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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of SEPTEMBER 18

General Hospital 9-18-17 Preview GH 9/18/17
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● Ava talks to masked man...

● Griffin discussing Av's face with some doc, says nothing to be done for her, G looks concerned, too good to be true...

● Anna telling Finn he could be considered a drug traffiker...

● Curtis offers help to Sonny as Jordan listens in shadows...

● Scott and Liz discuss Franco's art, says his early work gives him the willies, Scott says from when he used to be crazy...

● Mom tells Franco be careful what u ask for...

●Sam on phone to Alexis, we see Jason's finger move...

Finn and Anna talking Sonny the FBI logs every
trip he takes on his plane, and the drug dealer
gave us details of your buy. Anna suggest they
could lose the transcritps of that interview he says
you are blackmailing me.

Curtis and Sonny talking Curtis offers assistance
with security as Jordan who was listening come out.
Sonny plays it cool has to go. Jordan ask Curtis
what he wants wiht Sonny

Ava talks to Grim Reaper guy Larissa comes in
you were warned not to talk to him and leads her
away as Ava phone rings she wonders who that is calling.

Scotty and Liz talking at the art show. Scotty wants
to chat what are your intentions for my son. Liz
says eveyrthing I do is for stability of my kids would 't
have him here if I thought he wasn;t around for long hall.
Scotty says my son can be impulsive.

Franco talking to Betsy. who says why upset the apple
cart you are making art and love a wonderful woman
why go borrowing trouble as Liz comes along.

Sam on the phone in his room. she hangs up talks
to Jason it was her mom she was talking to.Sam isn;t
going anywhere but by his side. All she needs is for
him to get better he squeezes her hand.

reminder tomorrow is Steve Burtons return for the
purpose of the live thread to make it
more understandable, till we know who really
is Jason I will refer to Steve as Stonecold and
Billy as Jason.

Finn is like what about this is getting Valentin
Anna says you can be part of my solution or my

Curtis says my convo with Sonny was innocent.
Jordan is like do we have to be worried about something
Curtis says he was offering support for Jason. and offering
his services.

Larissa hangs up on whoever is calling. Ava is like
I haven;t even met my doctor in walks Dr. Boronski

Betsy admits she was worried since liz has children.
Liz says he is good with my kids. Betsy wonders about
the boys fathers are they ok with it. Liz says my middle
son father Jason.. Betsy is like Jason Morgan? you are
raising Jason Morgan son?

Griffin is the one leaving the message on Ava phone.
He wants to offer moral support. Sonny arrives
wanna talk to me about something? Sam comes out
Jason is waking up..

Finn says if I do this Anna says she will make
sure all the files are deleted.

Jordan is like you work for Sonny now? Curtis
is like I am PI maybe Sonny needs my service
Jordan says there is lots of gray area working
for Sonny.

Griffin is examining Jason as Sam talks to Sonnuy
Griffin comes out says sorry it doesn;t mean
he is waking up.

Franco says Jake is Jason son. Betsy says
Jason is fine wiht Franco being involved.
Betsy would love to meet Jake. Liz invites her
over for dinner. Betsy congrats Franco but she is
tired and will call it a night she has room at MC
his show is wonderful. Be proud. she leaves. Franco
tells Liz he should make sure Betsy gets to her room
Betsy says she will tell Franco everyting but not in

Dr. Boronski talking with Ava says if you doubt
me maybe you shouldn;t be here.

Dr. Boransky wants to know if he is treating her or not.

Liz tells Franco his mom is sweet. Franco thanks her
for being nice to his mom.

Curtis tells Jordan he is not a snitch and won;t get so deep
with Sonny that he has reason to snitch. Jordan is like Sonny
will see how good you are and will open the door for you
working for Sonny like quicksand he will pull you in. Curtis
says you have no faith in me.

Griffin says sqeezing your hand involuntary muscle movement
Sam insists he is coming back to her. Griffin says talk to him
he can probably hear you. Griffin leaves. Sam says none
of these Doctors know a damn thing they want me to send
him aways. I was close to doing it then he showed me he is
coming back so I am taking him home.

