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Cool DAYS:Daily Episodes for the week of DECEMBER 25

A look at tomorrow (Monday)

It's Christmas in Salem. A miracle happens in Salem. Someone makes a big mistake. A visitor surprises someone.

Source Comcast.

Note:Merry Christmas and Happy New year


I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day


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In honor of Thomas's third Christmas...

Chad DiMera (father)
Abigail Deveraux (mother)

Grace Brady (paternal half-sister; deceased)

Stefano DiMera (biological paternal grandfather; deceased)
Charles Woods (adoptive paternal grandfather)
Madeline Petersen (paternal grandmother; deceased)
Jack Deveraux (maternal grandfather; deceased)
Jennifer Horton (maternal grandmother)

Santo DiMera (biological paternal great-grandfather; deceased)
Unknown Woman (biological paternal great-grandmother; deceased)
Duke Johnson (biological maternal great-grandfather; deceased)
Jo Johnson (biological maternal great-grandmother)
Harper Deveraux (adoptive maternal great-grandfather; deceased)
Camille Deveraux (adoptive maternal great-grandmother; deceased)
Bill Horton (biological maternal great-grandfather)
Laura Spencer (biological maternal great-grandmother)

Unknown Man (biological paternal great-great-grandfather; deceased)
Unknown Woman (biological paternal great-great-grandmother; deceased)
Tom Horton (biological maternal great-great-grandfather; deceased)
Alice Grayson (biological maternal great-great-grandmother; deceased)
James Spencer (biological maternal great-great-grandfather)
Carrie Spencer (biological maternal great-great-grandmother; deceased)

William Horton (biological maternal great-great-great-grandfather; deceased)
Adelaide Horton I (biological maternal great-great-great-grandmother; deceased)
Sid Grayson (biological maternal great-great-great-grandfather; deceased)
Abigail Grayson (biological maternal great-great-great-grandmother; deceased)

JJ Deveraux (maternal uncle)
Tony DiMera (biological adoptive paternal half-uncle; deceased)
Andre DiMera (paternal half-uncle)
Renee DuMonde (paternal half-aunt; deceased)
Megan Hathaway (paternal half-aunt; deceased)
Lexie Brooks (paternal half-aunt; deceased)
Peter Blake (biological adoptive paternal half-uncle)
Kristen Blake (biological adoptive paternal half-aunt)
Benjy Hawk (paternal half-uncle; deceased)
EJ DiMera (paternal half-uncle; deceased)

Theo Carver II (paternal half-cousin)
Steven Hawk (paternal half-cousin)
Johnny DiMera (paternal half-cousin)
Sydney DiMera (paternal half-cousin)
Daniel Hernandez (paternal half-cousin; deceased)

In case anybody is wondering, Daniel was Nicole and EJ's second stillborn child. He was gonna have Rafe's name on his birth certificate (but not Rafe himself) to make EJ believe that he was Rafe's son. If only he had lived, then maybe he would have had his name changed eventually.
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Jennifer and Eric at Horton House and Eric asks how the tree trimming went.

Jennifer explains about JJ calling at last minute.

Jennifer feels like she should call JJ but doesn't want to hover too much.

Gabi dressed and leaving JJ's room and he wakes up.

She says she's getting ready to go pick up Arianna at Sonny's.

She reminds JJ he promised to get help today.

Lani and Eli in bed.

Lani is unhappy what they did.

Eli reminds her Gabi and JJ had their own celebration.

Abe sitting by Theo's bed. Val comes in to wish him Merry Christmas.

Abe tells Val about Jennifer's visit with him.

Abe tells her that Jen reminded him of something that happened long ago similar to what JJ did to Theo.
Abe acknowledges he felt the same pain then that JJ must be feeling today.

Val asks him what he's going to do.

Abe says Jen came in there fighting for JJ the way he is fighting for Theo. Says Jen wants him to forgive JJ.

Val asks if he thinks he can do that.


Lani asks Eli if all that they did was revenge sex and a way for him to get back at Gabi

Lani leaves to go to the hospital.


Gabi pushing JJ to call someone now. Gabi refuses to leave unless he promises TODAY to call someone.

JJ calls Jen.

JJ asks Jen if he can talk to Eric about getting counseling.

Gabi tells him there is much love and goodness in him and she will always fight for him and asks him to fight for himself and says she will be checking in with him to make sure he sticks with the plan.

