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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of January 18

MONDAY, Live Thread 1/18

Sonny and Alexis toasting Krissy and her year at school.
Sonny says let not let it be May before I hear from you again
Alexis gushing about smart Krissy..Sonnys says they are proud
of her. Krissy will be back before they can miss her. Talk of Alexis

Sam knocks on Jason door. Liz answers in her nightie. can I help
you Sam says thought it was Jason room..Liz says we are turning in
soon come back tomorrow..Jason and Jake come along.

Sonny didn;t know Julexis was getting married. Sonny mentions
Johnny and not wanting him with Krissy again.

Dante talks with Jordan. he says Val is missing

Val is struggling to get free knocks the candle off the table

Jordan wonders where Val is Dante says he can;t reach her
or his wife.

Lulu arrives yells for Johnny where are you ..Val struggling

Sam says to Liz she thought this was Jason room. Liz says it is
and we are getting ready to go to bed come back tomorrow...

Krissy is like dad you went there (Johnny) Alexis is like let have
nice time and not talk about that. Sonny wants to talk her classes
she is like class is class. Sonny is like we are paying for it can;t we

Jake says what is SHE dong here. Jason tells him to be polite. Jake says you are not
leaving are you..Liz tells him to go brsh his teeth iz does not have her happy
face on as Sam walks in the room with Jason Sam tells him there was a witness
for the fight. Liz is like great. Jason thanks Sam and says i fyou need me
I am in suite down the hall..Liz closes the door.

Jordan says Val and your wife involved in the Johnny business.
Dante tells of Dillon saying Johnny was at the HS hiding. Dante
says he can;t get hold of Lulu..He gives Jordan a ile with pics
of Val.

Val notices the FIRE.. Why do I feel like singing "Mrs. O'leary and
her lantern in the shed" song!

Liz asks if Jake behaved did he seem upset..Jason says
he wants thing he can;t have. talk of the therapist helping
him..Liz can't stop thinking about what he went thru all
those years. talk of Sam he says he has much better chance
thanks to Sam..JAke says she is not as good as you think
she is.

Sam at MC bar

Alexis wonders why Wesleyan sent back the check. Krissy say
the bursar electronic records on fritz other kids had the same
thin happen. Krissy is like give me the check no need to freak out.
Krissy says no trouble at school. Sonny is like WTH is that about
Alexis has no idea.

Jordan wonders who Dante got the pic (of Val and Johnny)
Jordan says it looks like Val is on the take..Dante doesn;t believe it

FIRE..FIRE Val is coughing..

Lulu gets ready to leave notices the FIREthings falling down in
the FIRE.. Lulu screams Johnny and runs in finds Val who is
passed out in the FIRE..

Liz asks JAke did you brush your teeth. Jason wonder what
he means about Sam. She is greedy she wants things for herself
and she broke our family picture.

Sam and Krissy talk she says they keep asking me about school.
Sam wonder what is going on. Sam won;t tell krissy says I got

Alexis tell Sonny krissy under a lot of pressure with school. Aleixs reminds
Sonny he and Krissy are very much alike that is why they clash. Sonny
says something going on maybe she is embarassed of me having a father
who did finish school an alleged crime boss she is ashamed to be my daughter

Jordan had Val added to the BOLO. Jordan wonders about Lulu involvment

Bobbie comes to PCPD Dante says Val maybe in trouble

Lulu says Val wake up Val Lulu runs in as thing start falling she starts
untying Val Lulu says Johnny what did you do.

Dante tells Bobbie about the pics of Val and Johnny Bobbie says are you
saying my niece is in cahoots with Johnny? Jordan says she is missing
we need to understand their relationship//Bobbie is like my niece
woudld not throw in with Johnny.

Lulu saying Wake up shakes her, slaps her wake up lulu puts her on the floor
does CPR.

Sonny called himself an ' alleged crime lord' with a straight face!!

Lulu yelling wake up wake the hell up Lulu and Val run out

Bobbie is like go look for her. Dante asks if Val has been acting
strange..Bobbie is like no.. Jordan is like she must be unders
stress. Bobbie says yes from her personal life. she is moving on
with her life. She was looking for a job not interested in being a dirty
cop what kind of info could he get from someone so low on the totem pole.
Dante and Jordan look at each other. Dante is like this stinks.Jordan
says the pic..Dante says she is being set up

Jason wonders where Jake came up with this. Jason says he knows he is
upset about things now when we figure out things we can go home but you
can't make up stories..JAke is like how do you know. Jason says she told
me the truth tonight lying is a mistake make you feel bad on inside. Jake
is like she wants to break up our family.

