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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of OCTOBER 9

General Hospital 10-9-17 Preview GH 10/9/17
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"Let's go see our future." #GH

General Hospital Tease:

Collision Course

THIS WEEK ON #GH... Patient 6 has set a collision course with Jason & Sam. And everyone in Port Charles will feel its shockwaves
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Jason on the phone wants to talk to Julian
tell him Jason Morgan wants to speak with him

Sam ordering food at Kelly's Mihcael comes along
finds out Jason is home from hospital. She says something
wrong. He wants her advice.

Nelle notices the nice flowers from Valentin

Carson at Gh talking the foundation for Morgan
they go in the chapel Carly says it will be almost
a year tomorrow. She thanks him for being here.
Sonny says we can tell Morgan how we feel. as Griffin
comes in. Sonny says you don;t look good what is
going on.

Liz and Franco at GH she mentions he snuck out
of house. She notices a sketch of his paiting
there are several of them

Stonecold looking at the date on the paper. Stonecold
looks at Griffin phone witht he date he has confused
look says it has been 5 years?

Nelle and Nina talk her encounter at the party.
she boo hoos Nina says you can;t control what
they think. Nelle says he says all the right things.

Michael says usually I go to Jason. IT is just
not the same. I don;t know if you understand. (he is
not the same) Sam says Jason has been struggling to
find his way back you have find way to find new role
to get there.

Curtis shows up to see Jason. Welcomes him home
bro hug. Jason says he is making changes Curtis
says good for you.

Sonny asks Griffin how Russia was did he find what
he was looking for. Griffin talks Ava was held against her will
Sonny in his smart aleck way says oh and she has
grown and changed better person etc.

Huxley says 5 years until what. Stonecolds hands
him the phone and unties him but says don;t try
anything if you come at me I can kill you in an instant.

Liz wonders when Franco did these. She is like
why are you so obsessed with these boys. why are
they haunting you. He says he has to tell her something.

Franco says to liz she is important to him
He says he went to see Jason at the LTC facility
He summoned me show her the pic. Franco
says Jason did have a twin it just wasn;t me.
that boy is Jason twin brother.

Curtis offers his services to Jason should he need
assistance. Jason mentions Franco visit then
gets a call from Pentonville. he accepts the charges
from Julian.

Nelle is like you didn;t hire me to solve your
problems. Nelle mentions the Morgan Corinthos foundation
1 year tomorrow. Nelle says if she is being honest it
not like Bobbie and Carly don;t have reason to think worst.
They think I am after Michael money.

Sam and Michael talk Nelle, killing her Fiance and the
family. Sam says do you believe her. Michael not sure
she is telling whole truth. Sam says when I first
came to PC I was con woman I lied alot. I turned
it aroung cuz of Jason.

Carly wishes Griffin well Ava is toxic. Carly says
talk to Dante and Olivia about a woman named Connie
she killed her in cold blood. Griffin offers condolences
and leaves. Carson mourn Morgan.

Sam says Jason first person to trust me and
defend me when no one else does. Michael isn;t
sure Sam is like investigate Nelle you cant help her unless
you know all the facts. Curtis comes in Michael
talks to Curtis about investigating Zach death and Nelle.

Nina is like why would Carly think you would kill
someone..wait none of my buisness my past not
squeaky clean. Nelle says I am not threat. Nina says
show Carly.

Franco says the twin name is Andrew. Liz wonders why
the Q's don;t know. Heather gave the twin to Betsy to
raise. HE died. Franco says thought if you knew
JAson had twin it would tug at your heart.

Sam returns home. Sam says you are keeping secrets
from me. HE will tell her when he gets back for NY
it is only one night. She says you are not going.

Huxley mentions pic on the phone. Stonecold
shortcircuting he says he ran into trouble and lost
track of time.

Carly says the foundation is a wonderful thing.
Sonny says one year after worse thing to happen
to us and we are still standing. Carly says it
is crazy we have to guess what he would say.
Sonny says Morgan would have been a business man
he would have turned Perks into a franchise. CArly
is like he would have joined Peace Corp. Carly
says he would have had good life.

Stonecold says thanks hands him the phone.
Stonecold says this is all real. the phone the paper
all of it.

Jason says this trip is about us. Sam says this is
crazy. The song. She says she is coming with him
and you have to permission from Doc first.