She takes JJ's service revolver promising to give it to Rafe.

JJ says she saved his life. She says don't waste it. He asks Gabi to thank Ari for his gift.

Steve and Kayla in park on phone to Joey wishing him Merry Christmas. They aren't allowed to visit him today.

Roman and Ciara at the pub.

Claire shows up with attitude.

They are totally arguing. Roman is yelling.

Sorry, it's the HTS not the park for Stayla and Tripp shows up. They are going to Christmas breakfast.

Tripp thanks them for inviting him

Tripp says they've shown him what family really is. He thanks them for giving him a second chance.


Gabi shows up to Eli's to wish him Merry Christmas.

He is being an ass.

He accuses her of lying.

She is totally lost.

He says he knows she slept with JJ.


JenEric talking about JJ. Jen sounds very hopeful.

Val calls Jen. Says no change in Theo but Abe might be a different story. Abe asked Val to call her.

Abe at JJ's.

Jen tells Eric that Val said Abe went to see JJ.

Jen says Abe is a good man hopes he's forgiving JJ.

Jen thanks Eric for his part in helping JJ and Eric says they are a great team. #CueEmotionallyChargedLooks


Eli is telling Gabi everything. He's not letting her talk. She admits to spending the night but nothing happened. He tells her to get the hell out.

He accuses her of crawling into his bed and giving the comfort only an ex-gf could give.

She tells him JJ was going to kill himself.


JJ asks about Theo and Abe says his condition hasn't changed and he's there because of his mom and how she reminded Abe of something that happened a long time ago and her words kept him up all night.

Abe says a man he hurt forgave him and his compassion freed Abe to move on. He says JJ acted in the moment doing his job. Abe is saying kind things to JJ and how he punished JJ for too long. Abe says, "I forgive you."

Eric asks if Jen is going to open her gift.

It's a friendship bracelet and Eric has one to match. He says, "I am among the living because of you." He says Jen knew what he needed, a job and a purpose. Jen says she's very lucky to have him as a friend.

Jen needs to go to the hospital to read the Christmas story and Eric says he has somewhere to be and he can't be at the hospital. She loves the bracelet.

Roman ripping into the brats.

He says hug it out.

Stayla and Tripp show up at pub. Caroline calls from Cali.

Eli, "I am such an idiot."

Gabi, "No arguments there."

She asks Eli to take JJ's weapon unless Eli is going to use this situation against him. He apologizes to Gabi for his behavior.

Lani shows up at the hospital and Val tells her Abe went to see JJ.

JJ says when he realized he shot Theo, he wished it was him instead.

Abe says he sees how tortured JJ has been but he didn't care. It was wrong that he continued to take his pain out on JJ, on a man already suffering. He says he had no right to blame JJ or let JJ blame himself, either.

Gabi: So you spent Christmas Eve thinking I was cheating on you with JJ? You must've been miserable.

#CueElaniSexFlashback from Eli.

Gabi says she has to go get Ari she promised to take her ice skating after presents.

Eli invites himself.

She says sure.

My thoughts: Well, they succeeded in making me feel sorry for Gabi.

Eric shows up at pub and tells Roman he has good news about JJ and Abe.

He gets to talk to Caroline.


Abe says Lani loves JJ and he believes JJ loves her and he won't stand in the way of that. Says Lani is probably at hospital and invites JJ to come see Theo.


Lani tells Val nothing is going on. She is glad Abe wants to forgive JJ. Lani says she still loves JJ. She says she made a mistake, got upset and did something she shouldn't have done. Eli shows up and says he has to talk to Lani.

Eli tells Lani nothing happened between JJ and Gabi.

Eli explains the whole story to Lani about JJ being suicidal.

Eli says she can be there for JJ now and "last night NEVER happened."

My thoughts: feels manipulative to me.



The brats are fighting at the hospital now in front of Val over seeing Theo.

Abe and JJ show up at the hospital together.

Abe says he has forgiven JJ and apologized.

He tells Val he would like JJ to see Theo.


Roman, Kayla, Steve, and Tripp meet Jen at hospital and Jen is looking for Santa.

Kayla says to Steve, "If old Mr. Kringle is stuck at the North Pole you could get your Santa on."

It's cute.

Jennifer is getting to read the story.

Eric shows up as Santa.

Steve had said he couldn't do it because Arianna busted him last year and thought he was a pirate.