Alexis is like you think Krissy looks down her nose at you..Alexis is like
we did not raise small minded person..there is something else going on

Sam is like you go suspended.. My last break up was messy. I stop
going to class for a while when I did go my head wasn;t in it. Mom
and Dad don;t know about it. Krissy went to professor parker to see if we
could work something out Sam is like please tell me you didn;t sleep
with your professor.

Jason says listen Sam is good person she is danny mom she
would never hurt us..Jake is like she took you away from mom
Jake claims his stomach hurts. Jason will go get him some
gingerale. Liz says it is getting bad the lying and such.Jason is like
we will get him up

Sam is like how can you have sex with your professor..Krissy is like
he was hot you have done worse..Sam is like you are not me
she says it is over and done with. Sam understands making bad
choices. Krissy is like we didn;t have sex I offered it. but we didn;t
the teacher reported me to ethnic committee. Krissy is like
I can;t let mom and dad know. Sam takes up for Sexis.. Sam says
you have totell them.Krissy says no

Sonny wonders if what is going on has to do with a guy. Alexis says
she doesnt tell me. Alexis talks krissy trying to introduce a boyfriend
to Sonny..Alexis says foster communication with Krissy then enroll
in college.. Sonny is like not enough hours in the day. Sonny says
you are marrying a rat bastard.

Dante takes up for Val..Jordan is like IA doesnt know here like we do.
Jordan is like if she is being set up who would do that who wouldn want
to make her look bad..

Val and Lulu at the car lulu says her keys and phone are in her jacket
which are still inside..Lulu says she will get help..Val is like no
we are in middle of nowhere


Alexis...u want talk to her, find out why she is so tense with you.., u have enough problems to deal with...
Alexis....what problems do I have..
Sonny..u r marrying a rat bastard

Sam says you can;t wish this away. Tell Mom.
Krissy begs her not to tell. please Sam I need your
support..Ok but promise but sje gives her money, she
want weekly updates and stay away from that professor.

Alexis and Sonny talk Julian. Sonny wants her happy but she
won;t be if she marries him. Oopen your eyes he killed Duke
Alexis says love you and leaves. Krissy and Alexis leave.

Jason shows up see Sam he thanks her for the eye witness again
she is glad Danny doesn;t have to visit his father in PEntonville
Jason explains the Liz situation..Jake and I were having a chat
we talked of you. Sam says I wasn;t always interested in the truth
you taught me that..and she leaves.

Liz says dad will be back with gingerale..Jake wants to know will
we ever be together as a family again.Liz says anything can happen.

JOrdan thanks Bobbie for her help.

Dante on the phone leaving a yelling phone message for luu WTH have
you done..lulu returns with blanket says someone will find us

The end.


Maxie to Dante at PCPD...have u heard from Lulu...

Valerie to did u know where to find me...

Jordan to Andre...anything u can't do...

Mayor Lopez, (Sherri Belafonte ), to Olivia...what do u think u r doing right this minute...

Scotty to someone not seen...he obstructed justice in the death of my son...

Anna to Robert...taking the AD down...

Paul...Ms. Jerome....

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Anna and Robert looking at a house that Scrubs like. they are at
the MC. Paul walks in.

Ava and Olivia with thier babies at baby yoga. Olivia reminds Ava
about Connie.

Jordan and Dante looking at traffic cams Jordan looks at the pics of Val
Andre shows up Jordan forgot they were having dinner. he is ok with
it . MAxie runs into PCPD wonders if dante heard from lulu no..

Lulu and Val wake up in the car. Val gets out of the car she is jumping up
and down trying to get warm. Lulu joins in..Val thanks her for saving her
how did lulu know where to find me..Did you and Johnny set me up.

Nathan found Johnny who lawyers up

Anna and Robert notice the Mayor with Paul the mayor is
recast with Shari Belefonti.

Val says you are that someone johnny called.. you are workiing with him

Johnny snarking Jordan says we kjnow you came into contact with Val/
Johnny says you detective read me my miranda so I have right to attorney
so if I can;t afford on PCPD has to provide one as Scotty shows up..looks
at Johnny says I don;t thinks so no way in hell.

you would think PCPD would have learned right now
Diane and Alexis have taught the GH mobsters well with the whole
I won;t talk without my lawyer.. Johnny seems to be enjoying this

Ava wonders if any found one of Avery toys..olivia gives it to her
some small chat about yoga. what they are having Ava and olivia bonding

Mayor Lomax talks to Olivia about a luncheon she is having. Mayor ashs
what about him (the baby) he comes with us.

