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Cool Friday 11/4 "Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Phyllis' fruitful mission ends in her exposure"

The Young and The Restless - Next On Y&R (11/4/2016)


Friday 11/4 "Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Phyllis' fruitful mission ends in her exposure

Friday November 4, 2016: Jack tries to recover the fake documents, Billy and Kevin compare notes on Chloe, and Travis and Victoria argue about Billy.

Phyllis meets Jack in the park café. He wants to know how she found out the documents were fake. Phyllis glosses over that, and worries about Hilary finding them. Jack found out the time Hilary gets to the office in the morning, and has a plan. He will show up, use his charm, and get the documents back. Phyllis snarks about him flirting with Hilary. Jack will do whatever it takes. Phyllis warns Victor could still be watching him. Jack doesn’t want her concern. He assumes Summer tipped her off about Victor setting him up, but then realizes it was Billy. They bicker. Phyllis confides the information came from Natalie. Jack is distrustful and sneers that Billy stepped up for her.

Mariah is the first to arrive at GC Buzz, and brings in the pile of mail by the door. Hilary arrives and complains about Mariah not using the right cup for her coffee and not having opened the mail yet. As Mariah struggles to get the coffee machine to work, Kevin arrives to check on her. He worries her family’s imploding. Mariah hushes him, and inadvertently reveals that Nick’s involved. Kevin hangs around until Mariah convinces him to leave. He passes Jack on his way out. Jack spots his envelope and is about to grab it when Hil joins him. Jack admires her operation and tries to distract her, but she picks up the envelope and is about to pull out the documents when the fire alarm sounds. They evacuate, with Jack reluctantly leaving the documents behind. After, Mariah reads Hilary’s script and makes a suggestion. Hil orders her to get lunch. While ordering takeout, Mariah hears Hilary using her idea.

At the Club, Cane and Lily eat with the twins, who want to play basketball. Cane has to go to work. Charlie wonders if his job’s more important than them. Lily volunteers to play basketball with them. Cane orders them to have fun, and leaves.

Travis encounters a hungover Natalie at Newman Enterprises. She groans that Billy kept ordering more shots. Travis tortures her with a loud pencil sharpener and threatens to tell Victor she’s leaking company secrets to Billy Abbott, until she confesses what she divulged to Billy. Travis texts Victoria to talk.

Victoria arrives at Brash & Sassy and immediately starts bickering with Billy. They admire photos of the kids in costume and Billy notes that Travis seemed distracted last night. He knows Travis investigated her family behind her back. Victoria sighs and wonders how he knows about any of it. Billy admits he ran into Natalie at the bar. Victoria works to steer the conversation to business, but Billy brings up Travis again. Victoria reads her phone and leaves. Cane arrives. He and Billy chat about their kids. Billy wishes he didn’t have to share his with another man. They commiserate about missing out on things with the kids.

At the park, Travis tells Victoria that Billy got Natalie drunk and pumped him for information. Victoria says she warned Billy about boundaries. Travis wants him to stay out of his life – he doesn’t respect him, or their relationship. They bicker about him investigating the family behind Victor’s back. Travis thinks he made the right call. She wonders if he made the right call sleeping with his boss’ wife. Travis accuses Vikki of giving Billy free reign to stir up trouble. Victoria will never cut him out.

Kevin encounters Billy at the Club. Billy warns him Chloe is concerned Bella’s father might show up at some point and make things awkward between them. Kevin thanks him, and looks pensive. They realize neither of them knows anything about Bella’s father. Kevin won’t investigate and rock the boat. He wants to be Bella’s dad. Outside, Lily plays basketball with the twins. Cane surprises them by joining in…until he pulls a muscle.

Back at Newman, Travis informs Natalie he wants to see Victor. She says he’s not there. He advises her to keep her mouth shut from now on. She tells him Michelle called.

Billy’s leaving a concerned voicemail for Phyllis when Victoria returns to Brash & Sassy. He needles her about Travis, but she takes work and leaves. Up at Jabot, Jack tells Phyllis he had to leave the documents at GC Buzz. Phyllis produces the envelope containing the documents. Jack marvels. “You did it.” He’s irked that a security guard saw her, however. As they bicker, he knocks hot coffee on her blouse and rips it open, leaving them both shocked.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Curtis Fielding asks Victor, “What do you want me to do?” Victor replies, “I want you to make sure the Abbotts don’t get away with this.”

Mariah listens as Hilary tells Devon, “We just need one more big story. There has got to be something juicy going on in this town.”

Nick tells a photo of Sage, “This lie has gone on much too long. Today, I set things right.”

- Candace Young


More: Beth Maitland to return as Y&R’s Traci Abbott

Actress Beth Maitland will appear on the Thursday November 17 episode of "Y&R" as Traci Abbott, according to TV Insider


Related: Judith Chapman reveals her December return to Y&R

Reappearing in time for the holidays.

Actress Judith Chapman is set to return as Genoa City’s Gloria Fisher Bardwell, according to TV Insider. Reportedly, Glo will hit town unannounced on Christmas Eve, in the episode airing on Wednesday December 21. Gloria will be unaccompanied by her husband Jeffrey (Ted Shackelford) and can be expected to cause trouble for her long-suffering sons, Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Michael (Christian Le Blanc). Elaborating on the reason for her alter-ego’s return, Chapman said, “Gloria wants to be reunited with her sons. She has always been led by her heart. That’s why she followed Jeffrey to the ends of the Earth, but it’s time to be with her boys, especially because it’s Christmas. And, of course, Gloria will have the perfect dramatic entrance. She just shows up. Unannounced. Uninvited. Maybe unwelcome.”