Jordan says think how this would look to the
dept. It looks bad if I am dating a raising star
in the Corinthos organization. HE is like who
cares what this is our personal life. Curtis is like
this is about you. All the walls you put up thought
you weren;t going to look for problems. She says
well I can;t ignore it.

Sonny says to Sam then lets take him home.
she holds his hand Sonny says it will be work we
have to get the penthouse ready. HE asks what the
kids know. Scout is a baby. Danny knows dad is sick
Sonny says well you will have to explain it. lots of
people in the house they will have to be comfortable
with all those people. It could take while for Jason
to get better. Sonny says sit Danny down and be
clear with him.(Is Sonny trying to purposely talk
Sam out of taking him home) Sonny says it makes
the kids grow up fast are you sure that is what
you want.

Anna gets a visit from Griffin asking about the clininc
in St. Petersburg. Griffin frets about Ava. Anna says
when she hears something she will let him know.
he notices her suitcase.

Dr.Boransky mentions the Cassadines. Ava mentions
being close to one of them.

Scotty with Liz he says these painting are selling
like hot cakes. Scotty asks her about Betsy what does
she thinks of her. Scotty wonders where Franco is
after liz tells him Betsy went back to MC.

Franco arrives at the MC the door is open in Betsy

Jordan won;t tell him what he can and can;t do
he says sounds that way. Jordan says you wanna work
for him go either you want relationship wiht Sonny
or me can;t have both. (ask Alexis how well that
worked when she gave Shawn the ultimatum)

Sonny and Sam he says if normal circumstances
he would want to come home to you and the kids
do you thinkg JAson wants the life of his laying in the bed
while doing nothing. Sam says so I surrender him to
strangers. he wipes the tears from Sam eye. Yes you
will surrender to faith allowing yourself to let go cuz you
believe he will come back to you. she cries. ok. this
facility can it be close by . of course. she say syou will
visit him..Sonnhy says always as the hug and Sonny
gets his cry face.

A lady wants to purchase the pic that Franco didn;t
want sold.

Scotty arrives at Betsy room. Franco says when
I got here Betsy had checked out.

Anna mentions going in the field as Finn shows
up Griffin is like Finn is going with you?? Anna tells
finn to wait in the car tells griffin she will gethim the

Ava is ready when he is Dr. B says get exam room
one. Dr. B says most I can offer to give her a face not
a new soul. she asks about Grim Reaper guy. Dr, B says
he is dangerous. why is he here. Dr. B this clinic has
privacy you don;t ask about other people business.
patient 6 is dangerous leave him alone.

The End


● Charlotte to Lante....i need to call my papa.....

● Valentin to Nina...i WILL do whatever I have to do for Charlotte....

● Liz to Felix...what could have dragged Franco away from his own opening....

● Scott , pointing to THE PIC THAT WE WILL BE SEEING A MILLION TIMES OF TWO LITTLE BOYS, to Franco...this kid is not Jason...

● Ava to masked man....evrybody is so tight lipped bout everything, esp u

● Carly to Jason....u r never leaving us again....
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General Hospital 9-19-17 Preview GH 9/19/17

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TUES 9//19

"Patient Six reacts violently to a familiar name and reveals his face"

Tuesday September 19, 2017: Ava remains curious about "Patient Six," Franco seeks answers about his past, and Charlotte worries about a sick friend

Franco arrives at Betsy’s hotel room only to find Scott there and that Betsy has fled. He wants answers about the photo, and Scott assures him that the kid in the picture with Franco is not Jason because Jason spent his childhood in Port Charles. Scott suggests they get back to his show and he try and enjoy it.

At the gallery, a woman confronts Liz over taking part in this monster’s show because he killed her sister. Liz tries to apologize, but the woman rants and then reaches into her purse for something as Liz gasps.

At GH, Carly and Sonny sit with Jason, who is awaiting transfer to a long-term facility. Carly thinks about how Jason has been different since he returned to them, and the fact that she can’t predict him anymore scares her.

