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Old 10-04-2017, 03:17 PM
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General Hospital 10-5-17 Preview GH 10/5/17
Old 10-05-2017, 02:00 PM
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MAxie and NAthan arrive at PCPD there
are a bunch of woman there to meet and thank

Curtis and Jordan after being together. talk
get busy again as Aunt Stella walks in.

Griffin and Ava talking he apologizes

Carson he thinks she has most beautiful face
she says you are trying to charm me what do you
have to tell. He says it could or could not be game
changer they are about to find out

Sonny talks about Brick tracing the call who
the hell would call me from Russia. Carly likes
Brick he flirts with her. Sonny wonders what she needs
him for as Joss and Oscar walk in . They want to
go to a game without a bodyguard.

Griffin says he cares about her. I don;t want to lose
this. She say what is THIS. Griffin says our

Maxie says this is getting out of control. She came
back home to build life with him they planned. HE
says his day as full time detective might be over.

Jordan says she will get back to work. Stella has news
I know I have been in your way and ILY for taking
me in but time for me to leave. Curtis you need
your space I need to be independant woman again.
She says she is not moving back to Baltimore, she
got a job here in PC it is her new home.

Maxie is like sorry. Maybe we can move
to Portland they kinda blame Spin but Nathan
says I am the one who announced it loudly
they exchange ILY's. He will donate stuff to GH

STella says her buddy Felix at church told her
about a job she is a
social worker at GH after one retired.
Curtis congrats her. Stella says I will eventually
move into my own place. Jordan congrats her says
tJ will be thrilled and she leaves.

Joss says the game will be packed. She wants
to sit with her friends not derek (the new bodyguard)
Carly says Derek goes. Sonny talks to Joss he understands
it sucks having bodyguards but that is your fact of
life. Oscar agree like Sonny he doesn;t want anything
bad to happent o joss.

Ava says your interest in me gave me hope but
when you rejected me I became fixated on getting
my face back. I can never be who I once was.
Healing my face not same as healing my heart.
my insides are all mangled up gotta heal that as well.
HE says you helped a total stranger did you do it
cuz you wanted to help or you just gave

Carly wants a pic of Joss and Oscar Carly
gets all mom, Carly says Oscar want me to send
this to your mom. no we have to go. They talk
meeting his mom. Sonny says oscar ok kinda guy
Carly gushes how cute they are.

Ava was not being reckless with her life she was
just curious. she was intrigued. Ava says patients
6 was using clip to get out of the cuffs he dropped it
I gave it to him that is it hardly heroic. Griffin
mentions meeting patient 6 in the church,

Carly hugs Brick. gets him a drink as Sonny says
stop flirting with my wife. Brick says perks of my job.

Ava says Sonny helped you. HE mentions Sonny
getting a mysterious call from Russia. aVa is like
the number I got has PC area code why would patient
6 have Sonny number.

MAxie tells Nathan he is the perfect man as she takes
the bears and thing to the hospital. Jordan wants
to speak to NAthan privately NOW.

Brick says the bill of the phone was paid by
swiss bank the call were made all around St. Petersburg
and other european cities as well as Manahttan

Ava is like when did you go see Sonny. Griffin says
24 hours ago. Ava says that is when Klein called
the number . Griffin mentions he got a call from
St. Petersburg, thought is was you. Ava say sno
it was patient six how does he know Sonny?

Joss and Oscar having coffee at Perks. They
tald Devin (not Derek the bodyguard name is Devin)
Joss says one thing dad and Sonny agree on is me
being protected he calls and checks on me everyday
no matter where he is. Oscas gets sad face. Oscar
says I don;t even know my dad name mom gets upset
when I ask about it.

Stella and Curtis talk he thinks it is cool she works
at GH. she is like you hope I will be busy enough
to leave you and Jordan alone. they have a drink
he is like what is wrong with you finding nice guy who
will appreciate you. STella says won;t happen already
had love of my life and never be another.

Jordan was surprised to learn he was manlanders.
you are one of my best detective if you can assure
me your stuff with manlanders won;t interfer in your
work I am not going to fire you. She needs his advice
a situation.

Amy and MAxie at the MC Amy says the kids love
the bears she brought. Amy asks how maxie and nathan
are doing with the publicity.

Amy says I have no problem with Nathan being
famous. The book is on back order can get Chet
the best care. all because of your husband. Amy
says what it is like being married to guy everyone adores.
Amy says maxie jones cheerleader popular group.

Jordan goes on about Stella not backing off.
Nathan says maybe Stella is greiving what she lost
or her heart is broken over what she lost.

Stella says she doesn;t regret raising Curtis and Tommy.
Curtis asks if she has heard from Marcus. Curtis
says stay open to possibly dating again. So you can
get your groove back. they laugh and have a drink

Oscar says wierd someone out there who made me
and I don;t know. He won;t upset his mom so it is not

Sonny says Griffin says Ava at clininc in ST Peterburgh
to fix her face. She was probably checking on Avery,
CArly has a job fgor brick. Tell me what you need.

Ava says be proud of yourself for standing up
to Sonny. Griffin says you are exhausted get some rest.
she thankshim.

Carly talks Nelle wants full surveillance. Sonny says NO
we have to let Michael figure it out for himself. Carly
says Brick is perfect. Sonny says we are not going to
do that. for now. Carly is like ok but brick if we need
her Brick says he is alway here.

Maxie is thrilled with NAthan sucess Amy suggests
Maxie go back to work

Jordan says you are good you made me feel compassion
for woman who hates me.

