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Cool DAYS:Daily Episodes for the week of DECEMBER 11

Days Of Our Lives 12/11/2017 Promo
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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Miracles happen Theo will regain consciousness

Miracles happen Theo will regain consciousness
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#DAYS starts with Andre and Kate, he's trying to trace the stalkers. He tells Kate he won't spill her secret, she says she's worried about Tripp "Steve Johnsons kid"

Stayla in the pub, talking about what happened with Kate and Tripp.

Hope with shopping bags in park, on phone with Rafe. Shot of his commissioner name plate on his desk, she talks about being in love with him

Knock on Rafe's door, he hangs up, JJ calls Hope

Jen and Eric bump into each other in HTS, literally, she tells him great news about Will.

Will at Sami's hotel door, he tells her Eric talked to him "I should try to at least understand you before I cut you out of my life.Ē

Will learned some stories about the lengths Sami went to to protect and defend him as a child. "I'm not totally convinced you're not a crazy self-interested control freak but I am willing to hear you out"

Sami so happy to hear that because she's leaving.

Eric and Jen siting in HTS, talking about what Sami did with Ben "What if Ben had escaped and gone after Abigail again

Jen worried about JJ, Eric takes her hand.

Hope at JJ's door, says he doesn't look ok, should be seeing a therapist or counselor. Hes scruffy, hair a mess. JJ wants to make it right that she lost her job, gives her a letter.

Will and Sami

"You're leaving to be with your kids?" "Yeah - my other kids" She wants to be back with them for the holidays. Her first instinct is to bring them to Salem but its not fair to them with Will not remembering.

Sami upset she already dragged kids all over looking for EJ, and its also best for Will she leaves, she can see now she's making things worse for him.

Right but Lucas could see Allie whenever he wanted Sami?

Hope reads JJ's letter, its a resignation letter. She tells him she won't be reinstated till the shooting is resolved, him quitting won't help, he has to wait and see what happens.

Eli with Rafe, they were able to access Theo's laptop, telling Rafe what they found, investigating a hack into DiMera.


"So you're blackmailing Steve Johnson's bastard son?"

Kate and Andre talking about her blackmailing Tripp, what dirt she has, she thinks Steve and Kayla know the truth.

Steve tells Kayla Tripp was protecting her, wanted to come forward but wouldn't risk Kayla paying for what he did.

Tripp the hero...

Kayla angry, leaves to "confront that scheming bitch"

Eli and Rafe talking about clues they found. Building was rented to CFR Partners.

Hope says my life is far from ruined, JJ says Theo's is. Hope telling him he did everything by the book. He is trying to kick her out, wants to be alone, she wants to call his Mom or Abby or Lani.

Will can tell this is hard for Sami. 'I love my kids so much, full disclosure I can be controlling and crazy sometimes but there is nothing I wouldn't do for any one of you."

Will says he saw photos of his wedding (that scene with Eric was cut apparently) and that she was thrown when he came out but then happy for him. And that she goes to extraordinary lengths for her kids.

Will says as crazy as it was (Ben strangling) he started to remember a tiny bit, its possible for him to see what you did was out of love. He feels he hasn't been fair to her.

Will's angry and confused and he took it out on Sami and its not right. She says you get that from your mom. They both think they could have handled the situation better.

Will "I'm sorry for hurting you."
Sami "I'm sorry I sicced a serial killer on you."
Will "Apology accepted."

Will's hoping they can slowly work on his relationship with Sami, she says reach out to me at anytime. Or come with. He says what happened to space? She had to ask.

Sami says he's welcome to come visit anytime. WIll says he'll think about it. "Baby steps." "This whole fighting and forgiving thing feels really familiar to me. Do we do this a lot?"

Kate is on today. No mention of Lucas almost dying Friday. But sure letís talk about DE.

Eric helping Jen with Christmas cards, Hope comes up and says JJ is in tough shape.

JJ pacing room angrily, crumpling up letters, keeps flashing back to shooting, hes rocking back and forth with his hands over his ears

Steve and Kayla barge in to D Mansion, Kayla says "How dare you??" Kate denies knowing anything, Steve says Tripp told us everything. Kate says "told ya" to Andre.

Kate says Tripp was trying to ruin my life and Kayla says he was trying to get at the truth! Eli walks in "bad time?"

Just tell Eli.

Kate tells Eli "our guests were just leaving!" Kayla asks if Eli has any leads, Eli wants to ask Kate and her husband (bleh) some questions. Steve says we'll finish this conversation later. Kayla is not budging.

Jen says JJ wants to punish himself, he won't answer her calls. Hope tells her he broke up with Lani. She jumps up to go talk to JJ, Eric says maybe its time I had a talk with him.

Rafe on phone with restaurant "corner table with pink roses" says I will be back in the family as soon as I put this ring back on Hope's finger. He can't find ring ha ha.

Sami writing her email address down so Will can reach her in Europe any time. He finds Hope's ring on the floor, she says its her engagement ring from EJ, she puts it on. (I think she slipped hers off when Will picked it up)

Eli asks if Kayla has information on the case. She hesitates and then says Theo condition hasn't changed and its unbelievably hard on Abe. Please get to the bottom of this case quickly. They leave and Kayla asks why Steve wouldn't let her tell the truth.
Steve says Kate still holds too much power over Tripp and you, but we won't let her get away with it. Eli says Theo used DiMera credit card to buy stuff for break-in. Kate says we didn't know anything about it.

