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"Alice Is Mowed Down As Sharon Reveals Her Role in the Sex Ring"

Tuesday October 3, 2017: Nick comes to a realization about Victor, Jack vows to protect Nikki, and Paul meets with Crystal.

Dina storms into Jabot and demands her laptop from Jack. She assures him Graham’s not plotting anything, but Jack thinks she’s a fool for believing that. They debate about his relationship with Nikki, then continue arguing about Graham’s trustworthiness. Gloria-Kevin-live-closer-YR-CBSIn the hallway, Gloria visits with Kevin and fishes to find out if he’s met someone. He asks about her love life. Glo grouses that Jack dumped her for Nikki, and Graham’s only offering friendship – she might get a cat. Kevin gives her a pep talk, and she wishes he and Bella lived closer. They embrace.

Abby receives accolades from Victor at Newman Enterprises, but as she’s leaving, stops and returns to his office. She confides in her father about Zach’s upsetting behavior – it’s like he’s hiding something from her. Vic opines that she’s smart to be cautious. Abby asks about Nikki, and suggests if they’re not reconciling, it may be time for him to move on.

At the Club, a panicky Nick is on the phone thanking someone for looking into his banking mistake. He and Nikki compare notes on Victor butting into their business. Nikki complains about Dina. Nick takes a call – the bank has no idea how his account was emptied. He updates Nikki. After she’s gone, Nick spots Kevin enter. He apologizes for showing up at Chloe’s funeral, but Kevin gets snarly about him driving Chloe to commit suicide. Nick heads to the gym, where he encounters Victor, who makes a crack about the ‘cost’ of his behavior, and warns that he ‘stands to lose everything’. Later on, Victor meets with Kevin in the dining room. They agree it was good working together. Kevin goes, and Victor joins Gloria at the bar. She mentions Jack and Nikki, and Victor suggests she should work for someone else. Glo wonders if he’s trying to employ her. Nearby, Nick tells the bank manager he figured out who hacked his account as he watches his father toast with Gloria.

In the car with Sharon, Alice’s head is still spinning. Sharon’s taken aback that she’s concerned about explaining things to her boss, and talk turns to Cassie and Mariah. Sharon feels lucky she got a second chance…she wants Alice to get another chance too; she’s giving her a head start before calling the cops. Alice moans about her girls. Sharon snaps that this is a wake-up call – her girls are victims. Does she really want to continue down this path?

Mariah and Tessa arrive at home with Crystal, who informs her sister that they need to leave town immediately. Sharon arrives after, followed by Paul. Mariah’s concerned as Crystal spots Paul. He introduces himself and asks Crystal who’s in charge of the sex ring. Sharon reveals that none other than Alice Johnson looked after the girls. Paul tells Crystal she can trust him, but he’ll have put her in witness protection. Once it’s settled, Paul hugs Sharon, who is reminded of Dylan. Paul leaves with Crystal after she and Tessa share an emotional goodbye.

At Alice’s house, Leon is on the phone with Zach, who tells him he has a contingency plan in place. They agree to meet at an undisclosed location. Later, Alice is there packing when she gets a call from Zach. She stammers on about her kidnapping. Zach reports that he’s moved the girls to a new location and reveals he can see Alice packing through a camera on the bookcase. Alice wants a few days off. Zach directs her to an envelope they left for her outside. Later, the police kick in the door with guns drawn.

In her parked car, Alice opens the envelope from Zach, which contains stacks of cash. Suddenly, Leon hops in the passenger side. Alice opens the driver’s side door and jumps out…into the path of an oncoming car. Cash flies everywhere as she’s run down.

Nikki arrives in Jack’s office, and thanks Dina for the lovely photos – she may use them for her Christmas cards. Jack-Nikki-mojo-YR-CBSDina sniffs about Nikki cheating on Victor. Nikki promises to deal with anyone who tries to control or interfere in, her life. Jack backs her up. Once alone, Nikki and Jack lament how sad Dina’s choices turned out to be. Jack vows to protect Nikki from whatever hellfire Victor rains down on her. Nikki doesn’t need his protection. Jack grins that she’s gotten her mojo back – the strong, confident Nikki he loves. She begs him not to say that. Jack warns they both must be prepared for Victor. Nikki wishes he’d just move on.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Dina asks Graham if his mother’s alive.

