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Old 10-12-2017, 04:27 PM
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General Hospital 10-13-17 Preview GH 10/13/17
Old 10-13-2017, 02:28 PM
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Live Thread 10/13

Stonecold sitting in a bar

Jasam Sam wants to know what is going on Jason
sasy lets go see our future.

Nina on the phone with work as Valentin is kissing on her\
and distracting her. She wonders where her assistant is.

Michael tells Nelle it is generous that she made the donation
but she says you think I should have given back the ring, I could;nt
and sold it gave it to worthy cause.

Valentin wants 15 mins. ( I don;t know about that dress
Nina is wearing)

Anna leaves Griffin a phone message.

Griffin and AVa heavy breathing in bed.

Michaeal says he hired someone to take another look
at the case.

Anna with Finn at the MC. He wants this to be over with.
She tells him to take his time gain Cassandra trust.

Val says he in just about to make a deal that will make her
a media mogul. He is gonna buy Derek Wells Media.

Jasom enter the room and Diane is there. She is there to
facilitate a deal. Diane has all the papers Sam says what are
you signing. Papers to own Derek Wells Media

Bartender talks to Stonecold he mentions being away for a while.
She wonders if he is in trouble. This is a fireman bar. Stonecold
asks where the restroom is. The cops show up they are looking
for a guy. Shows her a pic of Stonecold.

Valentin likes this deal. Nina says yes let CEO this
Valentin says it is not mine yet ink dry.

Diane says this was a difficult deal someone made a
large offer at last min. Sam wonders after Diane says
the SEC will be looking carefrully as one mobster buys a buisness
from another. Jasom says this will be the clean break. Jason
wants to run the company with her. She needs to sign it
as well they are partners.

The bartender says nope she hasn't seen Stonecold. She
wants to see thier badges they slip her money she says I will
let you know if I see him. Stonecold comes out says thanks
she doesn;t want thier money and give it to Stonecold. Bartender
insists. he gives her the watch.

Nelle appreciates him clearing her name. (the song Stranger
in My Skin) playing in the background. Michael says Curtis is coming here from the airport stay. Nelle makes excuse has to get
back to work.

AVa and Griffin laying in bed He was thinking about tomorrow
he has to speak with Father Cory. He was my mentor I need to tell
him my decisionn. Ava says you made your decison? HE says
we have to talk about his.. She say if this is part where you agonize say we should never speak of it again she says it was
mistake. never speak of it again.

Sam says you want me to help run it. Sam is like are you sure.
Jason is not sure. if it doesn;t work out we sell it. She is in
they are partners.

Nina says we need a domain name. She says Valentina Media>
Nelle comes in. Nina has a few words for Nelle. Get with the
program here. Nelle says I have to be perfect.

Curtis arrives at Kellys to see Michael.

Diane calls Valentin to tell him he has been outbid for Derek Wells
media company off the table.

Stonecold gives the bartender the watch. She accepts the watch
Stonecold uses the kitche exit. He thanks her says he is headed
home and leaves out back as Jasam walk in.

Anna and Finn talking Cassandra. (she won;t be wearing all WHITE
will she?) Anna looking forward to takedown as Cassandra arrives
and hears,

Curtis wonders why he told Nelle. Curtis wonders
how her reaction was. Curtis says maybe something
NElle doesn;t want me to find out.

Valentin comes back in to talk to Nina. She wonders
why the long face. HE says my offer was rejected. they got
another buyer.

Jasam toast. Sam doesn;t believe this is happening she thinks
it is good. He says our lives about to undergo major change. they

Finn wasn;t expecting Cassandra till tomorrow. Anna introduces
herself. CAssandra sasy I know who you are I saw you with Finn
in Monaco. you are lovers..

Ava and Griffin. She says this meant something to you. of course.
she says just not sure what? Griffin says not easy to throw away
the priesthood. Ava says live honestly or a lie. You don;t
have sex like a man with doubts.

Anna and Griffin play along.

Valentin says Diane on the payroll of Sonny why does
he want the company?