Kate says if we knew Theo was involved in something dangerous we would have stopped him immediately. Eli doesn't look convinced.

Hope telling Jen she and Rafe are back together

Rafe looking for ring, Sami walks in and asks if he's looking for it. "Why are you wearing it?" She's telling him Will found it. Ring is stuck on her finger.

Andre says call us if you think of anything else you need, Eli says I am sure I will have a lot more questions. He leaves. Kate calls Kayla, says if you know whats good for you you will continue to keep your mouth shut. Kayla says why don't you do the right thing for once?


"I could strangle that woman!"

JJ reading about vigil for Theo, Eric knocks on door. JJ doesn't want to talk, Eric says how about listening? "There is no one else in this town that understands what you're going thru like I do"

Will gets home to townhouse, picks up picture of him and Sami and says maybe shes not as bad as I thought, cut to Sami trying to get the ring off.

Will gets home to townhouse, picks up picture of him and Sami and says maybe shes not as bad as I thought, cut to Sami trying to get the ring off.

Sami and Rafe struggling to get the ring off "Try some soap" "Good idea, you have any soap?" Hope walks in.

The End.
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"Will Finds Hope's Ring in Sami's Hotel Room While They're Making Peace"

Monday December 11, 2017: Eli gets a lead in Theo's case, JJ's spiralling downward, fast, and Will considers that Sami may not be as bad as he thought.

At the DiMera mansion, Andre and Kate discuss Tripp knowing her secret. Andre asks what she's holding over Tripp's head. "Kayla's medical license for one," Kate says. She's concerned Steve and Kayla will find out and tell Chad.

At the pub, Steve fills Kayla in on Kate blackmailing Tripp. They take off to confront "that scheming bitch."

Laden down with Christmas packages at the park, Hope calls Rafe and they make plans to dine at Doug's Place. After they disconnect, JJ calls Hope to meet.

Eli sees Rafe at SPD. They accessed Theo's laptop and came up with clues as to why Theo broke into the warehouse. He was investigating a DiMera hacker, hoping to catch them. Rafe wonders if someone put him up to it. The warehouse, Eli says, is owned by CFR Partners. Rafe's grateful for Eli's good work. Eli heads to see the DiMeras. Once he's left, Rafe searches for Hope's ring.

Eric and Jennifer bump into each other at the square. Envelopes go flying and they get a table and catch up with talk over Will's return and the strangulation-recreation. Jennifer's blown away. She wishes she could do something to help JJ.

Episode # 13231Will visits Sami at Salem Inn. He tells her Eric urged him to get to know Sami, explaining she's not as crazy as Will thinks. Sami's happy to be talking with him but she's leaving town to be with the other kids. Will understands. Sami also thinks it's best for Will if she leaves. Will nods. Sami knows she can be crazy and selfish but there's nothing she wouldn't do for her kids. "You definitely keep things interesting," he tells her. He brings up seeing photos of his wedding. He heard Sami was thrown at his coming out but eventually his biggest champion. Will talked to Eric about the strangulation and he admits he started to remember something. It's made him realize she did all of that out of love. He says he's been unfair to her. Sami apologizes, knowing she could have handled the situation better.

Will, "I'm sorry for hurting you."
Sami, "I'm sorry that I sicced a serial killer on you."
Will, "Apology accepted."

Will finds Hope's ring on the carpet and hands it over to Sami. She stammers and slyly takes off her own engagement ring and puts it in her pocket while pretending that Hope's ring is hers. They shake hands.

Hope goes to JJ's room at Martin House. He looks tired, she comments. He can't sleep. He just keeps seeing Theo. JJ feels responsible for her losing her job and resigns. Hope refuses to let him. JJ's so sorry for ruining first Theo's and now her life. Hope tells JJ that he's a good cop and did what any cop would have done. JJ doesn't want to discuss it any longer and opens the door for her to leave. Hope offers to call downstairs for some food but he doesn't want any. She offers to call Lani but he reveals that he dumped her. He asks Hope to go and once she does, he has flashbacks to the shooting and a panic attack. He puts on music, trying to block them out and doesn't work. His stomach becomes ill.

Back at the mansion, Kayla and Steve barge in and confront Kate over blackmailing Tripp. Kate denies it and they start to argue when Eli walks in. Steve refuses to let Kayla tell Eli about Tripp. They leave and outside, Steve says they can't play their hand just yet. They go while Eli shares what little they have on the investigation. Kate lies that she had no idea Theo was pursuing this on his own. Eli tells them Theo purchased the items for the break-in with the DiMera corporate card. Kate shrugs that off, saying he has his own card. If they knew Theo was involved in anything dangerous, they'd have stopped him. Eli goes and Kate calls Kayla with a threat to keep her mouth shut.

Hope stops by Eric and Jennifer's table at the square. She fills them in on her visit with JJ. Jennifer's more worried about her son than ever, so Eric goes to see him. Hope tells Jenn that she and Rafe are re-engaged.

Sami visits Rafe with Hope's ring. He's relieved but asks why she's wearing it. She explains about Will's visit. He's happy for her. Sami tries to get the ring off as they talk. Rafe tells Sami about the re-engagement and notices the ring isn't coming off. She tells him it's stuck and Hope walks in!

Eric arrives at JJ's to talk. Eric thinks he knows what JJ's going through more than anyone.