Billy offers to take Phyllis’ laptop for her at the Club.

Ravi reports to Jack and Ashley that Dina’s password was used to access the Jabot server. Jack exclaims, “Billy Abbott strikes again!”
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Wednesday 10/4 "Victoria and Billy Take a Big Financial Risk Based on Jack’s Fake Memo"

Wednesday October 4, 2017: Dina questions Graham, Ashley and Ravi keep digging, and Jack tells Phyllis he doesn’t need her help

Jack holds the elevator for Victoria at Jabot, and they proceed to spar verbally about competing and brag about their latest strategies. After, Jack pulls Ravi into his office and reminds him to contact him the minute Billy accesses their server again – he’s positive he won’t be able to resist.

At the Club, Billy tells Phyllis he booked her a massage in the spa. He takes a call from Victoria, who warns Jack has a new plan, but she doesn’t want Billy accessing the Jabot server again. Billy disconnects. He informs Phyllis he’ll look after her laptop while she’s in her treatment, then calls Vikki back to debate the need to access Jabot’s server. Billy thinks it over, then does it. In Dina’s suite, she flashes to arguing with Ashley about Graham. Ash arrives, and confronts her mother about sending Victor photos of Jack and Nikki.Dina-defends-herself-YR-CBS Dina defends herself. Ash returns her mother’s computer and apologizes for accusing Graham of cyber-theft…though he’s still a liar. Graham enters. Ashley begrudgingly admits he didn’t steal confidential files. Graham alludes to them being more alike than she realizes. Ash snipes that she’s honest and trustworthy. Once she’s gone, Graham rants about Ashley spewing lies about him. Dina confronts him about Ashley’s claim that his mother is alive. Graham calls it a twisted tale and reports the woman in the retirement home is his aunt, not his mother. Dina wonders why he kept this from her, and supposes he wanted to keep quiet about his good deed. She complains about her children. Graham says Ashley can treat him however she wants; the truth will come out in the end.

Nick arrives at the penthouse and updates Chelsea that the issue with his checking account was no mistake – it was his dad’s doing. He reveals that this hack has Kevin Fisher’s name all over it; he’s back in town. Chelsea’s confused. Nick relays how he came to the conclusion that Victor did this with Kevin’s help. Chelsea hugs Nick, who explains Vic is taking back the lawsuit money he won from him. They remark on him making nice with Abby and Victoria. Nick reflects that his dad always gets what he wants, but this time it will end differently. Chelsea worries about how much more damage will be done before then. Nick guesses emptying his account is the start of something bigger to make him look incompetent – he won’t let his dad get away with it. “I know what I have to do, and he’ll never see it coming.”

Ashley arrives at Jabot and commiserates with Jack about their issues with Dina and Billy. Jack reads her the fake memo he planted on the server about cutting the budget for their men’s line. He can’t wait to see the looks on Billy and Victoria’s faces when they learn he actually doubled that budget. Ashley is sour that Jack is escalating things. Ravi knocks and reports Dina’s password was used to access the Jabot server. Jack smirks. “Billy Abbott strikes again.” Ash is disgruntled – she hates this! Jack insists they have to stand up for their dad’s company. Ashley is with him. When Phyllis arrives, Ravi and Ashley file out. In the hall, Ravi feels he’s helping protect Jabot. Ashley thanks him for being her rock. Talk turns to Ravi coming up empty searching for Graham’s Genoa City school records. Billy-Victoria-lets-do-it-YR-CBSThey wonder if he went by another name, but Ash decides they should focus on Myrna Bloodworth and where she worked to unravel the mystery. In Jack’s office, Phyllis discusses the skewed Fenmore’s sales with Jack, who informs her he doesn’t need her help. He thinks Victoria’s company is going under; they cannot win this race. Down at Brash & Sassy, Victoria is irked that Billy spied on Jabot again, but marvels that they’re pulling back on their men’s line. She worries about getting into a financial trap, as Billy’s plan to capitalize on Jabot leaving a gap in men’s products will cost them a fortune. Billy enthuses that expanding their men’s line will be worth it, but they have to act immediately. Victoria decides, “Let’s do it.”

