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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of January 30

General Hospital 1-30-17 Preview
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Anna talking to Griffin

Valentin and Nina at the floating rib

kiki tells Nathan and Dante about Sam
Nathan says he has this Dante can handle
Alexis who shows up

Liz with Seth who says Franco ran away
you will never see him again. Liz takes
up for Franco . focus on the trophy

Sam with Franco.who says to her you
are worried about your mom and her
what she did to Tom

Alexis tells Dante she will cooperate.

Anna says Griffin can tell her anything. He
has listened to her. He says he has preached
forgiveness to everyone but can;t forgive
Valentin he doesn;t believe Claudette killed
herself. He loses his temper

Seth says your boyfriend is a liar Seth
says how do you trust him..Liz says he trained
Seth is like oh yeah the brain tumor. Seth
says He never changed.

Kiki says send someone to the self storage
Nathan says why did Sam go there by herself.
to talk.

Franco talks Julian She says you think my
mom knows something. Franco tells how
he SAW Alexis at the bar and he got a pic
of Alexis and Tom.

Dante recording his questions with Alexis.
Dante glad she changed her mind. Dante says
there is reason to believe you were involved
Alexis says I killed Tom Baker.

Nina wonders when Valentin had planned
to tell Charlotte about her mother ..someday.
he tells the story of the Cassadine family
his dad hid him from Helena. Stavros was
obsessed with Lulu Stavros was sterile and
Helena looked to me got a woman named
Daphne who drugged me and well....when he
found out he was furious and stole the embryo

Anna talks the dossier on Valentin he went
by the name Theo went to Oxford then the
WSB. The boarding school burnt to the ground
Griffin says you think Valentin did it.

Nathan tells Kiki to stay here. Franco was
suspicious of someone who he thinks
killed Tom . she wants them to find Franco

Sam see the pic Franco says I didn;t kill the
guy Sam says what were you gonna do with the
Pic Franco says I caused you enough pain. Sam
says Kiki the police will be on their way.

Dante says you are confessing as Diane barges
in she followed Alexis Dante says she confessed
to killing Tom. Diane plays the attorney card. Alexis
says I can;t live like this. Alexis wants her friend
to understand even if she has to go to prison.

Seth says Tom paid his debt to society your
friend never did. Liz will go she is sorry for
his mother (who died recently) Seth says
see yourself out. Liz trips over a picture
on the floor (couldnt tell what it was)

Valentin says he didn;t tell Lulu cuz she
hates his family. nina says when were you
going to tell Charlotte. Nina says Charlotte
is withdrawn and somber. Valentin says they
will get thru it.Nina holds his hand he is amazing

Anna says after Valentin left WSB when he resurfaced
he was Theo Hart. He was a jewley thief used
the money for many surgeries back then his
face was disfigured and suffered from Scolosis
that is why I didn;t recognize him. something
happened that he is not telling me about.

Dante questions Alexis she tells of meeting
Tom at the roadhouse didn;t know who he was
at the time. she woke up in motel room across
the street afraid she has slept with him she had
a blackout.

Sam says you are not gonna sacrifice yourself
for my mother. Franco says if you mom did he
deserved it he was scum of the earth. she has bee
thru a lot. Franco says he is trying to be better
he would like to make up for what he caused
he coughs...and coughs. blood on his hand.
the police come in guns drawn as Franco

Liz found a photo album with pic of her in it
Seth says what are you looking at.

Nina says we need to be on our game
for the custody hearing. He likes her hair
like her unpredictable and wild.

Griffin treating Franco in GH. Kiki comes
in (wait did the hospital give Franco a hair cut?)
Franco says where is Elizabeth.

Seth wonder what this is where did she find it. She says
you never saw that before. Seth says I thought he was better
Liz says Franco was right that is proof he was
still a predator.

