foursome, a Booty Call, Nude Photos, and TMI"

“Y&R” felt more settled into a rhythm this week. The drama was tinged with comedic beats (I laughed out loud at Charlie’s reaction to Lily’s STD cautionary tale), and some unexpected interesting bits, such as the ‘thing that shall never be spoken of again’ in New Orleans, and Ravi receiving a booty call from Ashley. Thoughts:

Trafficking troubles.
Following Zach’s death, the fallout from the sex ring continued to darken life in Genoa City as it was revealed that the gun Crystal used to shoot him was in fact, Nikki Newman’s. As Nikki warned Tessa that she could be implicated as an accessory, I realized there was still no real attachment to the character. If the Tessa/Mariah relationship isn’t going to be explored, I'm not sure how Tessa works on the canvas. In other fallout news, Victor was interrogated by Christine in a session that got a touch weird as she insinuated that he’d been having sex with Zach’s girls, and Newman Enterprises continued to try to distance themselves from the scandal, with yet another plan for Abby to shoulder the blame, this time at a press conference. As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, we’ve enjoyed Abby and Victoria’s clashes, and seeing Abby turn the tables on Victoria and Victor in the presser was a bit of fun. Of course she did so with Scott’s help, which brings us to a situation that isn't so entertaining. Scott cheated on Sharon during a sudden and convenient PTSD episode, which did little to evoke sympathy, and has acted like a shifty jerk, more concerned with Abby’s feelings than Sharon’s, ever since. The character seemingly had integrity but is now not much of a catch for either woman.

The big uneasy.
We didn’t get to see any of the wild weekend in New Orleans, which took place offscreen, but the ensuing scenes of Billy, Phyllis, Nick and Chelsea gathering at Crimson Lights looking hungover, Billy and Phyllis kissing on the desk at Jabot, and the ahem, foursome, sharing bourbon later at the club and alluding to something they ‘will never speak of again’ that occurred in The Big Easy – piqued the interest. Of course, Nick also had to deal with being accused of arson, but that was resolved when it was revealed in pretty short order that Dina, not Nick, was in fact The Underground fire-starter. I kind of laughed at the convenience of Brent Davis’ photo emerging mostly intact from the fire – what luck. In any case, Nick and Chelsea reacted appropriately to the revelation that Dina had Alzheimer’s and were back to boring in no time. Still no 'ho ho mojo' with those two.

In violation.
Chelsea’s response to Hilary’s nude photos being put on the internet by a disgruntled man she exposed as a criminal was not her finest moment. Hilary inadvertently exposed Chelsea, who, whether she likes being reminded of it or not did commit crimes, and Jordan’s ‘revenge’ was yet another criminal act. Hilary herself acknowledged the universe was perhaps paying her back, and that it finally made her understand how she had made others feel in the past, yet as mentioned in the thoughtful conversation with Sharon, the effects will be far-reaching and that sort of violation is unacceptable. Hilary’s breakdown with Devon illustrated just what is so compelling about these two and made for a moving scene.

Drawn together.
After Lily’s ‘TMI’ conversation with Charlie at Crimson Lights, Cane showed up and the two fell into a comfortable chat that apparently lasted hours before he was called to the hospital by Sam’s doctor. I liked the way their reconnection was casual and not presented like a hammer to the head as plot developments often are. It then seemed natural that Lily would show up at the hospital to check in on Cane, who had been told to prepare for the worst. Will Lily providing the blood that saves Sam's life bond them? Hmm.

Last but certainly not least, Dina’s Alzheimer’s story continues to bring all the emotions as the family struggles to deal with the various facets of the disease and the implications for their lives. Marla Adams' delivery of the line, "Oh God, Jack! What's happening to me?" was a blow to the heart. Both Jack and Ashley are stressed out, and are certain to become even more overwhelmed as Jack’s determined to handle Dina’s situation himself, and Ashley’s taken on responsibility for the company in his absence. Ashley decided to take out some of her frustrations on Ravi, who received a booty call and was told to keep quiet and get naked. Wow. This is what I’d hoped for with these two from the beginning, so I kind of loved it, but at the same time, Ravi has serious feelings at this point and Ashley maybe is using him. So, yike, we’ll see how that pans out.

- Candace Young

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