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Chabby in bedroom getting ready for party. Chad wants to get Abby undressed. She is wearing an odd choice, IMO, for a NYE party. I like her hair today. Abby is very pro-DiMera about this event.


Paul shows up at Doug's Place and asks Chloe if he can get a beer. Chloe explains its closed for a party but get him a beer. She tells him she's heard about him and Sonny and Paul can't wait for 2017 to end.


WilSon getting ready. Sonny helps Will get his tie fixed. Sonny explains Chad is their best friend which is why they are going to a DiMera event. Will is nervous. They kiss...a smooch not a hot one.


Rafe and Hope are all dressed up for party but meet at the police station of all places. WTF.

Ciara shows up and asks if their PDA is even allowed there and she interrupts them.


Kandre in DiMera living room. Her dress makes me want to pluck out my eyes. Andre misses Stefano seeing Chad taking his rightful place and the family return to glory. Kate says be careful what you wish for. They haven't found the culprit and it could be Stefano.


Hotel room with woman in fancy dress (can't see face) setting out jewelry and a tux.

Eve enters her bedroom and she's in workout clothes and sweating. She goes to strip out of her shirt and Brady opens the door as she's doing that and he's shirtless. He's in a towel. He tells Eve the DiMeras are having a party at Doug's Place and they are going to go. Eve is surprised they were invited. Brady says they weren't. They're crashing.


Jennifer comes down the stairs in her gown which is floor length and gorgeous to open the door for Eric. He tells her she looks beautiful. He helps her zip her dress. Jennifer acknowledges this isn't an easy night for Eric. He says maybe this year will be something to look forward to.


Chad asks Abby if she knows the mystery RSVP. She doesn't.


Mystery hotel room. Woman is putting on this HIDEOUS necklace and man comes in to help her with the clasp. No dialog.

Hope asks Ciara if it's about Theo. Ciara talks about it being humiliating and Rafe, who should excuse himself from this mother/daughter convo, is just standing there. Rafe says they can still be friends - Ciara and Theo. Hope says she knows how much she loved Theo and you can have more than one great love in your life. She says, "Like you found Rafe. Who you can love and trust."

Rafe says, if it's not about Theo, what did you come to discuss? She says she wants her dad's bike back because she has her license.


Brady wants Eve to go because Gabi will be there.


Paul sees Chabby at Doug's and Abby wants him to stay. Chad does tell him that WilSon will be there and Paul is leaving. Chad says Paul is still their friend. Paul sees WilSon coming in. Sonny says, "This is a surprise."

Hope tells Ciara no. She's too upset about Theo and it's NYE.

Ciara seems to think Hope promised that the license meant she could have the bike back but Hope says that license only means they would discuss it. Hope says no and they will finish convo tomorrow. (She's blown Ciara off TWICE to be with Rafe. No Bueno.)

Rafe invites Ciara to the party. She says no and storms out. Rafe wants to forget the party but Hope says she's not chasing after her.

Will asks Paul if he's coming to the party and Paul says no, he has plans. Sonny says, "That's good. I'm glad."

Paul leaves and Will says he feels like a jerk. Sonny says Will did nothing wrong. Will says, I'm with you and did you see the look on his face? He hates that they are hurting Paul.

Kandre walk up. Kate introduces Will to Andre, Will says "Nice to meet you" and goes to shake Andre's hand and Andre rejects the handshake and escorts Kate inside.

Before they go in, there is trashtalk about DiMera bringing down Titan

Inside, Chad talks about how bad he feels for Paul. Chad seems to have more sympathy than Sonny does. Chabby are lovey dovey.

Kate wants a word with Chad. Chad doesn't. Abby makes an excuse to take Andre away to leave Chad and Kate alone.

Kate says she's apologized. Chad says he's not trusting her again.

Abby asks Andre if he's going to do it...confess his love for Kate. Andre is afraid she doesn't feel the same way.

Brady in Kiriakis living room pouring a drink and he is thinking about how smart he is conning Eve and Victor will see he's the right one to run Titan. This dialog is in Brady's mind.

Eve comes down the stairs, there's nothing for her to overhear.

She can't wait to convince Gabi to come to Basic Black. They leave.

Chloe tells Sonny it is good to see him and tells Will she never thought she'd get to say this again but it's really, really great to see him. Will looks a little stressed. Chloe says, "You don't recognize me?" and he says, "No, I don't." and Chloe is kind of looking to Sonny for an introduction but he just stands there. Will excuses himself and walks away.

