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Cool DAYS:Daily Episodes for the week of JANUARY 22

Days Of Our Lives 1/22/2018 Promo
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Monday, January 22, 2018

--Abigail stumbles onto a shocking development.

--Rafe finds an unusual murder weapon, which leads him and Hope to their first suspect.

--Gabi asks for Stefan's help.

--Vivian and Stefan conspire together.

Also on Monday, per Voldy: "Hope and Rafe set a wedding date."



Abby goes into Andre's office & finds him dead on floor "oh no"; Rafe wakes to Hope looking over work in bed--she's doing wedding planning; Rafe is happy; Hope says they have to pick a date; Rafe tells Hope he loves her-they kiss & start to fall back onto pillows

Chad goes into d-mans living rm-finds Kate-talk about having rough night last night; Chad/Kate both look upset; Chad sees on tablet news of Gabi fired; Chad/Kate talk about consequences to Andre firing Gabi; Gabi sees article on her tablet about firing at park bench; Eli joins her

Viv tells half dressed Stef they have to get stories together before everything hits the fan; Abby goes close to Andre "please no"; Roman wipes down bar, remembers Anna leaving upset w/him

Anna shows up & says "Roman" to get him out of his reverie; Eli asks Gabi why upset-first asks if Ari okay; Gabi tells Eli things didn't go quite as planned; Kate tells Chad she should've known scam about Andre loving her-he was plotting/planning-lied to her

Chad tells Kate Andre lied to everyone; Chad says Abby kept defending Andre & he got sucked back into it again; Chad tells Kate she needs to regroup; Chad tells Kate shower, change & they'll figure out next plan; Kate tells Chad there'll be reporters' questions; Chad says they'll be ready

Kate leaves room; Chad tells Stefano portrait he did all he could to put their business on legit path and Andre destroyed that, now he has to rule w/iron fist & deal w/Andre; Abby calls Chad-she's a basket case-finally gets out that Andre dead; Chad says on his way

Anna sitting at bar, recalls leaving w/Tony & finding anonymous note & being shocked; Roman goes to Anna after dealing w/customers; Roman thinks Anna got his message; Anna says things got crazy after they parted-has to tell something

Eli asks Gabi how Andre could fire her; Gabi tells Eli what Andre said; Eli says they will make Andre give her company back; Gabi says there's no point; Chad holds Abby & also checks for pulse in neck; Ch holds Abby tight; Stef tells Viv to relax as finishes dressing

Stef tells Viv nothing can be traced back to them-made sure of it; Viv says they don't want to get implicated in demise of Andre

Abby tells Chad Andre's head bashed in & starts looking for murder weapon; Chad says stop touching everything-have to call police; Chad tries to calm Abby & they leave, Chad looks back as they leave the office; Hope/Rafe in bed picking a date they love & kissing

Hope/Rafe can't wait to become husband & wife; Hope gets call from Chad & answers saying they'll be right there; Eli asks Gabi why no point about Andre taking company on contractual technicality; Gabi tells Eli that An outplayed her-her father's money was blood money

Gabi tells Eli nothing to do-it's over; Eli tells Gabi she put heart & soul into company-asks why she doesn't want to fight; Eli gets call & tells them to get him to investigate possible homicide; Eli tells Gabi they'll set Andre's ass straight after he's done w/case

chad tells Abby PD on way; Abby doesn't understand; Chad comforts her



Roman sits w/Anna at pub table; Roman tells Anna he's sorry-shouldn't have sprung Mar on her-shouldn't have ambushed her but he cares about her; Roman says maybe he was jealous of her devotion to Tony but he accepts her devotion now; Roman wants to give it another shot; Anna smiles

Stef tells Viv to behave normally as if nothing wrong & tells Viv how to act when cook makes her breakfast; Viv leaves room; Stef clearly trying to stay cool; Abby tells Chad Andre did have good-helped her thru harder time of life; Hope/Rafe show up & enter office

Hope/Rafe put on their gloves & start by looking at Andre; Hope says secure crime scene-she'll get statements from Chad/Abby; Rafe finds something on floor & follows trail of it-leads to under Andre's desk

Kate in living rm, remembers talking w/Andre morning after they made love, then remembers when Andre told K he loved her; Kate looks frustrated; Viv walks into living rm; Kate tells Viv she shouldn't be living in house; Kate tells Viv she knows exactly what happened w/Andre last night

