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link for the sneak peek pics:

Thursday's 1/11 Recap

Characters on today. Lani Eli. Steve Kayla Roman Anna. Hope JJ. Eve Chloe Victor Brady.

Early tweets have a repeat S&K scene and then with anna and Roman. JJ and Hope with a Rope picture in the background. Chloe and eve at Doug’s place

#DAYS Kayla gives Steve menu at pub--he's totally blurry & claims not fan of change, wants his usual; K says no more French Dip on menu-has to pick something else; Brady closes living rm door to see Vic; V wants good news about removing Eve

#DAYS Eve at Doug's-Chloe glad to see her clothed-says doesn't make sense what she walked in on, thought E & Brady hated each other; JJ in Hope's office to talk to her; JJ gives her his badge & gun to tender resignation; Lani tells Eli in main PD office she's ok

#DAYS Eli tells Lani looks like has something going on; L remembers night w/E and learning she's pregnant; E says L can tell him anything

#DAYS Hope puts JJ's stuff in her desk drawer & says was looking forward to having him back to work; JJ apologizes for short notice & Theo situation made him look at things again-doesn't want to be in position to possibly kill again

#DAYS Lani tells Eli in inter room about Theo's weakness in limbs & clinical trial in South Africa; E understands it'll be hard, but if best for Th he has to go & it's not forever; L understands; E can tell not only thing making L upset; L says she & E need to talk about Xmas eve

#DAYS Kayla asks Steve why taking such long time to make decision-it's just lunch; K sees Roman & Anna walk in laughing, having fun-sees K & S; Anna tells them R was ice skating w/her; R going to join them for lunch-A goes to freshen up

#DAYS Steve reminds Roman that Anna was unhinged last time saw Anna; Kayla says she shot Steve w/gun; R says "nobody's perfect"; Brady takes drink-finds out Vic subbed water & tells V he has warmed way into Eve's cold heart; V says B seduced her; B says so easy

#DAYS Brady tells Vic got everything under control; V says B has nothing in control-sometimes most confident get played; Eve tells Chloe she only wants to maintain company Deimos left her; Chloe won't support Eve fighting back against Vic if she's using Brady

#DAYS Hope tells JJ never easy for officer to pull trigger & she understand guilt & offers more time for counseling; JJ says working w/Eric but doesn't want to be cop anymore-will find something else; Eli tells Lani Christmas Eve mistake; L says was her fault

#DAYS Lani tells Eli frantically it never should've happened; Eli says they already established that & had been drinking & were upset; L says it was strange E telling her fell for her once was strange thing to say; L says it was part of reason slept together;

The Lani Eli stuff seems to be getting the most play today

#DAYS Eli tells Lani both feel guilty but thought Gabi/JJ cheating on them; Eli tells Lani they should move on & stay friends; L has skeptical response; E says doesn't have to change anything cause slept together once; L says has changed things

#DAYS Brady tells Vic going to do to Eve what she did to Deimos-marry her & take her for everything; Vic says B is delusional; B says E so needy & she'll fall hopelessly in love w/him; V intimates may have to do something else if doesn't; B says "kill her"; V says didn't say that

#DAYS Eve notes Chloe sounds protective of Brady-wonders if she's jealous of E; Roman at table w/Steve & Kayla-says she's stable & they're just having a good time; Anna joins & puts "Tony" on table to have lunch w/them

Anna and the urn.

#DAYS Roman tells Anna they talked about the urn-didn't know she was still lugging Tony around; A says when appropriate only; Kayla knows still grieving but wonders if healthy to carry around his remains; Anna compares remains to support dogs & knows unconventional

#DAYS Anna says doesn't expect Tony to answer her back-T reminder of what Stefano did to them; Kayla tells Anna to let it go-remember what happened in Europe; A says Stefano never paid for what did to any of them at table; all agree

#DAYS Anna wants to hire Steve to find Stefano & bring him to justice; Eve tells Chloe acts like Brady's wife & sense feelings there; C says no, just worried since B her friend & he makes bad choices when in bad place; E says "I'm a bad choice"; C nicely honest says yes

#DAYS Eli tells Lani they made bad choice & can put it behind them; L not sure; E tells L still has issues w/what JJ did but he was exonerated & no reason they can't pick up where were before