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Myrna warns Graham not to get soft, not when they’re so close to paying 'that bitch' Dina back for what she did to them.

Billy says to Vikki, “After all we’ve done to beat Jack, it could all be for nothing.”

Ashley holds an Innovator of the Year Award as Jack says, “Your name and Dad’s will be linked together forever with this honor.”

- Candace Young

Tomorrow Can Thurs US #yr



Wednesday U.S.

Dina’s Suite

- Ashley is outside of Dina’s room and has a flashback of one of her conversations with Dina about Graham.

- Ashley gets upset at Dina over the photos of Jack and Nikki. Dina tells her she’s just trying to protect him.

- Dina tells her to leave, but Ashley has something to say to her. She doesn’t want to fight and apologizes. Ashley returns Dina’s computer and tells Dina the hack was a false alarm. They argue about Graham and his “dead” mother.

- Graham enters and Ashley pretends to eat crow and tells Graham about the fake hack. Ashley leaves.

- Graham is sniping about Ashley to Dina and she asks Graham if his mother’s alive and fills him in on the Florida retirement community with a “Mrs. Bloodworth”.

- Graham claims the woman in the retirement home is his aunt, not his mother. Dina’s upset Graham didn’t tell her about her.


- Jack and Victoria are talking in the elevator. They have an exchange about how each other’s company is going to crush each other.

- Jack runs in to Ravi and asks to see him in his office and asks about more unauthorized downloads. None since the last one. Jack says Billy won’t resist going back for more.

- Later, Ashley and Jack are talking about Dina, then Billy and his hacking. Ashley doesn’t like Jack’s plan, calls it sleazy.

- Jack goes to his computer and reads out a phony email about cutting Dare to bait Billy.

- Later, Ravi rushes in and says someone logged in to the Jabot server.

- Jack warns Ashley that neither Billy nor Victoria are going to back down and they need to stand up for “dad’s company”. Ashley agrees not to fight him.

- Phyllis enters for a scheduled meeting about Fenmore’s. Ravi and Ashley leave. At the meeting, Phyllis reports she has nothing on Brash & Sassy messing with their numbers. Jack tells her to stop digging into it and that he doesn’t need her help. Victoria’s company is sinking and Jack tells Phyllis all he needs to do is his job and they’ll beat Brash & Sassy.

- Ravi and Ashley talk in the hallway. He looked into Graham more and there’s no info on him in GC public school records. Private schools are brought up. Ashley wants Ravi to keep looking into Myrna Bloodworth.


- Phyllis is getting handsy with Billy at the gym. Billy booked her a massage.

- Victoria calls Billy and tells him about her confrontation with Jack in the elevator. Phase two Jabot Jr. is happening and they need a plan.

- Billy’s not going to work right away to spend time with Phyllis. Victoria warns him not to log in to her computer again.

- Phyllis goes to her massage and Billy offers to hold on to her computer for her.

- He phones Victoria again and tells her he has the computer & he wants to look. Victoria is worried he’ll get caught.

- Billy logs in to Phyllis’ computer. We don’t see what he does. Later, Phyllis comes back and thanks Billy for the massage.

Chelsea’s Condo

- Chelsea's on the phone & Nick comes in after a workout.

- The account is brought up – it’s not a mistake Nick says, it’s Victor’s doing.

- Nick fills Chelsea in on seeing Kevin and coming to blows about Chloe. That and the conversation with Victor in the gym led him to think Kevin’s helping Victor drain his accounts. Chelsea feels bad for him and hugs him.

- Nick tells Chelsea Victor resents him over the lawsuit and wants the money back.

- They talk about how Abby’s the golden child for now and how Victoria’s getting into Victor’s good graces as well.

- Nick’s not going to back down. He’s confident this time their pattern of alienation and making up will be broken.