Alexis continues the tale. He followed me
into the alley and grabbed me I screamed
he had a knife to my throat and I went into
a rage got the knife raised my hand to stab
him (diane says in self defense) Alexis says
I must have. Diane is like you don;t actually
remember killing him? Alexis says no Diane
says maybe you didn;t do it . Maybe it was someone

Nina says he is special to her her family
means everything to her. So lets protect this family
Anna comes along Anna understand why he
held onto the old photo.I enspired you

Alexis said she didn;t have blood on her that
night. Diane is like lets not make the case
for them . Dante says he has search warrant
for her house will they find anything. He shows
her a pic of dead tom She remembers Tom telling
her not to fight she spits on him and knees him
the has the kife. she walks after himwith the
knife kicks him drops the kife says screw
you.. Alexis says I ran away I didn;t do it.

Griffin say he needs to rest. Nathan says he
will bo outside the door. Nope Franco didnt; get
a hair cut it just looked like that the way his head

Griffin tells Sam he checked on her husband
and he is doing better she is like my husband
is here.

Liz is like Franco is still missing. She says Franco
didn;t kil him but maybe one of the woman in here
did. she takes the album to the police.

Franco thaks Kiki she leaves she leaves him
alone in the dreknt room. He flashes back
to the storage unit the trophies? I have seen
them before.

Anna says she sys something in I think
Latin.and leaves. Nina wonder what is going

Griffin says he is making great recovery.
He is on the 6th floor and she goes to see him

Alexis says she went to the motel. Diane asks
Dante if he believes Alexis is innocent. Yes
he does. Diane says doesn;t look like self
defense this looks like brutal murder. Dante

Nathan on the phone Kiki talks to him
she will go to find Liz.

Franco says basketball trophies where Have
I seen them. He flashes back the house
Tom shared with his brother.

Seth says he is the one who should give it
to the polcie. Liz goes to leave Seth
stopes her say she cant leave.

The End.


● Sam to Jason...why didn't u tell me u were in the hospital....

● Ava .....I don't think this is the best time...
● Sonny...I DO...

● Laura and Lulu at Anna's..we need to talk to u about Valentin...

● Valentin to Nina.... it's part of my past, I really didn't want to share it with anyone...

● Diane to Julian, with client has NOTHING to say to you...

● Franco..i need to talk to the police...

● Liz to Tom...what's going on..
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General Hospital 1-31-17 Preview

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Live Thread 1/31

Felix with Jason as Sam comes in
says why didn't you tell me you
were in the hospital

Ava at Sonny to drop off Avery. He
wants answers to some questions.

Valentin and Nina talk Anna

Anna is searching info on the computer
gets a visit from Laura and Lulu. They
want to talk about Valentin

Dante with Alexis and Diane Dante says
forensics supports you version you are no
longer a suspect you are free to go. Alexis
talks to Diane.

Julian shows up at PCPD dante called him

Franco talking about the basketball trophies
the house that Tom was staying in Franco
sits up Liz is in trouble

Liz goes to leave Seth stops her he can;t
let her show the album to police till they talk.

Valentin tells about leaving out that the
pic was of Anna it was his past didn;t want
to share with anyone. Anna and I were in
School WSB training academy. Nina says
you are a spy

Anna says she turned over everything to the

Felix takes Jason blood sample to the lab
Jason is sorry Sam is like why didn;t you call
me. you have lousy judgement with your help
why are you here. Jason says your dad drugged

Julian is like why would I kidnap Franco. Dante
is like to save Alexis. Dante reminds him of all
the bad things he did Duke, Alexis..etc. Julian
says it wasn;t me.

Franco asks random nurse to get Nathan.
Random Orderly comes to take Franco to
an MRI

Seth talks his mom has been sick. Liz is sorry
bt says you are not responsible for Tom crimes
He says when he saw the album he knew Tom
hadn;t changed then when he attacked that woman
i knew I had to do something. Liz gets wide eye
he attacked someone??

Sonny asks Ava how business is going. She
says the art business is legit. Sonny says you
hear things but someone is coming after
the Jeromes do you know who.

Sam gets upset about Julian Jas tells her
not to get upset and explains. Jason says
he seems to be afraid for his family and you
and Danny.

Julian says he will call his lawyer. Diane and
Alexis come out. Julian asks if she confessed.
Diane says why do you care.