Eli shows up to meet Gabi and Ari and brings a gift for Ari.

Lort, but I'm irritated at him right now.

The brats on either side of Theo's bed.

Lani, Val, Abe, and JJ come in.

JJ is crying. Abe puts his hand on JJ's shoulder and says, "It's OK."

Jennifer is ending the story reading.

Steve plays his harmonica to begin the singing of Silent Night.

You can hear the singing in Theo's room.

Abe is telling him he is surrounded by people who love him, including JJ.

Abe says, "We will never stop loving you. Never."

Theo wakes up.

The end.
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here is what I've gathered from a few misc tweets. Chad still wants Kate out. says her bags better be packed. Andre tries to go to bat for her

Theo is alive and squeezed Abe's hand

Andre, Chad, Abby, and Kate. Andre continues to battle for Kate, Chad says she stays at DiMera over his dead body.

the best thing I can say so far is from the clips I'm seeing on Twitter is Abby's dress really does look pretty today.

one person is live tweeting pretty much only the dimera stuff. we don't have any consistent tweeters today. holidays.

Chad and Andre. Chad says that Thomas could have closed the deal with Gabi as she's a friend. Ouch to Kate.

Now Abe is mediating Ciara and Claire. So Roman, Valerie and Abe. Everyone but their actual parents.

found someone who's doing the whole show. yay!

We have Eli and Gabi with Ari at the square and Eli is FB to him and Lani
Eli is having those FB and he's mad. He's back in his room. Gabi is not with him. She tells JJ she needs to talk to him when he can find the time.

Theo is weak but talking. Abe is overjoyed

More talking between Claire and Ciara it's somewhat civil but great. Ok here comes the tension and Abe. Comes out to calm them down but Ciara runs in Theo's room ahead of Claire and shuts the door.

Lani tells JJ she knows about what JJ was planning. On and on Andre goes about Kate wants her to stay on with Countess W and Chad says she's your wife and your problem. Looks like she will stay on but Chad is not happy says any problems and she's gone.

Abby gets in a few calming comments but Chad has major attitude

Eli ripped the sheets off his bed he's so angry of what he did.

Andre is pleased says Chad won't regret it he says he already does. Kate says she loves Theo and loves Chad like a son. He doesn't want to hear it and walks out of the room with Abby. Kate thanks Andre and appreciates what he did. He's wiping her tears.

I will not forget this Kate tells Andre all sweet and sugary Ciara is telling Theo she's been thinking about Theo, He's surprised to hear it Lani and JJ are talking Lani says so many ppl love him. She hopes he wants to live He says I do I promise

Gabi comes to tell Eli about Theo and he's happy for the news. Gabi says she noticed something about him and Lani and Eli says what about me and Lani?

Kate is all meek and low key today. She's seeing Andre in a different light all of a sudden.

Lani and JJ hugging each other. Lani says if anything ever changes to talk to her Lani admits she went to his place on Xmas Eve and she saw Gabi and that he was holding Gabi and she was messed up and she ran into Eli. Gabi says Lani got the wrong idea. Eli says he's a hothead

Eli and Gabi are hugging.
Chabby comes and tells Andre and Kate Theo is awake they are delighted and Chabby are headed to the hospital Andre wonders if Theo will recall anything regarding Kate. She looks worried.

Abby was doing all the talking to Andre and Kate, Chad still has that attitude going on despite the happy news.

Both girls are with Theo. He seems to be giving Claire a little more attention. Both girls are so obviously vying for his attention

Claire is alone with Theo. She's so happy and saying I love you so much I never stopped she says. I've been an idiot and nothing will keep us apart again

Lani tells JJ Eli thought Gabi was cheating on him and blames herself and JJ is trying to comfort her says how he shut everyone off and JJ says where do we go from here? Val comes in asks if they want to see Theo.

Gabi begins to tell Eli the details about JJ the letters and the gun she is crying. Eli says you saved him She is crying and they hug

Lani and JJ with Theo JJ says he doesn't k ow what to say except he's sorry. He admits he shot him didn't know it was him he's upset and Theo takes his hand and says it wasn't his fault it was his.

Andre and Abby alone she apologizes for Chad's attitude meanwhile Kate went to the hospital. I guess for now Abby stayed behind.