Eli walks into Andre's office & realizes who's dead; Rafe shows Eli an urn on the floor & says thinks knows who it belongs to (ashes were on floor); Anna would like to start over w/Roman but doesn't think possible now; Abby tells Hope tried to take pulse, etc

Hope asks Abby if touched anything; Chad reminds Ab she was holding Andre's hand; Hope asks Abby if Andre was having issues w/anyone at work; Abby sees poster of Gabi & remembers Gabi telling her about Andre firing her & saying she'd kill him; Hope asks Abby if she remembers something else

Viv asks Kate if Andre got bored w/her already; Kate tells Viv about firing Gabi; Viv didn't pay attention cause it's Kate & Andre's domain; Viv tells Kate to talk to Andre & find out why; Viv plays that it was all Andre's idea; Kate takes off; Hope asks Abby what's up; Abby says just someone gone

Chad tells Hope he was angry w/Andre over Gabi's firing; Hope thinks Gabi must've been angry too & they all know Gabi is capable of murder; Hope will type of their statements for signature; Hope leaves room (they're in Gabi Chic office); Chad asks Abby what's up as Abs stares at poster

Gabi sees Stef in HTS; Stef tells Gabi can't believe Andre fired her; breaking news to report on reaching deal to open government for 3 weeks

special report ended- on commercials



Viv drinking coffee-gets tablet notification about Andre found dead; Viv remembers discussing w/Stef Andre becoming liability & needing to neutralize him; Viv makes air cross over pic of Andre next to Chad & says "one down

Eli instructs PD photographer & CSI guys on all to do; Kate shows at door of office, ducks under crime tape; Andre on stretcher; Eli says he's sorry for her loss but she shouldn't be there; Kate says he's my husband-Kate crying as body bag zipped shut

Gabi tells Stef to tell Andre doesn't approve of decision & won't override decision; Gabi thinks Stef hesitation intervening about Gabi saying wouldn't go to dinner w/him

Gabi begs Stef to override it; Stef says he can't-gets notification & shows Gabi; Chad asks Abby what she's not telling him; Ab talks about loving Andre & not seeing him again as she stares at poster of Gabi while hugging Chad

Anna tells Roman she has a confession; Roman says whatever it is, he's there for her & she needs to tell him what she did; Hope/Rafe enter pub & tell Anna she needs to come to PD to answer questions about murder of Andre; Roman/Anna staring .


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A look at today (Tuesday)

We get a cop telling a retired cop not to get involved. We also hear some important information. We get Grandson & Grandmother moment. We also get Steve Johnson.

Source Comcast
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opening scene was Jarlena and Will having breakfast together in HTS.

Will having breakfast w/Mar & John at HTS learning about some of what Stefano did to Mar; Paul passes & Will stops him-asks Paul to join who says he & John need to get to work; Will call good to see him as Paul & John leave

Steve/Kayla eating at Doug's; Steve says was reading Spectator-says nothing interesting-slow news day when his eyes are blurry; Brady/Eve talk about Gabi Chic roll out; Sonny walks into living room & tells Brady/Eve Andre is dead;

Hope/Rafe want to take Anna to PD as person of interest; Roman thinks unnecessary & asks Anna if she had anything to do w/Andre's death; Anna says had nothing to do w/murder-why think that; Rafe says we'll discuss at PD; Roman tells Anna he'll join her when can close pub

Rafe/Anna leave & Hope asks Roman if really wants to get involved; Sonny tells Brady/Eve needs update Vic on London deal; Brady says surprised got work done-thought he'd be licking wounds; Sonny says can separate work/private life-that's why in charge-leaves room

Brady starts talking & Eve tells him to shut up & asks what he did to Andre

Mar looked at Will, somewhat knowingly after he called to say bye to Paul

Mar tells Will he's been quiet since John & Paul left; Will says bummed he & Paul can't be friends-feels easiness with Paul; Mar asks Will if he's looking for friendship; Will says Mar knows he finds Paul attractive & Paul knows & also why had to break up with Sonny

Will says Sonny great guy & doesn't remember connection w/Son & only wants connection w/Paul & wants him to feel the same-asks Mar if there is a way to help Paul want to be w/him; M says "you need to stay away from Paul"

Paul & John joined Steve/Kayla for meal & talk about funny cases; Steve stands to get replacement silverware for K & has dizzy spell-confesses them to Kay as well as blurry vision; Steve says didn't want Kay to get upset-assures her he's fine; Kayla asks Steve to read the tablet

Paul/John look awkwardly to the side; Hope reminds Roman about Anna's behavior previous year; Ro asks Hope what evidence they have that implicates Anna; Hope says the murder weapon; Rafe w/Anna in inter rm-he asks her if she knows what it is; Anna jokes about liking martinis