Will arrives home and smiles at the photo of him with Sami. "Maybe she's not so bad after all."

On the next Days of our Lives:

Doug has a warning for Rafe


- Christine Fix
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For your viewing pleasure.

Jack Deveraux (father; deceased)
Jennifer Horton (mother)

Abigail Deveraux (sister)

Duke Earl Johnson (biological paternal grandfather; deceased)
Jo Johnson (biological paternal grandmother)
Harper Deveraux (adoptive paternal grandfather; deceased)
Camille Deveraux (adoptive paternal grandmother; deceased)
Bill Horton (maternal grandfather)
Laura Spencer (maternal grandmother)
Adding onto the list of JJ's grandparents:
Anjelica Deveraux, adoptive paternal step-grandmother, who contributed to raising Jack.

Tom Horton (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)
Alice Grayson (maternal great-grandmother; deceased)
James Spencer (maternal great-grandfather)
Carrie Spencer (maternal great-grandmother; deceased)

William Horton (maternal great-great-grandfather; deceased)
Adelaide Horton I (maternal great-great-grandmother; deceased)
Sid Grayson (maternal great-great-grandfather; deceased)
Abigail Grayson (maternal great-great-grandfather; deceased)

Steve Johnson (paternal uncle)
Adrienne Johnson (paternal aunt)
Mike Horton (maternal uncle)
Lucas Horton (maternal half-uncle)

Thomas Deveraux (nephew)

Stephanie Johnson (paternal cousin)
Tripp Dalton (paternal cousin)
Joey Johnson (paternal cousin)
Joey Kiriakis (adoptive paternal cousin)
Victor Kiriakis II (adoptive paternal cousin)
Sonny Kiriakis (paternal cousin)
Jeremy Horton (maternal cousin)
Will Horton (maternal half-cousin)
Allie Horton (maternal half-cousin)

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Eli gives Abe transcript of Theo's laptop about breaking into place to find hackers; Eli tells Abe he'll find out who was really responsible; Kate puts flowers on Theo's get-well monument in HTS & says sorry

Gabi sees Kate and hugs her supportively; Jen at d-mans w/Thomas Abby & Chad; Thomas cranky so Chad takes him to go rest; Jen tells Abby she gets comfort from seeing how happy she is w/Chad; Abby/Jen agree concerned about JJ; Jen says Hope told her JJ wants resign

Abby says can't help JJ when won't let them close; Jen says may have found right person; Eric w/JJ-JJ is skeptical if Eric can help; Rafe/Sami working to get ring off finger; Hope walks into Rafe's office & is curious about what's going on; Hope thinks Sami/Rafe arguing

Hope asks Sami to tell what she's hiding as Sami covered her hand; Eric tells JJ he feels guilt, shame, down about himself, questioning all thought he knew; Eric knows JJ not sleeping-tells him lived in the same hell-killed best friend

JJ tells Eric this guilt is eating him up, then clams up; Eric says didn't want to talk but wishes had and tells JJ there is still a purpose for him & a meaningful life; JJ says if Theo dies his life is over; Sami tells Hope not hiding something

Sami says just came to say hi to Rafe; Hope thinks Sami there to drop charges against her & says Sami putting Rafe in awkward position; memory of starting have sex; Rafe says in DA's & Justin's hands now; awkward moment as Hope tries to touch sweater covering Sami's hand

Julie setting up lovely table-closed club early; Doug thinks surprise dinner for him but J says special dinner for Rafe/Hope-tells D about Hope returning ring; Julie/Doug talk about working thru their probs & getting it right-sweet moment;

Julie says Rafe determined to get ring back on Hope's finger; Sami tells Hope/Rafe about breakthrough w/Will-tells them bittersweet cause has to go back to other kids; Sami tells Hope/Rafe in touching way how plan to build relationship long distance; Sami asks for tissue

Sami keeps trying get ring off-takes tissue from Hope; Jen tells Chad got call from paper-DiMeras now officially connected to Theo-asks Chad if he'd care to comment; Kate tells Gabi that Theo is in her heart even tho most don't think she has one

Gabi tells Kate needs more to think about company going to Kate; Kate says needs answer tomorrow-come to d-mans then; Eli & Abe speak about case-Abe asks Eli if he thinks JJ acted improperly

Gabi tells Kate needs more to think about company going to Kate; Kate says needs answer tomorrow-come to d-mans then; Eli & Abe speak about case-Abe asks Eli if he thinks JJ acted improperly

Eric tells JJ isolating self from loved ones worst thing to do; JJ needs Theo to forgive him; Eric says when Nic forgave him opened way to forgive self; JJ doesn't think Abe will ever forgive him; Abe asks Eli off record about JJ's actions

Eli says his opinion that JJ could've approached situation differently; Eli thinks could've been avoided; Gabi overhears; Jen says giving Chad chance to give statement before others; Abby says Chad makes no statement other than supporting Theo's recovery

Jen tells Chad trying to help by writing story & getting his view; Chad says Dimera's didn't put bullet in Theo her son did; Sami weeps-talks about contact popping out; Hope hugs Sami-she hands Rafe ring in tissue; Sami leaves-has to wait for Justin to get approved her to go

Hope tells Rafe that was weird (with Sami)-Hope has feeling Sami hiding something; Rafe just shakes head