Liz wishes he had been honest. but this is bigger than
me. Liz says to Franco you have to tell Jason. Why
he says my mom Betsy can get in trouble. Franco
is like this is why I hesitate to tell you things cuz you
try to protect Jason. she says I am protecting you.

Sonny must own like half of GH by now
first the he donates the AIDS wing for Stone
then a wing for brain injuires for Michael now
the foundation for Morgan

Curtis says this will be expensive wiht all
the travel etc. It shouldn;t be hard to prove
if she is guilty. Michael wants her to prove
she is innocent.

Nina tells Nelle she is doing great job. Nina
leaves. Nelle calls someone you don;t now me
but I need your help.

Liz says I don;t want you harboring secret about
Jason. Franco says lots to process. needs time to

Jasam at GH talking to Griffin about going to NY.
Sam is like weren;t you on a trip Jason says
you called her all the way from Russia. Griffin is like
I didn;t call you I don;t have your number yesterday
afternoon. Griffin is like it wasn;t me who called. Sam says
who was it.

Curtis is like you want me to prove she is
innocent of murder but you think she is guilty
of something else? Micheal wants the truth.

Nelle says I will meet with you understand what'is involved
sure I am doing right thing.

Carson talking to Morgan. They miss him everyday
they see him everyday everywhere. Hope we can
make you proud. They light a candle.

Sam says the wire got crossed. the nurse comes to
get Jason and Sam. Griffin talks to the nurse Tara,
look in file get me Sam Morgan phone number she gives
it to Griggin.

Stonecold still with the bewildered look he goes
to open the door. Huxley says you can;t go out there
Stonecold says I know what I am doing. Stonecold
goes out in the hall anyway.

Liz and Frnaco run into Jasam. Liz says
something we need to tell you.

The End.
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General Hospital 10-10-17 Preview GH 10/10/17
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Maxie and Nathan at home kissing some
random Manlanders fans at the door.

Molly talking Alexis date with Dr. Bench.
A letter arrives from Krissy school. Alexis
is like WTH. a check for the balance of her
tuition because she dropped out.

Krissy and Parker Krissy said business school
not working for me. so I left. get real world experience.
Parker says I almost cancelled tonight

Friz and Jasam Liz says we have something to tell

Stonecold back in the boat room he scares
Huxley who worries they may not be able to dock
in US.

Alexis says she didn;t drop out. Molly is like
good. Alexis wonders if Krissy told her. Molly says
I know she wasn;t loving her classes. Alexis
is like it is Parker isn;t it. The Gall of her. Alexis
thinks it is uncomfortable for Krissy to have Parker
on campus. Alexis wants facts I am calling Krissy
and she better pick up.

Krissy is like you changed your mind again. Parker
knows tomorrow is anniversary of your brother death.
Krissy says Morgan and I were most alike. Implusive
and such. Parker asks if she has pic of him. shows jer
pic of her and Morgan at Perks. Krissy is planning
something fxley saor tomorrow to remember Morgan by.
The best way to honor him is to live my life best
way O can. Krissy gets call from Alexis. she ignores

Huxley talking Russia and money. He has a painting
with a buyer. Stonecold says he was an importer
of coffee. I wasn;t spotted.

Jason says he may have job soon. Jason is certain
this is what he wants to do. HE promises to tell them soon.
Liz is like let me know when time is right. Jasam
goes to leave says you were gonna tell me something

fans asking Manlanders questions Maxie says he has to go
now. The fans get all giddy. Maxie wonders how they got
the address. Maxie says our lives are not our own. he says
it will all be over soon. They get back to kissing.

Krissy says this is most populare diner in town (Kellys)
she is not embarassed to be seen with her. krissy says
she wants to know where we are at. Krissy wants to be
sure this is serious before she tell her parents.

Alexis wants to talk to her right now. Alexis goes on about
that woman. Molly says you are jumping to conclusion. Alexis
wonders what Molly knows. Molly says Krissy showed up at
Professor class saying she had my keys it was a ruse to see Parker
Parker was surprised to see Krissy. Dr. Bench shows up

Liz says Jake wants to go on field trip friday can you log into
the website to sign it. (wait why does the PC kids always seem
to need two parents to sign permission forms)

Huxley telling Stonecold what did you need to think about.
Stonecold says home. Huxley going on about his russian dealings
Huxley wants conversation. Says to Stonecold when you thihnk of
home are you happy sad, is someone waIting for you. Stonecold
doesn;t know.