Chloe wonders if she said something wrong, Sonny says don't worry about it and it's like he's just not getting Will's feelings at all and goes after Will.

Sonny asks Will if he's OK. Will says he feels overwhelmed and Sonny says that's OK everyone understands.


Chad and Andre say tonight is the advent of the golden age for the DiMeras. They cheer their future.

Chad apologizes to Andre for accusing him and that he should have believed Andre. He says when he finds out who did it, they will pay for the misery they've caused the family. (Anvils that Andre's involved?)


Mystery couple get text their car is ready. The man helps the woman put on the cape. They leave the room

Jennifer and Hope. Jenn telling Hope NYE is hard for Eric and she thought this would bring his spirits up.

Rafe and Eric. Rafe tells Eric that him and Jenn seem awfully close. Eric says they are but just friends. Rafe says Hope and me started out as just friends, too.

Kate thanking Gabi for trusting her with Gabi Chic.

Ciara in HTS with brown bag doing a version of "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" but it's "Claire, Claire, Claire."

She is whining and then remebers Rafe's confession with Sami.

She decides to go to the party.

Brady and Eve - pic

Brady and Eve get into the party. He is going to clear the way for her.

Brady approaches Kandre and he says the police could arrest him for trespassing.

Brady says Sonny invited him. Sonny wonders what Brady is doing there.

Roger calls Will. Something happened to Susan.

Sonny tells Kandre he didn't invite Brady and Brady wants Sonny to show family loyalty. Sonny brings up drinking.

Brady says it's a party and he's celebrating with backstabbers and thieves. Sonny says he'll take care of Brady and Andre says he better or he (Andre) will take care of it. Kandre walk away.

Eve approaches Gabi who wants to know what Eve is doing there and Eve says she wanted to talk to Gabi and Gabi tells her now is not a good time.

Eve wants to help Gabi legally get out of the deal with DiMera.

Eve brings up how much Gabi's father and Eve meant to each other.

Abby gets on the mic to thank everyone for being there to honor her husband.

Abby thanks Kandre. Mentions how profits are up. Talks about Gabi Chic and introduces Chad to the group.

Chad encourages more applause.

He gives a speech. He toasts the future of DiMera.

Car arrives outside Doug's Place with the driver opening the back door for the lady.

Sonny approaches Will. Will says Susan isn't doing well. Someone came to visit her, Roger doesn't know who, but ever since the visit she's been disturbed and talking to herself. Will asks if Sonny would hate him if he left. He wants to go home and call Susan and wish her a happy new year. Sonny wants to go with him but Will says he needs to stay for Chad and the Brady stuff.

Will says he needs some alone time.

Sonny says he won't be long and they can ring in the new year together.

Eve approaches Gabi again. Gabi seems to tell Eve she will reconsider and Eve gets excited and agrees to leave. I'll admit, I watched it twice and not sure if this is a ploy to get Eve to go or she is seriously reconsidering.

Sonny and Brady get into it. Brady says this is about the Kiriakis Clan proving a point. Brady leaves.

Chad approaches Sonny and Andre asking what Brady is doing there. Andre goes to make sure Brady is leaving. Sonny and Chad talk and they hug.

Sonny leaves.

Abby comes to tell Chad how proud she is of him.

Ciara enters. Rafe asks her if she's been drinking. She wants to make a toast and gets everyone's attention. She toasts her mom and fiancée. Mentions how much Hope loves and trusts him.

Rafe is parenting Ciara. I hate that.

They take it somewhere private.

I just realized Eli is there.

Rafe tells Ciara to respect her mom and Ciara says Rafe needs to stop telling her what to do.

Paul runs into Will at HTS.

Paul asks him what he's doing there. Will says he wanted to go home and clear his head.

Paul says he has a midnight fun run. Will apologizes for hurting Paul. Paul says he misses Sonny.

Sonny arrives at home looking for Will.

Eve and Brady celebrating in K Manse living room.


Eli and Gabi dancing. He says the only thing better than ending the year with her is starting a new one.

Countdown starts....


Kandre - he goes for it
Will and Paul! Will instigates.

Vivian enters, removes her hood, Kate stands up and says, "Vivian."

Vivian says, "Sorry I'm late."

The end.

Will kisses Paul today at Midnight. Sonny spends it alone

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