Abby says How can you say that - to Chad; Chad apologizes for going too far; Jen says her reporters will keep digging & asks for help; Chad says off record would personally take care of any Dimera employee who responsible for Theo's shooting

SAmi approaches Kate in HTS - says horrible about Theo; Kate chastises Sami for Ben/Will fiasco; Sami says thought Kate would thank her for getting Lucas to get help; Kate stares; Hope/Rafe at private dinner-H wonders about Sami really wearing contacts

Rafe gets Hope back to their dinner-both apologize about their harsh words; Hope says what's imp now is trust & they toast to that; Rafe apologizes for hurting Hope; Rafe gets on knee; Hope says she already proposed; R says looking at her & ring brings him to knees

Rafe proposes again & Hope happily excited-she feels safe & loved; Hope/Rafe agree it's forever & stand & kiss; Hope wants to pick wedding date as soon as possible; they kiss-declare love again

Gabi approaches Abe/Eli & hopes didn't interrupt-tells Abe that she & Ari have been praying for Theo; Abe leaves; Gabi upset w/Eli for throwing JJ under bus ; Eric asks JJ if spoke to Abe; JJ tells what happened when Abe saw JJ in Theo's room

Eric tries to get thru to JJ wants JJ to stop looking at stories about shooting & offers to give him bible instead & leaves it with him to find comfort; Eric leaves; JJ glares at bible; Kate tells Sami to stay away from Lucas; Sami says she got him into rehab thru Mag

Sami tells Kate Mag checking Lucas in now & fills Kate in on car rollover; Kate seems grateful/relieved; Sami tells Kate she's leaving town-has to get back to kids for Christmas; Sami tells Kate what she told Lucas about Will needing him; Kate asks Sami if thinks Lucas really committed

Sami tells Kate thinks Lucas really means it; Kate hugs Sami and thanks her

Julie/Doug w/Hope-Rafe; Julie asks when wedding; Hope/Rafe say very soon; Julie wants details; Doug asks Rafe to help pick out perfect bottle of champagne-they leave table; Julie tells Hope she's radiant; Hope says she's so happy-hasn't been this happy since...; Julie says since Bo

Doug picks out bottle then tells Rafe that Hope's been thru hell and back-losing Bo, deceived by Aiden, & Rafe can be husband Hope needs but if hurts her he'll answer to Doug; Rafe agrees from this day forward will only love & protect Hope

Sami/Kate talk a bit more about Lucas; Abe shows at HTS & Sami asks if any change for Theo; Kate tells Theo she's so sorry; Abe not believing Kate & says if finds out she or Andre responsible...; Sami says Kate Loves Theo-wouldn't put him in danger; Theo has tear

Gabi & Eli in interrogation room; G says was coming to apologize but now not so sure; Eli challenges Gabi cause JJ is her ex; Eli asks if needs to worry that Gabi has unresolved feelings for JJ

Eli had reminded Gabi that she was just friends w/Chad and there were clearly a whole lot of unresolved feelings there

Gabi says JJ is her friends who is going thru hell; Eli apologizes-doesn't want to lose Gabi; Gabi doesn't want to lose Eli; Eli tells Gabi their relationship is a priority & wants to make it work; Gabi/Eli agree & start kissing

JJ pacing his room-looks at bible-opens it-says this is your answer Eric-bunch of stories written about dead ppl; JJ brings bible to desk & opens it-looks closely near beginning- starts reading eye for eye, etc...

JJ puts down bible & seems thoughtful; Jen meets Eric at park bench & asks how meeting w/JJ went; Eric says doesn't have good news-tells JJ still to involved in beating himself up; Jen wants to find way to reach him; Eric says JJ needs Theo to wake; Jen says what if doesn't

Eric tells Jen that JJ needs Abe's forgiveness; Abe tells Sami the Dimera's behind Theo's shooting; Sami tell Abe to find Andre-sure he's lying; Abe leaves; Kate tells Sami that Andre not lying; Sami thinks Kate covering for Andre; Rafe/Hope dancing alone at club

Rafe tells Hope that Doug warned him not to hurt her after she asks what they talked about; Julie/Doug return w/glasses filled for toast; D wishes them long, loving marriage; Hope/Rafe kiss again

Sami looks at her own ring on her finger "that was a close one"

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"Eric Tries to Reach JJ, Who Is Beside Himself With Guilt"

Tuesday December 12, 2017: Sami says goodbye as she prepares to leave Salem, Hope agrees to marry Rafe again, and Eric's talk with JJ doesn't go well.

At SPD, Eli tells Abe that Theo was investigating a DiMera hacking when he broke into the warehouse. Though Andre and Kate deny knowledge of this, Eli knows there is more to the story. Inside Rafe's office, Sami can't get Hope's engagement ring off. They argue when Rafe tries to pry it from her finger. Hope walks in and assumes Sami's trying to get Rafe to drop the charges against her. Sami and Rafe pretend that's what they were arguing about. Rafe flashes to sex with Sami and declares it's out of his hands. She should talk to Justin about getting a deal. Sami agrees to talk to Justin. She tells them about her breakthrough with Will and drums up some tears. Hope goes to her purse to get a tissue, so Sami uses her tears to get the ring off. She gets it off and feigns that a contact lense popped out. She hands the ring over to Rafe, wrapped up in a used tissue and hugs Hope before going. Hope comments that Sami seems up to something.

