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Cool DAYS:Daily Episodes for the week of JANUARY 1

Days of our Lives Is Pre-empted New Year's Day Due to the NHL Classic
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Week of Jan 1st promo


Days Of Our Lives 1/2/2018 Promo


Days Of Our Lives Spoilers:Stefan, Stefano's missing son returned
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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers:Trip expresses affection for Claire

Trip expresses affection for Claire
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Also today:
Brady needles Sonny over Will and Paul.


Will sees Paul in HTS (still NYE); Will tells P going home to clear head; W tells P sorry he was hurt; P says misses Sonny so much; W takes P's hand;

Hope/Rafe take Ciara to an office at Doug's cause she's drunk & angry;

Will kisses Paul at midnight

Chad tells Abby happy new year when Vivian then unveils herself; all stunned; V tells A she RSVP'd; Kate comments on V's online name "Vulture" must've been taken; Hope tells Ciara to say what she needs to say; Brady kissed Eve for new year & E slaps him across face

DAYS Sonny texts Will "where are you"; Paul/Will stop kissing; P asks W why did it;

Chad tells Vivian-private party; Chloe asks Chad if she should call security; V makes nasty remarks about all; Chloe wants to throw her out; V says you'll want to meet my plus-one

#DAYS Kate asks Vivian if brought lapdog back; V says no-escort wants to meet DiMera fam; V tells Abby that escort has same blood as Chad & Andre; V tells Andre they must have lunch; V says brought w/her the one & only Stefano DiMera

#DAYS Eve apologizes to Brady & tells B kiss not welcome for second time & he tipped his hand; E knows B has sudden warmth; E tells B he's so full of himself; E tells B he has nothing she wants; Sonny walks into living room & asks if E or B saw Will;

#DAYS Will tells Paul kissed him cause all weird ride w/others having expectations & P only one who happy to deal w/present tense Will; P tells W he's sorry he feels so pressured & disoriented & wants to help; W says he is; John/Mar see Paul/Will & wish them happy New Year

#DAYS Kate says she wanted everyone to leave Vivian in sarcophagus; K wonders if V brought Stef back maybe dead; Abby sarcastically says Happy New Year; Andre asks if anyone has bucket of water; Chad tells V tell about escort or get out

#DAYS Hope asks Ciara what's wrong & when about to say something; H insists C stay safe in room; Jen/Eric get Hope/Rafe & tell about Viv while stay w/C; H/R go to main room; man outside gets text "it's showtime"; Viv says coming in

#DAYS Viv opens door presenting Stefano DiMera-all staring at man whose face we have yet to see

#DAYS Eve leaves room; Brady asks Sonny if lost his husband; S says Will went to take a walk; Paul wishes John/Mar HNY & ends up leaving w/John; Will says HNY to Mar who stops him as he starts walking away & asks what walked in on; W says was kissing Paul

LMAO John and Marlena are all WTF about Will and Paul kissing.

#DAYS Kate says Viv full of it; Kate laughs & says man is half Stef's age; Hope tells Viv that man isn't Stef-asks what's her game; man talks about misunderstanding, takes off overcoat; his name Stefan Octavious DiMera - Stef's son; Chad laughs but no one else is

#DAYS Kate says Viv full of it; Kate laughs & says man is half Stef's age; Hope tells Viv that man isn't Stef-asks what's her game; man talks about misunderstanding, takes off overcoat; his name Stefan Octavious DiMera - Stef's son; Chad laughs but no one else is

#DAYS Will tells Mar she looks like wish hadn't told about kiss; M doesn't want W to lie; M not shocked or upset-not who she is; W agrees; W feels like he & M used to talk a lot-he feels that way about Paul too-both accept him for he is now; M wants to know who W is now

#DAYS Will says doesn't want to be guy who cheats on husband; Brady taunts Sonny about W not being anywhere to be found on NYE-recommends couples therapy or leash; Sonny asks B about Eve-glad bounced back after Vic fired him; S says E & B had intense convo & will eye on him & E

#DAYS Brady tells Sonny maybe Will re-enacting past w/Paul-leaves room; Paul tells John saw Sonny & hit him hard as they walk near pub; J says to P you were with Will; P says W kissed him; P wants to call & tell S about kiss; J asks P why telling S - to be honest or break up W&S

#DAYS Eric/Jen give Ciara water; C says feels stuck & no one can hear her; Jen tells C stop running & making bad choices; C blasts Jen & Eric about their addiction, drinking & Eric killing bf; Stefan glad to meet Chad & looked forward to meeting Andre; Andre says lying

#DAYS Stef tells Abby she's beautiful; Andre asks Stef who his mom is; Viv says God blessed her w/one of Stef's children; Viv says when Stefano seduced her as Rudolpho for ruby; Chad says to Abby that Stefano must've really wanted ruby

#DAYS Viv had been told child stillborn; Stef says only learned about real mom a year ago; lots of great lines all around about Stef's parentage; Viv says she brought proof

So Vivian nor Stefan knew the other existed a year ago...

