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Old 09-29-2017, 02:51 PM
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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of OCTOBER 2

General Hospital 10-2-17 Preview GH 10/2/17
Old 10-02-2017, 01:59 PM
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Monday October 2, 2017
Old 10-02-2017, 02:04 PM
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Live Thread 10/2

Franco brings Jason ballons

Alarms going off at the clinic as we see
Stonecold running down the hall

Michael asks Nelle why she lied.

Nelle is like lied about what he shows her
the ring. He says vintage it is expensive
Nelle is the ring you told Sharon you lost

Dr D telling a nurse Stonceold had help.
Ava talking to herself. The doctor comes in

Franco says you wanted me to come right over.
Franco talks art therapy Jason wants to know
why he visted him in ICU

Stonecold running up steps. Some Russian priest
asks why he has no shoes. Stonecold says how
do I find the train station.

Alexis talking wiht Dr. Bench who is fixing
the heel on her shoe. Alexis says
to Sam what are you doing

Priest says you want to take train ride. Priest
says I have some show that would fit you
Stonecold is suspicious I can make it alone.
He gives in after you father.

Ava talking to the doc who says I am curious
have you enjoyed your stay here. Ava babbles.
The doc says you have trouble following the rules
as he show her the earring.

Nelle wonders where Michael got that. Nelle is like
snooping not good look. He says he wasn;t
snooping it fell out of the book. Nelle says it is Mine
Zack gave it to me. Michael says it is a family
heirloom you have to give it back.

•. Alexis’s heel broke and she fell into the arms of Dr Bentch. Sam is loving it, Alexis not so much...

Michael says this ring should go back to his
family. Nelle says Zach wanted me to have it.
Micheal says you keep ring to spite his family.
THe grants made my life hell Least i deserve is ring.

Alexis and Sam Alexis doesn;t like Sam trying
to help her with her social life. Alexis is not ready
to put herself out there. Sam says are you afraid
Julian will find out.

Franco saying Jason was ICU long time. Jason says
I heard you. Franco says I don;t remember Jason
says you think we are related by blood we resolved that
years ago you are not back to that again are you.
The photo of the boy who looks like me. Franco says
the kid was a neighbor kid.

Ava has no idea where she lost the earring. The
doc accuses her of helping patient 6 there will
be consquences44

Stonecold at the church Priest will bring him shoes
and a jacket. as someone comes in Stonecold hides.
it is Griffin.

••• Alexis to Sam...r u trying to take the wheel of my social life.......did u rig my heel...

Ava makes excuse for earring
The doc asks if she like she likes her face
she is not completed yet still has scare
The Doc gets a call.

Franco says seeing the pic made me think
of things from messed up childhood imaginary
friend but he was really the kid in the photo.
Jason say what. Franco says I learned her was
a neighborhood kid. Franco says you have no
memories of your childhood right?

Sam and Alexis talk Julian.

Nelle says I lied to Sharon to keep the ring.
He says Sharon could sue you. Michael says I would
do that if I were Sharon. Nelle says you me Sharon
for 5 mins Michael says bothers me you lied to me
Michael says everything you are saying doesn;t make
you look good like my grandmother was right about you.

SC to Griffin... heard u say u were an American, so am I...can I ask u for a favor...

ABC News SPecial report as PResdent TRump and
First Lady have moment of silence of victims
of LAs Vegas. On the white house lawn.\
News Talk

Nelle says maybe you can find more evidence
that I am awful person you mom and grandma say
Michael says I wanna help you gotta me half way
he leaves.

Franco says you wanna see a pic of me and
the neighbor kid, Franco says I lost it. Jason has
WTH face at hm Franco leaves as Sam arrives

Alexis with her shoe fixed, She thank Dr. Bench.
Dr. Bench wants to go out with her. Alexis says
lets ski p dinner and talk.

Sam wonders why Franco was here. Sam says my
car alarm is going off in the garage I have to turn
it off. Jason tells her to be careful.

Griffin gives Stonecold his phone? Griffin
sits and prayers he remember his convo with
Ava in the Gym.

