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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of SEPTEMBER 25

General Hospital 9-25-17 Preview GH 9/25/17
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Live Thread 9/25

Nelle still can't believe Michael bought
her apartment she can;t accept.

Carson talking Michael being so trusting.
Carly says Nelle is running a con on him.

Nina and Valentin talking Bailey being an
outpatient and Charlotte being happy. Griffin
comes along.

Betsy says Susan did give birth to twins. Jason
raised by Q the boy in pic is his twin.

Sam in the hallway.. Jason wakes up Sam gets
spidey senses.

Russia..Ava says to Stonecold you want me to
call someone in PC.

Nelle loves the apartment but if I stay there
people will think I am your mistress. How will your parents

Carly shows Sonny a email from Zack sister

Franco says this kid is Jason twin. Why did you tell
me this was imaginary. Where is he now. Betsy says
we were doing what we thought was best.

Ava says they took my phone. tell me who you are.
and Iwill see what I can do.

Sam outside Jason room Jason calls for Sam then has
a seziure. Sam and The doc run in.

Griffin talking to Valentin about Lulu. then
Griffin mentions ava and the statement.

Ava says that is it you won;t write your name
then I refuse to make a phone call. I will keep
the phone call as a nurse comes says what are you
doing you are giving him a weapon

Betsy says when I met Heather she was pregnant.
When Susan fled to stay with Heather she knew
Alan was coming for her. Heather brought her to me.
We did an ultrasound there were two babies

Sam yells help him.

Sonny says don ;t do this to yourself. Carly
says what worry about Michael. Carly is convinced
Nelle is guilty.

Micheal says my finances are my business. Carly
accused me about a black widow. Michael says ok
you can pay me rent. Nelle says what happen if we
break iuup

Susan was inconsolable. Alan was closing in. Heather
said the Q;s new nothing of the second baby.
the first born was Jason took him PC. te second
baby was DREW..

Sam says Jason don;t leave me holds his hand..Jason
comes around. sam says you will be ok.

The nurse takes AVa away. The Doc comes in
nurse says he has a pen did you give it to him. the foc
yells at her..Stonecold stands up and take his hood
off but the mask is still on.

Stonecold springs into action till the docs stop them

Jason says what happened they explain. But
he will be ok. They need to do tests. Sam talks to
him. HE is glad she is ok she says you took bullet
for me. He says that is what I am suppose to do
ILY. We didnt when or if you would come back
he says he is sorry. He said he would never leave

Franco says Drew my friend was drew his full
name was Andrew (wait Frisco?) Franco wonders
wjhy Betsy went along with it. Cuz Betsy adopted
bobby illegally. I kept drew till susan or heather
came back. Franco says they never came back
where is Drew. Betsy says Drew died.

Nina takes up for Valentin. Liz tries to take Griffin
away. But Griffin has none of it. Griffin yells tell
me where she is. Valentin says wait to ask her
if she comes back.

For a guy who has been MIA for however long
and shot up with horse tranquilizer Stonecold
hasn;t lost his skills he is pretty darn spry

Micheal says what make you think we will break
up. Nelle boo hoos about her past and she worries
that one day all this happiness be stripped away..
Michael can;t guarantee the future but she can
keep the apartment he will draw up a lease.
She will go for that.

Sonny makes himself clear Nelle last person
he would trust but she is con artist not killer.
Carly is like how do we know ..Sonny says first
thing Nelle does to our boy she will be outta here
if we keep pushing we will drive Michael away.