#DAYS Paul tells John not trying come between Sonny/Will; J asks P how he feels about Will-J knows how feels about S; not that W back P says don't have chance w/S & has to let go-P says shouldn't text or call-would be trying hold something already gone

You can totally see the set up for Will and Paul. Even John is telling Paul to let Sonny go

#DAYS Will tells Mar likes Sonny & knows why married him; W says when S talks about them sounds like talking about complete stranger; Mar can see that; W tells M doesn't remember her but feels like known her whole life; M tells W they've always gotten on together & still

#DAYS Will feels same toward Mar; W gets call from Sonny & takes it-tells S at HTS w/friend-looks at Mar; Viv has proof; Chloe says went to "Sami Brady paternity lab"; Hope asks how Viv how got Stefano's DNA; Viv says knew ppl & brought copies for all; Chad asks Stef why there

#DAYS Stef says his father's legacy has diminished & in peril-they need to make change so DiMera name means something; Abby says her words that she wrote for Chad for board mtg to come; Chad says cute parlor trick

#DAYS Jen glares at Ciara; C starts apologizing; J says she should be; Eric knows C didn't mean what said; C keeps apologizing; Jen/Eric going take C home & will text Hope to let her know; Stef tells Chad learned all about him fam & business-nice speech

#DAYS Stef looks at Abby-impressed by all her work; Stef says he's going to take rightful place as CEO of DiMera; Chad tells Stef not going to be CEO-his job; Stef smiles; Eve takes off dress (in slip)-Brady opens door "we have unfinished business"

#DAYS Jen/Eric walk into J's house-E tries calming angry J; E says he thinks about Dan all time, esp that night; Eric reminds Jen had nice time welcoming in new year & can only get better; E kisses J on cheek & they wish each other HNY

#DAYS Eve tears open Brady's shirt & they both start getting hot & heavy on Eve's bed; Sonny in living room; Will comes in; S asks who ran into; W says ran into Mar-tells S talking to her helped; S glad he feels better & suggests they toast

Sonny seems to have no clue heís getting dumped.

#DAYS Will says tired, kisses Sonny on cheek-says HNY & leaves S behind; Stef tells all board lost confidence in all of them; Stef tells all, one at a time why out & Viv gives each a letter-copies of resolution to make Stef CEO; Viv/Stef clink glasses & leave

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"Vivian Introduces Her Son, Stefan Octavius DiMera"

Tuesday January 2, 2018: The New Year's Eve party is crashed by Vivian and her son Stefan, Will kisses Paul again, and Ciara goes off on Eric and Jennifer while in a drunken state.

Paul jogs up to Will at the square, surprised he's not with Sonny. Will says he's sorry that Paul was hurt by him and Sonny.will-admits-kissed-paul-again-days-nbc Paul shrugs. Will takes Paul's hand and kisses him. Eventually, Paul pulls away and questions the kiss. Will says it's midnight, and he's attracted to Paul. Will also feels bombarded with expectations of who he once was and Paul seems content to see the "present-tense" Will. Paul's sorry and wishes he could help. Will says he is. John and Marlena interrupt. It's awkward and John walks Paul home while Marlena stops Will to ask what they walked in on. Will admits to the kiss. Marlena takes it in stride and Will says he knows that he and Marlena were close before and he's comfortable talking to her about this. He doesn't want to be that guy who cheats on his husband.

Hope and Rafe drag Ciara into the office at Doug's Place and castigate her about drinking underage. A cloaked figure walks into the restaurant, removes her cape and everyone gapes. Kate yells, "Vivian!" Vivian Alamain says, "Sorry I'm late," and grins. Abigail realizes Vivian's 'Firebird'. While outside, a man gets out of a car, Vivian tells everyone they should meet her 'plus one'. Kate asks if she dragged Ivan with her. Vivian laughs. She left him in India, mooning over her. Her mystery man has the same blood coursing through his veins as Chad and Andre. She calls him Stefan O. DiMera. Jennifer goes to get Rafe and Hope, while the partygoers wonder what Vivian's talking about. Back in the office, Hope asks her daughter how they can help her when Eric and Jenn rush in to tell them Vivian's back. They stay to look after the drunk while Rafe and Hope head back to the party. They return as Vivian texts Stefan to come in and introduces him to the crowd when he makes an entrance. Kate finds it amusing and laughs at Vivian for losing it. Stefan tells everyone, "My name is Stefan Octavius DiMera. I'm Stefano's son." There are murmurs of shock and laughter as everyone takes this in. Vivian tells everyone, "God blessed me with one of Stefano's children." Stefano never knew he existed. Stefan was conceived when Stefano was posing as Rudolpho Meradi and seduced her to steal her ruby. Ivan told Vivian that the baby was stillborn. Vivian says she grieved for him. Stefan pitches in and says it's only been a year that he knew the true identity of his mother. He confronted Ivan, who confessed the truth. Kate snipes that Vivian didn't find him in Dubai, but on ''. Vivian claims to have proof. "Probably went to the Sami Brady paternity lab," Chloe says sarcastically. Vivian says she used the DNA samples from Interpol and hands over documentation to Rafe. Back in the office, Ciara reveals she feels like she's not heard. Jenn cautions her against drinking and making poor decisions so Ciara lashes out at them for both having addictions and for Eric's DUI which killed Daniel. Eric and Jenn are visibly hurt. Ciara immediately apologizes. Eric forgives her and they take her home through the back. Meanwhile, Stefan explains that people used to be frightened by the DiMeras but the power behind Stefano's legacy is in peril. Stefan's decided to embrace his birthright as head of his family and CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Chad's happy in his newfound discovery but declares he's the CEO. Stefan hands out letters to Kate, Chad and Andre from the board and says it's 'effective immediately'. He and Vivian grab a bottle of champagne and head out.