- Nick doesn’t want Chelsea to worry about Victor. Nick knows what he has to do and Victor “will never see it coming”.

Brash & Sassy

- Billy shows up with a memory stick with more Jabot stuff.

- Victoria reluctantly looks and reads the phony email. Victoria says it could be a trap – a financial one.

- Billy wants to group the facemask and the line Victor gave them into one line that they can roll out to fill the market gap of Jabot’s cut men’s line.

- Victoria thinks they don’t have the cash to roll it out but Billy insists it’s worth it and explains his point.

- Billy does not want to roll over and let Jack win. Victoria agrees to expand the line.


- Myrna warns Graham not to get soft, they’re close to paying “that bitch” Dina back for what she did to them.
- Billy to Victoria: “After all we’ve done to beat Jack, it could all be for nothing.”
- Ashley is holding some award. Jack: “Your name and dad’s will be linked together forever with this honor.”

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Thursday 10/5 "Lily Accepts Billy’s Offer of Cane’s Former Position at Brash & Sassy"

Thursday October 5, 2017: Graham is put on notice by Myrna, Jack has excellent news for Ashley, and Victoria argues with Hilary

At Jabot, Ashley and Jack recall when John received the Innovator of the Year Award. Jack chokes up as he relays that Ashley is getting one of her own.Jack-Ashley-party-YR-CBS Ash humbly feels she doesn’t deserve it, but Jack assures her she does. He is planning a party to celebrate, and Ash insists he include Billy. Jack suggests she go downstairs, invite him, and sniff around. Ash agrees. Down at Brash & Sassy, Billy and Victoria are frustrated trying to find someone qualified to fill the executive position – it’s like Jack’s hired them all. Victoria hates to say it, but Cane was good at his job. Billy nips that talk in the bud.

At Lily’s place, Neil is supportive as she shares the news of her impending divorce. He wants what’s best for Charlie and Mattie, and doesn’t have much sympathy for Cane. Lily says she plans to keep busy with work to get through this, and mentions her recent photo shoots with Jordan. Neil notes he’s been a good friend. Lily agrees; he’s been someone she can count on…a lot.

At the Club gym, Hilary is furious that Cane isn’t fighting back with regard to the divorce. Cane isn’t up for hearing her ideas as he knows she only cares about keeping Jordan away from Lily. In Graham’s suite, he listens to Myrna complain over the phone about Brent leaving them behind to go off with Dina. Graham reflects on Ashley’s anger toward Dina – it must have hurt to find out John Abbott wasn’t her father. Myrna snaps at him not to get soft when they’re so close to paying ‘that bitch’ Dina back – he must get her kids to turn against her! Dina arrives as he disconnects. She’s headed to Jabot to try and repair her relationship with her family. Downstairs, Juliet runs into Charlie, who blames her for his parents getting a divorce. Juliet says he can hate her, but asks him not to hate her child. Still in the gym, Hilary warns Cane that Lily will end up with Jordan. He denies it, but looks concerned. Afterward, Hilary runs into Jordan, and they discuss Lily’s divorce. Hilary mocks him for waiting around and flashes him a peek at what he’s missing under her towel. Up at Juliet’s suite, Cane learns she heard about the divorce from Charlie. Cane confirms Lily made her decision; they both know why. He accepts a beer and urges Juliet not to be concerned with his lost marriage. She mentions Hilary telling her to go back to Tokyo. Cane discourages her from listening to Hilary. “Just stay.” They clasp hands.

Neil arrives at Brash & Sassy with news of Lily and Cane’s divorce. He and Victoria go into the office when Ashley appears. Ash shares her award news with Billy, and invites him to the party. Ashley-Billy-party-invite-YR-CBSBilly would be honored to attend, and alludes to how busy they’re going to be around there. In the office, Neil confides to Vikki that Lily’s worried about the future – could she give her more work? Victoria has a thought and calls Billy in. Up at Jabot, Dina informs Jack that she wants to heal things with him and Ashley. She complains that Ashley’s confused about Graham, who actually didn’t lie. Jack fills her in on Ashley’s award and realizes she never knew that John won the same one. Later, Billy has Lily in the Brash & Sassy office and offers her the full-time executive position left vacant by Cane. Lily is appreciative and accepts. They hug. Up at Jabot, Ashley reports to Jack that it appears Billy took his bait. Jack feels that his brother will take Victoria down for them and rants about his penchant to take a gamble. Ash questions Victoria going along with it.