Parker is serious about this relationship. but she
is concerned about Krissy parents especially her mom.
Parker is like you didn;t tel your parents yet that you dropped
out. they have a Red Sox Yankee rivialry.

Alexis is sorry. Molly and Dr. Bench (david) meet then Molly
excuses herself. Alexis is sorry she is not ready. David
saus the MC not my first choice for first date. Tells Alexis she
looks fantastic.

Liz and Franco talk Drew. Liz didns;t say anything she did it
for JAson.

Jasam at home Sam wonders why Liz didn;t tell what she wanted

Huxley says convo not your forte. Huxley says do you play
cards. Huxley says we can play poker. Stonecold says sure.

Naxie get interuppted again by fans.

Liz is like didn;t tell cuz it is not right time but he
still deserves to know.

Jason says he doesn;t know what is going on wiht Liz
Jason does not trust Franco.

Huxley and Stonecold playing poker. Huxley accuses him
of cheating. Stonecold says you deck is marked. Huxley
wonders how he spots it. Stonecold says he has interests
in casinos.

Parker calls for the check asks Krissy to back to her
place for coffee as outside is Alexis and Dr. Bench. He
says shall we go in. Krissy pays the bill they kiss
as Alexis opens the door.

Maxie says manlanders needs to rest bye. one of the fans
says you must be the wife. MAxie locks the door says
we need to move. nathan only has eyes for her. they kiss
as the phone rings. Maxie says they have our phone number
she answer the phone.

Molly at home reading the letter what are you doing krissy
as Molly texts her.

Alexis says she left her phone in the car will be right back
Parker and Krissy leave hand in hand.

Jason says any secret of Franco is bad news. but if Liz knows
what it is then Its not my business. He talks their trip. HE wants
her to be excited and surprised and she will be very happy.

Liz doesn ;t want to be the one to tell Jason she thinks it is best
to come from Franco. Franco says what is the point what purpose
does it serve.

Huxley thinks he wins as Stonecold lays down his hand and wins
the lucky watch. Stonecold gives Huxley back the money he won
Huxley is like do you have secret off shore accounts. Stonecold
says a few in the keys and off shore. Huxleh tells him to
keep the watch.
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Parker and Krissy walking and talking they kiss
as The Dean comes in

Kiki with Ava at GH. kiki says you lied and snuck off
to Russia you could have died. Ava is sorry.

Griffin needs God help needs his guidance no longer
knowing what to do as Father Cory comes in to take
him back to his parish where he belongs.

Kiki will go see Avery. Ava wants to go see her. Kiki is like
you might scare her not a good idea. Kiki is glad she is home safe.
As Laura comes in Kiki such a lovely girl you must be proud
wonder if she would proud knowing you betrayed my son.

Griffin says he has been busy with work Father Cory says
he has been trying to meet her.. Is Father Cory known as GOPHER
from Love Boat? Father says the Bishop needs you back
in your parish immediately.

The Dean says kissing a student against the rules. Krissy says
I withdrew Dean says you were spotting kissing before she withdrew.
Parker says I am getting fired.

Laura says you took Spencer peace of mind. AVa
says I ruined my chances of getting my face back
when I helped someone. Laura doesn;t care. Nik
died for you now I know that his death was in vain
you valued your looks more than my son memory.
Laura says you sold your soul to the devi.

Griffin appreciated him coming He will call the Bishop for
an extension. Father Cory say the time has come. Your parish
needs you now. Beside your indecretion you were exemplary
priest we have more than fair. I have every faith you have learned
to resist temptation.

Krissy says I can call my father lawyer. Alexis comes in
Krissy says OMG it was you.

Kiki with AVery talking to Michael and Dante. Joss arrives with Molly is a picture board of Morgan Krissy texts that she is not
coming . Michael says Morgan would understand why Krissy isn;t

The group has coffee from perks Joss celebration
we need Perks hat hands them out. Dante remember first
time he met Morgan taking short cut thru wodds. Micheal says
to Avery no instructions where to find shortcut but he gives
her a hat and they take a pic. Group pic. with hats on.

Krissy says Parker fired Krissy say someone saw us kissing and reported
us as she has hissy fit. Alexis says you think it was me. Krissy says
you turned us in. no but whoever did did the university a favor.