bardy-eve-make-love-days-nbcAt the Kiriakis mansion, Eve and Brady share a hot kiss until she breaks away and slaps him. Meanwhile, in the foyer, Sonny texts Will, asking where he is. Back in the lounge, Brady apologizes. They argue and Sonny walks in. Eve goes and Sonny questions what's going on. Brady suggests Sonny keep his eye on Will. Brady leaves the room. Later, upstairs, Brady opens Eve's door to tell her they've unfinished business. They start making out.

John walks Paul to the pub as Paul opens up about how difficult it was seeing Sonny tonight. Paul admits Will kissed him and wonders if he should tell Sonny. John asks what the point would be. Paul doesn't want to break them up and realizes he needs to let go.

Back at the square, Will says when Sonny talks of their love it sounds amazing but as though he's talking about a complete stranger. Marlena understands. Will feels like he's known Marlena forever though.

jenn-eric-nye-nbcEric and Jennifer return to her house. They go over the events of the night and agree 2018 can only get better.

Will arrives at the mansion and tells Sonny that he was with Marlena, who helped him to figure some things out. Sonny's glad to hear. Will's tired and wishes Sonny a Happy New Year and he goes to bed. Sonny looks crestfallen.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Vivian faces off with Kate!

Will makes a big decision regarding Sonny.

- Christine Fix
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#DAYS Eve in bed, Brady looking at her; E remembers starting to get hot with B; B says HNY- brought in 2018 with a bang; Will enters living rm & Ari holds up HNY sign with Sonny; Will picks up Ari & they're sweet together; Daddy Sonny talks about helping A make breakfast

#DAYS Sonny kisses Will and talks about how happy back-being family in 2018; Will looks at Ari & smiles; Chad on phone w/Mr. Shin shocked sat down w/mental case Vivian & faux Stef; Chad tells Mr. Shin to tell board he made a mistake; Chad says he & Andre will fight this

Eve and Brady in bed.

#DAYS Chad about to tell Mr. Shin to go f... but Abby signals him to cut off; Abby/Chad talk about ppl on board can be bought; Chad angry Stef new CEO; Stef comes in while Chloe cleaning up & returns handkerchief he left there; Chloe makes clear wasn't Stefano fan-hates Viv

#DAYS Chloe hopes Stef apple falls far from tree; Andre tries to calm Kate-refers to Viv's last reign of horror; Kate tells Andre Viv faked everything before got stuff-for-hire; Viv says her son will get everything as walks in during Kate's rant

#DAYS Viv enters living rm at d-mans; V says Stef admitted mentally deficient son; Kate tells V Andre no deficient in any way; V wants K to cut crap about K being in love w/Andre; V asks K why she protects Chad while treats her sons as losers

#DAYS Viv tells Kate her mismanagement is why Chad losing DE; Abby asks Chad if can pool shares w/Kate & go against board; C says their shares not enough - says Stefano gave Mr. Shin too much power; Abby looks up Stef's background-he's not business rookie

#DAYS Chloe tells Stef she had parent issues-asks S how well he knows Viv; Chloe tells Stef that Viv more monster than all DiMera's combined; Stef says he could be just like her as far as C knows

#DAYS Chloe tells Stef he'll only have enemies if like Viv; Stef asks who Doug is - her bf; C laughs & is single; Stef tells Chloe he finds her single, working mom, business woman very sexy; Chloe asks if a line; Stef leaves-hopes to see her around; Ch smiles

#DAYS Eve asks Brady what's up-couldn't stand sight of her last week; B says stop analyzing & just go with it; Eve says no-she's onto him; Sonny back in living rm-Mag/Ari making cookies; Will says S happy kid & he's happy S back-kisses W, who pulls back

Off camera Maggie gets Ari too. Bad enough she took Tate. Get Will out of that house