Ava says so I go home looking like this the doc
says I never said anything about going home

Stonecold calls Sam phone Jason answers we
get split screen of Stonecold and JAson.

The End.
Old 10-02-2017, 04:15 PM
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General Hospital 10-3-17 Preview GH 10/3/17
Old 10-03-2017, 12:01 PM
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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 10/3/17 — Jason is Desperate to Get Home to Port Charles!

Updated: Oct 3, 2017 11:20 am

By Chris Eades

Patient Six is desperate to return home in these spoilers from GENERAL HOSPITAL. But will he get the help he needs to get back to his family in Port Charles?

Five years ago, Cesar Faison shot Jason and dumped him into the water at the docks (while wearing Duke Lavery’s face as a disguise), and because no body was ever found, some people insisted that he wasn’t really dead. “I know that Jason is alive,” Sam insisted constantly, knowing that she would feel it in her heart if her husband was truly gone.

But what no one realized what that for all those years, he has been fighting to get back to his family in Port Charles. With Ava’s help, the mysterious Patient Six has been able to free himself from his restraints at the Russian clinic where he was being held, but he’s not out of the woods yet. “I need to go home,” he declares. Griffin, in Russia to help Ava, doesn’t recognize the face on the man he lent a cell phone to, but that act of kindness could be the key to helping Jason return to his loved ones.

Of course, if this is the real Jason Morgan who was presumed dead and kept prisoner all these years, then who is the man that married Sam and fathered her baby? As Jason struggles to escape Russia, back in Port Charles, Franco is looking for answers about his own past which could be the key to the mystery of the two Jasons. Is Sam really married to Jason’s twin brother, Drew? Or is there another twist to this tale yet to come?

teaser video here...more later I'll have the thread posted here after 3 PM EST
Old 10-03-2017, 02:06 PM
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Tuesday 10/3

Live Thread 10/3

Valentin says to Nina happy Anniversary
of the night they met they nice talk each other

Monaco. Anna and Finn who is whining about
the assignment.HE says this is about Valentin

Russian Ava says to the doc no more treatments?
I go home. THe doc says I never said anything about
going home.

Stonecold calls Sam phone Jason picks up
Jason says who is there , Stonecold says who it this.
Jason says who is THIS?

Valentin gives Nina a necklACE she wonders
if he stole it. NO he puts it on her she didn't
get him anything. Valentin says your gift was coming
back to me.

Finn says this is one time gig. Finn wonders why
any of this matter. SHe is partly responsible for
Valentin and what he did and can;t turn blind eye.
She says endure yourself to Cassandra. she gives
him a box of organic tea. Anna says it is just tea.
Now go. Finn goes off.

Ava is like this is joke I am not allowed to leave?
why? For aiding and abetting Patient 6. The doc
says we will both pay the price for it. She says
you can;t hold me I am AMerica citizen I will call
the embassy. Doc says with what we took our phone
she elbows him to get away as a orderly comes in

Stoncold has to hid as two goons come into the church
talking to Griffin who says the guy fittint that description
left he saw me and ran out. Stonecold comes thanks

Jason looks at the phone. Sam returns JAson not
sure who called. Sam says lets find out. checks
the number it is local but not in her contacts.

The doc says patient 6 was my responsibility
Ava says I am being blamed for soemthing I have
not done beside Valentin knows I am here when
I don;t return he will wonder and call He and I
are close when he find how I was treated. Doc
says Valentin least of my problems

Nina and Valentin cuddling on the couch. She
says he is best sex she ever had. he has had

Cassandra and Finn on her Terrace. She doesn;t
get out much HE tells her of Blackwood Syndrome
and his late wife.

Sam says it is Griffin Monroe. sam says you asked
who it was didn; you. Jason says of course.
They wonder why he called and said nothing.

Griffin wants to help Stonecold but wants to know
about the clininc, Stonecold gives him directions to
the clinic. Griffin leaves

The doc says she is problem, he will be right
outside her door.

Finn says if I am sure it can be 3 or illnesses
which can;t be treated.