Chapman went on to say she had made peace with the idea that she wouldn’t be returning to “The Young and the Restless,” and so the call from new headwriter Sally Sussman, who is reportedly a big Gloria fan, was “a nice surprise.” Chapman was preparing for her charity lip-sync benefit performance as Lady Gaga with John Callahan as Tony Bennett when the call came in. She shared, “Just as I’m accidentally gluing my fingers together trying to put on my false nails, the phone rings and it’s ‘Y&R’. [Laughs] It’s Hollywood calling! They want me! And it’s been like manna from Heaven. It is such a kick to be back.” The actress also spoke about her recent theatre productions, traveling through Europe, and her agent encouraging her to be more active on social media.

As for what Gloria’s been up to in the long time she’s been away from Genoa City, Chapman speculated, “You never know with Gloria. Has she been in jail? Is she a bag lady now? Has she been playing the castanets in Madrid? Do I put the Gloria fingernails back on? Should they be ‘Jungle Red’? Or perhaps ‘Black is the New Orange’? [Laughs] All will be revealed!” With Kevin back in a relationship with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and Michael (Christian LeBlanc) currently embroiled in the Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) versus GC Buzz legal drama, who knows what Gloria will find happening when she returns less than two months from now. We do know that whatever it is, she will definitely have her say!

- Candace Young
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Thursday Canada/Friday US

Jack and Phyllis meet at the outdoor cafe - Phyllis won't tell Jack how she knows the documents were fake. Jack says he was talking to Neil and found out that Hillary is a late riser, so they have time to get to GC Buzz and get the documents back before she gets in. She asks what happens if Hillary arrives, and he says he will use his charm. Phyllis worries he is still being followed. He says that he is no longer her problem. He figures out it was Billy who tipped her off. Phyllis confirms it, and explains what happened with Natalie. Jack doesn't believe Billy did it to protect him; it was to protect her.

Mariah gets the mail at GC Buzz (including the envelope) and is immediately followed in by Hillary, who has decided to start early. She berates Mariah for not opening the mail yet, but tells her to get her a coffee first. Kevin walks in; he presses her for info on her big secret. He offers to help but Mariah says there's nothing anyone can do. Kevin reminds her he's there for her.

Lilly and Cain are having breakfast with the kids at the club; the kids ask Cain to spend more time with them and he says he has to work. The kids complain. Lilly and Cain explain to the kids why he has to work so much. He offers to play basketball with them on the weekend. Lilly offers to teach them her moves ahead of time.

Natalie is hung over at her desk when Travis walks in. She tells him Billy got her drunk. Travis annoys her by sharpening pencils loudly. He tells her to spill the details or he'll tell Victor that she's sharing secrets with Billy. She admits she told Billy about the mole and that Travis failed Victor's test. She leaves and Travis texts Victoria that they need to talk.

Billy and Victoria are at the lab. They argue about Travis. She gets Travis' text and leaves just as Cain arrives. They swap Halloween pictures of the kids. Billy talks about how sick he is of sharing his kids with another man. He misses seeing them every day. They talk about important moments in their kids' lives they've both missed.

Kevin leaves GC Buzz as Jack walks in - he's flipping through the mail when Hillary comes over to talk to him. He tries to distract her but is unsuccessful; Hillary goes to open the envelope and just as Jack begins to panic, the fire alarm goes off. They all evacuate; Jack is unable to grab the documents.

Victoria arrives in the park and kisses Travis. He tells her about Natalie and Billy's evening. Travis is upset about Billy's boundary issues. Victoria defends Billy. Travis defends his investigating the family behind Victor's back. Victoria brings up Travis sleeping with his boss's wife; Travis brings up Billy sleeping with his brother's wife. She says as long as Travis lives with Billy's kids, Billy will have the right to be involved.

Billy arrives at the athletic club and sits down next to Kevin. They talk about Chloe. Billy mentions that Chloe's concerned that Bella's father may show up and complicate things. They both have no idea who Bella's father is. They talk about how much Bella is like Deedee - they discuss what little they know about the father. Billy asks Kevin if he's ever considered using his hacking skills to find out more; Kevin prefers to not know, to increase the chances the father stays out of the picture.

Lilly and the kids are playing basketball and Cain shows up and hugs them. They're playing and Cain falls over, clutching his leg. He attempts to play through the pain.

Mariah and Hillary come back; they discuss a scoop on Deacon Sharpe (holy flashback!). Hillary compliments Mariah's ability to read a scoop, but then sends her out to get sushi when Mariah criticises the writing, but then when she thinks Mariah's not listening, Hillary passes Mariah's suggestion off as her own.

Back at Jabot, Phyllis asks Jack if he got the documents. He says he didn't. Phyllis reveals she pulled the alarm and got them. He goes to hug her and stops short. He is upset that she got involved. They struggle over the documents and Phyllis spills coffee on herself. She removes her shirt and Jack stands there awkwardly.

Travis comes back to see Victor; Natalie gives him a message from Michelle (his old boss's wife).

At the lab, Victoria and Billy talk awkwardly. She leaves and he looks after her.

-Victor meets with the board member who leaked documents, saying the Abbotts won't get away with it
-Hillary complains about a lack of news while Mariah looks on
-Nick looks at a picture of him and Sage and promises to make things right today

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