Lulu says anything that makes him an unfit parent
yes she found something it is not daming. I knew
Valentin years ago.

Valentin sorry to disappoint Nina. She is confused
he says he was a desk agent didnt; want me in
the field. Nina is like well they are dumb. He says
he was different man back them.

Seth says he saw him attack some woma
with a knife was groping her. Seth says she
got the knife from Tom she dropped it and ran
saw my brother he was a predator he was gonna
keep going unless I stopped him I picked it
up and I stabbed that SOB till he was dead. Liz
is like you were defending that woman and me
and Emily can;t be blamed for that. He says
but I can for what I did to Franco

Franco walks off to find Liz.

The orderly and Nathan and Nurse looking
for Franco

Valentin says the reason they wouldn;t put
me in the field was why I was spent lots of time
in library I had Scoliosis. Nina know someone who
had it and wore a brace, He says they wouldn;t let
him he was pretty hunchback.

Anna tells of working with Valentin at WSB he was
using another name. Lulu says isn;t that illegal
I was using name Ivan Feodor. Laura wonders
when she knew she remembered Valentin. He looked
different back then.

Jason says Julian being run by someone my family
is in danger I want you and Danny in a safe house.
Sam is like what. She bes for no safe house he says
I can't found Raj or his boss not sure we can defend
you. She is gonna find the woman and put an end to this.
Sam is like she could be watching us. He say slet
her think I am giving uo

Diane says Alexis has done nothing wrong.
Alexis says she wants to talk to him Diane
leaves. Alexis says I did recount the story
I remembered I didn;t do it. Julian is like
thank god. She says I was blind drunk and hit
you and will tell the whole story

Seth says sorry Liz is like is he alive. I knocked
him out and beat him and then I left him in
a storage locker. Liz is like where. Seth says this
is bad my life is over. Liz is like I survived
I built a life for myself I have three sons. You
can survive this it can end now. let me call the
plocie he looks at thephone as Franco

Franco beats up Seth Franco says you were
gonna hurt her. No I am not like Tom.Franco
grabs Tom again and tries to choke him.

Dante with Nathan talking about franco
who is missing as the owner of the storage
locker Rose Anderson.. paid for by S.Baker

Ava sasy if you are not after Julian than
I don;t know. Ava says one of Julian men
hammer and his driver pete. Sonnny is like
do Jeromes have long lost sibling Ava says no
all of our siblings are gone, dead.

Alexis says she has to take responsiblity.
Julian is like if you do I will say it wasn;t you.
She says I am not sure I am ready for clean slate.

Sam says are you sure about this. As
Felix comes in Sam syas when is my dad
therapy appointment, I can;t tell you the schedule
that is located on the board by the nurses station
and leaves.

Anna says back then Valentin seemed like decent
guy he was good at linguistics and ok guy
back then at academy I regarded him as a

Nina says don;t call yourself Hunchback.
He has a facial deformity but the scolosis
was so bad his right arm dangled his rib stuck
out it was painful I was angry and hurt alot
the pity the revulsion the bullying fueled my
anger. I spent time in the library so I wouldnt
have to see the looks. No one saw me
it would have killed me. then there was Anna.
she changed everything.

Valentin explains the surgery was very
painful Anna inspired me. she didn;t pity
me she was my friend I made mistake
by trying to kiss her. she was horrified
disgusted..Nina says she said that. No
Nina glad he got all the surgeries he is strong
and tall and deserves that. I have known some
really beautiful people who are horrible inside
including Anna. Valentin looking for pity in
Nina eyes she says you can look but you will
never see that. He thanks her. they kiss she says
there is an errand she has to run and she leaes

Anna says there was a goodnesss in him when
I knew him I have seen it with the way he
interacts with Charlotte so can you meet him
halfway. Lulu says you want me to co parent
with the man who killed my brother. Laura
tries to reason with her to do it while they
bond with Charlotte and build there case.
Lulu leaves rather quickly. Laura gets her attitude
on there is something you are not telling me.
You can see where Lulu gets the attitude. LAura
says he is evil and dangerous if he hurts my daughter
I will kill him.

