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Cool Wednesday 10/4 "Victoria and Billy Take a Big Financial Risk Based on Jacks Fake Memo

Wednesday 10/4 "Victoria and Billy Take a Big Financial Risk Based on Jack’s Fake Memo"

Wednesday October 4, 2017: Dina questions Graham, Ashley and Ravi keep digging, and Jack tells Phyllis he doesn’t need her help

Jack holds the elevator for Victoria at Jabot, and they proceed to spar verbally about competing and brag about their latest strategies. After, Jack pulls Ravi into his office and reminds him to contact him the minute Billy accesses their server again – he’s positive he won’t be able to resist.

At the Club, Billy tells Phyllis he booked her a massage in the spa. He takes a call from Victoria, who warns Jack has a new plan, but she doesn’t want Billy accessing the Jabot server again. Billy disconnects. He informs Phyllis he’ll look after her laptop while she’s in her treatment, then calls Vikki back to debate the need to access Jabot’s server. Billy thinks it over, then does it. In Dina’s suite, she flashes to arguing with Ashley about Graham. Ash arrives, and confronts her mother about sending Victor photos of Jack and Nikki.Dina-defends-herself-YR-CBS Dina defends herself. Ash returns her mother’s computer and apologizes for accusing Graham of cyber-theft…though he’s still a liar. Graham enters. Ashley begrudgingly admits he didn’t steal confidential files. Graham alludes to them being more alike than she realizes. Ash snipes that she’s honest and trustworthy. Once she’s gone, Graham rants about Ashley spewing lies about him. Dina confronts him about Ashley’s claim that his mother is alive. Graham calls it a twisted tale and reports the woman in the retirement home is his aunt, not his mother. Dina wonders why he kept this from her, and supposes he wanted to keep quiet about his good deed. She complains about her children. Graham says Ashley can treat him however she wants; the truth will come out in the end.

Nick arrives at the penthouse and updates Chelsea that the issue with his checking account was no mistake – it was his dad’s doing. He reveals that this hack has Kevin Fisher’s name all over it; he’s back in town. Chelsea’s confused. Nick relays how he came to the conclusion that Victor did this with Kevin’s help. Chelsea hugs Nick, who explains Vic is taking back the lawsuit money he won from him. They remark on him making nice with Abby and Victoria. Nick reflects that his dad always gets what he wants, but this time it will end differently. Chelsea worries about how much more damage will be done before then. Nick guesses emptying his account is the start of something bigger to make him look incompetent – he won’t let his dad get away with it. “I know what I have to do, and he’ll never see it coming.”

Ashley arrives at Jabot and commiserates with Jack about their issues with Dina and Billy. Jack reads her the fake memo he planted on the server about cutting the budget for their men’s line. He can’t wait to see the looks on Billy and Victoria’s faces when they learn he actually doubled that budget. Ashley is sour that Jack is escalating things. Ravi knocks and reports Dina’s password was used to access the Jabot server. Jack smirks. “Billy Abbott strikes again.” Ash is disgruntled – she hates this! Jack insists they have to stand up for their dad’s company. Ashley is with him. When Phyllis arrives, Ravi and Ashley file out. In the hall, Ravi feels he’s helping protect Jabot. Ashley thanks him for being her rock. Talk turns to Ravi coming up empty searching for Graham’s Genoa City school records. Billy-Victoria-lets-do-it-YR-CBSThey wonder if he went by another name, but Ash decides they should focus on Myrna Bloodworth and where she worked to unravel the mystery. In Jack’s office, Phyllis discusses the skewed Fenmore’s sales with Jack, who informs her he doesn’t need her help. He thinks Victoria’s company is going under; they cannot win this race. Down at Brash & Sassy, Victoria is irked that Billy spied on Jabot again, but marvels that they’re pulling back on their men’s line. She worries about getting into a financial trap, as Billy’s plan to capitalize on Jabot leaving a gap in men’s products will cost them a fortune. Billy enthuses that expanding their men’s line will be worth it, but they have to act immediately. Victoria decides, “Let’s do it.”

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Myrna warns Graham not to get soft, not when they’re so close to paying 'that bitch' Dina back for what she did to them.

Billy says to Vikki, “After all we’ve done to beat Jack, it could all be for nothing.”

Ashley holds an Innovator of the Year Award as Jack says, “Your name and Dad’s will be linked together forever with this honor.”