Kate stops by the square and leaves a few dozen flowers at Theo's vigil and says she's sorry. Gabi finds her and they embrace. They catch up and agree to meet tomorrow.

At the DiMera mansion, Jennifer visits with Thomas, Chad and Abigail. Chad takes the tyke down for a nap and Jenn swoons over her daughter and son-in-law's happiness. They worry over JJ, who isn't returning their calls. Jenn hopes Eric can help him. She takes a quick call and when Chad returns, she explains that the DiMeras are suspect in Theo's case. Does he have a quote for her? Abigail gives her a boilerplate quote and Jenn presses for more. Her reporters will dig deep. Chad says off the record, if he hears of any DiMera involvement he'll take care of it.

Eric goes to JJ. They discuss the shooting and JJ's guilt. Episode # 13233He's not sure how he can live with himself. Eric knows from experience that as dark as it may seem now, there's still room for a meaningful life. JJ thinks it's impossible. Eric says Nicole forgave him for killing Daniel, which helped in his self-forgiveness. JJ doesn't think Abe will ever forgive him. Eric offers his bible but JJ's not interested. Eric leaves the book and goes. "A bunch of stories written by dead people," he says, before reading Exodus.

Episode # 13233At Doug's Place, Julie has closed the club and set a romantic table for Rafe and Hope. Julie and Doug are positive their troubles will be sorted. Rafe and Hope arrive and Hope says she didn't know Sami wore contacts. Rafe brushes off her questions and they talk about love and trust before Rafe gets on bended knee and asks for her hand. She says yes. They smooch. Later, Doug and Julie join them and Hope tells them the wedding will be soon. Doug takes Rafe to pick out Perrier-Jouet champagne and warns that he'd better treat his daughter well, while Hope confides in her half-sister-step-mother that she hasn't been this happy since Bo.

Episode # 13233Abe asks Eli's opinion if JJ was in the right. Eli thinks JJ could have approached the situation differently. Gabi overhears as she walks in and takes Eli aside to chastise him. Eli worries her defensiveness means she has unresolved feelings for JJ. Gabi says they're friends and she can't walk away from a friend. Eli's sorry - he doesn't want to lose her. He wants to make this relationship work. So does Gabi so they make out.

Episode # 13233Sami finds Kate at the square. Kate brings up the strangulation-recreation and Sami says she knows it was wrong. She'd rather talk about saving Kate's son. Maggie has Lucas in rehab right now. Kate's relieved. Sami tells her about Lucas' accident and assures Kate he's fine. Kate's happy but sad to hear Sami's leaving town already. They embrace. Abe strolls up to the vigil and he tells the women that "This has DiMera stink all over it." If he learns she or Andre are responsible, "I swear to God," he says. Sami defends Kate. Abe sneers and goes and Sami assumes Andre's the culprit.

At the park, Jenn has met with Eric to discuss how to reach JJ.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Eve surprises Gabi.

Sonny reacts to hearing Will kissed Paul.
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Rope in bed. Super happy. Glad thereís nothing betweem them. Stronger for having gone through it. Rafe remembers the sex.

Rafe says nothing will come between them. She thinks he sounds worried. Asks if hereís something he isnít telling her.

Eve and Gabi talk about Eduardo still being in jail.

Eve talks to Gabi about pain of losing loved one; G knows E losing Paige far worse; E says still has nephew & Deimos left her well-off; Eve has offer for Gabi

Brady on the phone asking about skeletons in eveís closet

Brady hears Sonny leave ANOTHER message for Will; B says maybe Will not that into him

John walks into pub-sees Paul look at screen saver w/Sonny but P confirms he & Sonny are over

Sami brings gifts to Mar's door & then M shuts it w/out letting her in

Kate gently visits Lucas who is clearly going thru drying out symptoms; K tells L he's doing the right thing

Hope asks Rafe why he looks so serious; R tells H when broke up thought lost her forever; H says he didn't & kisses him; R hopes H knows how much he loves her

Sami knocks on Mar's door-S asks to talk to Will; M says can't force a relationship; Will comes out of room-he hadn't told Mar-says "my Mom and I came to an understanding"

#DAYS Hope reminds Rafe really wants to set wedding date & marry him-offers making love reassurance

Mar smiles & welcomes Sami into townhouse; Sami smiles at Will from across room

Paul tells John that Sonny ended relationship to be with Will; John says he's sorry; P sorry too & says not just for him but Will not into Sonny-came onto him-tells J Will kissed him; P says W trying to find who is after Susan kept him from that;

Paul tells John about Eve challenging for Basic Black-need to find something;

Eve tells Gabi she's majority shareholder of BB-has been watching G's career & likes what she sees; G says she's been lucky; E tells G she's talented-wants to buy Gabi's business & will get job

Gabi tells Eve has similar offer from Kate; Mar says wonderful that Will/Sami made peace; Sami says Justin worked out her legal issues so she can be w/kids; S asks W if can give him gift & watch him open it; W agrees-Mar leaves them

Sami says it was Will's journal-S had given it to him at 13-thought he'd like to read entries & if doesn't jog memories he can write story of life he wants to write now; Sonny throws it back at Brady about how many women dumped him

Sonny/Brady start arguing about who will win out Titan corner office; Brady says if Will into Sonny & going to recommit why is Will interested in seducing Paul; Sonny looks directly at Brady

Sonny and Brady actually sounds amusing.