Sam says we need ad campaign to rebrand the company.
We might like being publishers. Sam says we can make sure
out New is reported honestly without bias.

Nelle on the phone for work. Valentin says you know how
much my wife depends on you. ominous music he says I warned
you once before. Nelle would never do anything to hurt
nina or charlotte. Nelle boo hoos why does everyone think the
worst of me. Valentin says he can see an opportunist.

Curtis mentions Nelle was a assistant for the Grant family
then says to Michael what did she do for your family..then warns
Michael to pay a close look.


On the next General Hospital:

Carly learns something upsetting.

Nightmares haunt Franco.

Stella makes progress in Port Charles


At Diane’s New York office, Jason explains to Sam that he’s buying Julian’s media company. Jason signs the paperwork. Diane warns him that he’ll be under major federal scrutiny. That’s fine with him. Sam is perplexed but excited by this random turn of events. Jason wants her to help him run the company. “Talk about the blind leading the blind,” she says, but agrees.

Patient Six tries to catch up-GH-ABCHuxley stumbles out of a bar in New York City, leaving Patient Six to read the paper. When the bartender notices there are cops in the bar, Six slips around the corner. The police show the bartender a photo of Six. She claims not to have seen him and realizes they aren’t real cops. They leave her some cash and she offers to call if she sees him. After they’re gone, she hands the money to Six and he gives her his watch. As soon as he’s gone, Jason and Sam stroll in. They order champagne and toast to their new company. When they talk to the bartender, Sam spots her watch and sees Huxley’s name on it.

Curtis tells Michael about Nelle's secret-GH-ABCNelle and Michael go to Kelly’s. They argue about her selling the ring. He explains he’s hired Curtis to dig for evidence to clear her name. She tries to talk him out of this but no dice. After she leaves for work, Curtis arrives and Michael informs him that Nelle knows of the investigation. Curtis wonders if there’s something she doesn’t want him to find. He explains that Nelle was Sharon Grant’s mother’s assistant. He urges Michael to take a hard look at her. Michael asks him to look into everything. Curtis discovered she was a champion swimmer.

Valentin tells Nina he's buying a company-GH-ABCAt Crimson, Valentin keeps groping Nina while she tries to talk on the phone. He wants her to come home. She wonders where her assistant is. He gives her a little pep talk and then asks her to be his co-CEO when he buys Derek Wells Media. That thrills her. Nelle jogs in as Valentin takes a call from Diane, who informs him he’s been outbid. Nina lectures Nelle for going AWOL. The Cassadine returns and tells Nina he was outbid. He apologizes for getting her hopes up. She loves him for the gesture. As he heads out, he warns Nelle not to disappoint Nina and accuses her of being an opportunist. “The moment you make a move against my wife, I will intervene,” he threatens. After he leaves, Nina sends her after him with the scarf he left behind.

Ava tells Griffin sex was a mistake-GH-ABCGriffin rolls off of Ava after they have sex in her bed. He has to talk to his superior tomorrow about his decision to leave the priesthood. The doctor still hasn’t made up his mind. Ava assumes he thinks what they did was a mistake. He won’t say it but puts on his pants. She tells him not to hide behind his collar. Griffin says what happened wasn’t a mistake and he’s closer to clarity.

Finn tells Anna he wants things overwith-GH-ABCAnna and Finn are at the Metro Court. He’s tired and wants a nap. She suggests that he take his time gaining Cassandra’s trust. They discuss her strategy. He assumes it involves Valentin. As she goes on about the evils of Cassandra, the woman in question suddenly appears. She assumes that Anna is Finn’s lover. Anna plays up this assumption, which makes Finn twitchy. After some awkward conversation, Cassandra walks off. She later returns and sits with Valentin. As they chat, Nelle watches them from across the room. She snaps a photo as Cassandra pulls Valentin into a kiss.

Patient Six gets on a bus bound for Port Charles.

On the next General Hospital:

Carly learns something upsetting.

Nightmares haunt Franco.

Stella makes progress in Port Charles.

- Matt Purvis

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