#DAYS Will tells Sonny a lot on his mind; S asks W if something besides being nervous happened previous night & about stranger who visited Susan; W remembers kissing P & says something else happened

#DAYS Viv tells Kate that Stef reminded about Stefano but put him off for a bit when asked about his father; Viv tells Kate Stef's legacy was in jeopardy & K blew it; K says Chad in charge & will bring DE back to top; V says Mr. Shin doesn't agree

#DAYS Viv tells Kate that must sting; K says no but this will & slaps her hard; Stef comes in and goes to him mother & says stop (toward Viv)

Limited cast today. I think only ten characters. Chloe Stefan Will Sonny Brady Eve Chad Abby Vivian Kate

#DAYS Brady asks Eve how onto him; E says he knows but says only priority making Basic Black success; E says no more roll in sack; B starts seducing E again & she laughs as tells him to stop; B stops-E says "what the hell" and they start again

#DAYS Abby shows Chad that Stef is cutthroat corporate raider; Chad says need another DNA test; Stef asks Viv what she's doing; V came to show Stef his house & portrait of his father; Kate tells V she hated Stef; Andre sick of charade

#DAYS Sonny asks Will to share what's bothering him-can tell him anything; W remembers kissing Paul interaction again-telling about bombarded by expectations from all but P; W tells S he has been supportive so he'll be honest;

Will talking about Paul being supportive. Being around J&M has been good for Paul LOL

#DAYS Will tells Sonny spoke to Mar & he feels connection w/her; S repeats to W that he can tell him anything; Chloe comes in having been told Brady might be in there; Ch goes to look for Brady w/Sonny's permission & welcomes Will home again

#DAYS Will tells Sonny he ran into Paul & they kissed again; S nods trying to keep stiff upper lip; Chloe knocks on door & finds Eve/Brady hot & heavy; E tells Ch "he's busy"; Chad talks about Stef's story of being raider; Stefan says willing to take another DNA test

#DAYS Abby says "don't mind if I do" and walks up to Stef and plucks hair out of his head (definitely showing her moxie)

#DAYS Sonny clearly choked up by Will's revelation; W tells S hasn't been perfect husband but wants to be honest; S asks how happened; W says heading to k-mans & saw P in HTS & admitted how much missed S-wanted to comfort him, clock struck midnight

#DAYS Sonny making excuses for Will; Will says didn't just happen; Will admits he was the one who kissed Paul & liked it; Sonny clearly shaken; Chloe leaves house, Brady chases her outside; Ch asks if cold; B says yes; Ch tells B that Viv back

#DAYS Andre, Viv, Kate go to hospital to do DNA test; K going to keep Andre/Viv from killing each other; Chad calls Stef by his previous name "Sam"-says wait till test comes back - had given instructions to stay with sample & give to only Kayla

#DAYS Will says wishes he could remember but not fair & tells Sonny Ari will have them both but not together-can't be together until knows who/what wants-hurt him once & won't do it again

#DAYS Chloe tells Brady that Viv & offspring might want revenge; Br says he'll be careful; Ch asks Eve if thing w/Br real or keeping enemy closer-she friends w/both of them; Abby/Chad tell Stef put them on defensive way he came in; Stef he was worried about father's business

#DAYS Sonny tells Will to give it time; W says his memory might not come back-has to let him go & make his own way; S begs W not to do this; W says "I'm sorry; I'm moving out; I'm filing for divorce"; Sonny crying "no"

#DAYS Chloe & freezing Brady argue about his motives & asks B to be careful with whatever his plans are; B says he's got it under control & Eve overheard everything-B playing games w/her; Andre won't surrender sample to tech

#DAYS Andre/Viv go w/sample; Kate stays to see if any minions of Viv show up; Kate concerned situation couldn't be worse; Chad tells not interested working w/Stef-get out of their home; Stef says he owns house -

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Look Into Thursday 1/4 Preview on Days

Chad gets angry that Stefan is ruining DiMera businesses!
Rafe thinks Ciara knows about SAFE
Anna is back!
Abe learns of Theo's health problems