Paul walks over says Robert Scorpio it been years.. Robert says it seems
like yesterday you were low life criminal now you are DA God Bless America.
Paul says he is counting on Anna to help bring down organized crime.
Paul wonders what brings him back..Robert is like family business.

Scotty can;t represent someone he know is guilty..Johnny is like
he set me up..Jordan say are you the pro bono lawyers ..yes..Johnny
you need an attorney..yes
Maxie wonders where Dante went.
Jordan says Mr. z you can cooperate or you will be locked up for kidnapping
Johnny will answer anything. they ask him a question and Scotty tell him
not to answer

Val says you could see the flames you are lying you and johnny were
working together..Lulu says it is insane. Lulu denies.. Val explains
he took me out here and tied me up..He has no reasonn to come after
me you have to be the reason..Lulu says you have it wrong.Val is like you
wanted me I wanted you away from my husband.

Anna says we share a child and grandchild. Paul can;t believe
anna is a grandma. robert says we have quality time with ex.
Paul says I was telling the mayor what a great job you were doing
Anna say you inspire me. PAul leaves. anna syas what were you doing
he says find me a quite place and I will tell you

Leo is wiggly and fussy and the mayro is looking like WTH as Olivia
is about to breast feed the baby..The Mayor is like here..NOW..
Olivia is like you have problem with that.

Paul in his jhotel room whining about Robert.. Ava shows up
she has something for him

JOrdan aks how long johnny has been in town. jordan is like
tell us or we canvas everyone you kjnow..Johnny says does that include
Maxie we had prior connections even if she turned me in..Maxie says
I love nathan ..Scotty tells Johnny to shut up..Tell us who helped you
well not voluntariliy. I threatened Lulu spencer to give me a place
to stay.

Lulu says I tried to reach out I welcomed you..Val is like no you
pshed me away..Lulu says keep trying to make it my fault. Val is like
what happened last night that was ll your fault..Lulu says you destroyed
my family.Lulu says I draggedyou out of there.. Val is like wow you are so
stupid you have everthing you wanted in the palm of your did
this to yourself you selfcentered bitch the have a slap fest and cat fight
as Dante comes and breaks it up wonders what is going on. seems like yesterday that you were a low life little lackey for the cartel and here u r DISTRICT ATTORNEY....God Bless America...
Paul. Maayor seemes pleased by my work but I owe it all Anna...she is doing an excellent job as my special investigator... doubt about ex is nothing if not rabid in tje pursuit of justice... is nice to be's even nicer to be addressed in the first person...

I'll be back with the other half at 10 minutes after 3 EST or earlier

Dante is not happy with either.

Jordan is like you threatened Lulu Johnny says he told her
if she didn;t help me her family would be hurt. I would never
hurt her boy but there are members of her family that deserve
it..Scotty is like don;t answer that. Johnny said he wanted to get
a rookie cop in his pocket.he left her somewhere safe. Dante
calls found lulu and Val they are fine. Johnny wasy what is next
legan step you will fru.

Anna and Robert talking Paul Robert is like you want me to spell it out
she is not wathcing you just cuz he doesn;t trust you. He has the hots
for you.. anna is like what? Robert says he wants you this is your way in
bring that bastard down.

Paul says we agreed not to meet in my room she plays the out
dealer card. shows him a painting she talks art talk. she says you
are pleased with how I invested Raj money.. yes she will leave it to him
unless he wants her to stay.. he say suit yourself.they kiss..

the Mayor says you can;t expose yourself in a meeting with public
oficial Olivia is like I half own this place I can do it. and I can do this
roll it back that look at the menu. The mayor says stop or hav eyou arrested
for public indencency..Olivia says I wanna see you try...

Johnny...Plea bargain, what PLEA BARGAIN? I didn't hurt anyone and I sure as HELL didn't kill anyone...
Scotty...well, HALLELUJAH, there's good news

Olivia is like breastfeeding in public is nont illegal ..THe mayor
says you can;t make everyone around you uncomfortable and get
half naked.

Ava and Paul look at the painting and talk in bed. she says more
where that came from he wonders what she is referring to art, money

Robert say Paul is only thinking with one part of his bodu..Flirt with him
Anna is like he will be suspcious.. Robert calls her hot arm candy. He says
you will be the most beautiful woman he ever met this guy not fit to
shine your shoes.. Anna is like you are bias.. Robert says you ex hubby
is brillant with intelligence you worry about Hornsby I will worry about

Andre commends Jordan for good work. she says you have
lots of faith based on two dates.. she apologized again about missing
the date. Andre wants another date. he has to go he will text her.
she says the statue you gave me seems to be working

The random doc telling Val an dlulu how they are Val goes to get
xray/ Lulu says she can explain..dante is like no you can;t explain anymore

Mayor Lomax...if u want to bask in the glories of motherhood at home, alone, knock yourself out...just because u r a nursing mother, this does not entitle you to make everyone around u uncomfortable while u get half-naked to feed your baby...
Olivia...dont u think u are the one overreacting here... I am gonna guess u haven't been halfnaked in a dog's age and maybe that is your first problem...