Rafe reminds Anna that he knows what it is from previous year when all in Prague

Steve tells Kayla can't read tablet now & knows why-tells John his fault-still haven't recovered from too much drinking NYE; John/Paul/Steve all joking about it; Steve gives Paul cash to see who can drink most; Kay says too early in day to drink

Roman now knows murder weapon from Hope; Ro can't believe this; Hope asks last time saw An with urn; Ro remembers An telling Ro how upset she was seeing Andre/Kate at Doug's; Ro says Anna didn't necessarily kill Andre

Anna tells Rafe doesn't know how Tony's urn killed Andre although finds some justice in that; Rafe talks to Anna about still being angry w/Andre after all these years; Anna says won't incriminate herself-didn't kill Andre; Rafe asks how urn got in Andre's office

Rafe asks Anna if she lost the urn, didn't someone take it, asks what she has to say; Anna tells Rafe "I want a lawyer"-makes sure recorder is on; Eve tells Brady to answer question-closed living rm door first-remembers Brady's threats about stopping IPO from going forward

Eve remembers how smashed Brady was previous night before they had sex; Brady says didn't want to implicate Eve; Sonny overhears in foyer; Brady tells Eve he killed Andre DiMera and Sonny overheard-Son's eyes go wide

Kayla tells Steve he's okay w/cursory exam at Doug's; Steve asks John if keeping up; Paul says not much work going to be done today & leaves-asks Kay to stay as designated driver & also tells St needs appt w/opthamologist

Steve agrees to see eye doc; Kayla & Steve kiss while John watches at table; Will tells Mar wasn't expecting her response; Mar says Paul still in love w/Sonny & knows Will prob won't listen to her; Will says will take it under advisement & wants to move out on his own

Mar asks Will if he can afford to move out; Will admits Sami, his mom, has been sending money; Will has been looking but not lots of openings for out of work, amnesiacs; Will says feels like fraud when doesn't remember skills; Mar says Will was bartender in Memphis

Mar tells Will can think of place where his current skills may work; Roman & Hope still talking about Anna possibly killing Andre; Hope wants Ro to put distance between Ro & Anna; Ro has lots of good things to say about Anna when puts her crazy Tony stuff to the side

Hope kisses Roman on cheek & tells him doesn't want him to get hurt & leaves pub; Brady tells Eve did what she told him to do-and tells her went to argue w/Andre and on Eve's behalf; Brady tells Eve needs to promise not to say anything; Sonny quietly leaves house at that moment

Steve/John still having drinking contest-John's phone rings & he walks away from table to take it; Kayla annoyed at Steve for keeping symptoms from her; Steve apologizes & somewhat tipsy complimenting & then kissing Kay; Roman at pub table remembers Anna had a confession to tell

Will/Mar come in & startle Roman; Roman admits lots on his mind; Mar says about Anna-cause she was upset; Ro says Anna okay w/his concern; Mar says she & Ro always there for each other; Mar asks Ro if needs bartender at pub; Ro needs to leave

Roman tells Will he'll talk to him about it later & leaves them; Will sarcastic about Ro really wanting Will there; Eve flipping out about Brady killing Andre & she never asked his to kill someone and she thinks he's sick-won't be his alibi

Brady tells Eve he doesn't need alibi-he was kidding and is cracking up; Eve annoyed at Brady and throw a pillow at him; Eve asks Brady where he went if he didn't kill Andre; Sonny runs into Paul in HTS; Sonny asks to talk to Paul to apologize how lashed out last time

Paul understands why Sonny lashed out-knows how feels when person you love doesn't want to be with you; Son says thought being away would help but didn't; Paul tells Son still wants him to be happy and he can talk to him;

Sonny tells Paul something is bothering him-not about Will - "about your brother"

Rafe tells Hope that Anna clammed up fast-is on phone w/Carrie; Ra tells Hope thinks Anna hiding something; Ro shows up at PD; Mar tells Will Roman was distracted; Will says no rush-no other job offers; Mar looked up some places on tablet for Will-he passes on first suggestion

Will tells Mar it's Ben Weston's old building-doesn't want to live where he died; Mar sees place where he used to live w/his parents-they'll pass; Will then sees the "perfect" place; Mar says they both know it's not perfect; Will smiles

Paul tells Sonny is his brother up to old tricks-glad to be his sounding board again; Son says doesn't want Paul to get in the middle & they part friendly; Brady says to Eve did go to DE but security wouldn't let him in but then went to tie one on & back to her

