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Old 12-14-2017, 01:18 PM
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"Sami and Rafe's Secret Is Overheard by Ciara"

Thursday December 14, 2017: Sonny kisses Will, Eve and Brady threaten one another, and Sami says goodbye to Salem again.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady tells Eve that the file he's holding details what she's been up to, which carries a threat of jail time. He knows she used aliases such as Chelsea and Blair to seduce old wealthy men. Neither names sound familiar to her. She brings up Brady falling off the wagon and threatens to tell Victor or Sonny. Brady's not bothered by that. He has it under control. They argue about who will win the CEO position at Titan. Eve thinks Victor has given up on Brady in favor of Sonny. She keeps the files and leaves him her drink.

In the park, Hope's complaining about Ciara defying her by stealing Bo's motorbike from the shed when Ciara appears.Episode # 13236 The women argue and Rafe steps in. Ciara finds humor in this and tells 'Commish' to slap the cuffs on her. Hope defends Rafe and lets him talk to Ciara. He knows the bike brings her closer to Bo and when she gets a license he'll talk to her mother about letting her drive the bike. Ciara's miffed that he brought up Bo and snaps that he'll never be the man her father was. Hope walks up and overhears. She orders her kid to apologize. Ciara runs away and Hope follows.

Sonny goes to Will at the townhouse. Sonny wants his husband back. Will asks him to start by explaining the official legal marital separation agreement. Sonny tells him it's a lot to take in and reveals he and Paul broke up. He wants to make Will fall in love with him all over again. Will knows you can't make anyone do that. There has to be chemistry and an attraction. Sonny asks why Will kissed Paul. Will learned he cheated on Sonny with Paul and wanted answers but kissed him because, "I wanted to. What can I say? The man opened the door wearing nothing but a towel," Will states. Sonny asks if Will has feelings for Paul. "Maybe I do," says Will. Sonny looks wounded. Episode # 13235Will's sorry but "There is no us." Will finds Sonny very nice and handsome but he's been in the closet so long because of Susan, he wants to experience being gay and single. Will holds his hand out and says, "No hard feelings," and Sonny pulls him into a kiss. Will appears to enjoy it and they grin wildly at each other when it ends. Sonny asks if Will feels their connection and begs for a chance to explore it. Will pulls away. He doesn't think they're destined to be together. Sonny says he has made mistakes in their marriage but Will doesn't think they're as big as his. Sonny's willing to start over. "I want you to get to know me," he says. Will asks what step one is. Sonny wants him to move into the mansion with him. Will laughs. That's not exactly taking it slow. Sonny says they'll have separate rooms. Will admits he does feel a connection and if he can give his mother another chance, he can give Sonny one. Sonny's thrilled. Will can't promise anything.

Sami arrives at the pub with presents for Eric and Roman. They enjoy cookies and banter playfully. The mood turns when Sami tells them she's leaving town to be with the kids for the holidays. The men try to convince her to stay through the holidays but she can't. She loves them and misses them already. Roman goes to make her a sandwich and Sami assumes he didn't want them to see him cry. Eric brings up Will and Sami tells him they're in a good place. Roman returns with food for the road and Sami gets hugs and words of love from her brother and father. She goes and Ciara barges in. She asks Eric to buy her a drink. He refuses and asks what happened. Ciara's mom is treating her like a child. She rode a bike in Hong Kong all the time. They talk about Theo and she tears up and goes.

Sami finds Rafe at the park with Bo's bike. She thinks the badass look suits him. Rafe fills her in on Ciara "acting out." Sami says Bo did the same thing and nobody accused him of acting out. Rafe laughs. Of course she'd side with the rebel. They talk about having sex and Rafe wonders if he should come clean. Sami nixes that idea. "It'd break her heart." They hug goodbye.

At the loft, Hope asks Shawn how bad it was with Ciara in Hong Kong. Episode # 13235He says she ignored curfew a few times and got into fights with her boss, but they had it under control. They assume she's dealing with Chase raping her still and Theo's shooting. Shawn's always there to help. They embrace. She lets him know she and Rafe are engaged again.