Lulu and Dante enjoy a quiet evening at home when Charlotte interrupts and asks to call her papa. She is worried about her friend Bailey from dance class, because she overheard her teacher telling Bailey’s mom that she needed to be checked for scoliosis. Charlotte knows her papa had it and got better, so she thinks he can help her friend.

Nina and Valentin enjoy one another’s company at Wyndemere when they are interrupted by the doorbell. Lulu has brought Charlotte and explains their daughter is worried for a friend. Charlotte tells her papa about her friend Bailey possibly having scoliosis. Valentin calls Bailey’s mom and tells her about an app for the phone called SpineScreen that will help diagnose Bailey, and that Shriners Hospital for Children can also help her. Lulu and Charlotte leave, and Valentin admits his fears that one day Charlotte may see a photo of what he used to look like. Nina assures him that she may be startled at first, but she loves him and that won’t change. Later, Valentin gets a call from Bailey’s mom, who confirms the app suggested she see a doctor. He offers to make arrangements to have her and Bailey transported to Shriners Hospital.

Patient-Six-GH-ABC At the clinic in Russia, Ava remains curious about “Patient Six,” and doesn’t think he seems dangerous because all he can move are his hands. Ava decides to tell him about herself, and cries the only people who love her are her two girls and her brother. She has only had one real friend, and that was Nikolas Cassadine. Suddenly, Patient Six grabs Ava by the wrist. She begs him to let her go, and he releases his grip. She wonders if he knows Nikolas. A nurse comes in and pulls Ava away and advises her against speaking to him because he is very disoriented. She explains only recently have they been able to take the restraints off of him. Ava asks the nurse if the name Nikolas Cassadine means anything to her. The patient flexes his hands when he hears the name again. The nurse only knows Valentin Cassadine, and warns Ava to leave the man alone or they’ll be forced to sedate him further due to his agitated state. She escorts Ava back to her room. Alone, the man lifts his hands to his face to remove his mask and reveal his eyes.

Franco and Scotty return to the gallery and find the police at the event. Elizabeth is covered in red paint and explains she stopped a woman from defacing one of his paintings. Franco sees Dante cuffing the woman and remembers who she is. He approaches her to apologize and doesn’t want to press charges, so she is released. She hopes Franco burns in hell and storms out. Liz realizes it is late and she has to get to the hospital because Jason is being moved to a long-term facility and she wants to make sure things go smoothly. Franco offers to go with her.

Dante returns home and finds Charlotte and Lulu making a friendship bracelet for Bailey. They finish it and Lulu sends the girl to bed. Lulu admits that Valentin was great with Charlotte tonight, but Dante says she was too.

Franco and Liz arrive at the hospital. Liz tells him that he is not a monster as that woman said he was because he’s made her happier than she’s ever been. They share a kiss, and she tells him to go home and get some rest. Liz gets back to work, and Franco sneaks into Jason’s room. He asks Jason to wake up and tell him who he is so that he can figure who he is and why he’s done the things he’s done. After Franco leaves, Carly and Sonny return to Jason’s side. Carly continues to dwell on the new Jason and the fact that she never got her connection with him back.

On the next General Hospital:

Anna reminds Finn this is all for the greater good.

Dante questions Kiki about why her mom would be in business with Valentin if he’s a threat to her.

Lulu, Valentin and Charlotte go to Shriners Hospital to see her friend.

Molly asks Kristina what she thinks she’s doing.

Carly tells Michael she doesn’t believe Nelle is innocent.

WED 9/20
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Wednesday 9/20


Anna and Finn in Monaco. Anna gives him

Krissy and Amy at GH talking

Parker teaching her class talking of Gender
distinctions. Molly asks questions about breaking
someone heart being wrong.

Shriners hospital Valentin and Charlotte there
talking about Bailey. Lulu arrives.

Nelle shows Michael an eviction notice she got
Micheal says you can move in with me.

Parker teaching about Jane Austen.

Anna and Finn put thier plan in place.

Michael talking to Carly about Nelle he believes

Bailey mother talking to Valentin and thanking
\him and we get PSA all about Shriners

Dante talks to Kiki at GH wonders where her mother
is he can;t reach her. She sold tapestry to Valentin
Kiki says is this official police business. no it is

Finn tending to a woman who passed out.