#DAYS Hope knows no talking JJ out of quitting; JJ doesn't know what's next but now knows will make every day count & will find something meaningful for him; Lani tells Eli sometimes life doesn't go way want; Eli tells Lani they need to put behind them; L says it'll be hard

#DAYS Lani tells Eli will be reminded of their night every day; Eli says sounds like you want to punish yourself-they got lucky-no one knows-move on & be happy w/JJ & he can be happy w/Gabi; L says E acts like no consequences; E says what consequences

#DAYS Kayla asks Anna if sure want to find Stefano; Steve thinks prob dead at this point-was ill when coaxed Hope to shoot; Anna remembers seeing Stefano in jail cell & didn't look sick; Steve remembers saying plan worked after Shane gets out of costume

#DAYS Steve says maybe Stefano alive but he won't be soon; Anna has pic from Turkey from couple months ago; Roman/Kayla look at pic & agree it's Stefano; Steve remembers Shane & him talking about seeing pic of Stefano lookalike; Steve not sure pic is real

#DAYS Roman asks Anna if she's sure wants to throw life away on Stefano; Anna's eyes widen; Vic tells Brady he's naive if thinks Eve will go quietly; V reminds B to concentrate on his endgame & then it'll be good for him; B asks if back in charge of Titan; V will consider

#DAYS Brady remembers Eve taunting him about Vic being right about Brady not up for challenge; B gets text from Henderson that Eve back home; B asks V if up for more drama; V says to get harpy out of like, he's in

#DAYS Lani tells Eli she loves JJ but doesn't know if can be with him & not think of what they did; E says if Gabi finds out it'll be end of him & G-gets text from her-she's excited about new deal w/DE-going to get her flowers & see her; L says nice of him

#DAYS Eli asks Lani if they're cool; Lani nods; E says he'll talk but she has to get past this & leaves; Lani alone & distraught; Hope thanks JJ for everything; JJ thanks Hope for helping her be cop & standing up for him; JJ/Hope hug; H tells JJ she's proud of him

#DAYS JJ leaves smiling; Anna tells Roman doesn't want to go to prison for Stefano but she will get justice for Tony; Hope calls Steve & wants to have him look at case for her; Steve says he'll be at station soon-asks Kayla for ride since she has to go to hospital

#DAYS Brady leaves living room & turns, seeming surprised to see Eve in foyer against other living room door

#DAYS Steve at Hope's office; H hands S a file to look at & he can't see it; H will talk to him after reads whole thing, she has to go-they say goodbye & S doesn't know what to do; Anna says spent so many years dreaming about making Stefano pay

#DAYS Roman understands & reminds Anna she has Carrie & Noah and admits maybe even him but she needs to move on; R goes to get their food; A tells urn won't let it go until Tony's been avenged; Eve admits to Brady heard all of it

#DAYS Brady tells Eve sorry & wants Vic to know they're business partners now; E interrupts him with whopper of kiss; Lani calls Kayla & says she's made decision about her pregnancy as JJ overhears

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"Roman Makes Light of Anna Shooting Steve, Noting That Nobody's Perfect"

Thursday January 11, 2018: Anna wants Steve's help in finding Stefano, Brady details to Victor his plans for Eve, and Lani cries to Eli over their sex romp

At the pub, Steve hides his blurred vision from Kayla. Anna and Roman appear, having been ice skating. When Anna goes to the powder room, Kayla voices concern that he is with Anna since she shot Steve. "Nobody's perfect," Roman says, surprising them both. Steve asks if Roman has checked her purse to see if she's packing. Anna returns with Tony's urn and places it on the table. Roman thought they discussed this. Anna only lugs him around when it's appropriate. She gets anxious and says it's a way to cope. "You just bring him out for special occasions," Steve says. Anna calls it a reminder of what Stefano did to them. Kay tells her to let it go and reminds her of Europe. Anna can't help it. She wants to hire Steve to go after Stefano and bring him to justice. Steve rolls his unpatched eye. Stefano was quite ill and is probably dead. Anna flashes to the last time she saw Stefano in jail and didn't think he looked sick. Steve flashes to knowing it was really Shane Donovan in a 'Stefano suit'. Anna shows him a photo in Turkey of Stefano and Steve recalls Shane admitting the other man the ISA was following in Europe while Shane was pretending to be Stefano could have been the real Stefano.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor asks Brady if he has "that piece of garbage" out of their lives yet. Brady calls her needy and desperate for attention. He wormed his way into her heart. Victor calls this a dangerous game and even the most confident players get played. Brady plans on marrying Eve and taking her for everything she has. Victor doubts she'll marry him without a prenup. Brady is confident things will go his way. Victor suggests they may have to kill her if this doesn't work, then dangles the possibility of Brady returning to the CEO position at Titan.

