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Default SOD/SOW Spoilers

Soap Opera Digest - April 22, 2008...

April 16 - Rick makes a serious threat towards Nick. Katie becomes an unlikely ally in the custody case.

April 17 - Katie throws her hat into the ring as alternate mother for Jack. Rick proves his devotion to Taylor.

Storms behavior becomes more and more obsessive.

Bridget confonts Katie.

Rick devises a plan.

Soap Opera Weekly April 22, 2008:

Rick and Taylor Want Baby Jack!

Ricks lays it all on the line so Taylor can regain custody of Jack.

"When push comes to shove, Rick is like, 'Taylor you deserve to have your son, and I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that happens,'" previews Kyle Lowder.

Everything in his power - and Forrester's. "One night when Taylor has lost it, Rick says, 'You know what? Let me handle it,'" says Lowder. "He meets up with some Forrester attorneys and draws up paperwork that he can hopefully get Nick to sign, saying she could basically have her child back."

With renewed hope, Taylor goes to Nick with the papers. But as the duo go back and forth - with Katie's two cents thrown in - things look grim. Rick passionately defends his new ladylove's right to Jack and, "Nick is kind of taken aback," admits Lowder. "He even has a line where he's like, 'You can't just walk into my house and expect me to just sign this thing. Quite frankly Rick, this is none of your business.'"

Rick disagrees. "His emotions get the best of him. Tensions reach the boiling point, and Rick freaks out. He's like, 'Fine. We don't need your help.' He rips up the papers and storms out. It's definitely a soap moment," laughs Lowder.

One that leaves Taylor more demoralized than ever. "They go back to the house and Taylor's really upset saying, 'Nothing's going to work.' Rick says, 'Let's go out for a swim in the moonlight and just enjoy ourselves and have fun.' It's just him trying to set her mind at ease."

To no avail - even when Taylor's psych evaluation is messengered over, revealing her mind is perfectly fine. "She is a stable person going through a very difficult time, and the emotions that she's showing are nothing more than what any normal person would be going through," affirms Lowder. "Rick sees that she's worked very hard to get back to that place, and he's overcome with emotion, like, 'Yes! We're going to court and we'll get your child back and you're going to live happily ever after.'"

With Rick, who then shocks Taylor with his most romantic declaration yet. "Whatever he's feeling in that moment," hints Lowder, "he doesn't necessarily think about the consequences."

Storm gets creepier.

Ridge is determined to protect Ashley.

Someone new steps up as a potential mother for Jack.

Brooke begs Nick for a place in Jack's life.

Bridget confronts Katie about Nick.

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