Jason remembers the warehouse petrov had gun
Sam says you pushed me and saved me he remember
her holding his hand talking to him and he was in
hoptial beng preppeed for surgery. he heard voices
Jasam song. Sam is weepy. HE thought he would lose
his mind he says she is strongest person she knows.
he is sorry she told him she was afriad he shouldn;t
have gone to the warehouse. She says I told you to
go. I have so afraid of losing you I let that control me
don;t want to be that person. he syas you haVe alwys
been ride or die but no one dies know ILY

Betsy says I raised you and drew together. When
I found out Susan was dead decided to raise Drew
till end. Drew born with heart defect you would never
know he was happy smiling child. one day when he
was three he limped away from us. Franco comforts

Stonecold doing his best Stonecold impression as the
stab hims with a needle. The doc says get him to
his room and lock it down. The doc says tell me how
he got this pen.

Franco says sorry mom. She is sorry I could have
made better choices. She tried to do her best. He knows
He doesn;t remember drew dying. What kinda heart
condition did he have. she says what does it matter
now. Drew ailment was not anything to pass down.
I had to move since . At the time thought I was
protecting you that by telling you he was imaginary.
Frnaco says it means lot you are telling me the truth.
It is time for everyone to know the truth.

Sonny know this upsets Carly, Carly
gets called from Zack sister.

Michael says you are my new tenant. they kiss
he says he will have Diane draw up the lease.
She thanks him.

Griffin attacks Valentin. Valentin taunts him. Griffin
says what did you mean about AVa. Nina steps in
for Valentin. they leave. Liz says to Griffin are you
crazy. Griffin says Ava is in trouble.

Doc says you were warned to stay away from
the patient. The doc says you are like child who
wander into tiger cage thinking the tiger won;t hurt
her but he kills her. Ava understands. The doc yells
then why did you give him pen in first place. (hey
hospital if patient 6 is so dangerous why do you allow
him out wiht others and leave him unattended.} Ava
gives the doc the phone number. The doc says if she
wants treatment she leaves stonecold alone.

Betsy says tell who. Franco says Drew has surviving
family they deserve to know. Betsy says no. Franco
says doesn;t drew family to know. betsy is like Drew
is dead telling anyone won;t change that I could go
to jail if you love me keep this beteen us.

Sam and Jason Sam called Monica left message
Jason just wants her tosee this pretty face. wait
did Jason beard grow while he was having tests?
Sam says the Jason I know would never give up till
he came home to his family

you guessed it we get Stonecold cuffed to the bed
The doc tells the staff to get out. the doc take the
phone number out as we see thephone in Sonny office
ringing he answers hello..hello as the doc is on the other
end. saying nothing.

The End.
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General Hospital 9-26-17 Preview GH 9/26/17
Old 09-26-2017, 02:12 PM
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Live Thread 9/26

Nathan returns home MAxie is sleeping on the
couch she has been waiting for him.

Liz and Griffin talking about Ava he is sure she
is in trouble.

Franco looking at the twin pic. then gets
a visit from Scotty.

Sonny on the phone saying who is this as we see
clinic guy listening on the phone. Brick
comes in talks to sonny . The doc talking to
Stonecold knows he is Sonny(on the phone)
who are you to Sonny and what do you think
he can do for you.

Nathan can;t do IT right now. she says she
prepared all day.

ABC News Special Report. President in Rose Garden
With Spanish president taking questions..not sure
why this is soooo important at this moment. cuz
the president is talking yet George and Martha need
to talk and Tell us what is what. ARe we suppose to
listen to President or George and Martha who keep
talking..Whose press conference is this President
or George..

Back to GH...

Griffin at Sonny meets Brick who says the call
came from Russia ..ST Peterburgh.

Ava talking to Stonecold. She is sorry for ratting him out.
I gave up so much for being here wish I coule make it up
to you..Stonecold can.

Sonny and Brick talk Petrov. Who would call me from
St. Peterburgh. Griffin says Ava Jerome

Why is Stonecold wearing that mask. HE can
talk thru it so what is the purpose.. Are they afraid
he might bite someone??

Maxie says you are worried about the book
sale tomorrow where the publisher says MAnlanders
will be revealed. Nathan worries he is not Manlanders
they will find out he lied and get arrested for frau
MAxie has a plan

Liz talks to Franco did you find your mother. Sctty
gives Franco the check from his art show. Scotty leaves
Liz asks if he found his mother.