Alexis knows what to say to get her liscense
reinstated. Julian says you donn;t have to go
this alone I will support you I will drive you
and walk you anywhere. Diane returns they
have to go.

Jaosn asks Sam if she got it Julian has appointment
in half an hour. Jason makes a call

Ava not like being interrogate. Sonny gets
a call from Jason.

Franco chocking Seth Liz tells him to stop
he does Franco doesn;t want to be thatr guy
as the police comes in.

Sonny tells Ava she has to go while he
takes the call Jason asks if Sonny can
come to the hospital he needs visit from
old friend.

Alexis doesnt want her liscense back yet
Diane is like WTH. Alexis says she is not
ready. Julian offers to drive her she can
make it on her own.Julina is proud of her.

Anna alone checks the computer again
Pull up a pic of Ivan (gee he looks just like
Valentin) Nina shows up wants toknow
what you want with her husband.

Lulu asked to see Valentin they meet
at floating Rib they need to talk their

Nathan reading Seth is rights. Dante needs
them to come to station. Franco whines
about having to go to the hospital. she says
you need medical care. they kiss..

The End


● Nina...why r u OBSESSED with my husband...
● Anna...I'm NOT, Valentin is obsessed with ME...

● Lulu to Valentin...maybe we can hash this out, just u and me...

● Sam to Julian...what have u done...

● Michael to Nelle...I talked to my mom, she told me that u were seeing somebody else...

● Carly walks into Sonny's as he is getting handcuffed by the police...wth happened...

● Jason to Sonny?....I can't do any of this any longer, I'm out...
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General Hospital 2-1-17 Preview

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Live Thread 2/1

Nina at Anna house saying every one thinks
my husband is a monster nothing is further
from the truth. Anna says whatever problems
I have with Valentin I have no ill will towards ou

Valentin and Lulu she says maybe we can hash
this out you and me

Nelle talking to her rattle that she hopes she has
strength todo it. as Michael comes along
wondering what she is doing.

Julian comes to GH Griffin is like hopefully you
arent; here to see me as Sam notices tells
Jason if we are gonna do this do it now.

Carly and Bobbie walk into Sonny house
as he is being handcuffed by a cop

Michael is running from Tracy who is mad
about work. HE says you have something
on your mind. She says anniversary of her
father death. He relates losing his father..
She didn;t have happy childhood remembering
her dad is complicated.She talks teh stars Orion.
Michael says I crossed that line didn;t I you are
seeing someone else.

Sonny tells her he is going to GH. He makes
excuse that he has some pain from his old
injury. Carly thinks something else going on

Sam approaches Julian about what he did
to Jason. What have you done and why.

Carly and Bobbie looking thru family
pics its for Joss family Tree. Bobbie says
not any of Carly dad John.. Carly says she
will include pics of the Bensons. She could
leave out Frank Benson but he should be part
of the family tree. Carly is like does this make
you uncomfortable. Carly says we have come
around haven;t we they hug and say ILY's.
Carly mentions Nelle and Bobbie rolls her eyes
Carly wonders why she doesn;t like her.

Nelle says you didn;t do anything wrong.
Michael says the guy might be married. NElle
says I never said that to Carly. Nelle says
he is older than I am it is too wierd to call
him my boyfriend. he doesn;t want to be
tied down. We live our own lives it is casual.
She has to go catch the bus.He offer her a ride.

Sonny meeting with Griffin. then Hears Sam
yelling at Julian Sonny comes over Julian
wonders what Sonny is doing here. Sonny
wants to wait in Jason room. Griffin says to
Sonny promise me you won;t do anything Sonny
looks at Julian and says my word means something
Sam and Sonny leave and go to Jason room

Lulu admits she told Charlotte and now
she deeply regrets it. Lulu saw the way
Charlotte clung to him I am forced to admit
She needs you. Charlotte is hurting so for her
best interest I am offering to take you up on
your original proposal joint custody

Nina is like so Valentin is obsessed with you.
Nina knows a woman who has an adgenda
you have one. Nina knows why Nina tells
of knowing Valentin working with Anna at the
WSB. Nina sick of people telling her how
her man is. She notices the pic on the

Lulu says the offer come with condition
you me dante and Nina go to therapy.
Valentin says I decline. Valentin says his
original ooffer is recinded.