- Candace Young

Tomorrow Can Thurs US #yr
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Wednesday U.S.

Dina’s Suite

- Ashley is outside of Dina’s room and has a flashback of one of her conversations with Dina about Graham.

- Ashley gets upset at Dina over the photos of Jack and Nikki. Dina tells her she’s just trying to protect him.

- Dina tells her to leave, but Ashley has something to say to her. She doesn’t want to fight and apologizes. Ashley returns Dina’s computer and tells Dina the hack was a false alarm. They argue about Graham and his “dead” mother.

- Graham enters and Ashley pretends to eat crow and tells Graham about the fake hack. Ashley leaves.

- Graham is sniping about Ashley to Dina and she asks Graham if his mother’s alive and fills him in on the Florida retirement community with a “Mrs. Bloodworth”.

- Graham claims the woman in the retirement home is his aunt, not his mother. Dina’s upset Graham didn’t tell her about her.


- Jack and Victoria are talking in the elevator. They have an exchange about how each other’s company is going to crush each other.

- Jack runs in to Ravi and asks to see him in his office and asks about more unauthorized downloads. None since the last one. Jack says Billy won’t resist going back for more.

- Later, Ashley and Jack are talking about Dina, then Billy and his hacking. Ashley doesn’t like Jack’s plan, calls it sleazy.

- Jack goes to his computer and reads out a phony email about cutting Dare to bait Billy.

- Later, Ravi rushes in and says someone logged in to the Jabot server.

- Jack warns Ashley that neither Billy nor Victoria are going to back down and they need to stand up for “dad’s company”. Ashley agrees not to fight him.

- Phyllis enters for a scheduled meeting about Fenmore’s. Ravi and Ashley leave. At the meeting, Phyllis reports she has nothing on Brash & Sassy messing with their numbers. Jack tells her to stop digging into it and that he doesn’t need her help. Victoria’s company is sinking and Jack tells Phyllis all he needs to do is his job and they’ll beat Brash & Sassy.

- Ravi and Ashley talk in the hallway. He looked into Graham more and there’s no info on him in GC public school records. Private schools are brought up. Ashley wants Ravi to keep looking into Myrna Bloodworth.


- Phyllis is getting handsy with Billy at the gym. Billy booked her a massage.

- Victoria calls Billy and tells him about her confrontation with Jack in the elevator. Phase two Jabot Jr. is happening and they need a plan.

- Billy’s not going to work right away to spend time with Phyllis. Victoria warns him not to log in to her computer again.

- Phyllis goes to her massage and Billy offers to hold on to her computer for her.

- He phones Victoria again and tells her he has the computer & he wants to look. Victoria is worried he’ll get caught.

- Billy logs in to Phyllis’ computer. We don’t see what he does. Later, Phyllis comes back and thanks Billy for the massage.

Chelsea’s Condo

- Chelsea's on the phone & Nick comes in after a workout.

- The account is brought up – it’s not a mistake Nick says, it’s Victor’s doing.

- Nick fills Chelsea in on seeing Kevin and coming to blows about Chloe. That and the conversation with Victor in the gym led him to think Kevin’s helping Victor drain his accounts. Chelsea feels bad for him and hugs him.

- Nick tells Chelsea Victor resents him over the lawsuit and wants the money back.

- They talk about how Abby’s the golden child for now and how Victoria’s getting into Victor’s good graces as well.

- Nick’s not going to back down. He’s confident this time their pattern of alienation and making up will be broken.

- Nick doesn’t want Chelsea to worry about Victor. Nick knows what he has to do and Victor “will never see it coming”.

Brash & Sassy

- Billy shows up with a memory stick with more Jabot stuff.

- Victoria reluctantly looks and reads the phony email. Victoria says it could be a trap – a financial one.

- Billy wants to group the facemask and the line Victor gave them into one line that they can roll out to fill the market gap of Jabot’s cut men’s line.

- Victoria thinks they don’t have the cash to roll it out but Billy insists it’s worth it and explains his point.

- Billy does not want to roll over and let Jack win. Victoria agrees to expand the line.


- Myrna warns Graham not to get soft, they’re close to paying “that bitch” Dina back for what she did to them.
- Billy to Victoria: “After all we’ve done to beat Jack, it could all be for nothing.”
- Ashley is holding some award. Jack: “Your name and dad’s will be linked together forever with this honor.”
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