God Bless you for pulling through JJ says and gives him and Lani alone time. More Eli and Gabi talk and he's promising her that she can lean on him anytime and they hug.

Now we have more attitude from the girls in the square. Chad talking to Val about Theo he's happy to hear the news Lani talking to Theo about that night asks if someone asked him to do what he did and he sees Kate staring at him from the window to his room

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A look at today (Tuesday) 12/26

A cop wants answers. Two brothers talked. While an Aunt and niece continue to battle. A college student gets a visitor....

Source Comcast



"Theo Forgives JJ, and Claire Orders Ciara to Stay Away From Theo"

Tuesday December 26, 2017: Theo learns what happened to him, Eli and Lani stay silent about having sex, and Chad warns Kate.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad demands Kate get out, but Andre states, “If she goes, I go.” Kate offers to leave, but Andre won’t allow it. Andre points out that Gabi’s contract has a trial clause, and she won’t work at DiMera without Kate, so Kate stays. Abby thinks Andre has a point. Chad warns Andre that if Kate causes drama at DiMera then both of them are gone. Chad storms off, and Kate thanks Andre for going to bat for her and won’t forget it. Later, Abby gives Kate and Andre the news that Theo is awake. Their celebration is short-lived when Andre realizes Theo could rat Kate out. Kate leaves, and Abby asks Andre where she went. He reveals she went to see Theo.

In the square, Gabi and Ari spend time with Eli. Eli can’t stop thinking about making love to Lani.

In Theo’s room, everyone is overjoyed when Theo opens his eyes. He responds to Valerie’s questions by blinking his eyes, and is able to squeeze Abe’s hand. Valerie ushers everyone out but Abe to look over Theo. Abe explains he was shot, but Theo doesn’t remember. In the hall, JJ and Lani are overjoyed and embrace, and so do Claire and Ciara. Valerie comes out to give everyone an update. Gabi calls to check on JJ, and he relays the news about Theo. Ciara-Claire-hug-Days-XJJ Valerie informs Claire that Theo is asking for her, but Ciara assumes Valerie meant her and rushes in. Valerie hopes Ciara will not upset Theo, who is in a fragile state. Meanwhile, Lani tells JJ she knows about his suicide attempt. He swears he is no longer suicidal, and that everything he’s asked God for has come true. She explains she went looking for him last night, and found him with Gabi in bed. She was messed up, couldn’t think, ran into Eli and told him that she thought Gabi cheated on him. Eli knows the truth now, but not before he was ugly to Gabi. Lani-JJ-talk-Days-XJJ JJ knows she didn’t do this on purpose, but wonders where they go from here. Before she answers, Valerie interrupts to let them know Theo can see people now. In Theo’s room, he’s surprised to see Ciara back. She feels if she hadn’t left that this wouldn’t have happened, and she has something important to tell him. Claire bursts in before Ciara says anything, and tells him how happy she is that he’s awake. She professes her love to him and apologizes for the fight they had. Days-Theo-JJ-wakeup-Days-XJJ He assures her it is okay. JJ and Lani stop in to see Theo, and he wonders why JJ isn’t talking. JJ cries that he was the one who shot him, but he didn’t know it was him. JJ explains what happened, and Theo tells him it wasn’t JJ’s fault but his own. He doesn’t always understand things when people don’t give him an exact order he can comprehend, and this is on him because JJ didn’t know it wasn’t a gun. JJ leaves Lani and Theo to talk. Abe returns, and learns Theo’s forgiven JJ. Lani asks Theo what else he remembers about that night, because it seemed he was trying to break into a building. He admits he was, so Lani asks if a DiMera asked him to do it. Kate looms and peers in the room. Chad arrives and speaks with Valerie in the hall. She thinks it was his and Kate’s specialist that helped Theo.

Eli returns to his room and strips his bed of the sheets. Gabi finds him and wonders why he’s doing laundry on Christmas. He makes excuses, and she explains she’s here to talk about him and Lani. She knows Lani must have gotten the wrong idea about what she saw. Eli is about to confess what happened, when Gabi spots JJ’s gun on the dresser and cries. He apologizes for not having a chance to turn it in and comforts her. She explains finding JJ in his dress blues, and learning his plan to go to the square and kill himself. Eli knows she saved him, and tells her she is amazing and he’s a jackass. He promises her that she can lean on him, and he’ll always be there for her.