Source: DISH Network

`````````````````````````````````````````````````` ```


#DAYS Hope at work in her office-opens file-Rafe brings coffee when not scheduled to work to see woman he loves; H/R kiss; H/R talk about previous night's disaster w/Viv & Stef in town; H thinks their business about to pick up

#DAYS Theo on tablet as Abe comes into his room; T asks who's Stef; A tells T to put tablet away; Abe asks T about when he started lying-asks why didn't tell him about Kate; Kayla in nurses station angry-tells Kate about breaking up fight w/Viv-Andre

#DAYS Kayla confirms to Kate the DNA results will be accurate; Chad tells Stef doesn't want work w/him ever & to get out of their home; Stef says house his; Chad says house not DE property-it's their home; Stef says he &Viv moving in & nothing to stop it

#DAYS Ciara waking up with headache on loft sofa; Claire sees her & starts banging things in kitchen on purpose; Ci asks her to stop; Cl says just getting ready to go to hospital; Ci/Cl verbally mixing it up about Theo; Cl tells Ci her life is a dumpster fire

#DAYS Hope tells Rafe that Ciara was still passed out when she checked on her earlier; H sadly remembering last time Ci got that drunk was when Chase raped her; R says doesn't think it's about that; H thinks Ci keeping something inside; R says maybe

#DAYS Hope asks Rafe why he thinks Ciara so angry with him; R remembers chat right after Sami left;

#DAYS Chad tells "Sam" he owns deed to home; Stef tells Chad/Abby that Chad was technically mortgage holder but C took out line of credit against mortgage-did his homework; S purchased the bank that gave C his line of credit & C can't pay it off yet and could call it in

#DAYS Stef tells Chad to relax but won't do anything-wants to live in his father's house like Chad & Andre-wants to be a part of the family; Abby tells Stef not going about being part of fam right way; Stef wants to get passed initial awkwardness-wants get to know all

#DAYS Stef asks Chad if too much to ask; C says yes; Kayla tells Kate that the hospital not fully staffed cause it's a holiday; Kate tells Kayla that DiMeras fund lots at hospital; Kay goes back to check on DNA test; Kate reminds her to keep Viv away from lab

Well Kate just got Kayla to expedite the test by threatening to pull the Dimera donations.

#DAYS Theo tells Abe that breaking in was his choice for his fam; A explains not turning in Kate cause it would complicate matters for Theo; A tells T when back on feet he's done w/DiMeras-must find new job

#DAYS Ciara accuses Claire of going to get bored w/Theo; Cl tells Ci that doesn't recognize her cause turned into miserable human being; Cl leaves for hospital & tells Ci that T is everything to her-slams door hard; Tripp sees ending argument from stairs

#DAYS Rafe tells Hope he doesn't know why Ciara so angry w/him; H recalls how close R & Ci were; H gets call on cell; R remembers what he said out loud to Sami in park and the words Ci said the night before; H off phone & asks R what's wrong

Rafe sitting there seeing that Hope and Ciara are in pain and says nothing. I hate him.

#DAYS Theo tells Abe can't make him quit; A says Kate/Andre agree; T says A promised not to treat him like little kid; A blasts "then stop acting like one"; Claire walks in and can tell heated discussion; Ciara bitching about Claire to Tripp - nearly gets sick but it passes

#DAYS Tripp asks Ciara if getting drunk was worth it; Ci tells Tr she went to deal w/her mom & Rafe; Tr says sounds intense; Ci tells Tr "Rafe cheated on my mother with his skanky ex-wife"; Rafe tells Hope wouldn't do anything to hurt her or Ciara

#DAYS Hope tells Rafe thinks it's her fault for asking R to retrieve Bo's bike; H remembers Ciara stopped herself again from telling H what's up; H asks R to hold fort while she goes to talk to Ci

#DAYS Chad tells Stef not to go upstairs near Tom until confirmed DNA; Abby doesn't want Stef anywhere near Tom; Abby, with reasonable tone supports Chad entirely; Ch tells St he knows Viv & St were the ones sabotaging the company

#DAYS Claire comes into room & asks Theo if he's feeling ok; T says he's good; Abe tells Cl that he & Th were discussing his future; Th says A got him fired from DiMera; A says when his health is cleared he can make own decision & go back to DE; Kayla comes in w/new test results

#DAYS Tripp asks Ciara how knows Rafe cheated; Ci tells overheard; Tr asks Ci why she would blast party to tell; Tr says maybe best to tell Hope in private; Tr says Rafe/Hope seem pretty happy together; Ci talks about liking Rafe & how Bo trusted him w/Hope & Ci after died

#DAYS Tripp quietly talks about how Ciara has been angry since came into town & knows what it's like; Tr says Joe in prison & nearly ruined Steve/Kayla marriage; Tr asks Ci if trying to help or hurt Hope

#DAYS Hope starts to leave office; Rafe tries to stop her & tell him what he thinks; Kate blasts into office asking what H/R doing to get rid of Viv; Chad/Abby tell Stef that "Sam" is a corporate raider think he did it; Chad will tell board what St/Viv have been doing

#DAYS Stef says no proof & leaves living room to go pick out his room

Stefan denying the sabotage. I actually could see that Vivian and Andre did that in their own.