Carly says Nelle was suspect in death of her
fiance. Carly says if she is innocent isn;t it better
to know and prove it.

Krissy talking to Molly that she knows
things are over wiht Parker but still needs to
talk to her. Krissy says she wants to talk Parker
is like why you and Val seem happy. KRissy
needs to be honest.

Finn tended to the woman who Anna is after
Finn says you should go to hospital. The lady doesn;t
like hospital. He says Dr. orders. She doen;t follow
orders. How did you know what was wrong with me
she wonders what brought him to Monaco. He
is traveling with a friend and should go. Lady says not

Shriners Bailey mother thanks Mr. & Mrs. Cassadine.
Charlotte wonders why they didn;t tell her that they
are married to other people.

Kiki not sure but she may be at a clinic in Russia.
they can restore her face. She thinks Valentin
set up this trip. Dante leaves

Nelle storms by Kiki says something wrong. Yes

Carly says you put yourself in my spot it is big
coincidence she shows up here you are rich young
man. Michael appreciated her concern. Carly says
talk to the guys family and the police it will ease
my mind.

Krissy tells PArker the truth about Val just
playing along. She is just like Parker single.

Valentin and Lulu talk who says you have been
great thru all this.

Nelle says won;t bother you with this. Kiki will
listen. Nelle whines Carly hates me. Kiki says
Carly got past what I did. Nelle is like my situation
is a bit different.

Carly says it would make me happy if Nelle was
innocent. Michael is like really? Yes she just
wants him happy. He gets it. But he doesn;t need
to know anymore about how Zach died. Michael
says he believes Nelle and nothing she says will
change his mind.

Lulu and Valentin talking Lulu says you are her
papa she thinks she should know more about him.
he says do you wan dirt on e. He says he wen thru
many surgeries so he could stand straight. Charlotte
says this place is fun is this like the place you went
to he says NOOOOO. Dante arrives. to ask about
Valentin he got Ava to recant her statement.

Finn and Anna the lady he treats sens him something
and leaves he opens it thank you so much please come
by see me at place and time tomorrow so I can give
you a reward.

Parker says we need to find closure we need to talk
stuff parker wants to say. how about now.

Michael calls someone needs them to do something.

Carly gets a text from Zach sister wants to talk
to carly about Janelle Benson.

The End


● Jordan to TJ...i can't afford to make anymore bad choices...

● Val to Curtis ...r u willing to make the necessary choices to make Jordan happy...

● Lulu to Valentin...what. Ava.Jerome.....

● Sam to has been different ever since Jason came back...

● Ava to clinic person...why does pt.6
need to be controlled... we see pt. 6 attempting to get up from his wheel chair....


General Hospital 9-21-17 Preview GH 9/21/17
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..Curtis brings flowers to Jordan, she refuses...
.. Val hugs Krissy as she and Parker talk, wanted details later..
..Sam talking to bearded Jason at rehab place, Sonny shows up..
..Dante tells lulu what Valentin is up to, she confronts him..
..Ava to semimasked man..oh, u have blue eyes...

..Curtis wants in, Jordan doesdoesn't want to talk, TJ there, leaves for coffee, Curtis wants to focus on what they have...
..Sonny wondering how Jason is doing, staff wonderful, Sam says she doing not do good, Sonny says understands, doing his to help Jason, Sam hoped Jason hears..

..Lulu says she was almost fooled, he says lesser criminal record is VAlentin, best for Charlotte shared custody...
..Ava chats with Stone Cold about how she thought he might have been Nik, but knows talkingriles him up, so leaves...

..Curtis says J not fair, job would have been same whomever hired him, J says Sonny would strike for dominance, Curtis says lines he wouldn't cross, J says his association with s crosses her lines, they will have time out, what they do best...

..Sam says Jasam life different since he came back..

.. New doc says he can guarantee her a new face...nurse comes in with tranquilizer shot for pt 6....