Ciara returns to the park and overhears Sami and Rafe discussing their one-night-stand. She looks aghast.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Steve makes a bold move.

- Christine Fix
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Tripp clearing tables in HTS-Steve comes & asks him for a quiet minute; Steve tells Tripp that told Kayla & had it out w/Kate; Steve tells Tripp that Kate would see to it Tripp went to jail & have Kay fired; Tripp pissed at Kate; Steve says thinks has way to get Kate

Specialist for Theo at d-mans w/Kate & Chad; Chad says Abe on board if any way doc from Boston can help Theo; Abe tells Claire in hospital room about doc; Claire tells Abe so sorry about argument w/Theo last time interacted; Rafe smiling after Sami leaves

Ciara comes out from hiding as Rafe with bike; Ciara asks Rafe if it was Sami who just left-asks if Sami tracked him down to say goodbye; Rafe says they're friends; C says guess so & remembers words about learning Sami/Rafe slept together

JJ sleeping fitfully-remembering shooting scenario again; memory sequence is eery-flashing at times to JJ in his bed at present; JJ awake; Abby at door; JJ tells her to go; Abby says "when hell freezes over"

Doc tells Kate/Chad that no guarantees-has had many failures w/ppl in comas; Lani w/Val talking about coma doc; Lani hopes the doc is the miracle they're looking for; Val still feeling guilty-doesn't know how Lani & Abe can be so forgiving; Lani/Val hug

Claire tells Abe that they say ppl in coma might here & she keeps telling Theo she's sorry & that she loves him; Abe says maybe next time w/specialist Theo may be able to say ILY to Claire; Ciara tells Rafe if can't use bike how pass test for license

Ciara tries to get Rafe to let her have keys & won't lie to Hope; Ciara sounds nasty about how Rafe takes care of Hope-glaring at him; Rafe asks Ciara if there's a problem

Ciara turns away from Rafe & asks about giving him attitude; Ciara talks about Rafe taking Hope's job; Rafe says Hope understands; Rafe gets call he has to handle; Rafe sits on bike-prob to leave as Ciara looks on troubled

Jen/Kayla meet at pub; Jen tells Kay that JJ so depressed & guilty; Kay surprised how Abe treating JJ; Jen tells Kay that JJ won't even listen to Eric; Jen tells Kay that Theo coming out of coma is only thing that Eric thinks will help JJ; Kay tells Jen about specialist coming

Lani wonders w/Val why Abe can't understand JJ didn't do this to Theo on purpose; Lani tells Val tearing JJ apart & loves him so much; Abe hears & says assumes talking about man who shot her brother; Abby keeps knocking until JJ opens door; Abby hugs him tight

Abby tells JJ he looks awful-not even dressed; Abby tells JJ to shower & put on clean clothes-wants to take him out; Abby wants to make him a sandwich; JJ tells Abby to back off; Rafe at JJ's door IA finished investigation into Theo's shooting; Abby looks on

Chad waiting for call from Belle and then will leave for hospital w/Kate; Belle trying to figure out if Andre involved; Kate defends Andre; Chad knows Theo wouldn't break in anywhere for outside so must be family member; Belle call C & tells Kate to go ahead to hospital

Rafe tells JJ he's getting report in an hour at office-meet him there & "put some pants on"; Abby says maybe good news; JJ says could end up in prison; Abby tells JJ to take shower-she'll put out clean clothes-50-50 chance all will work out; JJ says tell it to Theo

Steve meets quietly w/Chad & tells him person who sent Theo has covered tracks but he can get proof; Chad wants to know who it is; Steve tells him to be patient & they start to whisper; Abe cold to Lani about JJ.