Sonny wonders why Ava would call him. She doesn;t
have this number what is she doing in Russia. Brick
says working for the Russians maybe they recruited her
Sonny says wouldn;t be surprised. Griffin takes up
for Ava. Griffin says she is reason I came her I think
she is in danger.

Ava didn;t know he could speak. he can a little. She
says I don;t know you. I gave up lots to be here. look
at me My face destroyed in fire. People are embarrassed
by me . I need to be close to someone again. Eww
RUN STONECOLD..RUN.. I need to be healed.
HE says you want to make it up to me. Stonecold
asks if she wants to be good person. she thinks so.

Maxie says if we can pull this off everyone
will walk away happy. Nathan not sure. She wants
to show him how wonderful he is and he can show
her how wonderful she is.

Franco tells Liz the boy is just a friend from
the neighborhood. Franco says none of this is
Betsy fault. I turned a little thing into big thing
Liz says she should have told you the truth. What
was his name. Franco says mom didn;t know. Franco
says we have to let this go.

Ava not sure what she can do if he gives her the number
she can try to call Stonecold says get me a paperclip
Ava is like no I don;t think so. He says someone coming
get in the closet as the Doc shows up Stonecold
pretends to be sleepng as the doc is about to give
him a shot.

Sonny tells Brick to give him everything he can
on the clininc. Griffin says you believe Ava could
be in danger. Sonny doesn;t care if she is in danger
Griffin says you are a better man..Sonny tells him
how it is with Ava she doesn;t have a soul to save
uh oh now we get preachy Griffin He is like you are
wrong. Sonny doesn;t agree with everything Griffin
says to him but he has good intentions but Ava doesnt
advice stay away from her or you will end up in hell
like I did when she murdered my son.

Doc tells Stonecold the only way to control you
is drug you unconsious. the doc leaves. Ava comes
out of the closet. Stonecold does not respond to her.
I should have helped you whenI have the chance


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GH 9/27/17 - General Hospital Spoilers September 27, 2017
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General Hospital 9-27-17 Preview GH 9/27/17
Old 09-27-2017, 01:44 PM
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GH 9/28/17 - General Hospital Spoilers September 28, 2017
Old 09-27-2017, 02:02 PM
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WEDNESDAY Live Thread 9/27

Monaco Anna and Finn she wants to know what
he talked about.

Nelle and Michael at her home she gives him
a rent check. She wonders if wierd sleeping with
land lord.

Carly and Bobbie talking she is having a party.
A retirement for her. They talk Nelle.

Quinn (The editor) with Amy and Nathan Nina
comes along. She is making sure her crew gets
a good spot for the shoot. Nina asks if her brother
is ok with this.

Maxie and Nathan he wishes the book signing
wasn;t even happening. He wonders what she has
done to help. she says it is foolproof. no one will
ever know.. Maxie gets a visit from Spin who had
to see her. about Ask Man Landers.

Carly not sure this is right thing to do.
she is waiting for sister of Zach to text her
she agreed to meet me here in PC. Sonny
thinks it will blow up in my face. Sharon arrives

Finn says the lady talked and talked about her
medical history. and how many docs many I know
couldn;t figure out what is wrong. Finn says she is
has allergies and is hypochondriac.

Quinn and Nina greet each other air kissing. Quinn says
Nathan all the women want him all the men want to
be him. Quinn checks on something. Nina talks to Amy

Spin says you asked me to uncover manlanders
true identity. she says i forget nevermind. Spin says
sorry I forgot what with Jason going into longterm care
I neglected my promise to you. Maxie says no worries
just forget it. He is like really? Spin is like you are
unusally ok about his. MAxie is like forget about this as
Nathan comes out in his tux.

