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Cool Monday 10/2 "A Gun-Toting Alice Reunites Tessa and Crystal at Cassie’s Grave"

Monday 10/2 "A Gun-Toting Alice Reunites Tessa and Crystal at Cassie’s Grave"

Monday October 2, 2017: Victor pressures Kevin, Nick gets a shock, and Cane and Lily break the divorce news to the twins.

Kevin joins Victor in his ‘creepy’ office building after hours. He’s complaining about the difficulty of dealing with Nick’s diversified accounts when Noah arrives. Kevin-hacking-account-YR-CBSHe updates his grandfather on the trip and Victor informs him it will be the last time he helps, since he doesn’t want to antagonize Nick. He shrugs that Nick’s attitude is too bad, as he has a perfect building in St. Louis they could use. After Noah’s gone, Kevin points out that once Nick goes bust, Noah’s dreams will go up in smoke. Vic snaps that Noah has his own trust fund and orders Kevin to get to work. He becomes impatient for Kevin to get in, and suddenly he does.

Chelsea welcomes Nick back to the penthouse from Ann Arbor, and he gifts her with a beer stein containing a special necklace.Nick-no-money-YR-CBS Romantic talk follows, they have sex, then talk about how ‘right’ it all feels. The doorbell rings, so they dress and let Noah in. He mentions Victor’s building in St. Louis. Nick wants no part of leasing from his father. Chelsea agrees. Noah worries about getting more capital. Nick goes to transfer some from his personal account, and is stunned to see his bank account has zero funds. “Where’s all my money?”

Mariah reassures Tessa that things will work out in the stables, and they talk about the redhead’s past experience in gaslighting – it’s not something she’s proud of. Mariah was glad to do it to help Crystal, however. Tessa gushes that Mariah’s truly like family, though Mariah counters she’s much more than that to her. Tessa takes off – she can’t sit and do nothing.

In Sharon’s house, she informs Alice that she’s not leaving. Alice asks, “Who’s going to stop me?” Alice reminds Sharon she was held against her will. Sharon counters that she promised to do the right thing. She urges her to call Leon on speakerphone. He confirms they’re back in Genoa City, and Alice speaks briefly to Crystal. Tessa and Mariah blow in. Sharon informs them that Crystal is back in town and the meeting’s been set. Alice gets dialed in on Mariah being Cassie’s twin. Alice sneers about their con. The girls lay into her about the sex ring, but Alice pretends to know nothing.

Cane arrives at the Ashby house to discuss the divorce papers with Lily, who explains she can’t have the kids living in limbo any more. Cane-divorce-talk-YR-CBSCane wants to help tell them. Mattie and Charlie enter. They all sit down and discuss school, until Lily switches gears. “Your Dad and I, we are getting a divorce.” Cane and Lily make it clear they are open to talk as much as the twins’ like, and explain it was time to move forward. Mattie asks about logistics. They will remain with Lily, but see Cane whenever they want. They establish that it’s not because of Jordan or Juliet. Lily stresses that Cane loves them. Charlie places his arm around Mattie protectively. Cane hugs his kids as Lily holds back tears. Once the kids file out, Lily assures Cane he’s a wonderful father. He says he’ll always love her, and goes. Mattie rejoins Lily and holds her.

At the Club, Zach tries unsuccessfully to reach Alice. Abby appears and declares they have a problem with the app – there are way more men subscribers than women. She’s irked that Zach’s not showing concern and seems distracted. He finally snaps at her to ‘give it a rest’. She’s taken aback and wonders if he’s tense because she wouldn’t go to bed with him. He reassures her it's just work stress.

At Cassie’s grave, Alice can’t believe Sharon chose this as the meeting spot. Sharon felt they needed a guardian angel by their side. They talk about what it was like seeing Mariah, and Sharon assures Alice she is doing what Cassie would have wanted. Alice insists she cares about ‘her girls’, but Sharon urges her to get out of this business. Tessa and Mariah linger in the bushes as Leon shows up with Crystal. Soon a gun is drawn and Leon has Sharon by the arm as he demands, “What’s going on here?” Mariah hits him in the back of the head and Alice ends up with the gun. She lets Leon go. Crystal and Tessa embrace.

At the Club, Zach takes a call from Leon, who says he has big problem.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nick tells someone on the phone that he figured out who hacked his accounts.

Nick watches as Victor and someone unseen have a champagne toast.

Paul tells Crystal she can trust him, which makes what he is about to say that much more difficult.

The police kick in the door of Alice’s house.
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The Young and the Restless - Game On! (Preview)

Monday U.S.

Newman Enterprises

- Kevin tells Victor the hack is going to be harder than he thinks. Victor just wants the job done.