Eve hates Brady for making her think he killed Andre; Brady says since Eve thought it was him, must not be her; E says don't be so sure-maybe she was covering-looks coyly at Brady who seems a bit taken aback

Brady tells Eve she's not capable of murder-he knows that even tho she doesn't feel the same; Sonny comes into living rm & surprised B/E are awfully jolly together-says maybe B knows who bashed Andre's head in

Will says hi to Paul; P says doesn't have time to talk; W says called in favor from cousin Eli & they'll be neighbors (W holding box); Paul looks surprised; Mar sees on tablet Anna suspect in Andre murder-knows where Roman went & wonders what Anna got self into now

Roman goes into Anna in inter rm-they hug-Anna glad Ro there; Roman tells Anna she needs to tell him truth & he'll help her-asks if Anna killed Andre-Anna stares; John goes to get another drink for them; Kayla tells Steve thinks he just needs glasses;

Steve calls to his "buddy" John that he's not cause of his problems; John says good to know and then puts something in one of the new shots in front of him .

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Kayla watches as Steve/John start another round of shots & J goes to bar to get them; K thinks St made need glasses-it's not booze; St tells J he's not cause of probs; J puts something in St's shot

Will confirms he's moving in; Paul tells W he can't do this because of Sonny; S tells Brady/Eve gives damn about who bashed in Andre's head-asks them if they know anything; B/E say don't know anything; Sonny remembers overhearing B's fake confession to E

Sonny tells Brady/Eve thinks they're both lying; Roman w/Anna at inter rm in PD; Anna asks Ro to help her; Ro asks An if she killed Andre; Hope tells Rafe hates Ro getting involved in Anna's mess; H says if urn really weapon can't imagine anyone but An as killer

Steve tells John to come back; J gives St his drink; J asks Kayla if blurry is just blurry vision; K says St prob needs glasses; J says in that case prescribes 10cc's of scotch & they both down their shots

Kayla tells John he's bad influence & poisoning husband; Steve tells K that J is great bff-loyal; K tells St thinks he'll be adorable in glasses; St makes joke about half-off cause only needs one lens

Mar shows at Doug's to tell the three about Andre's murder & taking Anna in for questioning; Roman reminds Anna she said needs to make confession & she had urn w/her day before-asks how urn was in Andre's office; An admits she knows how got there

Thanks for recaps BrightEyes, you and other recappers save viewers a lot of time by letting us know who is on before we actually watch. I can get through an episode in 10 minutes, sometime sooner depending on who is featured on a show.

Will opens door to his room & invites Paul inside-says has to bring box & asks P if he's just going to judge him; P says Sonny will assume W moved in to get close to P; W says, what if he did-doesn't deny it

Sonny says overheard what Brady said day before; Eve wants to tell S but B is holding back; Mar tells about urn being possible murder weapon; Mar tells group tried talk to Anna informally about carrying urn at Roman's request; Kayla/Mar concerned about Ro

Rafe tells Hope since have to wait for Carrie from Zurich maybe Roman can get some info sooner; Anna tells Ro she was in Andre's office the day before; Ro says An can trust him; An says started when received letter-takes it out of her purse

Roman reads letter Anna had received & his eyes go wide

Kayla leaves message for Roman to call her; Steve says Ro will call back; Mar tells John off to side about seeing Ro w/Will & realizes J is preoccupied; J says nothing; M says when he's in town all feel safer-makes J glad

mar tells John about Will wanting to be near Paul & possibly taking rm at Martin house; W says he was playing w/him-he doesn't have job & room is affordable; W says not everything about P; P says knows W broke up w/Sonny cause felt something for P; W says true

Will says honestly didn't move in cause of Paul but doesn't mind he does; Sonny tells Brady can't believe how reckless he is; Eve tries to intervene; B tells S he killed Andre; S call B addict and hothead; S says worked hard & won't have his back to protect Titan

Brady tells Sonny to make the call so he can take responsibility; S turns & calls; B shakes his head-takes phone from S and calls him weak & that it was mistake to put S in charge; Anna asks Roman if understands now-he does-Hope/Rafe walk in & wonder what's up

Roman tells Hope/Rafe Anna couldn't kill Andre cause she was with Ro since yesterday afternoon; H asks Ro why lying; Brady tells Sonny next time eavesdrops stick around for next convo; Eve tells S that B was testing her; B says has alibis; S doesn't believe him

