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Cool Wednesday 11/29 "Abby Accuses Scott of Double-Crossing Her at Newman Enterprises"

Wednesday 11/29 "Abby Accuses Scott of Double-Crossing Her at Newman Enterprises"

Wednesday November 29, 2017: Devon supports Hilary, Nick learns the truth about The Underground fire, and Sharon grows suspicious

At Sharon’s place, she and Scott discuss her reception the previous night, which was warmer than he deserved. Sharon complains about Abby dragging him into her drama, and putting him in Victor and Victoria’s crosshairs. A little distance between him and Abby might be a good idea. Scott apologizes for missing her dinner; he’ll take her to The Top of the Tower to make it up to her. Abby arrives looking for Scott and Sharon leaves them to their work, kissing Scott deeply on her way out. They rehash the press conference and discuss next steps.

At the Club, Devon looks upset as he sees Hilary’s photos online. Charlie appears and they discuss his family issues. Charlie expresses concern about Sam, but feels guilty supporting his dad. Devon assures him Lily wouldn’t want him to feel that way, and offers up life advice about being his best every day.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea taunts Hilary about having her naughty bits exposed. Hilary insists she’s not ashamed; the photos look good. Still, Chelsea likes Jordan’s retaliation for exposing them. Sharon-Hilary-issue-YR-CBSLater, Hilary admits to Sharon she was up all night trying to figure out how to deal with her problem. She’s not expecting sympathy, but Sharon says what happened to her was wrong, and she’s sorry about what she’s going through. They get to talking about the sex ring and exploitation. Hilary assures her she’s nobody’s victim, but looks pained once alone. She phones Devon, and realizes from his tone he’s seen the photos. Hilary asks Devon to meet, as she has a proposal for him. When Devon arrives, he touches base with Sharon about the split with Mariah before joining Hilary. She promises her proposal will be worth his while. Devon learns she wants Hamilton-Winters to sponsor her show and bring TV back into his media domain. He spots Charlie and his buddy laughing at Hilary while looking at their phones and storms over to confront his nephew about his behavior. Back at Hilary’s table, Devon declines her proposal. Hilary presumes he doesn’t think she’s good enough and explodes before dissolving into tears. Devon soothes, “It’s okay.”

At the penthouse, Paul confirms to Nick that the person who came into The Underground after him committed arson, but won’t be prosecuted. Chelsea arrives in time to learn that Dina was the culprit. Nick rants about her getting away with it, and Paul interrupts to explain the extenuating circumstances…Dina has Alzheimer’s. Nick and Chelsea immediately change their tune, and Paul says the Abbotts will appreciate their understanding. After Paul’s gone, Nick feels badly for Jack, and worries, what if it happened to one of his parents? He reflects on his estrangement with Victor – he still loves him. An invitation arrives for a tree-lighting ceremony at the ranch for Chelsea and the kids only. She won’t go if Nick’s not going, and decides they’ll have their own party.

At Newman Enterprises, Abby and Scott agree on their approach to dealing with Victor, but learn Victoria’s meeting with them instead. Scott-Victoria-last-check-YR-CBSVictoria calls Abby in and lectures her. Abby interrupts - she will save Vikki the trouble of firing her by quitting. Scott is called in next. Victoria presumes he’ll quit too and hands over his last paycheck. Scott’s exiting when she gets a call from Power Communications about him. After, Scott rejoins Abby and relays that he’s staying and got a bonus – Power Communications called about the hits on his Hashtag article so Victoria decided to keep it. Abby’s is furious – he double-crossed her and she’ll never forgive or forget it.

At Top of the Tower, Noah admires his mother’s style as Scott appears and also marvels at Sharon’s beauty. Scott declares a celebration, then asks for a minute when he spots Abby at the bar. Abby’s abrasive, but Scott suggests she go back to Newman and tell Victoria she’s not going anywhere. Abby has no intention of it. As Sharon sits alone, Scott works to explain to Abby why he agreed to stay on at Newman. He’s sorry for how her family treated her. Abby takes back what she said earlier. Meanwhile, Sharon worries to Noah that Abby has a thing for Scott, and decides it’s time she showed Scott how crazy she is about him.