Kevin talking to Laura. Laura tells Kevin about the gun and Valentin

Griffin says he remembers when he was ordained. So does Father
Cory. Griffin wants to resume saying mass and return to my parishoners
but I need a little more time. Can;t the Bishop give me a few months.
You are needed NOW. You must go back. Griffin says I can;t.Father Cory
says then deicde do you want to be a priest

The group all toast Morgan. as Ava shows up. Says his AVery
say hi to mama.

Molly and Joss take Avery to get cookies . Ava is like
did you have to do this. Dante says you thought you would
barge in while we were remembering Morgan. Kiki says why
didn;t you leave. Ava says I wanted to see AVery.
Michael tells her how it is we are remembering our brother instead
of being with him cuz of you.

Father Cory says don;t be so hard on yourself it happens
we fall and are forgiven. and come stronger. The dioceses has
supported of you. Father asks if there is another woman. Yes.

Alexis says PArker was given position of trust. Krissy says
we never did anything inappropriate, PArker is like I don;t have
to explain to you. Krissy yells at Alexis. Alexis says I didn;t
say anthing to get Dean fired. KRissy ask why are you hear. To
find out why you quit school.

LAura wanted to see the fear in your eye. Laura says Spencer
can't win the case without Ava statement.. VAlentin gets away
with everything, Kevin gets it. Laura gets a text. Spencer sends
a selfie he misses them. He wants to know how the civil suit
is coming along.

Griffin says he is drawn to this woman. Father Cory wonders
if Griffin wants more, Griffin can;t return to his parish unless he

Alexis says she got a refund check. Parker says I got fired
it is over time for me to go Oregon. Krissy says she is sure
she will love it. Krissys says she will go with her.

Laura told Spencer the the case is moving thru court at
snail pace. This case means everything to him. Laura says
maybe something will change I love Spencer so much can;t
see him suffer.

Father Cory says you have to make a choice. I will pray for God
to give you guidance. GRiffin says I have been doing that. Father
says then examine what is in your heart. they hug. Father blesses
him says you will find your answer and he leaves

The group gets ready to leave. Joss thinks they should
give the picture board to the hospital for the foundation
office they say good idea. Michael offers to let kiki come
to see the penguins but Kiki says she has work. She remembers
Michael telling aVa what is what. she says sorry Morgan so sorry
about what she did to you cuz of me. So sorry you are not here.
I know it her fault. I don;t know what to do forgive Ava or not.

Alexis says you are being ridiculous. Krissy is like of course
if you want me. Parker says of course I do. Alexis is like
this is a mistake Krissy says we are starting new life. you judge
that is what you do best will send you a postcard.

Kevin says people justify thier wrong doing they blame other
make themselves the victim Laura doesn;t want to live her life
like this Nik would want me to live my best life. but don;t know
how. Kevin asks Laura to marry him

Ava making a reservation for flight to Paris.
she gets a visit from Griffin.

The End
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Thumbs up

GH 10/12/17 - General Hospital Spoilers October 12, 2017

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Live Thread 10/12

Kevin asks Laura to marry her I don;t think she
took it seriously she said the is sweet. HE is like I mean
it she has o face.

Curtis in FL talks to Sharon.

Nelle and Dillon talking about not going to the memorial
for Morgan.

Dr. Bench puts his hand on Kiki shoulder. What is wrong

Michael with Carson asking how Washington was.

Ava making reservation for Paris. Gets text from Spencer
thanking her for her help as Griffin shows up Ava says
what are you doing here. He needed to see her.
She invites him in.

Carly and Michael looking at donations someone
donated $50,000. anonymously. Sonny doesn;t seem
as enthusiastic as Carly and Michael.

Dr Bench brings Kiki coffee he will listen if she wants to
talk. She mentions Morgan death. She tells Morgan
business his being bi-polaR etc. Dillon comforted me. She
feels guilty if not for her Morgan would be alive he holds her hand
and sasy Morgan was sick nothing you could do you are not
responsible for his death. she says I am mom killed him for me.

Ava offers Griffin a drink. He has lots on his mind. He had
convo with his church superior and his conflicts. I have been on
leave from church and had to make decision.

Laura is like you are serious? Kevin has thought about it
for a while. There are so many happy moments to create want
to with you. Laura says nooooooo

Griffin says his time in church was like another man life
the thought of leaving for good seems empty priesthood
was my calling. Ava says you made up your mind
why come to me.