Brady tells Sonny if calls cops he'll look like bigger loser than already is; Will says he's honest & sorry made Paul feel more uncomfortable; W says attracted to P and thinks P is attracted too; W says tried w/Sonny & he wants too much from him

Will tells Paul can be who is with him; W tells P about blank journal Sami gave him to write new life; W knows P still loves Sonny-first thing he thought of when moved in; W wants to be friends & offers handshake-P takes boxes & helps W in

Will drops boxes as taking them from Paul-album falls out & P sees it; John tells Mar Paul not over Sonny then seems look away; Mar asks J why so distracted; Steve/kayla get up & St nearly falls over; M/K help St back into seat as J looks on coldly

Roman tells Hope he's not lying-been w/Anna since yesterday afternoon-never gave him chance to tell her

Hope/Rafe speak w/Roman outside inter rm-H says need him to sign statement if sticking w/story; Sonny tells Brady cares about protecting family; Eve says S has strange way to show it; S challenges Eve only being in fam for 5 minutes

Brady accuses Sonny of clouding judgement-could've married Paul wanted chance w/Will & got dumped; Paul/Will talking about album in rm & how W ruined things

Paul tells Will about not with Sonny; Will tells P deserves to be first; P asks what's in boxes; W says stuff Sami gave him; P says has lots of memories; W says none are his

I did see an earlier tweet about this: The conversation went along the lines of Will asking Paul if he'll go back to Sonny, now that Will & Sonny are divorcing. Paul says no because Sonny chose Will and he doesn't want to be someone's second choice. Then Will says "Good for you. You deserve someone who will always put you first."

Carolyn says she missed some of the Will/Paul conversation and part of a scene with John, so it looks like there's going to be a bit of a gap here

Brady says to Eve Sonny lost Will now going to make sure he loses everything else; Will looks at wedding photo in album in his new room; closes album & puts it in box; takes out new journal

Will starts writing about making new friend, "his name is Paul" - Will smiles; Mar/ John in HTS-M asks J if worried about Steve; J says no; M says when St gets glasses he'll be ok; St tells Kayla to not get concerned; K also worried about Roman

Kayla worried Roman w/possible murderer; Hope/Rafe talk about Roman protecting Anna; Ro says letter was to provoke Anna to hurt Andre; An said did that; Ro tells her to say nothing till they find out more

Anna hugs Roman outside pub; someone watching from behind trees

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Voldy extra item for Thursday:
"Eric has a sexy dream about Jennifer."

Sometime this week:
"Dr. Shah confides in a conflicted Kayla."


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Abigail questions Gabi about the murder.

Lani squirms as JJ looks forward to being a father.

Valerie informs Eli that Lani is pregnant.

Eric tries to hide his feelings for Jennifer, and it leads to a heated argument between them

Lani awakened by concerned JJ as she says "I'm so sorry" repeatedly; JJ asks L if wants to tell him about her nightmare; Gabi wakes w/Eli; G says can't stop thinking about all that happened w/losing company & Andre's murder

Gabi asks Eli what's up w/him; Eli tells Gabi they can't move forward if any secrets between them-tells her he did something he regrets & hopes she can forgive him; Eli tells Gabi he slept w/Lani; Gabi slaps him & Eli wakes with a start; Gabi asks if Eli okay

Kate remembers when told Andre she loves him; Kate imagines Andre telling her doesn't love her, just wanted foothold in DE; Kate wakes on sofa w/a start; Chad/Abby sleeping; Abs remembers finding Andre but then his eyes open; Ab asks Andre who did this, but then he falls back & dies

Abby wakes startled & Chad holds her; Kayla on phone w/Steve telling him maybe dizziness just need for glasses & asks him to get back to her; Val tells Kay that Abe settling Theo in & Lexie's fam helping; Val & Kay talk about Lani being pregnant

Val remembers Eli telling Val about sleeping w/Lani; Val tells Kayla Abe left w/out telling how far along Lani is; Kay smiles; Lani tells JJ doesn't want to talk about her dream-just wants talk about how much loves JJ

Eli tells Gabi dreamed about losing something important; E tells G got to be something they can do-suggests G go to Kate, offer condolences, & if opportunity arises bring up Gabi Chic; G kisses Eli & thanks him for being there for her-they hug

Kate sees pic of Andre on end table & throws it at fireplace; Abby/Chad holding hands-Ab tells Ch about nightmare; Ab says if Andre was conscious he could've told Ab what happened; Ch tells Ab that Anna released-Roman gave alibi