Specialist shows up to Abe/Val/Lani/Claire; doc going in w/Val & Abe-tells Lani/Claire could take few hours-only 1 person in at time; Ciara in HTS on phone-runs into Tripp; Ciara looking for Claire; Tripp says w/Theo; Ciara starts blasting Claire to Tripp who defends her too much

Ciara realizes Tripp has a thing for Claire; Steve surprises Kate at d-mans; K says nothing to say to Steve; Steve says he has something to say to her

Tripp tells Ciara that he & Claire are friends--is supporting Claire while upset about Theo; Ciara tells Tr that Claire couldn't care less about him-Claire just wants all guys after her-tells Tripp he's just insurance until Theo awake-call Claire selfish little bitch; Tripp pissed off

Steve tells Kate convinced Kayla not to tell about what Kate did; Kate says to Steve "so you've seen the light"; S says "you win"; Kayla tells Jen specialist w/Theo about now; Jen asks about Joe supportively; Abby finds Jen at pub-tells about JJ-also told Lani

JJ shows at PD and Lani walks in after him & calls to him-JJ turns to Lani

Lani tells JJ thinks he deserves to be cleared-JJ tells Lani to go back to hospital or Abe will go ballistic; Lani tells JJ that Theo w/specialist right now; JJ hopes doc's treatment works; Lani says there for JJ no matter what; Abe on phone w/Rafe who tells IA decision made

Rafe still awaiting report; Abe thanks for calling; Ciara tells Tripp "don't say I didn't warn you"; Tripp asks why Ciara so down over Claire-Claire upset about Theo; Ciara says so is she; Tripp knows & says this shouldn't have happened to Theo;

Tripp tells Ciara about his former bad attitude & asks her to give Claire a break; Ciara says all about Claire--like Rafe-a total hypocrite; Ciara says trying make move on Theo's gf while he's in coma; Claire shows up & hears it; Kate wants assurance from Steve; Steve means it

Steve says upset Kayla & Tripp will protect each other & then protect Kate; Steve says before leaves since last time will see each has few more things to say to Kate; Kate rolls her eyes

Kate tells Steve has no interest in what he has to say; Steve doesn't care-Steve says K's first interest was to take care of herself when heard about Theo being shot doing his bidding; Steve tells Kate she should be locked up; Kate says I love Theo

Steve says you love someone on autism spectrum into breaking in; Kate yells it was a mistake; Steve challenges that; K says get out of my house; Steve says, you heard enough; Chad walks in & sadly says "yeah" & looks at Kate

Claire tells Ciara about specialist-tells her to start listening & stop pointing fingers; Claire says if doc's procedure works wants Ciara to tell Theo all she has said since back; Ciara challenges why Claire went to Tripp rather than home for break; Claire says there to eat

Jen at PD w/Abby; Jen hugs JJ - who now goes into Rafe's office; R has report; JJ asks Rafe why didn't open it; Abe walks in "not without me"

Kate asks what's going on; Chad confirms got everything recorded; Tripp takes Claire to get something to eat-walk away from Ciara who leaves & heads to park where bike had been & is upset Rafe took Bo's bike-says everyone in this town stupid, lying hypocrite

Ciara remembers Rafe's words about sleeping w/Sami; Ciara on phone-calls Hope & says needs to talk to her-it's important; Abe being hard about wanting to hear decision; Rafe says between him & JJ; Abe says deserves to hear on behalf of Theo

Doc tells Kayla he just completed procedure; Abby/JJ waiting to hear & hopes goes JJ's way; Jen gives supportive words to Lani who admits on JJ's side too; Rafe tells Abe as victims father not appropriate for him to be there; Abe says "I'm your boss"

Rafe opens envelope-pulls out large document; Abe "what does it say"

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"A Specialist Performs a Procedure on Theo to Wake Him From His Coma"

Friday December 15, 2017: Theo's new doctor arrives, Val's guilt eats at her, Abigail visits JJ who is not doing well, and Ciara digests Rafe and Sami's secret

Steve visits Tripp at work to tell him that he and Kayla confronted Kate. Tripp's not happy about that but learns Kayla couldn't let it go.

