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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of January 23

General Hospital 1-23-17 Preview

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Live Thread 1/23

Hayden and Fin making out in bed.

Liz is crying and trying to call fracno again.

Franco, it's me again. I don't know where u are & I'm really worried. I NEED to hear your voice, we're in this together."

Lulu tells charlotte she's her mom and charlotte loses it.

Anna telling Valentin she remembers

He tried to kiss her back then

Liz: I know we're taking a step back, but I need to hear your voice. We're in this together, OK?

Fayden kisses she's going to grab a shower, he's hitting the crack pipe. She catches him!

ulu tells charlotte she loves her and she has a brother.

Charlotte locks Lulu in a closet and runs away

Liz called Scotty and said she was worried, and he told her to come to talk to him.


Valentin was an analyst with the wsb.

Finn says he has to take the serum longer since he had the disease longer.

Liz and Scotty she asks him where is Franco his car is in the parking lot

Lulu banging on the door,

Liz talking to Scotty worrying about Franco
not answering his phone. Scotty tells Her
about finding Tom DNA on the dog cage

Naxie opening wedding presents he gives
her a nice purse. He has another one for her
it a necklace

Dante finds lulu bridal bouquet outside the
door he gets it open Lulu is not in there.

Nina talking to Charlotte who tells her that
Lulu said she was my mother. Nina is like
don;t worry about it we will talk with Papa later

Andre and Griffin talking about Claudette.
Griffin says he killed Claudette. Andre does
his doc stuff projecting etc talk.

Anna and Valentin he still has his cry face
he says it all started in your room at the academy
on your birthday. Your rejection of me has given
ne more than your friendship ever could and he
leaves. he fixes his tie and talks to Nina and
Charlotte. Anna walks in Charlotte says Griffin
say you killed mommy. Valentin says he is mad
at daddy and would lie.

Nina says Griffin isn;t only one whosaid something to
upset Charlotte Dante walks in wondering
if anyone seen Lulu as we hear noise in the ceiling

Scott says he's not there, Liz wants to call the cops. Scott stops her, that's a bad idea

al and Anna:

I expressed my feelings to you and you recoiled in horror

No, no you're wrong

Lulu stuck in closet.

Lulu falls to the floor into the cake. Griffin asks
if she is feeling any pain. Andre wants a drink
Dante says what happened Lulu says helpme get
cleaned up.

Charlotte says Lulu said she was my mommy don;t
want her to be.

Maxie wears the necklace. she wonders where he
got it. it was his great grandmothers. Maxie loves it
Did Maxie give him one?

Fayden at Floating Rib Brad is there Hayden says make
sure he get his last dose. Brad make a WTH face.

Liz says you think he is on the run?

Scotty doesnt think Franco killed Tom.
He said taking off might be a option

Fayden and Brad Brad is glad they are coming
back Brad says we should apply for grants for
the serum. Hayden leaves for work. Brad
talks to Finn he asks if you two are together
why lie to her.

Naxie she loves all the things he gother.
she got him a present. It a baseball signed
by Derek Jeter after the story he told her
of his first Yankee game.

Andre and Anna talking Griffin says did Valentin
force himself on you back they were
friends back then when she turned him down
they went separate ways she doesn;t remember
him after that.

Valentin says he is sorry Lulu should not have
said what she did. Charlotte is like is she lying
Valentin says that is complicated conversation
we will have at another time. He talks up Nina
loving her..Nina is honored to be her stepmother

Lante watching Charlotte as Lulu tells Dante
about telling Charlotte the truth I scared her
Valentin watches them.She ran off she is my
child I had no idea what she needed we are
strangers to each

Naxie talk about being handcuffed on 4th of her present of handcuffs...she asks if they r for her or him...

Lulu sure Charotte hates her...Charotte is asleep...
Anna doesn't believe she inspired Valerting, says he wants revenge...

Scott says for Liz to call if hears from Feanco...
Liz chats up barkeever, finds murder happened out back...

Brad wonders why Finn still taking drug...

Liz finds Franco's bloody phone in alley

The ENd

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General Hospital 1-24-17 Preview

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GH: Promo for week of January 23rd NELLE’S STORY
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Live Thread 1/24

Jason talking to Liz Kiki comes
along says to Jason are you here to help
with Franco

Sam drops by to see Alexis. Julian
comes down Sam says WTH is he doing here.

Carly back from Australia she has gifts for
Sonny and Michael and even Morgan Sonny asks
if Joss is ok. where is Carly office she is not
there yet. Michael will talk to Joss Carly is like I talked
to her for 20 hours she won;t listen. He will try.
Carson kiss they missed each other.

Jordan and Curtis talk Buzz. she is impressed that
he got Buzz to talk. Jordan says lets bring Buzz in
talk to the new DA who is hell bent to convict Sonny.