Sam says Griffin out of town My test results show
I am fine. They kiss. Jason says where is my smile.
She says I have been doing some thinking. I have
been telling you we have to live danger free life
old life can;t exist. Jas on says he agrees. She says
do you the danger is what made you tick.

Stonecold still at the church as the priest
returns with shoes Stonecold says thank you
Priest says anything else you need. Stonecold says
I need to go home.

Cassandra says you can;t treat me? Finn says it is
treatable but not here. I am not licensed in France
you have to come to PC. He leaves her his card if
she ever changes her mind.

Nina and Valentin on the couch cuddling after sex.
He is grateful Charlotte has her as stepmom. They
talk Charlotte.

Ava is locked in her room. The doc comes in with
the needle of horse tranqulizer

Jason says I almost died twice in 5 years. We can;t
live like that anymore. She says you don;t have to
give up. He says I was in coma, listening to you cry
my children voices I couldn;t make it right for you guys
Sam says you don;t have to do this for me. Jason
says while I was gone all those years life moved on
sometimes you have to move on with it. The days of
taking risks are over.

Stonecold says people are after me I need passport
can you help me. Preise leaves.

Finn meets Anna he says he doesn;t think he will
see her again. told her I can;t treat her here would
have to treat her in PC. She says she isn;t interested
her business is here. etc. Gave her my card told her
to call me. Anna says the tea had a bug in it. I left
the tin in the taxi.

Valentin talks the custody agreement with Lulu. Nina
bad talks Lulu then says Lulu should suck it up.
She mentions the great sex with him again. theykiss

Sam when we first go together you were the first
person to give me benefit of the doubt made we feel
safe you Sonny enforcer. I want you to be whatever you
are if that guy fine if not fine. Don;t deny who you
are to make me happy. That is not what I am doing
they cuddle in the bed. HE says there was a time when
being on the edge fueled me it made me feel alive
but was long tine ago I am husband and father now
a real man takes on his responsibilties I want us our
kids our couch. I will always protect you and our family
wanna be your man.

Stonecold with a jacket (not leather) he thanks
God for bringing him this far just help him get home
to his family and keep them safe till he can get there

They were dropping the anvils in that convo
with Jason and Sam..Stonecold will return home
to find his family happy with Jason.. Looks like
Sam has outgrown the danger life.

Anna is mad he is like if you don;t like how
I play the game that is on you. Anna is like calm
down. Finn says this is over.

Nina loves the necklace she notices the time she has
a meeting. Valentin gets a call from
Cassandra, she mention him living in PC tell me
about Dr. HAmilton FInn.

Ava begging him to stop and Griffin arrives and
injects the doc with the needle. Asks AVa if
she is ok.

Sam got JAson a seltzer the doc says he is going home
as Jason stands.

Stonecold hears something he hides it is the priest.
he has news. Priest says where do you want to go.

The End.
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GH promo

"I need to go home." #GH
Old 10-03-2017, 02:27 PM
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General Hospital 10-4-17 Preview GH 10/4/17
Old 10-04-2017, 01:59 PM
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Finn talking the expensive bottle of Wine
Anna calls him a pessimist.

Cassandra wants explaination. She says he saved
my life. Valentin wonders why Finn is in Monte Carlo.
Have you forgotten how well we worked together
and played we have mutual interests to didscuss
he hangs up.

Laura outside Wyndemere with a gun. She
knocks Valentin says didn;t realize you were back
in town.

Russia.. Griffin returns to Ava room. Ava says how
did you know where to find me. A man in a church.
The priest says m to Stonecold money no good without passports.
Priest says there is another way of going to America.

Finn and Anna Finn says if Cassandra doesn't
want me to treat her will you find another use
for me. Anna says maybe I pressured you to come
here but we are on an adventure. Finn wants
to be left in peace. He has Roxy and emotional
support animal. He wonders if she has that. she says
that is risky in my business.( a confidante)

Griffin says it is all clear. Ava says you being here
you arrived in the nick of time. She mentions helping
another patient to escape. Blonde blue eyes. yes
that is who I met at church. She has to get
her documents.