Back in the square, Claire confronts Ciara and warns her to stay away from Theo. Ciara won’t, and refuses to give up a second chance to be with Theo, or let Claire come between them.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Abby figures out that Andre is in love with Kate.

- Dustin Cushman
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A look at today (Wednesday)

Someone makes a confession. An ex college student has a talk with a waiter. A woman asks someone out. While another woman figures out something about another man.

Source Comcast
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We have JenEric at the Horton house having coffee and JJ walks in all smiles Ciara and Claire are continuing their attitudes Abby and Andre talking Abby said it could get ugly between Chad and Kate. Chad sees Kate at the hospital and says Theo could rat her out

Andre tells Abby she's being hard on Kate but Abby is not letting up on Kate says she should've hired another computer geek not Theo wants to know why Andre is defending her. Chad is making all kinds of snide remarks to Kate like being arrested at the hos

Out comes Abe and Val and Abe says he wants to talk to Kate, he says we finally know the truth.

Chad is not yelling at Kate but sarcastic and full of attitude but she's remaining calm and remorseful

Claire and Ciara continue the accusations and high school drama. Ciara feels she was wronged regarding Theo and on and on they go. Now Claire is grabbing her arm

JJ is telling Jen and Eric all the news about Theo and Abe making things right and says Jen was responsible for that. He says he was at a low point but his good friend came through for him Jen is thrilled and hugging him

Seems Theo says it was his idea to go to the warehouse and Abe apologized to Kate for thinking otherwise

Abby calls Andre on his feelings for Kate, he's being coy but it's obvious she's right.

So far Kate is allowing Abe to think she had no part in this and Chad stayed quiet. The 2 of them went in Theo's room to see him.

Cute banter with Andre and Abby. He admits to admiring Kate and smiling but Abby is teasing him a bit

JJ tells Jen he made a promise to get counseling so he wants Eric's help and Eric is all for it. Mom and son embrace again and JJ says he doesn't know what he would do without her. Andre says he never met a woman like Kate. Chad hugging Theo making a chess joke.

The JJ/jen and Chad/Theo sound good

Kate is admitting she's the one who caused all the drama and why is Theo not telling Abe and Lani?

And more yelling from the girls they are pushing each other and Ciara pushed Claire so hard she landed on top of a table in the square

Claire gets up and lunges at Ciara but here comes Tripp to break it up!

Tripp grabs Ciara by the arm because she won't let it go asks her if she has a brain in her head. JJ back in his room looking at the letters he wrote and suddenly left the room

Lani and Abe talking about regrets and JJ and Theo and life looking somewhat normal again hopefully and they hug. I hate lying but you are my family too Theo says. Kate says she feels terrible and she's getting emotional no Theo is being so gracious to her saying he loves her.

love you too Kate says and they hug and Chad doesn't look thrilled

Andre has now admitted his feelings but he's unsure of Kate Abby says there is always risk involved in love

Jen and Eric are happy and laughing. He's happy to see that. He says she's an amazing mom. Looks like they are going to play Scrabble and their faces are close and now they stare

Abby continues her love advice saying Andre should kiss Kate at midnight on NYE he thanks Abby for everything like her support and advice and they laugh and kind of hug

oh god help me, why!

Kate and Chad leave the room. Kate asks for forgiveness from Chad and he says don't hold your breath and says he lost respect for her

He went down the list again for all she did and said maybe the others accepted her apology but he won't forget it.

More Ciara and Tripp and Ciara feels she is justified in her feelings. She feels he should fight for Claire

Eric just asked Jen out for New Years

the tweeter has now said there are lots of Andre/Abby scenes so we should be prepared. that was nice of her to warn us like that. FFWD button

JJ went to see Lani at the station and gave her Rihanna tickets as his Xmas gift. She's thrilled and they hug

Chad said he and Kate are done. Abe strolls by and Kate decided to sing like a canary.

It was me Abe. Kate just said

Prior to that Chad let Kate know he's not thrilled about her staying on in the business but he has to honor that.

Jen is playing the invite down says they can go as friends. He says yes to her on the Scrabble board

More JJand Lani they kiss. Claire and Theo together He wants to know if she and Ciara are getting along. She plays it down Claire wants to work with Tripp to get what they both want. Oh my god Abby and Andre said they love each other.