Anna...they will have to wear overcoats in hell before I would seduce this guy

Ava and Paul talking in bed again. Paul wants her to make
inquries she wonders who is buying all this merchandise. he says
better you not know.

Anna syas not being difficult last chance to get dukekiller
Robert associate shows ANDRE.

The Mayor says a young child observed this..Olviia says she would
explain to the child.. Leo cries..Olivia tells the mayor what it is
as the mayor security stops her.

Dante says I made a huge mistake I destroyed half of us
you destroyed the rest. Johnny went to bat for you I hate him
but he has more integrity than you Dante leaves to check on Val
Lulu breaks down in MAxie arms.

The End


Jason to Sam...does someone have a vendetta against me...

KEVIN to Liz...he's not the only one I am worried about...

Nina to Franco...he's gonna eat his words...

Andre to is your lucky day...

Sabrina to Carlos...Anna Devane is looking for me...

Julian at MC eating with Alexis, on his phone with Olivia , who asks him...would it be possible for u to take the baby for the's kinda of an emergency....

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General Hospital 1-20-16 Preview

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1/20 WED

Live Thread 1/20

Nina tells Franco the magazine are doing well everything
is great. Franco knew she could do it.

Alexis and Julian talking Crimson he says the magazine
doing well is a fluke..Julian gets a call from Olivia who
wants him to take the baby or the day she is changed
to a desk at PCPD.

KEVIN talks to Liz about the therapist. Kevin is worried
about Li

Sam arrives at MC sees Jason they have coffee
she says Dr. S. went and made the statement.

Sabrina gets a call..

Andre shows up at Anna's house as Robert comes
and greets him anna is confused..Is this your contact
Robert is like yes..he will lead us to Carlos and Sabrina

Sabrina gets a call from Felix she say she can;t talk
what did you say Michael stopped by/

Anna tells Andre you didn;t mention you work for WSB
he works for many agencies..Robert wonders how they know
each other.

Julian comes along to get his son. Alexis is like you got arrested
for breastfeeding your kid? Mayor says no for assualting me.

Nina is getting ready for interview..Franco tell her she is beautiful
he is happy for her.

Jason says if only you can find another eye witness. Sam is like
if only you could find another eye witness.they talk about the events
at Liz house..Jason says it doesn;t match up it is adding to Liz stress

Kevin says the last few months cant be easy.. Yes it has. the one
person you lean on Patrick is gone..then the bizarre happening at your
house. He is aware of her history he is concerned she could have
another break down.

Sp Kevin says she lost Jason when he found out who
he was at the wedding? So he doesn;t know about her lie?

Kevin says the last few months cant be easy.. Yes it has. the one
person you lean on Patrick is gone..then the bizarre happening at your
house. He is aware of her history he is concerned she could have
another break down

Apparently Kevin is unaware that Liz knew who Jason was before their wedding...he specifically mentioned her finding out Jason's identity on that Day

franco says why doubt yourself. she frets if she
can do this again . she wonders where Julian is
Franco has to go he has patients to see.

The mayor says you verbally assualted. Olivia says
I am Italian i lost my temper. The mayor says if you
excues yourself instead of baring your breast in public
take this woman to her cell. Alexis is like hold it
I am representing her.

Andre says he has a profile of Carlos. with his background
he would network to get out of country but he is traveling
with pregnant woman who he cares about very much that
is his weekness. Carlos will become desperate.

Sabrina sasy it is complicated.. Micahel said that Carlos returns
she gets offf the phone he says did you call Felix that was bad

Jason says police didn;t find fingerprints. Liz claims she
locked the door no one saw.. jake said you broke the pic

Liz mentios when she tried to kill herself on the roof .
Kevin sasy he is worried her problem might come back
with the stress. He says keep a close eye on your health
if you feel overwhelemed get help .she says don't worry about
me. as JAke comes out from seeing the therapist.

All this talk of Liz when she tried to kill herself when she was
PREGNANT and Kevin telling her to watch how she is feeling
please don;t go there..just don't

Jason says he wants to figure out what is going on in the house
Sam says you don;t live there anymore. mobsters don;t target
the kids. she can think of someone who has vendetta against you.