Stonecold priest says friend has boat can take you
Jason wants to pay for it Priest says no he thanks
them as the authorities arrive.

Laura has a gun on Valentin talking about
Ava recanting her statement. Valentin tries
talking is her down face facts with Ava testimony
the civil suit is null. Laura says I know you killed
my son, you think you are in the clear. Think
again. this is how if felt whenn you held gun on my
son now I know what it feels like to be your shoes
Valentin has scary face.

Robin sends Anna some pic. Finn asks if Robin
is one of the attachement people try to use against
her. She mentioned he was named after both his
grandpas but he is most like robert with a twinkle
in his eye. Anna talks of keeping Robin in hiding when
she was a child.

ava returns with her papers. Griffin says leave
your luggage lets get otta here.

The authorties say let us in Stonecold tells the priest
and the boat guy to leave he will take care of these
guys. Priest says no fighting in house of God.

Valentin says she is so lucky. Laura says you don;t
know how lucky you are I didn;t put bullets in this
gun. Wanted you to have experience what it felt like
to have you life over. you are not invincible Tell me
when you thought it was over what God do you pray
to or do you.. HE looks almost possessed when she asks
that question.

Anna telling of having to abandon Robin as a child.
Finn Judges her Finn says you had no right to run away.
from having a child with the man who loved you she
says this is about Hayden.

Ava says we are going to calmly walk out wiht
my luggage. Griffin says I had to use my medical
creditentials Ava is like good I can say I am leaving
with my Doctor. Griffin frets as Ava and Griffin
walk out.

Priest tells Stonecold to go Stonecold hides around
the corner. Authorities told us the patient is here.
PRiest says no one here as good guy start looking
around. Says no one back there.

Finn is sorry about that. Talks of Hayden. Anna
says sometimes you have to accept things not in
your control. Finn will play nice about Cassandra.

Cassandra talking to some guy. She wonders about
Finn and traveling companion. plutonic friendship
exists like unicorns. Cassandra says man is doctor
he may be able to cure me.

Valentin doens;t pray to anyone for anything Valentin
regrets the encounter on Cassadine Island. Laura
is like you bastard. Valentin says yes I am it the truth.
Laura says Nina will soon figure out you lie as will
Charlotte. Valentin says Charlotte needs her grandmother
we should get along. Valentin says if you deny
it I might have video of todays events if I show police
you will be in trouble. Valentin says if there is a next
Time I will win.

Ava and Griffin on the plane. Ava can't beleive they
made it to the plane. The stewardess says the plane
had been detained for security issues.

Laura goes to leave. About your family
your step mother put a curse on me once.
She doesn;t believe in it but she could make
things happen (helena) knowing she had
vendetta against everyone I love. Laura says
I thought after she died curse would be broken
then there you were. Valentin says curses only have
power if you believe. Laura says evil manifests itself
but just like Helena curses you don;t need to believe
in Karma cuz it works you will never know peace of mind
look over your shoulder rest of your life wondering
whenn your past will catch up with you.

Anna and Finn she is sorry. She was insensitive.
talking her grandkids and such. HE is sorry for judging
her leaving her daughter. Anna is like now that we
have apologized we should get the check and call it
a night Finn is like where is the fun in that. Finn is like
you were right we are in Monte Carlo are you still a

THe stewardess says issue has be resolved we will
be leaving shortly. Ava takes a drink.

Stonecold and the boat guy Stonecold is in a room
Stonecold says where in the US is this ship headed
New York. Stonecold closes the door.

Finn says we need to keep up the front
she says you are on. Are Anna and Finn
a new couple?

Valentin looking in his box of pain as he
remembers his convo with ava. He gets a call
from Cassandra. He says the past is much better
left where it is. Cassandra says I will need to come
to PC for treatment.

Ava looking out the plane window. She would
rather not relive what happened at the clinic.
Why did you come to find me.

Stonecold gets attacked by someone.

The End.
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General Hospital 10-4-17 Preview GH 10/4/17

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