Kate continues to sing and Abe is furious! She's crying and says I'm so terribly sorry for what I did . Thanks for your honesty he says sarcastically and goes in Theo s room . Kate says she's not a coward and will face whatever is needed to Chad.

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"Kate Confesses the Truth to Abe After Theo Tries to Protect Her"

Wednesday December 27, 2017: Abby confronts Andre about his feelings for Kate, Ciara and Claire fight over Theo, Jenn asks Eric on a date for New Year's Eve, and Kate tells Abe the truth about her part in Theo's shooting.

At the Hortons, JJ drops by to tell Jenn and Eric that Theo is awake, and that Abe has forgiven him. Jenn is thrilled. JJ has a whole new outlook on things now, and he finally feels like he’ll be able to heal from this. He asks Eric if they could set up a counseling session, and Eric says he’d be glad to. JJ thanks his mom for everything she did to help him. JJ leaves, and Eric is glad to see Jenn looking so happy. She tells him that he has a lot to do with that. Eric notices Jenn’s Scrabble board, so they decide to play a game. As they set up, Jenn invites Eric to go with her to Abby and Chad’s New Year’s Eve party. He asks, “As a date?” She tells him it can be a friendly outing, and she knows he doesn’t like big gatherings. Eric spells out, “I Say Yes” with his scrabble tiles.

Claire-Ciara-face-off-Days-XJJ In the square, Claire tells Ciara to get over Theo, but Ciara refuses to give up on him again. Ciara will make him see they are meant to be together, but Claire refuses to allow her to go see him. The two sling insults until they begin shoving one another. Tripp arrives and pulls them apart. Claire explains Ciara wants to tell Theo she is still in love with him. Claire says she should go ahead and tell him, but not tonight. Claire decides to go see Theo, and asks Tripp to keep Ciara here. Claire leaves, and Ciara accuses Tripp of being in love with Claire and not taking the chance to be with her. She advises him to learn from her mistakes and fight for who you love. Ciara suggests they work together so they both end up happy.

At the DiMera mansion, Abby can’t help but notice how Andre keeps defending Kate. He claims he’s just doing what is best for the family. Abby doesn’t think so, and tells him to admit that he is in love with Kate. Andre admits she’s beautiful, and he’s never met a woman like her. Abby feels he should talk to Kate about his feelings, but he admits he’s afraid she might not reciprocate them. Abby is hosting a New Year’s Eve party, and suggests he bring Kate and arrange to be with her at midnight to share a kiss and see if there is a spark. He thanks her for the advice and for standing up for him. Abby reminds him that he was there for her during the lowest parts of her life, and jokes, “We crazy people have to stick together.” She only wants to see him happy.

Kate-Theo-Chad-room-Days-XJJ At the hospital, Abe asks Theo if a DiMera asked him to break into the warehouse. Abe and Lani leave the room and find Chad and Kate in the hallway. They explain that Theo assured them that he acted alone in breaking into the warehouse, and Abe apologizes to Kate for coming down on her and Andre. Chad and Kate go in to see Theo. Kate apologizes to Theo and asks why he lied to his father and sister. He didn’t want his dad blowing up on Kate, and she didn’t force him to do anything. Kate knows what she asked him to do was wrong, and she is so sorry. Theo remembers the day she married his grandfather, and how he accidently ran into her and spilled her champagne. Instead of yelling at him, she said they should be friends. He tells Kate that he loves her, and she cries. Kate hugs Theo and tells him that she loves him too. Claire comes in to see Theo, so Chad and Kate depart. Theo asks if she and Ciara are getting along. Claire tells him not to give Ciara another thought. In the hall, Kate asks Chad if he can forgive her. He doubts it, because he’s lost respect for her. Kate stops Abe from going back in to see Theo and confesses the truth, that she was the one who sent Theo to the warehouse that night. Abe is furious, but thanks her for her honesty. He goes in to see Theo. Kate tells Chad she’s been keeping her mouth shut for far too long, and whatever is coming for her now is better than living as a coward.

Lani-JJ-reunion-Days-XJJ JJ finds Lani at the Salem PD. She explains she needed to add Theo’s statement to the case file. JJ gives her tickets to Rihanna and wishes her a Merry Christmas. They hug, and she tells him she doesn’t want them to ever be apart again. They kiss.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Belle and Shawn say goodbye to Salem, as Martha Madison and Brandon Beemer exit Days.