Chloe sees Eve at Doug's Place. Eve wants to explain why she and Brady were having sex. Chloe asks if she has an agenda and is using Brady and Eve wonders if this is coming from a place of jealousy. Chloe denies that. Brady's her friend and he tends to make bad choices. Eve says maybe Brady is using her or Victor's ordering him to. Chloe asks why she'd do it then. Eve calls him sexy and strong and admits she's a little lonely. But she's not stupid.

Episode # 13254JJ arrives at Hope's office at the police station to tender his resignation. He hands over his gun and badge. He never wants to be in the position to shoot someone again. He wants to do something else with his life. Hope's proud of him. Once he's gone, Hope calls Steve to come look at a case for her. Outside, Eli notices Lani has a panicked look on her face and questions her. Though she's thinking about her pregnancy, she tells him about Theo going to South Africa for rehab. Eli assumes this is for the best. They discuss their Christmas romp in the sheets and Lani tries to remember what led to it. Eli doesn't get what the point is analysing it. He calls it a mistake. Lani cries. He apologizes. He doesn't want to beat themselves up over it. This goes on for a while.

Back at the pub, Steve gets off the call with Hope and asks Kayla for a ride to SPD. Anna asks Steve to reconsider going after Stefano. He nods and they go. Anna mourns Tony and Roman tells her he knows Tony will always be a part of her life but he'd want her to move on. She tears up and nods. He goes to get their food and she tells the urn she'll never let this go until Tony's been avenged.

Episode # 13253Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady gets a text that Eve has returned. He and Victor stage a fight about her where Brady defends her and when she arrives, she eavesdrops. Brady leaves and runs into her. He apologizes for whatever she heard and she kisses him.

Steve arrives at SPD and Hope hands him over a file. She asks him to read it and she'll call him later with his thoughts. She leaves the room and it's too blurry to read. In another room, Lani calls Kayla. JJ walks in as she says she's made a decision about her pregnancy.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Eli celebrates with Gabi.

- Christine Fix
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Chad & Abby are both at DE offices-Stef called them both in & talk about having to deal w/Stef; Abby tries to be strategic about not seeming to eager w/Stef-doesn't want to give away plan

Abby enters Stef's office-they mix it up about Stef's boundaries; Chad walks in on #Kandre kissing & sarcastic about the visual; Eve tells Brady when he passionately defended her to Vic it turned her on

Doorbell at k-mans rings and it's Viv-Brady says "revolting surprise"; Eli enters Gabi's space where she's happy-has flowers for her; Lani tells Kayla made decision about pregnancy & JJ walks up "oh my God, you're pregnant"-he's excited

Lani tells Kayla has to get back to her; JJ so excited-hugs Lani & glad he's going to be a dad; Gabi/Eli talk about huge poster of Gabi; Gabi still hopes made right choice; Eli asks why she went w/DE; Kate tells Chad shouldn't be surprised she & Andre getting together

Chad tells Kate/Andre about Theo's condition & about clinical trial; Chad says partly Stef's fault for what he did to start all in motion against DE; Chad says Theo wants him to move so will do his best; Andre looks away

Stef tells Abby he's glad she decided to unquit & sorry made her grovel to get back job; Stef starts talking about needed to pick furniture for reception area; Abby says not his secretary, asks why he wanted to see her; Stef says what do you think I want from you

Stef wants Abby to put out press release about him being new CEO; Abby struggling w/same enthusiasm she had for Chad-Abby says needs to do damage control; Stef recants orders & nicely asks Mrs. DiMera to have seat so they can get to work

Chad tells Andre/Kate that he hired John to find out how Stef hacked; Brady introduces Viv to Eve; Brady tells Viv no reason for her to stay; Viv tells Brady that Gabi Chic will be profitable subsidiary for DE

Abby tells Stef going to try to humanize him but won't be easy cause he's blank slate other than his business viciousness-only thing they're the same about is both chess champions; JJ/Lani in inter room-JJ realizes they're not together & Lani on phone considering abortion