The therapist says she and JAke had nice talk Liz gives jake crayone
and paper to cover.. THe doc says Jake is closed off he is very attached
to his dad. the therapist says I want to try art therapy with Jake.
it could work wotj Kale as Franco stis with Jake.

Sabrina says Felix calle dme..Carlos is likle you can;t use the phone
she says she has hard time with life on the run. she tells
him anna was looking for me.

Anna says Sabrina left Carlos. Andre saks if Carlos is social Andre
says carlos would want her near someplace near medical care.

Nina gets a visit from the reporter. who wonders if MR.Jerome is on
his he can interview her on her own. The reporter want to know
how she came up with green issur

Alexis says you shamed my client for a natural action. your client verbally
ab used me. Alexis says I gather you were breastfeedig your son the mayor
reacted with shock and horror then hyou embarassed her. Olivia trying to
distance herself from hostile situation you created and she jostled the table
the law states a woman cannot be arrested for breastfeeding a baby in

Olivia will breastfeed tje baby right there at PCPD. Alexis
helps her put a blanket on the baby.

Nina tell the reporter when the magazine came back green she wanted
to raise level of convo thru the magazine. the issue should reflect
the readers..who are they. they are woman who have a sparkiling image
the reporter know just what she is doing

Sam says Franco did lots of despicable things he had a tumor his
lawyer was able to get the charges dropped and he walked.Sam thinks
he is dangerous.

Franco asks jake what his favorite color.
Liz is like you want him to go got therapy with Franco. Kevin would
not support this if he thought it was danger.

Andre says Carlos would want to get baby settled as quick as possible
the come to the conclusion they are in Canada.

Carlos doesn;t think they should worry

Nina goes on about authentic beauty in next issue..the reporter
got what he needed and leaves.

Mayor say the press. Julian reminds the mayor he is a owns a magazine
and well the press could tank a career. he suugest she let liv go.

Anna says we have two choice one boat goes to Toronto and the other
longer to Nova Scotia, Andre says Carlos would know the risks of communicating
Andre thinks they went to Halifax Nova Scotia.

Sabrina I think threw her phone in the water/woods. she and carlos
have happy min about the baby.

Sam thinks Jason needs investigator and offers her services. jason
says let check out the house.

Liz hopes the doc is right. Liz asks Kevin if art therapy is necessary
He says something bothering Jake art therapy could help/.She hates
the idea then tells JAke they need to go..Jake says he is not finished.
Liz says finish it at home and take Jake of. Franco looks at the pics.

The Mayor lets Olvia go she thanks Julexis for their help
as Alexis has words for the Mayor. she says we weill file
suit against the city.

Sabrina frets soemone will find us.. Carlos is like don;t worry
Andre says he is certain they are in Halifax.

Franco talks to Kevin wants him to look at Jake drawings
they are a bit strange. Kevin says don;t say strange.
Franco says he made drawing like that when he was a kid

Jasam at Liz house. Jason explains the time line. Sam
says the intruder could be wearing gloves. but the fact of
the time of day and nor foreced entry as Liz walks in
has not happy face.

The End


Sonny to Morgan...I'll do whatever is necessary to keep my kids safe....

Carly to Ava...I'd like to ask u for a favor...

Curtis to Hayden...u owe me money and it is time to pay up...

Jordan to Nik...I'm here to update u on the charges against Jason Morgan...

Sam to Liz...r u afraid that I'll find something that u r Jason looks on...
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Live Thread 1/21

Nik on the phone with Spencer who is at a sleepover
Hayden come in talk of thier time in bed together.

Sonny and MAX!! at GH talking to Carly talk of his
visit with Avery Sonny talks the court appointed supervisor
He says we need to get Avery back..Sonny and Max give
each other a look.

Ava at the MC talking to Kiki who reminds her of her boundaries
kiki says Morgan and I are now friends.

Carly says we have to go see a new Doc. Sonny says he
already met with him not good he is a loser. some
hollwood dr who was talking of his famous patience.
This Dr. is from the show Housewives of Beecher Corners.
Morgan saw the new doc from TC

Jake runs in wonders why Jason is here..Liz wonders why
Sam is in her house..Jason is like Sam is PI can help us out
Sam wants to look around..Liz says no absolutely NOT.

Ava is happy Morgan and Kiki have each other.
He has trouble you can help him..Kiki does

Sonny sasy reality Doc not getting near me.