Kate introduces Theo's new doctor, Dr. Bretts, (played by Emmanuel Castis), to Chad at the mansion. Bretts is a coma specialist. Kate hopes he can bring Theo back to them. Bretts can't promise he can or that Theo will be the same after. He goes and Chad tells Kate he's talking to his lawyer, Belle Brady, today to discuss Andre's involvement in Theo's case. Kate defends Andre and looks worried. Chad gets a text from Steve and meets him outside for privacy. Steve reveals Andre isn't the one Chad is after regarding Theo's case. He'll have proof for him soon. Chad goes and Steve heads inside to tell Kate that he's not about to let Tripp or Kayla go to prison. "You win." Kayla and Tripp are putting that situation behind them, which means they're protecting Kate. Steve details everything she did starting with having Theo do her bidding up to covering up the evidence. He's sickened. Kate tells him to keep his mouth shut about it. Steve grins and calls out, "Have you heard enough?" Chad walks in, stoney faced.

Abe and Claire sit with Theo in his room at the hospital. Claire's upset that she and Theo had a misunderstanding before the shooting. By the hub, Val still feels guilty about Theo's surgery landing him in this position. Lani comforts her. She did all she could. They embrace. Lani opens up about JJ dumping her. She loves him and misses him. Abe walks up and is snide, assuming they're talking about the man who shot his son. Lani's hurt. Dr. Bretts introduces himself to Abe, Dr. Grant, Lani and Claire. The specialist goes to examine Theo.

Ciara approaches Rafe at the park and flashes to seeing him and Sami talking about their fling. Rafe notices she looks upset and asks what's wrong. She wants to use the bike and gives Rafe attitude until he asks what's bugging her. She snipes at him for taking her mother's job. Rafe explains that if it wasn't him, Abe would have given it to somebody else. Rafe takes a call.

Episode # 13236From his room at Martin House, JJ flashes repeatedly to shooting Theo as he lies in bed. Abigail arrives and he tells her to go away. "When hell freezes over," she replies. He lets her in and she hugs him. She asks him to shower so she can take him out. He doesn't want anything and tells her to back off. He opens the door for her and Rafe's standing there. He tells them the INS finished their investigation and has made their decision. Rafe goes and Abigail and JJ discuss possible prison time. JJ goes to shower.

Jenn and Kayla meet at the pub. Jenn's a nervous wreck over JJ's depression, even after his visit with Eric. Kayla believes JJ was only doing his job. Eric thinks if Theo comes out of the coma, JJ will start to forgive himself. Kayla tells her about Dr. Bretts' arrival. Theo could be on his way to waking up soon. They talk about how Joey's doing and Abigail rushes in to tell them the INS report is finished. Abs told Lani, too.

Ciara goes to Mandalay to find Claire and since Tripp's there, she badmouths Claire to him. Tripp defends Claire who he sees as funny and talented. Ciara laughs that he has a crush on her. Ciara says Claire sees him as insurance while Theo's out of action. She likes having hot guys follow her. "She's nothing but a selfish little bitch." Tripp tells her to stop it. They argue and she accuses him of making a move on Theo's girlfriend, just as Claire appears. Claire says once Theo is awake, she wants Ciara to tell him every nasty thing that she's been saying to her. Ciara looks slightly affronted but then asks why she ran from Theo's bedside to Tripp. Claire's just hungry. They go and Ciara walks to the park and calls her mother to talk, saying it's important.

Back at the hospital, Abe takes Rafe's call and learns the investigation over the shooting is over and Rafe has the results. Abe will be right over. Kayla arrives and Bretts is done Theo's procedure.Episode # 13237

Lani finds JJ at SPD. JJ thinks she should be with her dad and brother. Lani lets JJ know about Bretts, the coma specialist. JJ hopes he can wake Theo up. Lani's there for JJ. Abigail and Jenn appear for support and Abe arrives. He and JJ head to Rafe's office for the report but Rafe points out that as the victim's father, Abe really shouldn't be there. Abe doesn't care.

On the next Days of our Lives:

Ciara talks to Hope about her feelings.

Eve and Kate go to battle.

- Christine Fix

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