Julian says he stopped by to pick up something he will
leave.. Julian hopes Sam will understand what Alexis
tells her..Sam won;t.. She says Mom why did you let
him back in your house. He is blackmailing me. WHAT
what does he have on you.That I hit him with my
car and left him for dead.

Jason is like is Franco pulling something. Liz says we
can handle this Sam can explain it to you and he leaves
Kiki sits with Liz. they have not heard from Franco
Liz wonders if Police should be called. Kiki said the
police have warrant for his arrest for Tom murder.

Jordan and Curtis she in on her computer
so he says he will leave and when he comes
back this all comes to a halt.

Sam says you hit Julian. Alexis is like it
was accident. Sam says you left scene of
crime she explains his blackmailing her.
Sam says well now it makes sense. Sam is
liek what else are you lying about. My drinking
I have been for months. I have a problem with
alcohol I am deeply ashamed.

Kiki glad Franco not there when police came.
Liz is like did they mention evidence. A knife
and a dog crate. kiki says a while back I was
at Kellys' Tom Baker tried to hit on me Franco
didnlt like it aske me to help Lure Tom there.

Julian on the phone he wil neutralize Jason

Micheal with Joss Nelle says you mom and Sonny
are getting together. Joss doesn;t care. Michael
says my dad didn;t kill him. Joss is like your dad
is a mobster it is true. Michael says I blamed dad
too it is easier to be angry than to grieve.

Carson Jax had to talk Joss into come home
but I had to promise she wouldn;t have to live
here. Carly says Joss will be at my house I will
stay with y daugther.

Liz says He didn;t kill Tom .Kiki is like how
do you know for sure. Liz shows Kiki Franco
phone (how did she get an evidence bag)

Sam knew Alexis was in trouble she is sorry
Alexis is like be mad you have every right to be
I was drunk when I babysat your son. I would
go to a bar where no one would know me to drinnk
Julian pushed me to go to AA. tragically I have
Julian to thank for that.

Jason comes to see Julian at the MC after Julian
texted him.Jason is very testy with Julian

Michael says it is hard the shock if I could take
that off you but you have to go thry it Morgan
deserves our sorrow not our anger. Joss cries
she misses him so much Michael hugs her.

Carly wants to believe that after the trial it
will be fresh start for the family. what about when
you find out who is really responsible for Morgan
death what happens?

Curtis returns with food. they have a picnic
on the floor

Liz took the phone to the phone store but
they couldn;t check it.

Sam is like are you giving Julian credit for
being sober. Alexis is like he helped me thru
rough part. Sam is not ready for an apology yet
she loves her and will be here for you but she
has to talk to her about something Liz said
about Tom Baker murder. is it true. Alexis
says I may have.

Julian says Sam showed up at Alexis house
unannouned. ALexis will come clean. so I
will tell you. I have been living at Alexis hhouse

Sonny can;t tell how he will feel when he finds
out probably furious and you would be too but
today I learned a lesson about retaliation so I will
think twice about it. That is not what she wanted to hear
well that is all he got. They kiss

Nelle gives Joss tissues say it can be scary and
random but sometimes unfair things happen. Joss
is like so what I shrug it off. Nelle has words
of wisdom move thry the anger to get to the grief
you have so many people who love you a great
family Michael is in awe of Nelles' awesomeness

Jordan and Curtis laughing about back in the
day. He says those were some of best time of his
life. he has cards to play poker.

Carly has to go she has to check on Joss. Sonny
understands. they hate saying goodbye as Joss
walks in with Michael and Nelle Joss says
Michael taught me to ride bike,Morgan to keep
trying..even if it hurt I had to get back on to ride
said it hurts to be brave hurts more to give uup
so I won;t give up on you Sonny and she hugs
him (aww it was sweet)

Liz says she has been following up hopes
to get info soon. Kiki says maybe we should
go to the police.

Alexis tells the tale of Tom in the alley she
screamed he pulled knife I went crazy I got
hold of the knife then I don;t remember but
the body was found in the alley with that knife
Sam says the police would have talked to you
talk of Franco he has something on me. Sam
has to go and she does.

Jason says Rudge came to see you about what?
Julian says I told you all I could Jason says talk
to me. Julian leaves. Jason has his serious face on.

Sonny thanks Joss for that your mom will stay
wiht you and we will see each other when ever.
Joss wants to go see Avery. Carly thanks
Michael and Nelle. Nelle and Michael say each
other are so awesome..