#DAYS Kayla talks about continued weakness in Theo's limbs shows loss of motor neurons as result of stroke; K says recovery more complicated-found clinical trial for implantation of stem cells in Theo's brain & rigorous therapy so Th's body can going into healing mode

#DAYS Kayla tells Theo trial in South Africa - recovery can take up to a year; Theo thrown by this; Abe/Claire try to stay calm; Chad starts investigation (on phone) into Stef; Abby can't believe board handed Stef CEO position; Ch says board doesn't trust him

Chad is on the phone with Belle

#DAYS Abby agrees they'll keep fighting for DE-forever; Kate tells Hope/Rafe that Stef impersonating a DiMera; Kate talks about Viv being criminal; H asks R if Kate pot or kettle; H/R say their hands tied - will keep look-out; Kate tells H/R Viv/Stef bringing chaos to town

#DAYS Kate tells Hope/Rafe they're hopeless as she leaves for hospital & tells them when town on fire it'll be on their heads; Rafe wishes Kate HNY as she leaves

Kate with this fur coat on her shoulders like Cruelle DeVille. And not in a good way.

#DAYS Ciara asks Tripp why would she want to hurt Hope; Tr says been fighting w/H since back; Tr says to Ci do you blame her for all before left-think before blowing it out of water-can't take it back; Ci asks Tr if has to be at work; Tr gives her hangover meds & takes off

Tripp talking Ciara out of telling Hope

Theo is crying he doesnít want to be alone

#DAYS Hope/Rafe talk about how ridiculous couldn't look up Viv preemptively; Hope asks Rafe what was he going to tell her; H gets call-has to meet w/Trask immediately; R wishes H luck w/meeting; Kate back at hospital-asks Kayla if DNA results done

#DAYS Kayla hands envelope to Kate & says she didn't even ask how Theo doing; Kay tells Kate "knock yourself out"; Kate silenced as holds envelope Kay was waiting to give Andre

Kayla says Kate didnít ask how Theo is. I mean Kateís an ass but you canít tell her anyway, Kayla.

#DAYS Abe surprised Theo might turn down medical trial; Th first wants to do research & makes his own decision; Abe says choice is made if docs say this is what he needs, he's going to Cape Town; Claire tells Theo Abe has a point when A leaves room; Th doesn't want to leave Cl

#DAYS Claire offers to go w/Theo who breaks down & starts crying; knock at loft door; Ciara still hungover-open it to Rafe; Ci tells R can't do this now; R wants to talk about previous night-admits thinks knows what she was going to say

#DAYS Stef picked Chad/Abby's room; Ch tells S not to ever go back into that room after says didn't know it was theirs; Kate walks in announcing has DNA results; Stef & Chad both smirking

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#DAYS Eric sees closed sign on pub so uses key to enter; Roman asks Eric why there-tells E he decided to take day off when Anna comes in saying thinks lost earring in R's bed; Hope/Jen hug & talk about H not knowing why Ciara so angry

#DAYS Rafe tells Ciara knows what she wants to tell Hope; R tells C to get it out in the open; Kate has test results & Andre sad test confirms Stef their brother; Viv says they're one happy family

#DAYS Rafe tells Ciara knows what she wants to tell Hope; R tells C to get it out in the open; Kate has test results & Andre sad test confirms Stef their brother; Viv says they're one happy family

#DAYS Chad thinks test could've been tampered with; Stef says will take as many DNA tests as possible; Andre/Kate want to throw Stef/Viv out but Stef says not going anywhere & asks Chad if he should tell them or will Chad

#DAYS Kate reiterates that Stef bought bank holds mortgage; Stef tells all welcome to live there; Abby asks Stef what he wants; Stef wants to discuss game plan on DE; Andre will be in charge of Countess W, w/Kate at side (as Chad had proposed); Abby keeps her job

#DAYS Stef would like Chad to be Exec VP like was for Kate; C says "I quit"; Eric surprised in town; Anna said got in last night-had spoke on phone about having no plans so Roman invited her; A talks about how thoughtful R is; Eric-"seriously, you & Anna again"; R smiles

#DAYS Jen w/Hope in inter. rm at PD; Jen tells Hope how Ciara was so off previous night & threw J's addiction in her face & Eric's drunk driving accident; H asks J if Ci gave any reason why acting out

#DAYS Ciara tells Rafe once it comes out, it's never going back in; R says nagging feeling since learned Ci heard him talk to Sami; Ci says knows R had sex w/Sami; R looks at Ci -- It's not angry discussion--kind of sad

#DAYS Rafe tells Ciara sorry heard & sorry for all of it; R sorry burdened Ci; Ci says how could he do that to Hope; R says never meant to hurt H; Ci says thought R cared about her & H; Ci says has zero respect-he did a horrible thing; R asks Ci to hear him out

#DAYS Jen tells Hope to wait for Ciara to come to her when ready; H says please tell Eric how sorry she for what said; H asks J about date w/E; J says went to party as friends but at midnight kissed-felt like more than friends; H says this is great; J not sure

#DAYS Roman tells Eric nothing wrong w/spending night w/ex-wife while Kate involved w/fake marriage to Andre; Eric says thinking about taking a step forward w/Jen-tells briefly about crazy party previous night