Abby asks Chad if not Anna, who killed Andre
Kayla tells Val she can't discuss specifics about Lani - she's her patient; Val says she can do the math herself-must've got pregnant prior to shooting; Kay says as long as baby is healthy; JJ tells Lani surprised can't feel baby bump; Lani says women carry differently

JJ/Lani talk about if want to find out baby's gender; Lani wants to be surprised; JJ so happy; Jen/Dr. Shah having breakfast at HTS-talk about making weekend of seeing special museum they life; Eric sees them & doc calls him over to review a grant proposal has to go out today

Dr. Shah gets paged-has to leave & tells Jen/Eric have to go over proposal; Eric sits down-concerned about Abby finding Andre-knowing Ab was close to An; Jen says Andre's death hard for Ab; Abby tells Chad hard to imagine anyone hating Andre enough to kill him

oh god, what planet does she live on?

Abby questions whether can trust Rafe/Hope to find murderer since Gabi is Rafe's sister-remembers Gabi in rage after firing; Abby wonders if Gabi could've been mad enough to kill; Kate picking up broken glass as Gabi enters d-mans living rm

Gabi tells Kate sorry for her lose; Kate says kind of her considering what Andre did; Kate tells Gabi about Anna, & alibi from Roman--Kate thinks Anna did it & Roman too "besotted" with Anna

Val tells Kayla they all want Lani to have happy, healthy baby - just wanted to throw shower & make sure out of first trimester; Dr. Shah interrupts to speak w/Kayla about a patient; Val calls Eli to ask him to meet her at HTS in 20 mins;

Jen/Eric on their tablets; Jen says Dr. Shah can write proposal; Eric comments on how well Jen & Dr Shah are getting along; Jen says happy & wants to get back to proposal; Kate tells Gabi if wants know more about investigation ask Rafe

Kate tells Gabi was furious when found out about Gabi Chic when G opens door to ask about it; Kate remembers Andre telling her about Ed's blood money firing; Kate says he needs to undo it; Andre asks Kate what if I don't; Gabi asks Kate what she did

Chad tells Abby they were all in shock from Gabi Chic news, inc Gabi; Chad can't imagine Gabi taking any risk that would lose her daughter again; Abby tells Chad that Gabi said Andre wouldn't get away w/this & threatened to kill him

Abby says hasn't seen Gabi like this; Chad says it's a figure of speech; Abby says that's why didn't tell Hope; Ab reminds Chad that Gabi has killed before; Kate tells Gabi she gave Andre ultimatum - we see another new memory

Kate remembers Andre saying they'll make more money w/out Gabi; Kate tells Andre it's cruel and it's personal; Andre says already fired; Kate upset-thought they made decisions as partners; Kate tells Andre opened heart to him--if means anything he has to reinstate Gabi; Andre says he can't

Kate tells Andre he either brings Gabi back or they're over and then tells Gabi she left; Gabi asks if that was last time Kate saw Andre; Lani wishes could stay in bed w/JJ all day; JJ worries about whoever Lani's new partner will be-wants to make sure someone has her back

JJ suggests Lani talk to Eli; Lani makes clear does NOT want to be E's partner; Eli/Val meet at park entrance area; Vali asks Eli if he & Lani used protection; Eli taken aback; Eli tells Val he should've--assumed Lani was on birth control; Val tells Eli he assumed wrong-Lani is pregnant

Jen gives Eric some thoughts about the proposal w/an adjustment; Jen can't find something; Eric says maybe left it at Shah's; Jen annoyed about E's assumption; JJ tells Lani needs to tell Jen since others know; Lani says then we'll tell others later

JJ assumes Lani almost done w/1st trimester & they hug; Val tells Eli Abe told her about L; Eli annoyed about Val telling him about baby when only slept together once; Val reminds Eli the baby could be his; Eli clearly not happy about any of this

Eli tells Val just cause Lani pregnant doesn't mean baby is his; Eli asks Val if knows how far along Lani is; Val explains to Eli that cause of what she did w/Eli & his father, she needed to tell Eli what she knows; Jen tells Eric doesn't want tension & her life not his concern

Jen tells Eric wants to fall in love w/someone who loves her back; Eric seems surprised; Abby/Chad walk into living rm & asks Gabi why there; Kate gets call; Kate has to go to funeral director to make arrangements-autopsy still pending; Abby says we know it's from bashed in head

Abby says someone murdered Andre in cold blood and looks toward Gabi, who looks back and forth from Abby to Kate

