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Old 09-29-2017, 01:18 PM
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"Wyatt Predicts Bill Will Hurt Liam in Ways He’s Never Imagined"

Friday September 29, 2017: Liam debates with his brother, Bill gushes about Steffy’s support, and Ridge works to get Brooke back on her feet

At Bill’s place, he realizes Steffy means what she says about being his friend. She tells him he looked good on the bike, and he returns the compliment, calling her ‘motorcycle mama’. She beams. Steffy-Bill-all-smiles-BB-HWThey drink beer together and Bill twitches about not being at work…doing something. Steffy’s confident he and Liam will sort things out. They talk about plans for the next day, and Steffy suggests he stop referring to her as ‘motorcycle mama’. Bill mentions Brooke, and though Steffy doesn’t feel all is lost, she predicts a woman will come into his life that will make him forget Brooke Logan ever existed. Steffy vows not to let this family implode on itself. Bill’s grateful to have a woman as smart and beautiful as she is in his family…and on his side. He thanks her when she offers her support again. Touching her hair, he says today’s been just what he needed.

At Spencer Publications, Liam wants to know if Wyatt will get on board and be his right-hand man to help him run the company. Wyatt listens as Liam flatters that his strengths offset his weaknesses. Wyatt’s worried about Bill, but Liam insists it’s a new era and there’s nothing stopping them. Wyatt feels neither one of them is even close to being ready to run Bill’s empire, but Liam retorts, “Speak for yourself.” Wyatt rants about the implications of failure and complains about the gambles Liam’s already taken. His money will always be on Bill, and he warns Liam that payback is going to be a bitch. Liam argues this is Wyatt’s chance to do the right thing, but his brother grumbles about the blackmail before reiterating that Bill is going to hurt Liam in ways he’s never imagined. He begs Liam to please back down and not make Bill his enemy. Liam’s certain there’s nothing else their dad can do to him.

In Brooke’s living room, Ridge presses his ex for the details on what Spencer did; he thinks it would be helpful for her to talk about it. Ridge-Brooke-chatting-home-BB-HWBrooke needs to process what happened on her own. Ridge hints about seeking a ‘room for rent’, but Brooke clucks that it’s too soon for that. Ridge denies he was pushing to move in together, but will visit her a lot. Talk turns to work and he assures her she’s a ‘full-time Forrester’. Brooke questions if she’s really needed at the company, but Ridge cites her history there as the reason she belongs. “You are Forrester Creations, never forget that.” He suggests she work on Brooke’s Bedroom and wouldn’t mind seeing her in lingerie. Brooke laughs. Turning serious, Ridge says he thinks she’s wasted enough time already; he wants her to come home.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Sheila gets a new job.

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