Morgan is meeting with Dr. Maddox. to tweak
his meds. Carly has to go to work. Sonny
wants a moment with Morgan..Max goes to
take care of something. Sonny wonders why
Morgan was on the docks NYE. There were activities
of the illegal kind and you were there. you are not
planning to be in my business..

nik and Hayden talking trusting each other Curtis wants his money.

Jake says lets Sam look around..Liz is like the police were
already here..Liz doesn;t want Sam snooping around the house
Jake says since she did it. Liz says we will go upstairs while
your dad sees sam out..Sam says if Danny was in danger
she would do anything to find out..unless Liz is afraid
Sam might find something liz doesn;t want her to.
she gets a call

Nikspoke to his lawyer when Jason is behind bars
for trying to kill me there will still be a ight for ELQ

Liz says I have nothing to hide Jason speaks up Liz
says do whatever you have to I have nothing to hide.and
walks off. Jason says to Sam do you thihnk she is hiding
something.Sam sasy lets look in the basement then I will
tell you

Morgan is not getting in his buisness. Sonny sasy
if you get near anything illegal I will ship you out of town
Morgan is like you can;t I am adult.. Sonny says yes I can

Ava talks Morgan and bi polar and if he doen;st take his
meds. Ava mentions Sonny line of work Kiki is like
that is now your line of work..Ava says discourage
Morgan from getting involved. Kiki wonders why she is so
concerned for Morgan..kiki says she thinks there is more to this
as Carly comes along.. she wants to speak with AVa.
Carly wants a favor.

Carly says to Ava you read all the reports from
the court .Yes Ava does she is always concerned
about Avery visiting Sonny and the danger. She enjoys
seeing her father..Kiki says stop being a bitch to Carly
you let Avery spend time with Sonny unsupervised.
Kiki says be nice to carly for me.. CAry would like
etAvery to spend weekend with her and sonny

Sonny says he remember what it was like to find
right level of meds.. Morgan is like my life is passing
me by. Sonny understands no joy no happiness I
spend all day on the couch playing video games..Sonny
says that is not good it will get easier for you..Morgan
wonders when it did for Sonny..It just eventually did.
he says this morning he was holding AVery and felt
he would explode with Joy.. I still go got it.
Morgan wants to go back the way thing were..Sonny is like
no you tell yourself things are under control and don;t need
the meds but if you don;t take it you will have another

Hayden pays Curtis who want to be sure it is correct
amount. Curtis tells her don;t make ipayment with out
the info..don;t you want the report.. he has it give it to her
what you gonna do with it.

Jordan comes to see Nik..she is here to update him
on the charges against Jason..He tried to kill me
Jordan says eyewitness says otherwise.

Liz is like are you donte Sam .yes..good then you can
leave my house. Sam is like jason doen;st need me
he know there was no forced entry no one saw anything
he knows what is going on..Liz is like say it.. Sam is like
you made up the whole story no one broke into your house
you smashed that pic yourself..

Sonny reminds Morgan when he went off meds
after connie died..I ruined your wedding to kiki
to the son I loved..Morgan remembers He says he
wakes up every min he know he has bi polar I go to
doc get meds that is not living..My dad in wheel chair
all I can think of is my bi polar ..Sonny is like i will be
back soon..Morgan needs a distraction he doesn;t feel
whole.. Sonny gets it he will gibe him a job.

Ava is like leave my daughter alone for two days. Carly
is like Sonny misses her.. he would sing to her at night
or dance in the living room..Avery needs him..Can we
have her please Ava. Ava says absolutely not.

Hayden says what does it matter what I do with it.
Curtis says he found out she is living with prince she doesm't
want to know..Curtis is like you are only alive cuz whoever
thinks you blame shawn if they think otherwise they will come back

Jordan is like you threw the first punch JAson was defending
himself your momentum sent you over the edge you want to
put Jason away.

Liz is like why would I do that..Sam is like you knew
Jason would come running.. Jason got a call the charges
have been dropped..Liz is like deal with her she says
I did it..Jason this is like what?? Sam explains this was
staged by someone who lives here..Sam is like you lied
to him for 7 months..Liz is like you stole hime away from me
will you be happy when I lost everything..Jason just closes
his eyes listening to this..delusional Liz. yep she said it was
all Sam fault she took Jason away from her etc etc

Hayden is safe the man who wanted her dead doesn;t
anyone.. Curtis is like really?? so you know who it is
do you have death wish..she is not ready. Curtis
says you are pressing her luck. Hayden says will you
tell no but she should. she can take care of herself.
she leaves he says we aint done

Nik reminds Jordan Jason has long record
Jordan is lke al

Liz says she owns what she did. she says you are'accusing
me of something I wouldnt do. Sam tells Jason you know
the truth.