Kate covers shivering Lucas with blanket & tells him she loves him so much--being very supportive; Maggie comes in & talks about Lucas's commitment to sobriety-asks L how he is-knows this is the hardest part; Mag says important supportive words

Lucas doesn't think ppl love him anymore; Mag says not true-he'll work steps, make amends like before; L says what if I don't deserve to be forgiven this time; Eve tells Gabi Kate not one to pass up good thing; G says didn't accept yet

Eve excited - mentions doesn't Gabi think awkward working near Chad again; G says more issue about working with widow of man who tried to kill her twice; E says Deimos is gone; Sonny tells Brady must be sinking low; Brady tells Sonny about kiss;

Sonny says breaking Paul's confidence to shake him up; Brady tells Sonny he should look out thinking about Will's past w/Paul; Sonny trying to keep cool & not let it get to him; Will appreciates gift from Sami; W sorry didn't get Sami gift

Sami tells Will getting talk to him is gift; Sami shows Will contact info in back in case he loses phone; W remembers ring he found in her room & asks Sami about it since it's not the ring she had said was from EJ; Sami smiles w/light laugh

Rafe/Hope lie back after another round of making love; H wishes they could stay there all day; R says have to go back to reality-wants JJ cleared so can get both JJ & Hope back on force; H asks R if Justin got Sami's charges dropped; R asks how he'd know

Sami tells Will EJ gave her lots of jewelry & switches it out; Sami took some of Will's stuff out of storage & will get from car; W says he'll get them; Mar says so happy-Christmas miracle Sami/Will back; Sami says owes it to Mar

Paul comes into K-mans to talk to Brady--learns B spilled; P tells B he told him in confidence; B rolls his eyes; Sonny asks if Paul kissed Will; P says No, Will kissed him

Eve asks Gabi to forget abt Kate since after all they're practically family; E thinks G, Paige & E would've set fashion world on fire-asks G say yes; Paul/Sonny start fighting; Sonny talks abt Paul keeping things from him-says he'll be with Will & neither P or Brady stop it

Mar wishes Sami would stay but knows needs to get back to little ones; Sami tells M about Lucas & knows tough road for him & is glad M will be there keep eye on Will for her; M says will always be there for Sami & her children; Sami tells M loves her for many reasons

Sami/Mar have teary, loving goodbye; Will, followed by John bring 2 boxes in; John sad Sami leaving; Sami thanks J for what he did in Memphis; J says always on Sami's side; Sami has hugs all around; Sami ready to go

Will tells Sami thought he'd be glad to see her go but not so much; Sami says no matter what or when wants to know how Will's story unfolds; Sami goes to door awkwardly; Will gives her the keys & then brings her in for a hug; Sami/Mar/John crying (me too!)

Hope tells Rafe would like to talk to R about Ciara who surprised C didn't get bike license or ask for bike back; R reminds H she took away key; H says all she does makes C angry & distant; R says time for pancakes, but they'll shower together first-to make it quicker

Brady apologizes to Paul after Sonny leaves; Paul clearly pissed off at Brady, knowing how much he likes to stick to Sonny; P has informed for B about Eve; Eve talks to Gabi & asks if she wants to associate w/company routinely breaks law; Eve leaves asking G think about it

Sami goes into Lucas's room as he's finished puking; Sami sits next to him & supports him "you're going to be okay"; Lucas "yeah, thanks to you"

Kate meets w/Gabi in HTS; K says she was checking on Lucas; G says she & Ari will light candle for L as they have for Theo every day; Gabi tells Kate she needs more time-has another offer from Eve; Brady laughs as reads all Eve has been doing

Brady tells Eve, who just entered happy to share what's in the report; Eve sits opposite him; Rafe/Hope walking w/coffee & see Bo's bike-H upset since took keys away; Lucas tells Sami first 48 hours are worse; Sami covers him w/blanket; L asks if she got gift for Allie

Sami tells Lucas that Allie misses him; L repeats has to get thru this for both Allie & Will; Sami tells L the good news about her & Will & that things are good but not an out for Lucas-Will needs him, esp when W says doesn't; L says won't let Sami down

Will looks at Ari's baby shoes in box, then takes out paperwork-separation agreement; door knock-Will answers-it's Sonny; Sonny says "we need to talk, about us... I want my husband back"

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"Sonny Blames Paul When He Hears Will Initiated A Kiss"

Wednesday December 13, 2017: Lucas detoxes, Sami gives Will a present, Rafe and Hope spend intimate time together, and Brady and Sonny argue about Paul and Will.

Hope rolls around in Rafe's bed, staring at her engagement ring. Rafe wakes up and she says nothing will come between them again. Rafe flashes to sex with Sami and frowns. He hopes not. Hope wonders about Ciara not lobbying for her motorcycle license as they get up to make pancakes.

Eve finds Gabi at the square. They catch up over talk of Episode # 13234Deimos and Eduardo. Gabi brings up Eve recovering from Paige's death. Eve says that you don't recover but the pain subsides. Eve wants to buy out Gabi Chic and roll it into Titan then have Gabi work for her. Gabi's intrigued but had a similar offer from Countess Wilhelmina. Gabi isn't sure she can work with the wife of Deimos. Eve says this could be the start of a partnership without baggage.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady makes a secretive phone call to Paul about Eve and then finds Sonny leaving Will another message to talk. Brady suggests, "He's just not that into you." Sonny gets bent out of shape. Brady says the more he chases his ex, the closer Brady is to the corner office. They go back and forth until Brady throws Will's seduction of Paul in Sonny's face. Sonny thinks Brady's bluffing until he mentions the kiss.