Lani, weepy, tells JJ the decision was really hard-she's not ready to have a baby; L tells JJ she's sorry she wasn't going to tell him; JJ knows Lani thought couldn't count on him; L tells JJ decision has nothing to do w/him; JJ looks upset as he was happy to be a father

Gabi tells Eli that she trusts Kate; Eve angry Gabi didn't tell them; Viv taunts Brady about Titan ppl getting used to losing against DiMera-taunts Eve too; Chad tells Andre/Kate that John will get to bottom of it; Andre says not sure likes John in their business

Stef talks about wanting to be like his father & mentions all his great qualities; Abby says Stefano was pure evil; Stef asks if A's dad was perfect; A won't talk about her father; Stef says he inherited best of his parents; Stef asks Chad if he's like their father

Abby tells Stef that she & Chad are about nurture; Abby talks about how little she knows about Stef; Stef taunts that Abby knows more about him than anyone right now after their recent run-in at d-mans

JJ tells Lani something he needs to say-wasn't ready to tell her before but still loves her & wants to make things work for them & asks if she feels the same; Lani says feels the same but--; Andre asks Chad why he's so suspicious; Chad says doesn't Andre want to know truth

Andre says John & Paul are related to Titan owners; Chad says he made the decision now just watch the fireworks & leaves; Kate stares at Andre who seems frustrated; Abby tells Stef her bio will say nothing known about Stef but he's a real jerk

Stef says his life story is rather Dickensian; Abby/Stef share some quotes; Stef says left at orphanage; Abby asks why left life of glamour in Europe to sit in uncomfortable seat; Viv walks in house to look for Vic; Brady tells Viv he'll stick her back in coffin if goes for Mag

Viv yells at Brady that she's not afraid of him and starts to head for living rm; B grabs her by the neck & starts choking her asking what were you saying

Brady lets go of a choking Viv & says stop the drama when she pretends to be choking; Brady kicks Viv out of house & tosses her purse after her; Kate looks at Andre & asks what he really has against John; Andre doesn't want Chad to confront Stef w/out concrete proof

Kate can't wait to get hands on person who betrayed her-happy about Chad's hiring John; Eli tells Gabi had moments of jealousy about Chad & JJ; Gabi says she understands but Eli is only guy for her; Eli remembers night w/Lani

Flashback continues w/morning after Lani/Eli had sex; Eli tells Gabi she's only one for him & they start to kiss; JJ asks Lani what's up; L tells JJ doesn't want to do anything to hurt him; JJ understands why Lani wouldn't be ready for responsibility-tells her talking to Eric

JJ tells Lani he just told Hope excited to see where life leads; Lani yells at JJ that he doesn't know what he's talking about; Stef tells Abby he knows about her Horton history-Salem is his family home and wants to know his family; A reviews how S roared into town

Abby asks Stef about his school-pretends to have gone to Hogwarts thru description; Stef asks Abby if finds her a bit funny; Abby finally chuckles briefly; Stef tells Abby she has a beautiful smile as Chad walks in

Lani tells JJ wants babies someday but not ready-talks about studying for sergeant's exam; JJ tells Lani her decision but she'd be great mom; JJ tells Lani she wouldn't have to raise baby alone, but understands if doesn't want kid w/him; Lani says loves him

JJ tells Lani doesn't understand, why doesn't she want baby; Kate walks into Gabi's office & finds Eli/G kissing to make sure she has no regrets; Gabi says no "like couldn't be any better" - looks at Eli; Viv w/Andre "John Black is a bumbling fool"; Andre tells Viv not sell John short

Andre tells Viv to leave his office-they have to act as if they hate each other; Viv leaves; Andre puts head in hands clearly concerned; Stef apologizes for what he said to Abby; Stef offers to shake Chad's hand as C smiles seemingly agreeably as Ab looks on cautiously

Brady apologizes to Eve about Viv-normally wouldn't put hands on a lady; Eve says Viv is no lady but Brady can put hands on her & they run upstairs; Eli brings some boxes in for Gabi; E/G start kissing again

JJ tells Lani sooner than they wanted & asks her to think about it a little more "please don't end this pregnancy"; Lani says nothing; Chad/Abby enter Andre's office & Ab tells Kate/Andre that Stef basically hiding his background; Andre looking more uncomfortable

Viv enters Stef's office and says Andre concerned about John being hired and talk about Andre not knowing he's the one being played in Viv/Stef's plan


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