Nina says this was taken when you were at
WSB Nina says he kissed you and you pushed
him away cuz you were disgusted. Anna says
I have nothing to feel guilty about. Nina
says you used him in name of friendship then
he made advances you pushed him away now
you are ashamed you are cruel and Valentin
makes you uncomfortable he see the real you
the one not so beautiful.Nina leaves.

Nelle thanks Micheal. for not judging her
He says we are friends. He says he cares about
her wants her happy. They see Carly and
Bobbie Michael see pic of Carly as baby
who is holding you Frank Benson as Nelle
gets a look and Bobbie notices . Carly tells
how Frank left them.

Sonny and Sam with Jason talking loudly
playing the game as Julian listens. Jason says
there is no game I can;t investigate anylonger
I am out. Sonny rolls his eye (my question did
Jason tell Sonny about this game cuz he seem
to be playing along?)

Sonny says WTH does that mean Sonny
not comfortable talking i front of Sam as
Julian listens. Sam didnt ask for him to givve
it up.. (Sam and Sonny need better acting lesson
Julian has to be dumb not to pick up this is a scam
why is Sonny speaking loud with Jason
laying in the bed..)

Nelle wonders if Carly ever checked on her
adopted family after she left. Carly is liek
no Frank he never gave anythiing to me
Carly tells about Virigina dying. Nelle looking
at Carly (so are we to assume that Nelle is Frank
Benson daughter/) Nelle looks about to cry as she looks
at the pic of baby Carly. Bobbie notices

Bobbie says something about this photo
bother you nelle loses it and yells at her.
Bobbie sasy when I was a kid Aunt Ruby had
a cat who would disappear for days at a time
we knew to leave her alone but kids in the neighborhood
would back her in the corner she would attack
when she had no where else to go... Carly comes
in Nelle makes a hasty retreat. Carly says what
did you do. Michael says Nelle has been thinking
of her family today. Michael admits he likes her

Sonny sasy 20 years you are gonna turn your
back on me. Jason says how it has to be
Sam says don;t give it up to me. As Some hosptial
lady comes to get Julian Sam notices he is gone
clsoes the door says we are clear. Sonny is enjoying
pulling one over on Julian

Valentin says joint custody no longer on the table.
Lulu says you kept my daughter from me. you
you you you don;t care of her needs Nina comes
in. what is going on. Nina says are you ok. She
says she went tomeet someone

Anna looking at the pic.

Bobbie leaves she calls someone she needs
a favor find out about Nelle Hayes.

Michael says he realizes how lucky he was
that his parents love him and would do anything
for him sorry she didn;t have that security as a
kid. She is proud of her family she built

Nelle talking to her rattle again she thought
about leaving this behind starting with michael
but she can never be honest with him she remembered
the promise she made after hearing Carly talk
aobut her past she deserves everything that
comes to her. she deserves to have her world
crash down on her.

Sonny says be careful keep me posted Sam
thanks him he leaves. Sonny tells Griffin
who went over his xrays his back is fine
Sonny says you don;t say. Griffin says either
your paindoesn;t exist or you made me part
of something I don;t understand Sonny says don;t

Julian on the phone tellig whoever Jason
is afraid of them..

Jasam she gets in the bed with Jason and they

Valentin and Nina she says she talked to anna
Nina says I saw the pic what you looked like
she had a pic he looks horrified..he syas what
you must think of me. She is glad she saw
i needed to see it to understand you strength
courage, what it took to remake yourself. she
admires him. they kiss

Anna on the phone she get ACESS DENIED
on the computer needs access she is told the
file doesn;t exist as it suddenly disapepars from
the screen.

The End.


● Alexis to Julian...u going somewhere...

● Ned to Dillon...I started to think she doesn't exactly feel the same way I do...

● Carly to Olivia...I need u to know something without knowing it...