At the Club, Devon knows Hilary is hurting more than she’s letting on. Hil admits she feels deeply violated. She hates that she made other people feel this way as well. Devon thinks it could be a turning point for her. She thanks him and they agree they are friends.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Lily asks Cane, “What’s wrong?” Cane replies, “Sam’s doctor…he needs to see me, says it’s serious.”

Jack tells Dina he’s trying to make things festive around there, but she snaps, “Frankly, I couldn’t care less.”

Ashley informs Gloria, “I’m in charge. Deal with it.”
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sandellbisquit sandellbisquit is online now
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Canadian Spoiler Tuesday/ U.S. Wednesday

Tonight only folks: By memory and not in any order:

Sharon's house: Scott is trying to make up to Sharon about last night and dinner. They discuss the fine dinner she prepared, and Sharon talks about a special trip to a gourmet market
for ingredients. He makes it up to her with a special date to the TOTT tonite. This gets Sharon excited.
Knock at the door, Abbey is there wanting to talk to Scott, with a big smile. Sharon busies herself elsewhere. Sharon decides she has to get to CL, and Abbey brightly asks
"can I stay?"...Sharon tells her to please lock up when they leave. Abbey tells Scott: She sure showed plenty of attitude! Scott looked uncomfortable.

Newman: Scott and Abbey show up at the door of Newman to face the music. Victoria opens the door--Abbey wonders where Victor is, Victoria explains he had other business.
Abbey is up first. Abbey cuts Victoria off before anything transpires and quits, triumphantly. Victoria gives her a steely look.
Scott--next. Abbey looks at the door with trepidation.
He also goes through the quit motions and Victoria has an envelope for him. There is a call--Victoria takes it and looks at Scott.
Abbey comes to the office with a smile and two office boxes. One for each. Scott sheepishly tells her that he is staying at Newman due to good notices and
an influx of attention to his project. Abbey is horrified, betrayed, and tells him that she will never forgive or forget.

Chelsea condo--Paul shows up and Nick wants to know about the results of investigation. Paul said there will be no pressing charges against the person who caused the fire.
Nick is outraged. Paul assures Nick that he will get a cheque for insurance purposes because he was not the one who started the fire.
Nick and Chelsea are puzzled--why no charges? Paul is forced to tell them that Dina is the cause and she has Alzheimers. Nick and Chelsea are changed.
Following Paul's departure, Nick and Chelsea talk, and are sympathetic to Jack. This changes everything.

GCAC--Devon and Charlie--Charlie wants an internship like Mattie--only in the music studio. Devon says they can discuss it at CL, since Charlie is meeting a friend.
Devon then takes a call from Hilary at CL.

Sharon,CL-- Hilary wants coffee, and no sympathy. Sharon gently tells her that she has experience from the sex ring work, and volunteer phone job, and is at Hilary's service
if she needs it. Hilary takes offense and says that she is not the victim type! Sharon backs off.

Devon shows up at CL with Charlie--who goes to a booth with friend. Sharon chats with Devon about his "Mariah" aftermath, but he goes over to Hilary who waves at him.
Hilary pitches a funding idea at Devon, since her biggest sponsor has backed out since the nude photos have been online.
When Devon is less than helpful, Hilary has a mini-breakdown, and Devon hugs her as she cries.
Devon notices Charlie and his friend giggling over Hilary's photos on their phones, and calls them out on it, to have more compassion. They leave.

TOTT--Sharon shows up for date with Scott in a killer gold lame' gown at the TOTT. Noah greets her and Scott comes in with compliments at her gorgeous appearance.
They sit down and Sharon suggests champagne to start. Right away Scott sees Abbey and excuses himself to go to the bar with Abbey.

Abbey tells Scott she takes back what she said about "forgive and forget". Sharon and Noah watch from the table. Noah said Scott is crazy about Sharon.
Scott has his arm over Abbey's hand. Sharon wonders about the two of them.

Ashley says she's in charge & Gloria will have to deal with it.

Cane tells Lily the doctor called about Sam & it was serious.

Jack is in a holiday mood & Dina says she could care less



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