Dina returns to the Club and informs Graham that her talk with Jack went well. He encourages her to open up to him about her issues with her children, and asks if the affair that produced Ashley ended her marriage to John. Dina says that remained a secret and will stay that way – she walked away to keep it under wraps. Victoria-buzzing-head-Hilary-YR-CBSBy the door, Hilary apologizes to Victoria, who isn’t interested – she saw her having lunch with Jack and believes Hilary’s made it her mission to take her down. Vikki wonders if she should return the favor. Her head buzzes as they spar, and Jordan appears as Vikki hollers at Hilary to stop! Hil and Jordan are stunned by the outburst. Vikki’s sure Hilary regrets not having a camera on her, and warns Jordan to be careful or Hilary will air trash about him. She stalks over to the bar and holds her head.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Devon says to Mariah, “Kevin made me wonder if I had some competition for you.”

Noah asks Tessa to move in with him.

Phyllis says to Victoria, “What chemistry are you talking about? It’s all in your head.” Victoria replies, “Are you sure about that? How do you know we haven’t kissed?”
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Thursday U.S.

Dina’s GCAC Suite

- Myrna is talking to Graham about Dina’s past transgressions and John not being Ashley's father.

- Graham appears to sympathize with Ashley. Myrna warns him not to go soft. He says he won’t. Myrna says Graham needs to get Dina’s kids to turn against her.

- Dina knocks on the door, Graham ends the call. Dina heard him talking to someone and wants to know who.

- Graham tells her he was talking to his aunt and quickly changes the subject.

- Dina’s tells Graham she’s going to Jack’s office to apologize about being tough on him about his relationship with Nikki. Graham's not happy about it.


- Ashley is receiving an “Innovator of the Year” award – an award John also got. Jack wants to throw Ashley a party to celebrate and mentions inviting Traci and Abby.

- Ashley notices he left out Billy and says he shouldn’t so no one suspects they’re doing something shady.

- Jack tells Ashley to go to Brash & Sassy, snoop, and invite Billy to the party so no suspicions are aroused.

- Dina arrives and apologizes for the photos. Jack is cold but Dina wants the family to heal.

- Jack warms up to the idea but Dina thinks Ashley will be harder to convince because of Graham and his “aunt”.

- Jack invites Dina to the party and tells her about the award.

- Later, Jack tells Ashley about Graham convincing Dina the woman in Florida is his aunt.

- Ashley warns Jack that his plan with Billy could backfire. Jack doesn’t think so.

- Ashley doesn’t understand why Victoria is allowing Billy to try and undermine them.

Ashby House

- Lily is filling Neil in on the divorce and how they’ve told the kids. It was hard, but Lily’s glad a decision’s been made. Lily & Neil hug.

- Neil commends Lily on her selflessness and doesn’t have sympathy for Cane. He insists Lily will get through this.

- Lily thinks she needs to keep busy and Neil asks her about B&S, she says she hasn’t gotten much work there.

Brash and Sassy

- Billy shows Victoria resumes their headhunter sent over, they’re awful. They’re worried about finding someone to fill Cane’s position. Jabot's scooped up all the good people.

- Later, Neil is at Brash and Sassy telling Victoria and Billy about Lily and Cane’s divorce.

- Ashley arrives, snoops (to no avail), and invites Billy to the party.

- Billy questions if Jack would want him there but agrees to go. He’s proud of Ashley.

- Neil tells Victoria Lily doesn’t know he’s there. He mentions Lily’s worried about her job with the divorce & gently asks Victoria to help Lily out more. Victoria gets an idea.

- Alone, Billy calls Lily into the office and asks her to come on full time as an executive in a combination of Juliet and Cane's jobs.