- There’s a knock at the door and Kevin hides, Noah enters.

- Noah updates Victor on the Underground expansion. Victor is happy, but won’t be able to help him again.

- Newman owns a building in St. Louis and it’s “unfortunate” Nick & Victor are on the outs, cause he could've had it.

- Noah leaves. Kevin finally gets into the accounts.

Chelsea’s Condo

- Nick comes home after going out of town for The Underground expansion.

- He gets Chelsea a gift she doesn’t seem to like - a mug. There's an eternity band necklace inside. Nick tells her how much he loves their life.

- Later, Nick & Chelsea are shown after having sex on the couch. Chelsea tells Nick how much she wants him there even though she wasn’t sure about it in the beginning.

- There’s a ring of the doorbell. Chelsea and Nick rush to put clothes on.

- Noah enters & Chelsea congratulates him on The Underground (2 new locations). He wants to tell Tessa but can't find her.

- Noah tells Nick about St. Louis. Nick doesn’t want to hear it, Chelsea wants him to. Nick then hears Noah out, but still says no.

- Nick insists he has capital for more properties, logs into his account and notices it’s drained.

Newman Stables

- Tessa and Mariah are talking; Alice ordered Crystal back to Genoa City.

- Mariah says everything will be fine as long as they keep using their secret weapon, Cassie’s ghost.

- Tessa is amazed Mariah pretended to be Cassie's ghost.

- Tessa tells Mariah again she’s like family to her, Mariah tells her she’s much more than that to her.

Sharon’s Cottage

- Alice has been asleep on Sharon’s couch. She wakes up & Sharon tells her she’s not going anywhere until Crystal is safe.

- Sharon says they're not enemies and that’s proven by the fact that Alice has Crystal on a plane back to GC.

- Sharon wants to hear that Crystal’s OK, Alice calls Leon on speaker phone. Crystal is put on the phone and asks Alice where she’s going. “Somewhere safe” Alice says.

- Sharon writes a location for Crystal to be brought to on a piece of paper. The location “doesn’t make sense” according to Alice.

- Tessa and Mariah enter; Alice is filled in on the Cassie/Mariah twin situation.

- Tessa says they need to shut down the sex ring, Alice is insistent she knows nothing about one.

Ashby House

- Cane enters and mentions getting served the divorce papers to Lily.

- Cane and Lily argue about the divorce. They discuss how to tell the kids.

- Maddie and Charlie arrive and are told they need to talk with their parents. Maddie asks if it’s a good thing or bad thing.

- Lily tells the kids about the divorce. Cane hangs his head.

- Charlie asks “why now?” and Lily says they can now move forward with their lives. Maddie asks about logistics, Lily says the kids can see Cane whenever they want.

- Maddie thinks the divorce was Lily’s idea and Jordan’s a factor. Charlie is angry at Cane cause of Juliet.

- Charlie reminds Maddie they still have each other. Lily and Cane are glad about this.

- The Twins want to be done with this, their parents encourage them to keep talking. Maddie hugs Cane and says she loves him. Cane grabs Charlie into a hug, tells the kids how much they mean to him. They leave.

- Cane puts his keys on the table and leaves.

- Maddie comes back out and comforts Lily.

Cassie’s Grave

- Alice is mystified that Sharon wants Crystal brought there. Sharon says it makes perfect sense.

- Alice and Sharon talk about how it felt to see Cassie’s ghost.

- Sharon’s not mad at Alice because she made the decision to bring Crystal back.

- Sharon is hiding in the bushes. Tessa and Mariah are hanging back too.

- Leon later brings Crystal to the graveyard & returns her to Alice. He hears something in the bushes & grabs Sharon, shows her to Alice and asks “what the hell is going on?”.

- Leon recognizes Sharon from the motel. Mariah hits him in the back of the head with a rock. There's a struggle and Alice ends up with Leon's gun.

- Leon is still conscious, Alice tells him to leave instead of shooting him telling him & that “the boss” knows about everything, Leon leaves.

- Tessa and Crystal are reunited, and they embrace.


- Zack angrily calls Alice asking her where she is.

- Abby approaches and says there’s a problem with the app - too many men are signing up. Zack says women take longer to sign up than men.

- Abby mentions the Brash & Sassy ad buy, Zack is preoccupied and short with Abby.

- Zack apologizes for his behaviour. Abby asks if it’s about last night. Zack says no.

- Leon calls Zack and says they have a “problem”.


•Nick’s talking to someone on the phone and insists he knows who hacked into his accounts. Victor.
•Paul is talking to Crystal at Sharon’s cottage
•Police are seen in the prostitute safehouse

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