Max tells Sonny about Raj and it is serious.

Ava says how touching standing by your man don;t
trust you or sonny. Ava says you dohn;t know what my
child needs/ kiki comes along she does she says I wished
for my father all those years when I was little you told
me he was dead.. don;t let that happen to Avery. Kiki
talks Silas and getting to know him before he died.
Show me you are willing to learn how to be better mother
give my little sister her dad.

Sam stole Liz fiance..that trumps husband you know.
She really believe what she is saying it
it is sam fault she lost Jason..Umm how
is that owning what she did??? since she
is saying it is all Sam's fault

Hayden back home she says everyone at ELQ asking about you
Nik tells her Jason not being charged there was a witness. Jason
is being exonerated. Nik is like could be worse. he hugs her and says
I love you you are more important than lawsuit or ELQ he thinks
he is in love wiht her..she says stop can;t do this.

Curtis see Jordan at Kellys she is not happy to see him. he mentions
TJ she gets testy he says he has right to see his nephew

Max shows Sonny video of Raj and the crates which say Jerome
gallery on thenm..Sonny says we wait and watch Ava is in over
her head which means Avery in danger to keep her safe.

Ava says she will think about she can do. Carly will take
it ad thanks them both. kiki says she hopes she meant it.
think about what your daughter would want that is how you be
better mother.

Morgan got text from Kiki comes he says I got a job at
Corinthos Coffee..She congrats him for being entry level bean boy.

Ava on the phone with Raj

Jason wants to talk to liz alone..Sam reminds him Liz is taking
advantage of you..Liz tells her to get out of her house. Liz is like
she hated me. Jason gives her the look.Liz is liek you don;t beliver
Sam do you.

The End.

General Hospital 1-22-16 Preview


Dante, to Michael and Sonny at the gym...Lulu and Johnny were trying to set Valerie up...

Laura to Lulu, angrily...I want to know what is going on, I NEED an explanation...

Hayden to Nik...I'm afraid to love u as much as I do...

Liz to Jason...I SWEAR to u, Jason, I would never do something so terrible and horrible...

Carly to Sam at MC bar...I'm not going to be dishonest with Jason, I can't...


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Live Thread 1/22

Dante at the gym with Michael, Sonny comes in says to Dante
working out your aggression

Lulu texting Dante they need to talk get a visit from Laura who
says Rocco is settled in at Wyndemere.. Laura says LULU you left
me with Rocco without saying anything police come to the door
Lulu cries hugs laura says i mad a mess

Hayden can't do this. Nik wonder what is going on

Carly talking to chef at MC..Called Sam to come for Jason

Liz is like you can;t believe Sam, Jason says last time you told me
to believe you over Sam you were lying why is this time any different.

Carly talks Jason birthday we can start new tradition with Jason
we thought we lost him he is back.. the date he started a new life
when he woke up in hospital..Sam doesn;t like it

Liz is like I would never do what she says to her son.Jason is like
you were willing to keep me from danny..

Hayden says months we have been playing games. Nik
thought they got past that. Hayden says I let myself
be real with you. This is new to me love don;t know what
to do with it..

Hayden says the emotion is overwheleming, Nik says
the way my ex said it he never really meant it. Nik says
when you were bedside with me I could feel you genuinely
cared. Love is suppose to make you happy all I see is fear
Hayden is afraid to love him.

Sonny asks Michael how Sabrina is .Micheal is like
she left towm..Dante mentions Johnny back in prison
I was busy tracking my wife who would get 15 years
as accessory if Johnny didn;t take the fall for her.

Lulu tells Laura about when Val was left alone with her
son. Laura says you were very calm..Lulu was so angry
she couldn;t think straight. told Johnny could stay if he
helped me with Val..Laura is like OMG. Lulu says this wan;t
my intention.

Dante is like Lulu and Johnny were trying to set Val up
he tells the tale. Val almost ended up dead and Lulu in
Jail..Dante took care of it..Yes legally she will never answer
for getting Val killed not sure he can get past it.

Lulu says I wanted her to leave PC far from me and Dante
Laura asks if Dante knows , yes he knows everything. He told
me when he cheated he destroyed half out marriage what
I did destroyed the other.

Dante never thought lulu capable of this she could have
known better. Sonny sasy what Lulu did was wrong but is that
your wife under normal circumstance and acknowledge how
much you hurt with the mother of your child unless
you want to walk away from your family you made promises.
do you want to figure out a way to fix this. Michael says
to Sonny you tried.