- Billy insists the offer has nothing to do with Neil giving them money after Lily asks. Lily accepts the offer.


- Hilary and Cane are arguing about Cane giving up on his marriage. Cane insists he fought, but there’s no point anymore.

- Cane says Hilary only cares about this because of Jordan.

- Hilary insists Cane’s leaving the door open for Jordan and that Lily wants him to suffer, a tryst with Jordan would accomplish that.

- Later, Hilary (in a towel) runs into Jordan. Jordan mentions seeing Lily the other night and brings up the divorce.

- Jordan insists he’s not pining for Lily.

- Hilary teases Jordan by opening her towel.

- By the staircase, Charlie runs in to Juliet and notices her stomach.

- Charlie tells Juliet about the divorce and chides her.

- Juliet implores Charlie not to hate the baby.

Juliet’s GCAC Suite

- Cane arrives at Juliet’s room to check on her and learns Juliet found out about the divorce from Charlie. Cane is deflated he can’t change Lily’s mind about it.

- Juliet thanks Cane for his concern and mentions talking to Hilary about moving back to Tokyo.

- Cane thinks going there would be a mistake. Juliet decides to stay and Cane is glad about this and holds her hand.


- Dina and Graham are talking and Dina tells him about repairing things with Jack. Graham fishes for information about the Abbots.

- Dina mentions John didn’t know Ashley wasn’t his daughter. Dina doesn’t want it to come out now even though John’s dead.

- Victoria and Hilary run into each other and Hilary tries to apologize to her about the tape of Victoria and Ben. Victoria thinks Hilary’s made it her mission to take her down and says that maybe, she should take Hilary down.

- Hilary and Victoria snipe some more, Victoria has another one of her head episodes and has an outburst that Hilary and Jordan notice.


- Devon to Mariah, “Kevin made me wonder if I had some competition for you.”

- Noah and Tessa.

- Phyllis to Victoria, “What chemistry are you talking about? It’s all in your head.” Victoria replies, “Are you sure about that? How do you know we haven’t kissed?”


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Friday 10/6 "Jack Tells Phyllis That Billy Used Her Computer to Hack Jabot"

Friday October 6, 2017: Victoria squares off with Phyllis, Sharon learns of Alice's accident, and Graham makes nice with Ashley

At Newman Enterprises, Abby enthuses about Ashley’s award news. Ash says she can bring Zach to the party. Once alone, Abby sighs, ‘We’ll see.”

In the Club, Zach tells someone by phone to save their excuses, and adds they’ll go dark until he’s dealt with this latest complication. At the bar, Victoria asks Phyllis to buy some of the kids’ raffle tickets and apologizes for monopolizing Billy’s time – she knows it’s caused tension between them. Phyllis sweetly mentions the ‘disappointment’ with Ben and suggests that Billy’s spending his time helping Victoria because he feels sorry for her. Victoria goes on about her connection to Billy – he really goes the extra mile to give her what she wants. Phyllis acknowledges that Vikki wants him back, but warns it won’t happen – she is the one he comes home to every night. Victoria snaps that it’s only a matter of time before he moves out, alludes to them having kissed, and vows she’ll get him back. In the dining room, Devon questions Mariah about his strange conversation with Kevin. Mariah assures him she and Kevin are firmly in the ‘friendzone’; he was likely being protective. Abby-Devon-gym-talk-YR-CBSShe accepts when Devon suggests an impromptu trip to Chicago. Nearby, Graham joins Ashley and they discuss her award. He thinks Dina will be proud, and her father would have been too. Ash snaps that he knows nothing about him. Graham wants to put their differences aside, and muses, “We may have more in common than you realize.” Graham warns he and Dina will one-day return to Paris. Ash hopes Graham will be returning alone. In the gym, Abby confides to Devon that Zach has a side that is a real turn-off. Devon isn’t too concerned, and talks up relationships like his and Mariah’s which start out as friends and colleagues, as opposed to his intense relationship with Hilary, that was love/hate and too passionate. Abby asks, “What if I like passion?” Devon advises to keep doing what she’s doing – Zach may surprise her.