Dillon and Nelle talk his showing up at the memorial he wants
to give kiki space and honor morgan but still get on with their
relationship. He says if feels like Kiki has been shutting me out.

Curtis asks how Sharon brother died. Sharon say Zach died
while kayaking with his fiance. The police think foul play but the
can;prove it. NElle was brough into our family but my mother
Janelle was her personal assitant.

Carly on the phone wanting to know who the donor was.
Sonny is like should you do this. Carly thinks it could be Ava
if so she will make a donation and return Ava's. The person
who made the donation was Nelle.

Kiki goes on about her mom. she barged in on Morgan
memorial my mom got burned and I supported her but
now she thinks I forgave her. Kiki is like sorry Dr. Bench
is very sympathetic. Dillon arrives and notices.

Curtis says this Janelle worked for you mother and got involved
with your brother. Curtis says is your mother still with us. no
Zach was devastated JAnelle was hovering. She was targeting
zach from the beginning.

Michael talking to Nelle. He mentions donations to the foundation
pouring in. Michael says I want you to know I have a plan
to fix this.

Sonny says Nelle. Carly says the Nelle that couldn;t afford her
apartment and Michael had to buy it now makes this donation
she is sneaky bitch with agenda. I am going to thank her.

LAura wants the same things as Kevin spend rest of her
life with him. he says you won;t marry me..I didn;t say
that. Laura is like I don;t want you to purpose cuz of all
the issues with valentin I want the fairytale the dinner. trip to
wine country the fairtale. Kevin is like if I gave you real one you
would say yes.

aVa is like today anniversary of Morgan death. I barged into
the memorial everyone was mean boo hoo..It has not been good
dat. I have been reminded ore than once of horrible person I am
he gets close says I have faith in you. she says stop it.

Kiki says hi to Dillon he notices she has been crying. Dr. Bench
leaves. Dillon mentions Dr. Bench/

Alexis shows up at Sonny to talk Krissy.

Michael and Nelle talk as Carly comes along she had to thank
Nelle for the donation $50000 is beyond generous. As Michael
gets a look.

Carly says she doesn;t have the words Carly says how
did you get that money. so noble to keep grand gesture a
secret. Carly leaves Nelle says hell of way for you to find out.
Michael says that Grant family ring was probably worth that much

Sharon says Janelle cant get the money the police are on your
side. Curtis says if the police can;t guilt then maybe it was an
accident. Sharon tells the tale Curtis finds it strange Janelle was
raised arougn the water but could really swim well? Sharon
has to leave. Curtis calls

Alexis tells Sonny about Krissy leaving with Parker.
Sonny asks if she did tell the Sonny doesn;t like
the idea of Krissy moving but she is young and impulsive
but nothing is happening TO HER. maybe she can gain matrurity
Alexis tells Sonny she is right and he is wrong and has been no help.

Kiki says Dr. Bench more than supervisor to me. It was nice
to talk to someone older. She canlt run to dillon with her feelings
about Morgan.

Ava thankful Griffin came to Russia but he did it for him he did
it so he could be hero. maybe you like thrill of coming to close
to betray you vows ..You don;t know me you wouldn;t know what
to do with me if you had me.. he grabs her and kisses her.

Laura can;t tell the answer in advance Kevin say ok
you will get your proposal but you won;t know when or
where but you will be on pins and needles till this goes down.
Laura laughs Kevin is in love with her. they kiss.

Ava and Griffin kissing he takes off his jacket.

Dillon is in this for long haul nothing can drive me away
nothing will shake my faith in you. Kiki is so greatful
she has him.

Dr. Bench finds Alexis sitting alone. He asks what is wrong
she tells of Krissy and PArker then I went to her father and he
is fine with it thinks it will help her mature. Dr. Bench
says she is not controlling offer to buy her a drink. OH he forgot
she is alcoholic so he offer to take her for a walk.

Carly comes home mentions to Sonny Alexis was here? Sonny
says he was voice of reason and doesn;t like being that much.
Carly says she thanked Nelle for the donation. Carly says if my
gratitude made Michael question Nelle.

Micheal says you sold the ring why didn;t you tell me she was about to. He says why make it anonymous.

Sonny says don;t push it. carly will let Nelle reveal her true self.

Michaels asy I don;t think y ou ave agenda just want to ask question that not against rules is it. NElle leaves. Curtis calls

Griffin and Ava getting busy. lap gets knocked over.

The End

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