● Jordan to Andre...we should talk...

● Liz to Franco...where on Earth would I be if not right beside you...

● Jason at Sonny's, to Sam...I can't do this if I don't know if my family is safe....
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General Hospital 2-2-17 Preview

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Live Thread 2/2

olivia and Ned being fresh on the couch
he says the are all alone as Dillon comes in

Jordan talking on the phone about the evidence
to the DA Andre is there he hears talk of the

Sonny and Carly kissing as Jasam comes
in they came to talk to Sonny. Carly wants
to know what is up.

Alexis on the phone. Julian comes down
he is moving out

Liz by Franco bedside stroking his head.
she holds his hand she will be right beside

Liz gives Franco a drink he got flowers
from Ava. Liz says people care about you

Ned tells Dillon to leave.and shows him out.
he sits next to Olivia who has to leave to
go to work. He hates how she has to leave
every morning he says why don;t Leo stay
here with you there is a crib here.

Andre sorry things didn;t work on her trip
talk of the wedding.She says we should talk
they both have something to say. He says
I took wrong stand with you I know you are
committed to your job shouldn;t give you hard
time about leaving the wedding he gushes about
how he loves having her in his life he is happy with
her. He says your turn

Carly says to Sam should you be involved
she is just in advisory mode. Sonny tells
of the break up in the hospital. Carly wonders
who is watching starts with Julian Carly rolls
her eyes.

Julian says he came to get her sober so now
he can leave. she says what about the other thing
he says you were never there.

Jordan says no has ever said those things
to me. She wishes she had words to tell him
what he means to her he is essential to her
life. she says this is on me. I will make it up
to you with this apology I am sorry for making
you feel I wasn;t choosing you. I do.

Alexis says glad we understand she says
can I help you pack. She needs to go see
Sam then take care of something. He says
he is only phone call away.

The gang tells Carly what is what she thinks
the woman is Ava. they say no. Carly says
involve the police. Jason is like in this town no.
sam in a chair rubbing her belly. Carly wants
to know when they find out.

Ned is like has someone made you feel unwelcome
she doesn;t want to confuse Leo. HE has a home
and this is not it. Ned says it could be. What
he says are things moving to she says
we are good you get it and she kisses him goodbye.

Franco says I didn;t kick you to the curb. he
wonders what they have. she says you left
me behind we face things together or not at
all. what do you choose. he chooses her.

Dillon comes back in and says where is
Olivia Ned worried Olivia doesn;t
really want to be here.

Carly and Olivia in the park. Carly has to tell her
something about Julian he is involved in something
keep Leo close. talk of Alexis .

Alexis comes to see Franco. Liz leaves .
Alexis says you had every reason to believe
I killed Tom I owe you..

Andre and Jordan he suggests they go out of town.
she would like that. they will talk later as Curtis
arrives. Andre leaves. He says did you tell him
about Buzz. Curtis says Corinthos is innocent.
Jordan is like that statement not good enough
for the DA. he wonders will he get his badge back

Jasam he tells her she has to go to the safehouse
she doesn;t want to. HE needs to know his family
is safe.

Julian looks around the living room as he turns
around there is Carly.

Curtis wants to do this all by the book he will
walk a beat he doesn;t want special treatment
she says she can;t hire him.

IT wasn;t Carly who visitied Julian since she
and Olivia are talking in the park she tells
Carly she stayed over with NEd things got
wierd. Ned wants me to move in.. Carly says
he wants to marry you.4

Dillon and Ned Dillon talks of when he bought
Italian sports car maybe olivia looks at you like
tje car under the hood there is some reliability

Sam at GH wonderinng where Alexis is. in
with Franco. Liz thanks her for finding franco
sam thanks her for info on her mother they call
things EVEN.

Franco says you are not onnly one working
on atonement. please take care of yourself.

IT Olivia Jerome visiting Julian. HE says get
out she says you take orders from me.
offer me a drink. he says WTH do you want.
She wants to know the update on Jason

Sonny tells Jason he will get him the equipment
Jason says Curtis thinks I will handle things
with Morgan Sonny says will you. Jason says
he will turn over whoever to the police says
to Sonny can you accept that.