At Jabot, Billy seeks to establish that he and Jack can put aside their differences for Ashley’s party. Jack insists he can; he’s even backed off Victoria’s company. Billy is unconvinced. He leaves as Ravi arrives. Jack orders Ravi to reinstate security and change Dina’s password – Billy’s behavior indicates he found the memo. Jack also asks Ravi to help with Ashley’s award party. Later, Ashley arrives and mentions Graham being overly nice to her. Ravi reveals he’s helping with her special night. Ash asks him to be her date. He agrees. Phyllis-learns-Billy-hacked-YR-CBSIn Jack’s office, Phyllis fills him in on Victoria’s boldness at the Club. Phyllis doesn’t believe they’ve hooked up, but Jack blurts that Billy hasn’t been honest with her. At Brash & Sassy, Victoria is thinking about kissing Billy when he enters and reports that Lily accepted their job offer. Vikki comes clean about her run-in with Phyllis. He reminds her he is committed to Phyllis, but she argues he has willingly risked their relationship time and again. Billy insists she not engage with Phyllis – they can’t tip their hand now. Back up at Jabot, Jack is sick of hearing about Billy’s loyalty and reveals to Phyllis that he is the one who got into their server. He growls, “He used your computer to do it!”

At Sharon’s place, Tessa reassures Crystal by phone. Noah arrives and Tessa throws herself into his arms. Noah feels shut out regarding Tessa’s crisis. Tessa reveals that Mariah really stepped up and pretended to be Cassie to rattle Alice. Noah complains about her not trusting him as she does Mariah, because he comes from a different world. Tessa is surprised when he asks her to move in with him, but quickly accepts. Mariah enters as they kiss. Noah announces they’re moving in together. Mariah chokes out, “That’s good news!’

At Crimson Lights, Scott lauds Sharon for hanging in there and helping Crystal reunite with Tessa. As Paul enters, Sharon hopes that everything they did will lead to the arrest of the man in charge. Paul reports that everyone from the sex ring was gone when the police got to Alice’s house, and adds that Alice is in Memorial Hospital in critical condition after a targeted hit and run. Sharon feels responsible, though Paul and Scott reassure her. Sharon laments that Alice is a lost soul who thought she was helping the girls. Paul says he’ll post a guard at Alice’s door, and they continue to discuss the case. After, Sharon and Scott head to the hospital.

At the hospital, Sharon and Scott find Alice’s room empty. Zach watches them.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon tells Nick that Alice has been in an accident. He asks, “How is she?” Sharon replies, “She’s gone.”

Cane looks on as Colin introduces himself to Juliet as the soon-to-be-grandfather of the child she’s carrying.

Mariah says to Tessa, “Wait! I don’t want you to go.”
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THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers 10/6/17 — Victoria Taunts Phyllis!

Oct 6, 2017 7:00 am

By Chris Eades

Relationships are getting complicated in these spoilers from THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS! Some people who are feeling confident in their romances should probably take a closer look at them, while others who are questioning their choices need to finally make a decision one way or the other!

At the Genoa City Athletic Club bar, Victoria and Phyllis are once again clashing over Billy! Phyllis remains comfortable that Billy loves her now, but Victoria warns that may not be the case. “What chemistry are you talking about?” Phyllis asks, getting annoyed. “That’s all in your head.” Victoria gives a sly smile and raises her eyebrows. “You sure about that?” she taunts. “How do you know we haven’t kissed?” Is this reasonably civil discussion about to take a really ugly turn?

Over at a nearby table, Devon and Mariah aren’t aware of the potential catfight brewing at the bar because they’ve got their own drama to deal with. “Kevin made me wonder if I had some competition for ya,” Devon jokes nervously. Mariah’s eyes go wide in panic as she struggles to cover up her true feelings. Should she confess to Devon how she feels about Tessa? Because she may be running out of time now that Noah has decided to take his and Tessa’s relationship to the next level! “Move in with me,” he suggests, lovingly stroking the side of her face. How will Tessa respond?

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