Sharon(Zack sister) meets carly and Bobbie.
Sharon says my brother wonderful person we are
trying to put it behind us. I learned Janelle Benson
was Nelle Hayes working for you here. What did she
do to your family.

Michael and Nelle Michael says you get me in the
deal I took day off to help you move in he opens
the boxes. she tells him he is perfect. Stay like this
all the time no one to bother us. This is happiest
she has been in her life. He says I am not only guy
you ever cared about. there was Zach she says yes
but there as nothing like this.

Emergency Alert Test.

Nina and Amy she say what is done is done. Nina
says if this hurts my brother you will regret it.
Quinn comes back where is Nathan.

Maxie tells Spin she is going to the manlanders booksigning
so Nathan is coming with me. Maxie wants to get
there early to talk to Manlanders in person. Spin wants
to go as Maxie says sorry you are not on the guest
list. Spin in the hall with suspicious look.

Sorry, but the gal who dos these live threads only had time to do half of the show, if I have the time, I'll go and add the other half, later.

Just check back
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Here is the show in its entirety.


"Sonny Is Puzzled by a Call from Russia, Where Ava Helps Patient Six

WEDNESday September 26, 2017: Franco wonders how his life would have turned out if Drew lived, Ava helps Patient Six, Griffin tries to find Ava, and Maxie has a plan to help Nathan

Nathan returns home to find Maxie in a sexy negligee and having planned romantic evening for them. She puts the moves on him, but he shoots her down. Nathan isn’t in the mood given he’s going to be exposed as Ask Man Landers tomorrow. He worries if the truth comes out about his and Amy’s scheme that he could lose his job because he perpetuated fraud, and Amy could lose the money to help her brother. Maxie promises him that nobody’s life will change tomorrow because she has a plan. She reveals her plan to him, and suggests he show her how much he likes her idea. They kiss and have sex.

Liz-Griffin-talk-GH-ABC At Kelly’s, Griffin worries for Ava’s safety and plans to go to Russia to find her. Liz questions if he has developed feelings for Ava, but Griffin assures her that he and Ava are just friends. He believes he knows someone who can help him get to Ava. Liz wishes him luck.

Scott drops by Liz’s place and Franco reveals what he’s found out about Drew from Betsy. Franco wonders if Drew never died and he grew up with a brother if his life would have been normal. Scott advises him to tell Liz, but Franco reveals Betsy swore him to secrecy. Scott warns him that he’ll regret it if keeps this a secret.

Ava-questions-clinic-GH-ABC In Russia, Dr. Kline calls the number he found on Patient Six and hears Sonny on the other end. Sonny hangs up on him when he says nothing, and Kline wonders who Patient Six is to Sonny Corinthos. Elsewhere, Ava returns to her room and wonders what kind of place this is, and doubts anyone here can fix her face. Suddenly, she hears Kline outside her door on the phone. Kline lectures the person on the other end that this clinic is not built to hold someone like Patient Six, and tells them to come get him. Back in his room, Patient Six wakes up and finds himself cuffed to his bed. Ava sneaks in to see him, and she blames herself for what they’ve done to him and wishes she could help him. patient-six-bed-GH-ABC Patient Six opens his eyes and says she can. She cries she wants to help him, but she can’t risk her own surgery for him, and knows that makes her a horrible person. He doesn’t believe that she is bad and begs her to help him. He asks for a paper clip, but she refuses. He spots someone is coming and orders Ava to hide in the closet, which she does. Kline enters and gives the patient another dose of tranquilizers. He can’t wait till he is gone, and has no idea what they want with him. Kline leaves, and Ava remerges. She checks on Patient Six, who is unconscious and has a weak pulse. She promises to get him a paper clip tomorrow, and realizes this is her chance to be a better person and prove Griffin was right to believe in her.