Dillon mentions how many times he has been
married two at the same time maybe Olivia
sees that. Ned is like you think I should marry her?

Olivia is like whoa married you think so? Carly
is like he wants you to move in doesn;t he.

Liz tells Franco he is being released. she wonders
where he wants to go his place or hers.

Sam wonders why Alexis was in wiht Franco clear the air. Alexis says don;t worry. Sam
says she has to go out of town for little while
Jason and Sonny had a falling out. things got
dicey Alexis says how..Sam says me and Danny
and the baby are leaving town you can come
if you want. Alexis says Julian is moving out.
she can;t she has the program and a sponsor.

Olivia J and Julian who says hear me out I convinced
Jason to back off by drugging him. He cut ties with
Sonny and wants out. Olivia is like they had a tight
bond. she says good job Julian what is going
on with GH..

Sonny says I don;t know who this woman is.
Sonny says you catch her and turn her into cops
and she get prison time .Jason says and if that is not
enough. Sonny says find out who murdered my son
then it is on me..and only me.

Curtis is like you are going back on our deal.
She says I never promised you anything. She
says it wouldn;t work. HE says you want
me to leave so I don;t wind up in your bed. she
slaps him

Olivia F thinks she is having a panic attack.
she mentions her almost marriage to Steven Lars.
She and Leo are doing fine.

Ned is like should I marry her. Dillon says
show her you have something to offer show
her you are here to stay. Ned is like if I let
the best thing happen to me walk away and he
gives Dillon a kiss syas maybe you are not lost
cause after all.

Liz would like to take care of him. HE says
your place.

Jordan apologizes for slapping him. Jordan
says what happened was a wake up call
they have to much history. She has her life
as she wants it he doesn;t fit in it. Curits syas
I am not going anywhere. and he leaves.

Liz with Franco at the elevator she goes to get
paperwork Sam thanks him for being nice to her
mother but make no mistake that she forgives
him for what he did to her.

Jaso gets a call it is Curtis who is ready to go
back in with Jason.

Julian says he has gotten to board memeber
but gets push back from Tracy Olivia warns
him as Alexis walks in.

The end


● Brick to Jason and Curtis...Sonny tells me u have a problem, I have a solution...

● Bobbie to Joss, as Michael overhears...Nelle isn't available, she has a boyfriend...

● Felicia to Nelle with some guy at MC bar...looks like someone is head over heels for u...

● Liz to Franco...everyone I love is important to me...

● Alexis to OJ and Julian...and what exactly is going on here...
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General Hospital 2-3-17 Preview

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Live Thread 2/3

Franco in Liz bedroom he talks making
it official..He loves her

Michael looking at Pics with Joss and Bobbie
Joss wants one of Michael when he was young

Felicia at the MC talking to.....NELLE (is that
who Bobbie called) Nelle gets a delivery
of flowers

Sonny with Jason he says whenever Sam
and Danny are ready they can go in the safe
house there is room for Jake. Jason says he
is better with his mom.

Olivia J and Julian as Alexis walks in you
said you would be gone by now and what is going
on here.

Sonny put out feelers with 5 families and they
don;t know anything even Ava doesn;t. Sonny
says this woman is framing me but she wanted to
kill Julian.

Felicia says she is here to see Nelle and gives her
a gift certificate from her and her husband she kept
things running smoothly for Maxie Wedding. Felicia
asks her questions is this your first wedding you seem
so efficient , always on the spot , where are you from
Atlanta.. how is life with Corinthos family

Bobbie tells joss to stop

Felicia keeps going always something going on
with the family felicia says hope it stays that way
(good) Felicia gossips about them i am talking
all of them (the whole family)

Morgan says that woman is responsible for
killing my son. Curtis comes in Sonny wonders
about his connection to the cop then Sonny
asks about the homeless guy. Curtis tells
Buzz is gone.

Julian says he meant to be gone. Olivia says
and Alexis know each other. Alexis says I met
her in AA she is my sponsor.