Carson talk.

Griffin strokes ava face. She wakes up.

The End
Old 10-05-2017, 04:30 PM
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General Hospital 10-6-17 Preview GH 10/6/17
Old 10-06-2017, 02:13 PM
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Live Thread Friday 10/5

Michael with Nelle he would like her to go
to dinner with him so they could talk. Then
he asks her if wants to come to his grandmother
reception she say no.

Lante and Valentin and Nina with Charlotte.

Ava and griffin at GH he made a appointment
with a plastic surgery.

Stonecold doing pushups

JAsam all cuddly outside the door to the PH.
They arrive the kids made JAson a welcome home
banner. He says he mnissed them. Sam missed
him to.

Stonecold doing situps as some goon guy is tied
up in a chair looks at Stonecold says who the hell are

Carson she says Michael should be here
for his Grandmother.

Michael knows Nelle and Bobbie don;t get along
Nelle is like it is about you after everything you accused
me of , he says I didn;t excuse you. They talk the
ring it is her decision to make doesn;t appreciate
him judging her she says you are starting to believe
Sharonn think I did something to Zach. Michael
says I am the guy who spent the last year getting to know
you that we can get past this.

Griffin says to Ava you came thru for total stranger.
She says she hears Nik voice in her head. They didbn;t
start out as friends. HE saved me

The guy wonders why Stonecold tied him to chair.
let me go. Stonecold says no you attacked me wiht a pipe,

Nik saved me from Valentin. I promised I would
do better. Ava says I betrayed Nik to fix my face.
Ava says you completed your good deed.

Nelle can't be with someone who doesn;t trust
herHE says if you don;t go I don;t go. she is like
no you have to do it for me.

Laura telling Bobbie it is good she gets recognized
for all she did as Bobbie says same to you MAdame
board meeting. Laura asks if Lucas and Brad will come
they. Val says they had her over and says they
talkas they. Bobbie admires LAura and how she is handling

Lulu says my mother threatened you with gun.
Charlotte comes out. says bye to Nina and Valentin
Nina is like when were you gonna tell me about laura
He says I am capable of defending myself. He gets a
call an update.

AVa is sorry I can never repay you for all you did
for me rescuing me getting me out of the house.
You offered me friendship I have ot had many of those.
Griffin says he will own his part. I never thought my
actions would be misinterpreted I was only focusing
on my feeling not yours don;t want to lose your
friendship. Ava goes to see the Plastic surgeon

Jason says it is quite without the kids kinda like when
we first moved in here. Maybe we should make
the most of our alone time. they go upstairs.

Stonecold says you swung this at my head. The guy
says I am trying to escape bad people thought you
were one of them.

Jasam (thier song) in bed. getting busy.

Nina arrives at work

The guy (didn;t hear his name) he tells Stonecold
about his past they blame me for Brexit. Stonecold
is like Brexit? The guy says have you been living
under a rock.

Jasam in bed all happy. He needs a purpose he has
a specialized skill set. HE is a blank slate

Griffin at work remembering his convo with Ava at the gym thier kiss.

The doc tells Ava he is astonished he goes to get
her bloodwork sh looks in the mirror her face is
normal. Valentin comes in.

Ava face has some discoleration on it
but otherwise she looks good.

The guy says you are an american not surprising
you don;t know world events. Can you untie me

Sam says Micheal wanted you to work for ELQ. No
he doens;t want a job that will keep him away from
her and the kids. He was thinking of a career before
he got shot.

Carly talking to Michael sorry she snapped at him
the other day. she is glad he came.

Nelle whining to Nina that Michael family will NEVER
accept me. Nina says I had friends and they helped
me alot Maxie gave me advice. Nelle gets on
the elevator.

LAura says hi to Charlotte. she made Aunt Bobbie
a present. Rocco at a friends birthday party. Laura
asks about Valentin Lulu says no one pulled a gun
Laura is sorry. Lulu says we have to play this smart
he holds all the cards. we have to play nice. we are
stuck with him.

Ava says courts would be interested in what I have
to say. HE is like enjoy your victory. your face is vast
improvement she goes to slap him he grabs her arm
Griffin comes in says let go of her.

Nelle arrives at the party. Bobbie snarks
Nelle leaves

Griffin says to Valentin won;t let you hurt her
leave of have security throw you out. she said
all I needed was on e more treatment he hugs her.

Jason thinks he should wait to say. sam is like I
am your wife you have to tell me. he doesn;t want
to jinx things. just has a few things to tie up. right
now I am unemployed with times on muy hand she is
like what shall we do with the time.

Stonecold says I will let you stretch.. You have no lunch
but I do help yourself to the contents he hid a bag
behingd the crates Stonecold reads a paper The london
Observer paper Jason notices the date Oct 1 2017.

Huxley. He was the guy who was messing with Ava and Nikolas before they ran into Valentin

Charlotte gives Bobbie the card. and then made
one for Lulu.

Valentin brings Nina flowers.

Ava thought she could make things right. Ava
says stop it there are some things you can;t undo
so stop acting like that. Griffin says he has faith
in her.

CArly says she needs to talk to her mom.

Michael tells Nelle it will always be like this.
she says there is nothing he can do to make it better

Jasam comes downstairs. Sam says no food in the house
I will go to kellys while you work on your surprise.
Jason calls to speak to Julian

Stonecold says what is this date it can;t be right. the year
it can;t be right is it really 2017.

The End

The tied up guys name is Huxley

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