Curtis teases Jordan about her poker face.He
looks at her cards. Cutis kisses her

Liz says I am waiting to hear from my contact.
Kiki won;t sit around forever. she will see if she
can get the phone working. Liz says no cops

Julian returns home to Alexis who says I told
her the truth. Alexis wonders how he would take
care of the situation did he do something to Franco

Sam says to Liz we need tofind Franco now

Jason gets up from the table and passed out on the floor
(was he drugged)

The End.
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General Hospital 1-25-17 Preview

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Live Thread 1/25

Jordan and Curtis kissing on the bed

Kiki at GH runs into Dillon needs hishelp

Sam comes to Liz says we need to find
Franco. Liz is like you were convinced he
was guilty. he may well be but lets find him
Liz is like did you talk to your mom

Julian returns home to Alexis who says
she told Sam the truth. Then asks how he
was going to take care of the situation did
he do something to Franco tell me.

Franco sitting in a room reading something
he crawls on the floor to the door as he slides
a note under the door but can;t writes somethng
onitthen slide it under the door then
lays on bubble wrap.

Jason collapses at the MC random couple stand up
as staff runs over to Jason says call 911 Tracy
comes over

Tracy tries talking to Jason who awakens
he says he is fine she says I am gonna call
Sam Jason says no don;t call her.

Sam needs more info lets find Franco
so we know what Franco did or didn;t.

Kiki says no one has heard from Franco
in last 24 hours. shows him the bloody cell
phone. She wonders if he can help with it.
..Dillon has an idea.
HE has a dehumidifer that might help dry
the phone.

Julian says why are you even asking. She says
you know why. He says who would believe
a low life like him. Alexis says if Franco disappeard
that would make sense in your mind. Where is
Franco. Julian says he doesn;t know. Alexis
is like how do I beleive you.

Franco stand up talks to himself. stay warm
talks of food.he opens one of the nicely stacked
boxes that has tupperware in it. another box has
trophys (basketball ones) he says maybe a name
on one of these he hits the door with one. he moves
a box a stack falls on him.

Curtis and Jordan stop she says this is
wrong she gets off the bed He says this has
been going on for awhile. he says be honest
she says she did feel somethign for him

Jason at GH he says don;t call Sam
Monica is there she will give him something
to bring fever down.

Julian whines he won;t be able to convince
her he is telling the truth. She says I know
who you are now. I was duped by you that is
over. you are here cuz you are blackmailing me
I will never be taken in by you again. Julian says
you are right to suspect I did something to Franco
Julian says my conscience is clear. I have always
put your welfare first. He can;t prove it things
are what they are. He has to go take care of
something and no it is not Franco. HE suggest
she not call Liz or Kiki or it might raise suspicion
He leaves she takes her phone.

ABC news special report on the
death of Mary Tyler Moore.

Sam says do you have any idea where he is
Liz is like I won't tell you since you think
he is guilty. Sam is like for all I know you
are pointing the finger at My mother to help

Monica and Tracy talking in the hall why he
collapsed at the MC. Monica says maybe his
blood work will tell us.

Dillon and Kiki across the hall from the room
where Franco. they stand in the hall they hear
moaning. but don;t notice the note on the floor
Dillon calls some friend about Franco
his friend can help kiki finds the note on the floor
picks it yo to write down a phone number.

Curtis and Jordan still talking he knows
he is getting to her.

Sam says you came to me. Liz is like finding
Franco main priority but first we have to clear
the air. I know you have ugly history with Franco
know you have reasons to hate him don;t let the
past influence how you do this investigation . Sam
say all I have it Franco word that he didn;t rape me
Liz says I understand why you will always hate
Franco that is how I feel about Tom. Liz says
we need to agree we are looking for truth. Sam
says ok they sit and Liz tells about finding
the phone at the Road house.

Dillon says the phone is dry Kiki gets a call
they leave to go meet whoever.

Franco gets up then falls again

Monica says Jason fever down his blood work
shows it is not life threatening. Will you call
Sam Monica says no I will honor his wishes
and what he has could be contagious. Tracy
says the staff at MC said all he had was coffee

Jason awakens to find Julian at his bedside.

Kiki and Dillon at Floating Rib they
wonder why Sam is there. Kiki says
you hate him why are you.

Alexis stare at phone Liz number door bell
it DIANE... who says you have meeting wiht
bar committee this evening. Alexis forgot
Diane prepared a statement for her to review
diane knows how she misses practising law
she has an incentive a bottle of wine. we can
toast your return

Jason says it was the coffee what did you
give me. same thing Julian gave himself to
extend his stay in hosptial you should have listened
You are right about Rudge these people who wanted
Sonny arrested want him in prison. Jason says
you are the victim. Julian says you and curtis
have been asking lots of questions. You keep
going this way Sam and your baby could be
at risk.

Liz tells Kiki it is ok. they show the phone
as we see the note in kiki purse. they are
able to turn on the phone.

Sam and Liz looking at the phone

Franco talking to himself get up..
figure something out.

Julian says we are on same side. Julian
says he had to get him out of way dangerous
people want him dead.needs his help to
take down these people.