At his office, Sonny reveals to Brick that someone called his safe line, a number only a few in his inner circle have. He asks Brick to trace the call. Brick gets to work, and Griffin drops by to ask Sonny for help finding someone. Before he can say more, Brick returns and reveals the call came from St. Petersburg, Russia. Sonny has no idea who would be calling him from there. Griffin believes it may be Ava, but Sonny says she doesn’t have his private number, and what would she be doing in Russia. Brick suggests she’s working with the Petrovs against Sonny, but Griffin explains why Ava is there and that he fears she’s in danger. Sonny advises Griffin to stop worrying about Ava because she doesn’t have a soul to save, but Griffin disagrees. Sonny suggests he stay away from Ava or she’ll drag him to hell. Griffin decides to find Ava on his own, and warns Sonny that he’ll have to go through him if he makes a move to harm her.

Liz returns home and finds Franco with Scott. She asks if he got any answers from Betsy about the photo. Scott decides he should go, but gives Franco the money from his art show, which is why he dropped by. Scott leaves, and Liz asks about the boy in the photo. Franco lies and says he was just a boy in the neighborhood who he was friends with, and he just moved away. Franco says he clearly took something minor and blew it up and it is time to let it go.

On the next General Hospital:

Finn tells Anna to go ahead and make good on her blackmail threat.

Spinelli tells Maxie that he’s come to see her because of Ask Man Landers.

Quinn reveals to Nina that she’s about to make Nathan the next big thing.

Michael asks Nelle if she’s having second thoughts.

Carly tells Bobbie she’ll soon know if she can keep her promise to Michael.

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Live Thread 9/28

Mac and Felicia talking meeting
Manlanders. Nathan and Spin argue
Spin say you are a phlanderer skirt chaser
Nathan yells No I am manlanders as reporters
and such hear.

Nelle gets visit from Sharon. Sharon says did you
think you could run and hide from what you did
to my brother.

Carly says to Michael you can;t be at your
Grandma party.

Sam at the clinic talking to Monica Jason is back
Monica is like you did it. Liz and Franco comes along
Tell my son i love him. Liz says is Jason awake
Sam watches as I think it the doc in the room
with Jason

Nathan says enough is enough.

Liz says when did Jason wake up. Monica
says will make full recovery. Liz says show Monica
the check Liz says he is putting Kiki in med school
and use some for the art therapy program. Part
to GH women heart intiative. Monica says way
to make amends for yourpast crimes

It is Sonny wiht Jason not the doc. Jason wants Sam
by his bed. Jason says I made choice to get out of
buisness by I chose to help you but I almost died
can;t take that risk anymore.

Michael says my idea not to go. He says why make
a big deal out of this. Michael says back off let
me live my life.

Sharon says nice place find another mark to pay
your rent. Nelle says she is happy in PC staying put
Sharon says you can move on pretend you had
nothing to do with my brothers death. NElle warns
her to get out of town on the next plane. Sharon says
what are you gonna do if I don;t kill me like you did Zack

Monica will discuss art therapy with the board
right now she will go see my son. Franco says
to Liz you should go to.. Liz says come with me
Andre bought the special pic

Sonny understands Jason says my choice
to go to warehouse don;t regret it. But I
have to be a man and be there for my family.
I got pulled back in. CAn't happen anymore.
Sam hopes Sonny understands. Sonny wishes
them all the happiness in the world.

Nelle says I wasn;t sweet innocent girl but I am
a survivor. That is why Zack loved me I had
to fight for everything I wanted. Sharon says
I see how you played Zack. When Zack was in that
water all he had was you to save him wonder did
he know when he looked in those cold blue eyes
before he died. She says get out.

Carly says to Michael don;t be a stranger when you
and Nelle start living together. Michael is like I am
not a idiot. She never asked me to buy her anything.
Michael says you think she played me. Michael leaves
Sonny calls Carly Jason is awake CArly is awake

Nathan says I am manlanders. Spin calls Amy
his strumpet. Nina says Crimson had the exclusive
with manlanders the true face my brother NAthan West
Quinn says I promised Manlanders I always deliver.
Maxie has words for Spin who says there is more
to this story.