Eli enters PD & tells Lani needs talk to her in private; Eric asks Jen if doesn't think moving on w/life; Jen about to say still thinks he's hung up on...; JJ shows at table w/great news for Jen/Eric; JJ sits & tells Jen Lani is pregnant & he's happy about it

Jen asks if Lani happy & if Abe knows; JJ tells him; Eric knows because of counseling; Jen happy & hugs JJ; JJ all smiles; Eric looks on happy; Lani/Eli in inter rm; Eli tells Lani knows she's pregnant & asks if it's his

Kate tells group has to change to go to funeral director; Abby tells Kate they'll go w/her; Chad goes to get keys; Abby asks Gabi about her being there early; Gabi says offered condolences & asked about Gabi Chic

Abby says hard for her to ask, but asks Gabi "Did you kill Andre?"

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A look at tomorrow (Friday) 1/26

We get tables turned on someone (not literally!) We get two detectives make some head way on a major case. We also get two people bonding over a loss. We get a woman doesn't everything she can to keep the truth from coming out.

Source Comcast
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Friday, January 26, 2018
Gabi turns the tables on Abigail.
Rafe and Eli make headway on the murder investigation.
Chad and Kate bond over their shared grief and anger.
Lani does her best to cover with Eli about her pregnancy.
Steve was on today too


Hope looking at pics of crime scene; Rafe tells Hope report from forensics in & wants her to look; Gabi annoyed at Abby for asking about killing Andre; Kate tells Chad, in another room in house that she's ready to go to funeral home; Kate was crying cause loved him

Eli asks Lani in inter rm if baby is his; L says she's 2 months along but didn't know it when they were together; Lani tells Eli he's off the hook; Eli says not worried about that & doesn't know if believes her

Tripp asks Steve at HTS if ready to order; Steve wearing glasses over his patch-Tripp laughs; John at pub table alone remembering putting something in Steve's drink & shakes head, upset; Roman asks John what's wrong-sits opposite him

Lani tells Eli that when she felt queazy thought it was because of stress about Theo; Eli didn't mean to add stress; Eli tells Lani doesn't want her to be martyr & he'll step up if kid is his; Lani says even if ruins Eli w/Gabi

Abby says assumed figure of speech but Anna has alibi wants to know if Gabi has alibi; Gabi asks Abby how do they know she didn't do it- still angry

Steve tells Tripp he knows looks ridiculous but beats headaches; Steve admits kept it from Kayla & Tripp; Steve says sees fine now; John tells Roman thinking about a tough case; Roman tells John needs his help-shows him note Anna got;

Hope & Rafe talk about urn being murder weapon since Andre's blood on it; lid of urn missing; ashes can't be confirmed to be Tony; Rafe/Hope think possible set-up as wiped clean & left behind; Hope wants to know why Roman not talking about possibly setting up Anna

Hope/Rafe not sure if Anna-just know Andre had lots of enemies; Chad gets off phone postponing funeral home appt cause Kate not ready to face it; Kate upset about getting too emotional; Ch understands-they talk about things Andre did they hated-Theo & Gabi

So Roman thinks John is upset because Marlena and the kids arenít ok. More confirmation IMO that thatís why John is doing this

Chad says would rather have Andre as brother than Stef; Kate says never expected to love Andre cause he changed; Kate asks Chad "why did he betray me"; Chad says Andre was chip off old block; Kate & Chad agree that Andre cared most about power

Abby tells Gabi she was only one who loved Andre; Ab upset w/accusation; Gabi says now know how feels when friends accuses you of murder; Ab looks at Gabi distressed

Hope asks Rafe if they'll have to back Roman into a corner; Hope doesn't want Roman taking fall for Anna; Rafe going to get search warrant for D-mans; Ra tells Hope wants to see her later-they kiss-say ILY to each other

Rafe leaves office; Hope looks at photos again; Eli tells Lani he's still getting to know Gabi-doesn't know Gabi could handle if Eli baby-dad; Eli reminds Lani about never getting to know his bio dad-doesn't want it to happen to this kid; Lani assures Eli that JJ is baby's dad

Rafe comes into inter rm & tells Eli they have to go to d-mans; John tells Roman that PI's can't interfere in PD case; Roman tries convincing John to help; John asks why is Ro lying for Anna; Ro wants to know who's behind the letter; John says esp if that's why Anna went to Andre

Chad/Kate discuss how Andre always wanted Stefano's approval & then Chad was named heir; Chad thinks that's why Andre kept Abby from him; Kate says Andre did what Abby wanted; Ch/K talk about Andre/Abby friendship and how Ab trusted & liked Andre