John meets Paul at the pub and learns that he and Sonny broke up and that Will came on to him. Paul elucidates. He thinks the best thing for him is to bury himself in his work and move on. He tells his dad about Brady's request to find dirt on Eve. The men get to work.

Marlena puts John's gift under the Christmas tree. She answers the door to Sami who is holding gifts. Sami says, "Ho-ho-ho," and Marlena takes the gifts before closing the door. Sami knocks again and explains that she and Will spoke and are in a good place. Will walks up and agrees, "Sami and I, well, my mom and I came to an understanding." Marlena takes the gifts into another room and Sami gives Will a 'regift' which was his anyway. Will laughs and opens it to find a journal from when he was 13. She thought he might like to read the entries and write the story of the life he wants to have now. Will likes that idea but is embarrassed he didn't get her anything. When he sees her engagement ring, he notices it's not the same one he found on the floor. Sami lies that EJ gave her a lot of jewelry and she switches them out. Sami says there are some of his belongings in the car so Will goes to get them while Marlena tells Sami that she's happy for her daughter and grandson. "It's a Christmas miracle." Sami tells her mom she thinks she got through to Lucas, who vowed to get help. Marlena's impressed. They share a touching moment and Sami tells her mom she loves her for so many reasons. They tear up and hug. Will returns with John. Sami thanks him for everything in Memphis. He hugs her and whispers, "I've always been on your side." Sami says kind words to Will and he hugs her goodbye as she sobs. "Bye Mom," he whispers.

Kate visits Lucas who is detoxing at the hospital. He's shaking as he goes through alcohol withdrawal. Maggie appears and reminds Lucas this is the worst of it but he'll get through it. Lucas feels he's let everyone down but Maggie knows he'll get better, work the steps and make amends. Lucas worries he doesn't deserve forgiveness this time. Later, Sami visits. Lucas is throwing up. She snuggles him and they talk presents for the kids before Sami lets him know that she and Will are in a good place. Lucas is thrilled.

Paul arrives at the mansion and is upset to hear his brother broke his confidence. Sonny asks if it's true, "Did you kiss Will?" Paul says, "No, it isn't true. He. Kissed. Me." Sonny doesn't believe it and blames Paul for inviting Will. Paul defends himself. Will needed information and Paul kept him at arms' length. Sonny says this isn't the first time he's kept something from him but Paul's done defending himself about Memphis. Sonny plans on being with Will no matter how they feel. He stomps off. Paul hands over documentation he came up with about Eve. Paul goes and Brady chuckles that Eve's been a bad girl. Eve appears and he offers to share something with her...

Kate meets Gabi at the square. Gabi says there's another offer to buy Gabi Chic from Eve Donovan Kiriakis. Meanwhile, at the park, Rafe and Hope find Bo's motorcycle unattended.

At the townhouse, Will finds the official legal marital separation agreement. Sonny shows up and says he wants his husband back.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Sami and Rafe's secret is out.

- Christine Fix
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Brady tells Eve his file tells him all about when away from Salem; Eve says already told Brady everything; Brady says sign over rights to Basic Black or taking file to PD Comm.; Hope tells Rafe that Ciara defied her; Ciara shows up at bike;

Sonny at door w/Will-wants his husband back; Will asks Sonny to explain separation papers; Sonny says worst day of life when signed those papers & they weren't divorced-weren't giving up; Sami brings gifts to pub for Eric & Roman; Roman gives Eric coffee-Roman takes out Caroline's cookies

Sami tells Eric/Roman that she's there to say goodbye;

Hope tells Ciara she took away keys; Ciara says had other extra set; Ciara asks am I talking to my mom or a cop; Rafe tells Ciara to stop-wants to talk about respecting law & her mom

Will asks Sonny about Paul; Sonny says broke up w/Paul-when searched heart falling in love w/Will was best thing that happened to him-wants to make him fall in love again; Will says there has to be chemistry/attraction; Sonny asks if this is because of kiss w/Paul

Ciara tells Rafe "OK Commish, slap on cuffs"; Rafe asks to talk to Ciara alone; Hope agrees to go to HTS; Ciara thanks Rafe for running interference for her; Ciara gets on bike; Rafe stops her & says he'll always have Hope's back

Roman wants Sami to stay to Christmas; Roman/Eric/Sami sit at table; Sami tells Roman how much loves him but has to go back to kids; Roman going to kitchen to make a sandwich for Sami so she can have time w/Eric; Sami knows R going in back to cry in private

Eric asks Sami if sure she should go before Will settled; Sami knows Eric will support Will & look out for him while finds out who he is; Sonny asks Will why he kissed Paul; Will says found out cheated on Sonny w/Paul & went to ask about it-kissed him cause wanted to

Will talks about Paul opening door in towel; Sonny says relationship more than physical; Will says that's how it starts; Sonny asks Will if has feelings for Paul; Will says maybe as Sonny seems bewildered

Eve makes herself a drink before Brady reads her the file; Brady says Eve has habit of seducing rich old men & taking their money-goes thru some of their names--including "Blair" from PA