..Krissy talking to Parker, who spots Elio, her bodyguard...Parkr holds her hand and says no wonder she seems oder...

..Valerie and Curtis discuss his relationship with Jordan..
...TJ back, discuss Curtis, he defends Curtis, she believes in the law, he says ambiguous she she was with Shawn

..Valentin discusses alternating weeks of custody, Lulu laments...Bailey better 6 danger to others, his mind broke, fights back....doc wonders why she cares, as 6 gets his own shot

..Shot was "k", street drug, horse tranquilizer, doc told Ava Ava to get a different diversion or wont treat her...
..Sam says no longer live 'ride or die', doesn't want to let it go, Sonny will make it right...
..Bailey will need bracing, etc all available at Shriner's..
..Valerie says don't make same mistakes with Jordan as he did with her...
..Jordan says all her bad choices impact TJ..
..Kriss says out and proud, Parker proud of her, Krissy thanks her Parker says K knows what she wants, clarity, and goes for it...Krissy kisses her...

...TJ says she can't live behind hurt, wants her happy, h appreciates her but he is grown now past is past, TJ came out ok best mom in world..
.Sonny has job for Curtis, C doesn't want involved in conflict, Sonny says ok...

..Parker says they can't do this, inappropriate, P says can't lose her job over her..
..Lulu and V continue discussion...
..Stonecold tries to stand, Ava runs in, omg...

..Jordan and Curtis reunite, J says she may have reacted harsh, need to talk more..J says she loves him, too,kiss...
..Parker worried about tenure, K says understands, P walks away crying..

..Lulu agrees to alternating weeks with Charlotte, one day C will see true him...

...Ava knows SC is fighting whole vial of med they have him, if he really is dangerous, may be she should warn them...
..Sam and Sonny agree they r still going to fight for Jason to recover... Ava tells SC why would I rat u be giving myself away told to steer clear of u, here's deal, 6, if u get it of that chair nd go rampaging around the clinic, u don't come after me...u owe me, Ava leaves, hear phone ring, door partially opens as Dr answers his phone, says, no, the situation is unchanged, there has been no more trouble, appears so...understand me...he is very strong by not super human, can't give him anymore without killing him...(sighs)..clses door to room he was entering, (where Ava is hiding), she wait, SC attempts , again to stand...

The end.


● Franco to imaginary friend(takes THE PIC from Liz) was very real...

● Michael....i have to wrap up some business...
● Nelle... What kind of business...

● At Jason bedside, Sam, Krissy, Jake and Danny(the boys holding drawings), Jake says...please wake up, daddy...

● Joss...u talked to Milo...
● Carly...he told me about ur night with Oscar...

● Sonny to Milo...if there is a PROBLEM , u need to TELL me...

● Ava to SC....the fact that u r here means ur family is waiting for u...
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General Hospital 9-22-17 Preview GH 9/22/17
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Live Thread 9/22
Milo and Sonny first talk Jason then Joss
Milo says how much of Joss activities am I
suppose to tell you guys.

Carly and Joss talk Jason then Carly says
Milo told me of you night with Oscar.

Nelle and Michael at her home for last time
since her apartment is being sold out from undre

Liz telling Jake about Jason remember dad will
look like he is sleeping but it is more serious than
that. Jake says don;t worry. Krissy takes Jake
to go pick up Danny.

Franco leaving Betsy a phone message.

Sam talking at Jason beside. Jasam song as
she reminisces about the past. she strikes his arm
and his hand moves.

Russia... Stonecold doing his darth vader impression
the breathy breathing. he tries to get up as
Ava comes in

Michael says don;t do anything rash I have to
go do business.

Sonny says did Oscar upset Joss. no..Joss is good
kid her friend is too. Sonny says what making you
uncomfortable. Milo says they were doing nothing
wrong. Mrs. C wanted min by min account. Did you
give it to her.

Carly says how you and Oscar wound up on
foot bridge. Joss is like I wanted to tell him about
Jason there . Carly says what did you think
milo told me.

Franco covers for his phone call. Liz has noticed
he has been distant lately. Tell me the truth. He
shows her the pic.