Chad worried about how hard Abby taking Andre's death; Gabi tells Abby not going to set another guy on fire, what happened w/Andre was business & she wanted to "sue his ass"; Abby apologizes & says really believes Gabi

Abby says to Gabi won't stop looking for who killed Andre & look them straight in the eye; Stef walks into living rm & asks why Ab/Gabi have door shut

Roman tells John less he knows about Anna the better; John tells Rom he's looking for trouble; John says if Hope learns about this, can pull his PI license; Ro knows John will let Steve know since doesn't keep anything from him; John nods

Tripp joins Steve at HTS table briefly-things going good; Steve asks how things going; Tripp tells Steve that Ciara/Claire both missing Theo; Steve asks about Claire knowing how Tripp feels; Tripp says Theo will come back walking so he'll have to change

Hope goes into inter rm to asks Lani to do stuff & finds her crying; Hope asks how Lani is; Lani tells Hope she's pregnant-says happy but it was unplanned & it was last thing on her agenda & JJ so excited & they're back together & she feels like basket case; Hope hugs her

Hope is supportive & tells Lani things will get better during 2nd trimester; Hope happy for Lani & JJ; Abby tells Stef to knock, esp during time like this; Ab tells Stef was talking about who killed Andre; Rafe walks in w/Eli to find Stef, Ab, Gabi

Rafe needs list of all who had access to DE offices night before last from Stef; Ra says DE keeps list when Stef tries to avoid it & expects him to be forthcoming w/info

Gabi had briefly asked Stef about Gabi Chic since Stef had said couldn't help her while Andre around; Stef says let's wait on that out of respect; Gabi replied cause Stef so broken up about the murder

Roman tells John PD can't learn about letter; John says letter shows Anna being manipulated; Ro says Anna Carrie's mother-needs to protect her; Ro says Anna & his fingerprints on letter; Ro needs to know who trying to send Anna over the edge & why

I missed one sorry:
Hope tells Lani to let her know if physical demands get to be too much; Lani says doesn't want special treatment; Hope says reminds her of herself w/first pregnancy; Lani says needs some air; Roman tells John knows Hope skeptical

Kate/Chad discuss that don't understand why Andre sabotaging DE & also tells Ch gave Andre ultimatum & thought Andre would reverse decision; Ch says Abby knew Andre really loved Kate; K says Andre loved Ch too

Stef asks Rafe for search warrant-gives it to Stef; Stef asks how long DE offices will be crime scene; Ra says can't tell him that; Eli surprised Stef more interested in DE getting to work than learning who killed his bro; Rafe tells all not to leave town

Stef asks Rafe if that includes his mother; Rafe says yes & everyone else in the house-looks at Abby & Gabi

John sees Steve in HTS & comments on his snazzy specs; John tells Steve about letter; John says this case complicated; Steve looks at letter & someone tried to goad Anna into killing Andre; John tells accessories after fact; Steve says they're partners

While Steve looks at letter, John slips something in Steve's iced tea; Stef going to talk to board about Gabi-won't leave board out of loop during climate at DE now; Stef asks Gabi to leave to talk to Abby about PR; Ab/G agree they're both ok

Abby tells Stef he can reinstate Gabi & doesn't want her dragging it out; Stef tells Ab needs to put out press release; Ab says can't see beyond what she found & is upset; Stef understands & hugs her supportively

Kate asks Chad if they should have memorial at later date; Ch asks K about sharing memories of Andre; Ch/K talk about how to deal w/funeral; K admits to Ch that she feels like a black widow-lists dead husbands; Ch chuckles

Kate tells Chad this would be a good time for Stefano to come out of hiding w/new son materializing; Rafe/Eli report to Hope about tapes from DE & they'll be watching lots of footage

Lani weepy on park bench & Gabi walks up-asks if she's okay; Lani tells Gabi has something to tell her; Kate tells Chad hard to believe any of this going on; Ch says hated being on outs w/K-so this is the good that could come from this after all that happened w/Theo

Chad/Kate hug; Abby pushes Stef away & says she should find Chad & tell him about PD being there; Stef says yeah; Abby leaves living rm; Eli talks about rather watch "Fanny & Alexander" again than DE footage

Hope gets text-has to leave to see deputy mayor; Rafe/Eli left in inter rm to watch footage of DE; Andre on phone in hall; Rafe realizes no phone found at crime scene; Andre entered his office; Eli/Ra see someone followed Andre into his office.


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