- Dustin Cushman


A look at tomorrow (Thursday)

The future Mrs. Rafe Hernandez is happy. While the newly Mrs. C Dimera is planning a party and discovers something. A college student tells someone she loves them. Shelle are no longer in Salem

Source Comcast
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We see the NYE sign on line as Abby is checking it out and Chad on the bed and Abby is excited about her brilliant husband becoming CEO again

Kate telling Andre what went down at the hospital with Chad and being called a coward at the D mansion Abe at the police station saying he wants to talk about Theo's case. Tripp calls Claire to meet with her. Looks like he is in cahoots with Ciara

Hope meeting Jen at the pub Hope is concerned about Ciara. Tripp is regretting getting involved with Ciara but she's playing it up that all will work out. Shelle meeting Claire at the hospital and they have to leave Salem due to Belles job

Claire hugging Shelle and ILYs exchanged Belle feels bad she has to leave. Chad kissing Abby's neck while she's trying to make the party list. She's laughing and he's damn adorable.

Abby is rattling off the list but Chad is busy nuzzling Abby's neck and not listening

Claire and Tripp working their shifts. She's filling him in about Theo and she says she's grateful for all his support with everything but Tripp spills what Ciara planned and Clare is not happy. That bitch she says. I do want to be alone with you he admits

Ciara with Theo and she's telling him she still loves him and that they belong together.

Hope is filling Jen in about the two girls fighting and Hope says Ciara can be hostile and now she senses something wrong between Ciara and Rafe.

Abe is with Rafe now Chad is still kissing up a storm and he pulls the laptop away from her and she gives in to his kisses. The boy is on a mission

While Chabby 3.0 is not my fav, today I'm beyond thrilled to see them being romantic and away from Kandre. Love in the afternoon is what soaps are made of.

It sounds like Abe is about to lower the boom on Rafe and give Hope her job back. He's talking of regrets and not letting personal feelings mix with business

Shelle talking on the bench about the D hacking. Kate is worried about Abe and what he plans to do.

Shelle have to leave because of Belle’s job. What a dumb excuse. Yep still bitter she didn’t see her dad or her brothers.

More Hope and Jen at the pub Hope tells Jen she and Rafe are looking at dates for wedding and Jen mentions she and Eric are going as friends to New Years party and he still has Nicole in his heart. Jen wants Hope to keep mum on that.

Ciara says Claire is using Theo and talking against her of course. Tripp is remorseful and apologizes to Claire but she's upset and leaves the job.

Theo doesn't believe Ciara but Ciara is relentless downing Claire talking of their bond and guess who is listening at the door? Hope walks in to Rafes office and Abe is beginning to make amends to Hope.

Abe says he's sorry about things. Rafe and I both agree she should have her job back and Rafe pulls out her nameplate. He's turning Theo's case to Hope. She's very grateful

Hope begins to take over. Kate fears the outcome and Andre is supporting her all the way. He wants her to come to Abby's party. Chabby in bed deep in afterglow his cell rings it's Belle. Who says she and Shawn might know who it is behind the mess at DE

Hope is checking out the Theo files saying the charges against Theo will not be as serious due to no actual break in She's on Theo's side Abe is grateful

Theo is not buying Ciara and her side of things. He says he won't cheat on Claire and she goes to leave and sees Claire who then goes to Theo

We don't really see what Belle actually says in terms of names of who is responsible but says she sees trouble coming to Chad who is still in bed with Abby

Shelle saying goodbye to Rope. Chabby talking in bed. Abby tells Chad about Kate coming to the party don't be mad she says. I'm not thrilled he says. Then Abby says Andre has feelings for Kate. Abe comes by and tells Kate he's keeping mum for Theo.

Abe has attitude towards Kate says he hates she's getting away with this but he's doing it for Theo but wants a favor in return from the DiMera's

Hope asks Shawn to look out for his sister if she cares to confide in him. Tripp sees Ciara at the square. She's not happy. She's upset saying Theo doesn't want her. He wants Claire.

Claire thanks Theo for what he said to Ciara. He's getting tired. They hug Abe doesn't want Theo involved with DE at all. Eric calls Jen and says JJ came to see him. Eric is going to pick Jen up for the party. Abby on the laptop in bed seeing an email she doesn't recognize-



A look at tomorrow (Friday)

Chabby are a party!!! While a daughter of a cop gets drunk. A new couple arrive late. People ��������

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"Shawn & Belle Give Chad a Lead on the Saboteur Before Leaving Salem"

Thursday December 28, 2017: Abe reinstates Hope, Ciara's plan to win Theo back fails, and Andre asks Kate to be his date for New Year's Eve.