Sam talking to Jason. They don;t know you they don;t
know us you are fighting to come back to me just
taking your time. as Krissy shows up with Jake and
Danny the kids are a bit hesitant. Danny sahs Daddy
is me Jake says dad can you hear us. Danny lays on the
bed ILY daddy as sam cries.(that scene with the boys
and Sam is sad)

Ava telling Stonecold she heard someone says you
are a danger they drug you but it doesn;t work what
should I do about that

Nelle comes along Joss says join us.
Joss says you guys were getting along what happened.
Carly says I found out something. Joss wants to know
what it is.

Michael with Sonny. they talk Nelle Sonny says
you should be sure use your resources find out
all you need to know. Michael says you want me
to investigate Nelle I trust her. Michael gets a call
from Lucy the deal closed.

Liz tells Franco DNA tests proved you and Jason
are not related. Jason has live since he was little
Liz doesn;t understand where this is coming from.

Danny says I miss you daddy. Jake says we made
you a drawing. don;t you want to open your
eyes and see. Danny pleads please wake up
for us.

Ava says you were shot fell into open water the
trauma created a psychotic break your family
sent you here. If you family is waiting
for you to come back. Ava says do you have a family
he nods yes. do they know you are here..he nods
his head no. She is like then who put you here.

Nelle says she was accused of something she
didn;t do but she loves Joss brother. Carly
says she has to leave. Nelle is like sorry I
interrupted your time with Joss. Carly says
you are sorry a lot and leaves.

Sonny and Michael. Sonny wonders what is up
Micheal says he is an adult his business is his.
Sonny mentions Nelle he says leave it alone. They

Liz says I see the how the pic plays into your story
you think the twin is Jason. Franco wants to be
better. He says he has hit a wall Heather won;t see
me Mom won;t take my calls. Liz says go see her.

Jake says to Danny it is ok just cuz he doesn;t
open his eye doesn;t mean he can;t hear us they
sing "This old man " Sam records it.

Ava says fill me in what is your name Stonecold
looks confused.

Nelle asks how Oscar is. Michael comes over
Joss has to leave. He says don;t ditch Milo
Joss leaves.

Micheal and NElle talk Carly and her run in. She
says she feel selfish thinking about where to live
while they are all worried of Jason. Michael says
you don;t need to look for apartment your
apartment was bought by me.

Carly comes into Sonny office complains about
Nelle. Sonny says we won;t lose Michael to Nelle
let go along to get along. Sonny says we won;t
let anything happen to Nelle. Carly mentions nelle
apartmen The lightbulb goes off in Sonny head
that Micheal bought it.

They hang the pic over Jason bed. Sam says you
have to say goodbye Dad has physical therapy . Danny
says ILY daddy kisses him. Jake says ILY too we will
be back as Krissy takes them home.

Ava is like you can;t write She says you want
to be left alone. how is that working for you.
They are shooting you up with horse Tranqulizers
they were talking of upping you dosage. He takes
the pen

Betsy on the phone with Heather she didn;t tell
him anything this isn;t right Franco living in same
house with JAson son. as Franco shows up. He heard
her. HE know Heather doesn;t want her to tell. who is

Caron talking Nelle playimg victim card. Nelle
says to Michael you really bought my apartment
he gives her the title and deed.

Sam does;t want to go but know you want me
to be there for scout and danny. she will go home
and practice sleeping in bed without you get
ready in the morning get the kids ready. All the
things parents should do together. I want you to know
my heart will be here with you will take care of this.
kisses him. she leaves.

Jake wants to show krissy the twin artwork. Liz
says it was sold.

Franco says mother help me out. She says Bobby
ILY. Leave this alone. Franco says making me
crazy. He can't risk losing liz. Betsy says she lied
to him..your friend wasn;t imaginary he was real
there was a twin.

Stonecold looking at Ava as he writes on the pad.
a phone number with area code in PC NY.

Jason in his bed hearing the singing and Sam talking
and he opens his eyes.

Betsy says no you don;t haVe brother there was a twin
but he wasnt your twin.

The End.

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