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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of JANUARY 15

Monday 1/15 Sneak Peek
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1-15-18 GH SNEAK PEEK ( Alexis Julian Diane Ava Kim William DeVry General Hospital Preview Promo
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Finn and Anna at GH he says about
the other night he forgot to say goodbye

Maxie fretting about the article. Liulu says
too late the wire services have picked up
the article.

Spin sends the author the email. He says
we will hear from PK Sinclair soon. they get
a response...who is this...

Carly and Bobbie talking the ball Bobbie
say you need to talk to Joss.

Kim and Julian he says it is on the house coffee
Alexis is watching , Kim leaves Ava comes in.
Ava snarking at Alexis Diane snarks back.

Anna says she read his note. He thought
it would be better. she hopes he and Roxy are
happy back at the MC. He thanks her for understanding
talk of thier pretend relationship. here we are..
she didn;t mean to worry him. they shake hands
Anna says take too. slow release of hands
Anna walks off.

Maxie can;t believe this is happening. Maxie
is not happy with Nathan lulu say calm down
for the baby. Maxie says the baby who he steals
in my dreams cuz of you lulu.

Spin response back.. An Admirer we have
something in common Issac Refson.
Response.. he is fictional character
Spin responds we know who he is.. your father

Carly see Kim says these belong to your son
the condoms. Kim says maybe they belong
to your daughter. Kim says she has had talk
with Oscar about sex.

Joss says it is big step Oscar says this is right
for us. unless you don't think it is right. Of course
Oscar can;t wait for the ball.

Alexis has to go . Diane too. Ava talks to Julian
asks about the window. Alexis asks what window.
Alexis asks is this intimidation worried about my
daughter across the street. Diane says your over
is on (that was Alexis excuse to leave) Ava says
what going on with Alexis.

Maxie is like I was singhing your praises to Peter
Peter comes in Lulu was born reporter. Nathan knew
risks when he did interview and as Lulu best friend
you should be pround. Maxie gets stomacjh pains.
Lulu offers to go Maxie says you have done enought
Lulu says OMG what have I done.

Diane shows up to see Sason and Spin
Diane says you all know Nathan is Faison son
Spin runs to check on Maxie. Diane is like
tell me what you have been up to.

Anna at the gym Felicia show up what did that
bag ever do to you. Anna and Felicia talk
nathan being Faison son.

Felicia says you think Faison is on his way to PC
Anna warns keep your guard up at all times.

Carly says I shouldn;t point fingers they are teens.
Carly says let present a united front. Lets tell
them they are rushing into something they are not
ready for. Kim is like we can;t stop them from
doing what they want to do. she has to go tend to
a patience. Bobbie comes along to Carly lets go
have coffee.

Kim comes to check on Maxie. MAxie is like
don;t let things happen to our baby.

Peter tells Lulu not to worry. Lulu says I put
my need to be journalist above everything else.
Peter is like it all in a days work she cries and
Peter hugs her as Spin comes in.

Lulu explains Spin not buying it. Lulu
introduces Spin and Peter. Spin was looking
for MAxie lulu says she is at the hospital.
Peter says it didn;t look to serious. Peter
hopes everything works out. leaves. Spin says
to lulu curiuos timing Lulu says I feel bad enough
as it is.

Diane says Faison has another son and you hope
to lure this man out of hiding to lead you to his
father. Sonny says we will be ready. Diane reminds
them if they get arrested be quiet..don;t say
anything. Diane says tell Jason he doesn;t need
tpo sign ovcer everything to his less than appreciative

Ava asks Julian if Alexis is here all the time.
Julian says Alexis is dating that doctor. She says
maybe Alexis isn;t only one who moved on.

ALexis and Finn at recovery meeting. he thanks
her for speaking at the meeting. asks how long
she has been coming. little less than a year.

Anna talks Cassandra it created false reality
Finn and I got good at pretending and convinced
ourselves we were. Felicia says you convinced us.
Anna says it was really fun. Felicia says no harm
having fun. Anna frets about Faison Finn could be
target. Felicia says so you broke things off with him
to protect him.


Felicia says if you care about Finn. Anna does
that is why she can;t have him in her life.
Felicia says don;t push him away.

Finn talks to Alexis give her a donut as lawyer
payment. He says he is addict he is scared
he talks of his wife who died to disease he later
cured thought he would never care about anyone
again. then Hayden happened then it all fell apart.
Doesn;t want to lose anyone again. how about her.
Alexis talks of a man for whom she sacraficed her
intergrity but she loves him

Ava and Julian who asks how things are going
wtih Griffin. He has arranged for me to have the
treatment here. Julian happy for her.

Bobbie and Carly at Kellys Carly pics up a mitten
on the ground. Joss used to have one jsut like it
they grow up so fast. Bobbie says we can;t keep
them children forever see Joss and Oscar thru
the window.

Diane says you can consider yourself divorced
Diane did best she could given circumstances.
Jason says it was not about the money. Diane says
my job to safeguard your interests if you wanted to
make Sam happy you failed. she will never be happy
with him.. WTH Diane what did Drew ever do to you..
Sam loves you even a lawyer can see that. Diane leaves

Finn thinks he is best on his own.

Bobbie tells Carly maybe now she should have
the talk.

Felicia is like finn was brave enought to take
on the cartel why did you push him away. Anna
says things in my life Finn can;t know about.

Spin says when we land Faison in prison Maxie
will thank us. Lulu says if anything happens to
maxie or the baby I will never forgive myself.

Kim tells NAxie everything is fine go home and
keep stress to a minimum. Nathan says nothing
bad will happen to you or the baby. Nathan says
when you wake up tomorrow it will be our
wedding anniversary.

Sonny says Diane is most of the time right.
Sonny says go over and tell Sam you love her.
Jason says she won;t leave Jm. Sonny says how
do you know the get anoter email

The End

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General Hospital 1-16-18 Preview GH 1/16/18

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