Felicia should warn her. Nelle knows what
Sonny does for living and she knows Carly past
Felicia warns Nelle about Bobbie, becareful of

Joss asks if she can include pics of Sabrina
and Teddy,and talks of BJ it would be wrong
to leave her outshe can put Nelle in there to
Bobbie gets a lik.

BRICK arrives meets Jason and Curtis.
Brick says you have problem I have solution

Julian is like you are her sponsor. Julian is like
of all people you chose her to be your sponsor.

Liz talks JAsam and Carly would throw in thier
2 cents and it crossed out of my mind. My mind
is open to my feelings for you.

Brick shows the a special watch. it can record
voices it also alerts you to bugs and wireless cameras.
Curtis like that where did you get that.Brick gets
testy warns Curtis what happened to the cat that got
curiosu..Brick got his scary Sonny look on therefor
a min..then he tells of a listening devise.
Steven A. Smith did good getting all meanacing
there for a min with Curtis...

Alexis says she liek her sponsor andtrust her as
she flashes back to meeting her in the park. they
sit and talk olivia knows the steps and says so
tell me about yourself and people closest to her.
Alexis tells about them.

Nelle says Carly mother is all good. Felicia
is like Barbara Jean is not some den mother
Once we were SIL we were very good friends
she tells of BJ and Tony catching Bobbie with
another man and the affair..Our family was
never the same after that. Bobbie revealed her
true self she is a snake don;t put your trust in her.

Micheal will drop Joss off he goes to get
his keys Joss talks to bobbie. who tells Joss
to leave it alone about Nelle she has a boyfriend.

Felicia has to go but mentnions she is interior
designing and would like to designe her room
she will do it for free. Felicia leaves. AGain
really Felicia was being so overly dramatic Nelle
should have gotten a huge clue...

Liz and Francohe is important toher. everyone
she loves is important toher. he strokes her face

Bobbie and Felicia meeet in the park
Felicia says she sold Nelle on the story

Joss and Michael arrive at the MC Joss is
talking up Michael and how could some girl
not snatch him up.Michael notices the flowers
Nelle says they are for me

Brick says it is laser mic.. Brick gets testy
with Curtis again..Sonny takes Brick aside as Curtis
admires the laset. Brick says get your name cleared.

Alexis gets a call she goes off to answer it as
Julian says how dare you to Olivia. Alexis comes
back in. Olivia says she got a text she has to go
she will make up the time call anytime. I am
never far away.

Liz says we love each other. he leans in
she kisses his boo boo on his face.

Liz and Franco kissing on the bed

Alexis like Olivia Julian wishes she didn;t
need a sponsor. She can lean on Sam, or
Krissy and Molly. Alexis says that is not how
this works. He says how about me.

Sonny tells Brick he thanks him for making a
donation to Morgan foundation. Brick sorry
for what happened to Morgan. Jason and curtis
admiring the goods. Sonny says he is good guy
Curtis says he better get on it and takes the
camera with him Jason says if you get in trouble
I will be phone call away.

Felicia says I have befriended Nelle.. Felicia
mentions the flowers and did search of her
social media.

Joss says these are for you. Joss wonders if
the flowers are from mom..Nelle says no Joss
goes to read the card Mcihael says what are you

Felicia says Nelle has no social media
which is strange for her age. Felicia says
maybe it under another name..

Michael says it is none of our buisness
Nelle notices and remember ordering her
own flowers. Joss reads it the signature
is just S.

Sason Jason says you gonna be ok.. Sonny
could use change of scenery. Jason says
over soon. bro hug and they leave.

Alexis is like are you backing out of the deal.
Julian is sorry he says I promised to leave
I will you don;t need to relie on liv. Julian
leaves. but first outside he calls Olivia
WTH are you doing stay away from Alexis
She says have to go. as we see curtis come out
of the bushes.

Olivia calls alexis says Julian won;t give up
on me. Olivia says I am your friend and ally.
Alexis is lucky to have her. Olivia is like Luck
had nothng to do with it.

Franco and Liz love scene..

The End

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