#DAYS Chad says Stef is obviously sabotaging company; Kate thinks him too; S wants C to reconsider resignation; C wants nothing to do w/S or his company "lying little bastard"; S offers anyone else to follow C out they can; Abby leaves room; Kate/Andre asked what they'll do

#DAYS Hope doesn't understand why Jen not enthusiastic about Eric; J says doesn't think E wants more than friends; H seems stumped too-thinks J overanalyzing; J says E still has feeling for Nic; H says ask E; J says then E will be cornered; H says friendship/smendship-ask E

#DAYS Roman asks Eric if he & Jen are dating again; E says would like to pursue relationship w/J; R thinks it's great & he thinks J great for E; R tells E before jump into anything w/J, make sure he's over Nic; Andre tells Stef won't be pushed out of DE; Kate staying too

So chabby walk out on stefan. Andre is clearly playing both sides and Kate shows her true colors of being out for herself and staying with DE and Stefan

#DAYS Kate tells Stef one wrong move-out on his ass; S tells Viv she was right-K tough one; K tells Stef he is no Stefano DiMera; S confident he can make company great; Viv/Stef go to call movers & bring stuff; K asks Andre how do the get rid of V/S

#DAYS Kate tells Stef one wrong move-out on his ass; S tells Viv she was right-K tough one; K tells Stef he is no Stefano DiMera; S confident he can make company great; Viv/Stef go to call movers & bring stuff; K asks Andre how do the get rid of V/S

#DAYS Abby/Chad at Doug's having drink, discuss what to do next; C says they're living the dream-out of jobs, homes; Abby says they can start their own company; Ch asks what about Thomas-DE supposed to be his legacy;

#DAYS Abby tells Chad if he really wants to keep company she thinks she knows a way

How long before Kate has dumped her favorite one chad for stefan?

#DAYS Anna back downstairs-hears Eric say Nic was first woman he loved & still misses her; Anna will go out to check messages & leave Eric/Roman alone; E says misses Nic every day but knows needs to let go & ready to move on w/Jen

#DAYS Jen puts on coat & says going to talk to Eric as Hope advised; J tells H to keep reminding Ciara how much loves her when talking to her; Ci asks Rafe why cheated on Hope; R tells Ci that their argument was heated and H gave him ring back & broke up-he thought they were done

#DAYS Rafe tells Ciara that he & Sami were both in a bad place when ran into each other; R tells Ci it wasn't love-friends-it just happened cause both in a lot of pain & wanted to shut out world & pain; Ci asks R if only 1 time; R says making no excuses-wish it hadn't

#DAYS Rafe asks Ciara if believes him; Ci doesn't know if will ever believe him again; Andre/Kate talk about rough start to 2018; An says first moments good; K asks if talking about kiss-doesn't think there's anything to say; An thinks there was kind of a spark

#DAYS Andre admits feelings developing for his wife; Kate seems surprised; An knows don't have to stay in marriage for business but thinks have shot at a real marriage-asks K what she thinks

#DAYS Abby tells Chad thinks key is DiMera board; Chad says board thinks Stef is savior of DE; A says get proof, esp since Stef even knew about Sami debacle; Theo had said there was hacker; Abby has idea about how to find out if who's hacker but knows C won't like it

#DAYS Andre tells Kate she hasn't said anything; K says caught off guard; An asked if strange to tell wife loves her; K asks An if he's in love w/her; An says nothing he's familiar with-asks how she feels; K says being An's wife hasn't prison she expected;

#DAYS Andre tells Kate "you should be writing greeting cards"; K says she needs time to sort out her feelings-knows he's been good to her lately; An tells K to take all the time she wants; K leaves room; An says "I'm not going anywhere"

#DAYS Abby thinks that she & Chad need to go home & ask for jobs back so they have access-need to track corporate espionage from inside; Abby says good cop/bad cop--she'll be good cop & apologize for her hot-headed husband

#DAYS Chad asks Abby if thinks Stef will buy it; A says they'll beat Stef even tho C doesn't like her having to be nice to S; C/A kiss as C says how did he get so lucky; Jen sees Anna outside pub & A tells J why in town-happy to see each other

#DAYS Jen asks Anna why outside; A says Roman/Eric having big talk; J asks about what; A says seems E still in love w/horrible Nicole Walker; Ciara & Rafe talk about importance of telling Hope the truth; R says it has to come from him & doesn't want Ci carrying burden

#DAYS Hope at loft door-tells Ciara needs to talk to her even if has biggest hangover in history; H sees Rafe & asks what he's doing there; Ci looks on (not wearing judgmental face this time)

Abbyís right here. Chad storming out isnít the way to handle this.

#DAYS Roman tells Eric glad he's moving on w/Jen & thinks they have a shot to find lasting happiness; Eric hopes so; J asks Anna who tells what E said about loving Nic; J decides not to go inside-doesn't feel well & leaves; Anna is clueless

#DAYS Rafe tells Hope thinks what was making Ciara angry was because of him; Ci admits told R why upset & it does have to do w/him; H asks what R did to make her so angry