In their room at the DiMera mansion, Abby checks her RSVPs for their New Year’s party celebrating Chad named CEO of DiMera. Chad pulls her away from her computer and onto the bed, where they have sex. In the living room, Kate tells Andre she confessed the truth to Abe about her involvement in Theo’s shooting, and she is just waiting for Abe to come for her. Andre will do what he can to protect her, and asks her to join him at Abby’s party tonight.

Abe-Rafe-office-Days-XJJ Abe stops by Rafe’s office at the Salem PD to discuss Theo’s case. Rafe knows he is here to ask him to step down so Hope can get her job back, and he understands.

At the hospital, Claire sits with Theo when Tripp calls to tell her that she needs to come in to work at the café. Claire runs into Belle and Shawn as she’s leaving. They inform her that they have to head back to Hong Kong, and they hug goodbye.

Ciara-Tripp-partnership-Days-XJJ In the Horton Square, Tripp tells Ciara he did what she asked. Later, Claire shows up and thanks Tripp for covering for her, and knows she would have lost this job without him. Tripp comes clean and admits she wasn’t needed here today and Ciara got him to call her away from Theo. Claire can’t believe Ciara got him on her side. He confesses he did it because he wanted to be alone with her, and he let his emotions blind him. Claire leaves upset.

Jenn-Hope-pub-talk-Days-XJJ Jenn and Hope meet at the Brady Pub. Hope brings up Abby’s party, and Jenn admits she is going with Eric. She is nervous because Eric may not have moved on from Nicole. It is also a hard day for him due to his driving drunk a few years back and causing the car accident that killed Daniel. Hope gets a message from Rafe asking her to come to the station, so she departs. Later, Jenn gets a call from Eric about their date, which he’s looking forward to.

Ciara-Claire-Theo-room-Days-XJJ Ciara visits with Theo at the hospital, and tells him that she still loves him and they belong together. She reminds him that they’ve been best friends forever and have a stronger bond than most couples. Claire listens at the door as Theo tells Ciara he couldn’t stand it if he lost her, and she is his best friend. However, he loves Claire, and wishes they could all just be friends again. Ciara cries that will never happen. She spots Claire at the door as she storms out. Theo is happy to see Claire, but is tired, so she tells him to rest.

In the park, Shawn and Belle discuss the mysterious hacker trying to take down DiMera, who still hasn’t been identified. Belle gives Chad a call, and interrupts his and Abby’s cuddle time, to inform him that they may have a lead on who is sabotaging DiMera. Shawn believes this isn’t an inside job as Chad thinks, and Belle warns him DiMera could be attacked soon.

Hope arrives at the station and is surprised to see Abe in Rafe’s office. Abe tells Hope that he was wrong to fire her and would like her to return as Salem PD’s commissioner. She thanks Abe and accepts. Abe turns Theo’s case over to her, and she learns about Theo’s statement about the shooting and break in that he was working alone. She also notes Theo only set off the warehouse alarm, he didn’t actually break in, so she thinks the case is closed and not worth spending the tax payer’s money on. Abe thanks her. Later, Shawn and Belle drop by to say goodbye to Rafe and Hope.

At a computer, a woman responds to the RSVP and indicates she’s bringing a guest.

Back at the DiMera mansion, in bed, Abby tells Chad that Andre is going to bring Kate to her party, and that she thinks he has fallen in love with Kate. Abby checks her RSVPs again, and discovers an email she doesn’t recognize in the list. Down in the living room, Kate accepts Andre’s invitation and thinks she might as well go out in style. Abe drops by to see Kate and tells her that she will get away with what she did only because the department is dropping the case against Theo. Abe offers to keep silent about Kate’s part in all of this, on the condition that Theo is not to work for the DiMeras again. Kate and Andre agree.

Ciara returns to the square defeated, and tells Tripp that Theo doesn’t want her because he’s in love with Claire.

On the next Days of our Lives FRI 12/29:

Vivian returns to Salem with her and Stefano's son, Stefan.

Chabby are a party!!! While a daughter of a cop gets drunk.

A new couple arrive late. People ��������

- Dustin Cushman

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