Sam explains about the breakin Carly says JAson couldn;t
figure it out for him self.. Sam says Jason won;t be in the
mood for a party..Carly is like well then he should be around
people he can have a good time..Carly won;t be dishonest
to Jason..CArly is like he is your husband should be with you.
Sam is like don;t say that.Jason has to decide.

Liz says she owned what she did she know he can;t get
past that. Li says let talk our friendship when I Opened
my home when you had no one that time together it was
honest. I am not trying to manipulate..Jason says you want
me to take your word when you lied to me.. she swears on
her children and her love for him..

Wth Liz says she would never and this should be about
Jake..Jason AGrees then says will they be alright here
alone and to lock the door behind him. WTH??

Hayden is liek what if I don;t deserve you

Lulu says I have the right to be angry and act out.
laura is like you have been recklass this has been
a disaster..Laura says hold still till you get clarity
Lulu says wish I had listened the first time..Laura
does to..Laura has to go look after lulu son..Laura says
I still love you..gee the wonderful of you laura..and she
leaves as Dante is at the door. Laura tells him Rocco
is fine..Laura says goodnight ad leaves.. Dante wants
to come in

Jason arrives at MC. thanks then for the helping drop
the charges..Carly wants him to celebrate. she says
Happy birthday and hugs him..

Jason says I was nnot born in January..Carly tells
the tale of Jason and his accident and when he woke
up in the hospital. Carly says we can just celebrate
that you are here and not in prison.

Liz says your dad doen;st live with us anymore. Jake
wanted Daddy to stay..Liz says I know your dad loves
you but we don;t live in the here and not getting married.
Laura comes along. Jake says goodnight. Laura was
just checking on here. things back to normal ..nothing is

Sonny says Dante will throw away best thing ever
happened to him..Michael is like not all obstacles can
be overcome..Sonny says you lose if you refuse to try
I hate these exercises hate them, why do I do it? for my
family so I can walk again for my family.. Hope one day
you learn from my example.

Lulu is glad to hear Val wasn;t hurt. Dante says you know
you left your fate in Johnnys hand. Lulu says she is wrong
and sorry. Dante is like so sorry is just suppose to excues it
Lulu says maybe we need to face
all our mistakes. we were happy and we loved each other
Dante is like you harbored a fugitive an man I despised.
Lulu did it cuz she love him she wanted to save thier marriage
it was all for US.

Hayden worries about the mistrust and it will fall
a part.. she says maybe I should leave and let
you move on..Nik is like you stay not just
for the night. stay FOREVER.

Sonny ask michael did your mom tell you about
cake for Jason..yeah..Sonny tells Michael to go
ahead. he has to finish up here. Michael learned
from his example every day.. Sonny alone in the gym

Laura wonders if police have come up with anything
Liz tattles on Sam. Sam said I did it..Laura is like oh as
Jake is listening on the stairs and scribble on the pad.

Jason doesn;t want a party..Carly tries not to be
disappointed. He is sorry Carly is like don;t stand here
like you are different person .you are Jason Morgan
and I still love you. Be yourself. happy birthday and she leaves
Jason says to Sam help yourself to some cake he will get air

Lulu says she made mistake can we talk about us. Val
ended things before NY you didn;t need to do all this.
Dante says he wanted to be with Lulu the whole time .

Dante says it is too late..Lulu offers counseling.. Dante
never thought he could be unfaithful never thought he
would lie for months but he did and he didn;t think
she could be vindictive and lie but she did.
Rocco is the reason this has to end so we keep the ugliness
away we have to let each other go..He will talk to a lawyer
about a divorce she cries walks out
she cries no.. he almost goes back in then walks away

Nik says stay as my wife. She is like we talked of this.
we don;t live in medevil times anymore..I think you
are beautiful charmig you give great advice support me
you won spencer over and me too. I am so in love
with you. so he gets down on one knee and says marry me.

Liz doens;t understand Sam won why can;t she leave
me alone. Jake drawing a pic of Sam

Sonny stands up holds on

Michael see carly wonders where party is..Carly says
there isn;t one. Michael is like we need to give him time
Carly says where did you get so smart. he learned if from
his mom

Sam and Jason on the terraces she has cake. Jason says
she is right. I have been drawing lines. he says I have
to start living life. I should say thank you more often. Sam
sasy thank carly for the cake and feed him some it rains
she gets wet. he has a memory says this happened before
you and me on rooftop in rain I remember how it felt how
I felt with you.. we were outside these colored lights and w
were dancing and holding you we were kissing and...I..
remember how you felt and smelled. don;t know why or how
we got there. but it feels real..Sam says it was real..he syas

The end.

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