#DAYS Kate walks into Doug's; Chad asks K if wants a drink (Abby gone); C says "misery loves company"; K upset C quit and worse Abby followed; C tells K Abby went back & says good idea for A to be good cop w/Stef-& he's interested in Abby

#DAYS Kate/Chad agree all need to take down Stef; Ch says as long as four of them united all can take down Stef; Andre tells portrait he'll do whatever it takes; Andre calls Viv a bitch; V says they're alone now

Monday we may get the truth from the Andre and Vivian scenes. Excellent.

#DAYS Viv puts her arms on Andre's shoulders & says no way to treat his "partner in crime"; An takes Viv's arms off him & stares at her -

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"Eric Is Unhappy That Roman Spent New Year's Eve With Anna DiMera"

Friday January 5, 2018: The DiMera family learns that there's one more of them, Eric finds Roman with Anna, Rafe and Ciara have an honest talk, and Andre shares his feelings with Kate.

At the pub, Eric asks his dad why they're closed. Roman's taking the day off. Episode # 13250Anna DiMera, (played by Leann Hunley), walks in. She's missing her earring and thinks she lost it in Roman's bed. Eric's eyes widen in surprise. He had no idea Anna was in Salem. Roman says they were chatting on the phone and he invited her to spend New Year's Eve with him. Eric doesn't look happy. Anna goes upstairs while Eric fills his dad's head with what happened at the New Year's Eve party. Roman's stunned to hear about Stefano's new "spawn," Stefan. They discuss Jennifer and Eric admits he'd like a relationship with her. Roman's happy to hear this. He's always thought Jenn was good for him. He asks if Eric's over Nicole. Eric still misses Nicole but is ready to move on with Jennifer. Anna reappears and goes outside to check her messages.

At SPD, Jenn admits to Hope that Ciara threw her addiction and Eric's DUI in their faces at the party. Hope's mortified and sorry. Hope asks about Jenn and Eric's date. Jenn's not sure yet if Eric likes her the way she likes him.

Episode # 13250At the loft, Rafe knows that Ciara overheard him and Sami talking about having sex and he's not only sorry it happened but he's sorry Ciara found out, knowing this has hurt her. Ciara cries. She doesn't understand how he could do that to her mom. Rafe never meant to hurt Hope. He's not making excuses for it but wants to explain. Ciara has no respect for him anymore. Rafe explains what went down with their break-up and how he took comfort in Sami, who was also in a lot of pain because of her issues with Will. It was one time. He asks to be the one to tell Hope. Just then, Hope arrives. Rafe declares he came over to see how Ciara was. Ciara lets her mom know she told Rafe what she was upset about.

Kate walks into the DiMera mansion with the DNA test results. Episode # 13250Andre and Vivian follow and Andre says the test confirms Stefan's their brother. Vivian's happy but everyone else is morose. Stefan immediately wants to discuss the company. He wants to put Andre and Kate in charge of Countess Wilhelmina and would like to keep Abigail as head of PR. Stefan likes Chad as an executive in a VP role and also work for Stefan in a similar capacity. "No. No way in hell. I quit," Chad says grimly. He takes off and Abigail bows out as well, leaving Kate and Andre. They're in but warn if he makes a wrong move, he's out. Everyone parts ways and Kate and Andre discuss their marriage. Andre confesses that his feelings for her are developing. He thinks they have a shot. Kate's caught off guard. Andre admits he loves her and asks how she feels. Kate admits, "Being your wife isn't the prison I anticipated it to be." Andre tells her she should be writing greeting cards. Kate's sorry. She needs time to sort her feelings.

Episode # 13250Abigail and Chad drink at Doug's Place, upset over Stefan's takeover. Abigail has an idea. The music plays loudly as she tells him they need to get their jobs back to get access to him so they can trace corporate espionage. Abigail goes and Kate arrives. Chad buys her a drink but says nothing is forgiven. "Misery loves company." Kate's dismayed that Chad quit and calls it cowardly. Chad confides that Abigail went to get their jobs back. Together, he thinks the four of them can take Stefan down. Kate grins.

Jenn arrives at the pub and is happily surprised to see Anna. They embrace and Jenn learns Anna celebrated New Year's Eve with Roman. When Jenn asks why she's outside in the cold, Anna is giving Roman and Eric space because Eric was discussing that "awful woman" Nicole, that Eric's still in love with. Jenn looks hurt and tells Anna she doesn't feel well. She hightails it out of there.

Abigail returns home and knocks on Stefan's door. He lets her in and he's naked. Flustered, she looks away. Downstairs, Andre talks to Stefano's portrait, telling him he'll save his company. Vivian appears and he's bitchy toward her. Vivian doesn't think that's the way to treat his partner in crime, especially since their plan is going so well.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Tripp tries to comfort Claire.

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