Quinn says no more photos right now
Nathan asks Maxie how she is doing. Nina says
Quinn says people want to talk to you.MAxie
warns them you are face of manlanders but
Amy is the one who give the advice.

Amy and Spin she says I read you wrong. Spin
humbly apologizes. Does he always rush to judgement
like that. Spin says last question hard working nurse
at GH is literary genius what your secret.

Franco and Andre looking at the painting of Frnaco
and his imaginary friend. Franco wonders why he
bought it. Andre says it give glimpes into artist

Carly arrive to see Jason Jason says he is done
dodging bullets. Sonny says he has to walk
away from us to walk into his new life.

Nelle says if you want civil suit I have nothing.
Sharon says I came what rightfully belongs to my
family. I know who and what you are as Michael
arrives who are you..

Franco shows Andre the pics talks of connections
to Jason he thought he had. This child is a twin
cant hear what he is saying as we are getting
the EBS loud ringing..

JAson tells Carly he has to be there for his family
they have to understand that. I hope Sonny
gets out of the business. I can;t help Sam says
this is his decision not pushing this. Hope you
respect our choice. Liz and Monica show up.
Monica says don;t do womdthing like this agian
Sonny asks Carly is she is ok. Yes she is sad he is
pulling away I will always miss what he used to be.

Nelle introduces Sharon to Michael who tells Sharon
to go. Sharon wants the ring. The Engagement ring
Nelle plays nice I lost the ring.. bats her eyes all

Spin says so Nathan turned to a nurse for his
manager. you are quite the team. Spin says what
do you think of my beard. Maxie doesn;t like it
but ask MAn lander Nathan agrees with maxie
Spin says that is strange since you told Bearded
in Portland to grow it back.

I am confused here. Is Jasam like totally
walking away from Carson friendship or just
not being there for the mob part. It sounds like
he is saying he won;t be part of thier life anymore?

Nathan tries to cover.. Spin is on to them
as Felicia comes for the save. MAc has like
10 copies of the book for Christmas presents.
Maxie take Nathan. Nathan says Spin knows.
Nina takes Nathan for his exclusive.

Sharon says you lost the ring. Nelle plays
oh I had to move so many times. Sharon says
you probably have is stashed. Michael is like
you are done here. Sharon says you case is still
over. Michael reminds her you are not only one
wiht lawyers on speed dial. Sharon says to him
this simpering bitch is poison hope you don;t find
out the hard way. Nelle is all upset.

Carly missed how Jason could always get thru
to michael guess we can;t do that now and tells
Sonny about meeting with Sharon.

Monica is like Danny will be over the
Sam says I have to leave for a couple hours. Liz
says Jake will be happy you are ok.

Fracno laying on the couch babbling to Andre
Drew seemed real I remember him I can;t tell anyone
I told Liz he was a neighbor kid. Andre wonders what
he is afraid of. Franco looks at the painting

Quinn toasts ask man landers as they take pics
Spin says Nathan looks comfortable in the spotlight
Spin has misgivings. Maxie is like keep them to

Nelle frets about Sharon I feel like Zach death haunt
me rest of my life. Nina calls all hands on deck.
Needs to come to work. Nelle says have to go to work
Mcihael will finish opening the boxes (wanna bet he
finds the ring)

Carson talking Michael he is missing my mom party.
Sonny says Michael his own man

Mcihael drops some books. Je finds the ring.
it was in secret cut out in the book.

Liz says JAke will be so thrilled to see you as
we see a phone on the table. Monica and Liz leave.
Sam knows it was hard to say that to say that to
Sonny and Carly. JAson says my priority is my
family. the pic of the painting is there liz left
it behind.

Franco says if I tell Liz that Jason has a twin
Andre is like is that bad or will Liz find out something
else about you. Andre talks another session Franco
doesn;t think so. Jason looks at the painting pic.

The End

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