Brady tells Eve she tried same con on Deimos-got away with it every time except now; Brady hands Eve the file to look at

Eve browses thru file & asks Brady how she found all that; Brady says victim 3 sued her in civil court; Eve laughs - they settled out of court & agreed to gag order & he can't prove it or use it legally; Brady says he'll keep digging; Eve tells Brady to dig to China & she'll keep w/Basic B

Brady tells Eve you won't get away w/this; Eve says she did & then says want to you have a little drink & puts her glass out to him; Rafe tells Ciara that when she gets a license he'll be the first to talk to Hope & asks Ciara for keys; Rafe says not trying to replace Bo

Ciara tells Rafe he'll never be the man Bo was; Hope back & scolds Ciara as she runs off; Eric asks Sami about her cryptic thing she kept to herself; Sami tells Eric it's better & he needs to find someone new & stop thinking about Nic

Sami tells Eric to find someone amazing-he's a great catch--they hug & wish each other Merry Christmas; Sami thanks Eric for getting Will to give her another chance; Roman gives Sami a bag lunch; Sami weepy; Roman tells Sami how much loves her-promises look after Will-BIG HUG

Will tells Sonny not to look wounded-not in love w/Paul-won't lie and say not attracted; Sonny wants to talk just about them; Will says there's no us; Sonny tries to explain they never stopped loving each other; Will says theses papers say they were going south

Will wants to be gay and single now that not in closet-wants to explore options--doesn't want to keep hurting Sonny--hopes no hard feelings--gives out hand to shake hands; Sonny takes his hand & pulls Will in for kiss

Ciara blasts into pub; Eric see her to go bar & asks Ciara if she's okay-offers to help; Ciara asks Eric to lend her his wheels; Ciara asks Eric to buy her a drink; Brady tells Eve "I don't drink"; Eve tells Brady saw him drink the other & threatens to tell Mag

Eve threatens to tell Vic or Sonny he's been drinking; Sonny asks if it's hot in here & Will smile; Sonny asks Will if he feels their connection & asks Will to give them a chance to rebuild their connection--not talking about past, but right now

Rafe at bike; Sami walks there & tells Rafe it's a good look "Agent Badass"; Rafe admits confiscated from Ciara when Sami recognizes Bo's bike-knows must make Ciara feel close to Bo; Sami upset when Rafe says Ciara acting out; Sami glad ran into Rafe so can say goodbye

Sonny asks Will why he's fighting what he feels; Will shows Sonny the journal Sami gave him & tells Sami's purpose; W says he & Sonny not destined for happy ending with how he wrecked their marriage; Brady says to Eve that Vic knows he's had a couple of drinks

Eve tells Brady they have stalemate when Brady says Mag wouldn't believe Eve; Eve makes it clear to Brady that it's over-she's not holding him back--"that honor goes to your dear old granddaddy"

Brady tells Eve not to bother trying to turn him against his grandfather; Eve says Vic turned blind eye to drinking & wouldn't do that if planned to give him Titan; Sonny admits to Will he made mistakes in their marriage too; Will says not as big as mine

Sonny tells Will none of the past matters-want to build future; Will asks Sonny if willing to take it slow; Sonny says yes, wants Will to get to know him; Sonny suggests separate rooms at the mansion & they can figure it out together; Will smiling at Sonny

Eric brings Ciara club soda at a table; Eric asks Ciara what's got her so upset; Ciara asks if Eric is Dr. Drew; Eric asks if she's upset about Hope or is it really about Theo; Ciara says it didn't have to happen & no one understands how she feels

Ciara thanks Eric for the drink & leaves; Eric clearly concerned; Hope talking to Shawn in loft; Ciara apparently had fights w/her boss and tells Hope about mixing it up w/Claire; Hope thinks Ciara still dealing w/what happened with Chase; Shawn says wants to help

finally pop-up Shawn, but WTH with them meeting at the loft?

Shawn asks Hope if she's ok; Hope tells Shawn she worked things out w/Rafe; Sami/Rafe drinking coffee on bench; Sami glad all worked out & they didn't get caught; Rafe glad Hope has ring on finger & they're getting married soon; Sami happy for Rafe

Sami tells Rafe doesn't regret going to bed w/him; Rafe says feels guilty; Sami sad one-time thing & no one needs to know; Sami says has to go; Rafe says Salem won't be same w/out her-they hug goodbye

Sami tells Rafe accomplished a lot in short time--talks about all those she tangled w/since back in Salem; Sami "My work here is done"; Rafe asks if Sami okay leaving Will; Sami says not by long shot

Sonny asks Will to take leap of faith (their background music playing); Will says if can give his mom another chance, can give his husband another chance-he'll move into k-mans; Will tells Sonny not promising anything but can trust him to see what comes next

Brady tells Eve doesn't know anything about his relationship w/Vic; Eve says he gets nothing in return for doing V's dirty work; Brady says he's fine; Eve leaves Brady the drink & takes the file; Brady VERY shaken; Hope shows Shawn her engagement ring & says this time will happen

Shawn says will be front row at the wedding; Hope shares her big concerns about Ciara & goes to catch up w/her; Sami tells Rafe he deserves a happily ever after; Rafe says so do you; Rafe tells Sami helped get back together

Rafe says if Hope every knew they slept together...; Sami says she'll take secret to the grave; Sami/Rafe friendly kiss goodbye; Ciara behind a tree overhears & is tearing up .


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