From the Candian person
A K E was the password to Franco's phone. Liz figured it out.

Jordan tells Curtis to leave

alexis ready for her hearing putsthe wine bottle
in the cabinet then take is out and opens it.

Julian says will you agree to work with me
Jason says no. I will never trust you. Julian
says you don;t have choice.

Kiki says Franco is in trouble. Dillon says he
could have left on his own. they focus on the

Franco still openig boxes of stuff. he finds a
trophy he says I have seen one like this before.

The End


● Carly to Sonny..I knew it, I knew something was wrong...

● Michael to Nelle...ur the 1 I really wanted to see...

● Nathan.m.something u want to tell me, dante...

● Lulu to Laura and Kevin...I told Charlotte that I was her mother...

● Alexis talking to filled wine minute at a time, u can do this...

● Liz to group...I say we call the police and tell them everything we know...

RIP...Mary Tyler Moore
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General Hospital 1-26-17 Preview

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GH Live thred

Live Thread 1/26

Nathan and Dante talking about
lulu and Charlotte

Lulu comes to talk to Laura who is eating
with Kevin at the MC. Lulu tells Laura
she told Charlotte

Nelle talking to Carson pic saying you look
happy but do you derserve to be so. Michael
comes along

Carly at sonny house. She notices a piece
of mail for Morgan. Sonny comes downstairs

Liz is like we don;t have enough to prove
either theory lets call the police and tell
them everything we know.

alexis with a glass and bottle of wine talking
to herself..ou can do this. she holds the glass

Sonny has a whole pile of Morgan Mail He has
gathered up. He can;t throw it out.

Michael gives her a ice skating key chain?
He is glad Nelle talked to Joss. He hopes
she can let her bad memories go as she
looks at Carson pic.

Carson open the pile of Morgan mail. Sonny
says whenever he goes to call her or Krissy
or Micheal Morgan name is still in his phone
should he delete it? Carly says we will have
to pay his credit bills and close the account she
sees all these big money charges. They notice
he was on line gambling again by the charges

Alexis looking at the wine glass she puts it to her lips
and looks at the pic of her girls then walks away
(maybe to the kitchen)

kiki says the police will think Franco ran. Sam
says let Liz and I deal with it. Sam tells Liz
keep the theory of my mom out of here. Sam
says these are theories don;t throw my
mother under the bus..Liz says sorry..Dillon
has to go back to Crimson Kiki drops her purse
the note falls out she leaves it behind on the floor.

Michael wonders what she is thinking about.
he gets text from Tracy who wants to meet
cuz she thinks he made business decision.

Sonny says we did what we could for Morgan
that he went to therapy took his pills what more
could we do. Carly has to go to work. she hugs
him says ILY but she knows grieving for Morgan
apart was mistake

Lulu says she was in Valentin arms she was
hiding her face. Kevin says you would
benefit from Family therapy.

Dante says shouldn;t you be on your honeymoon.
as Liz shows up to speak with them about Franco.
Liz says Franco didnt kill Tom he knows who did
she figured it out. Dante is like tell us. Sam mother
Alexis Davis.

Sam shows up at Alexis and tells her Liz
is telling the cops.

Kiki and Dillon at the MC bar he rubs something off
her face then they kiss. Carly watches.

Carly tells them this is not a malt shop
keep your PDA to yourself. Kiki says sorry
things got out of hand, you are his mother
I hurt him if you need to hate me I understand
Carly says did you know Morgan was gambling
again. difficult to see you move o when I cant
but he would want you to be happy.

Sonny takes out his phone liiks at Morgan
name and contemplates deleting his name
from the contacts. Carly comes in
Michael asks if she is ok. Nelle will give
them privacy. Carly wantsher to do something

Dante says you think Alexis killed Tom.
Liz says Franco didn;t run away there is someone
in Alexis life that would protect her at all costs.

Alexis and Sam talk Julian who says he lied
to you before. Alexis believes him about this.
Don;t look at me like that.

●Sam to Alexis ....don't tell me u are starting to fall in love with him again...

Lulu tells Kevin that is insane going into
therapy with Valentin. Kevin mentions
co parenting. Lulu won;t settle for less
that full custody.

Liz says if Julian knew Alexis killed Tom
then Julian could have done something to
Franco. Liz is liek do you think Julian is capable
of murder could he have killed Franco.

Alexis is like I am not in love with your father.
HE did help me get sober sam grabs the bottle

Michael didn;t know Morgan was gambling again
Micheal says trust me Morgan had the most bad ass
mom I know something about that.

Sonny looks at the phone gets a visit from

● Alexis...I am not falling in love with your father again...that ship has, that ship was set on fire and pushed out to sea like a Viking funeral...

Laura tells Lulu to listen to Kevin.
Lulu gets upset and leaves . Kevin
apologizes to Laura for interferring.
Laura is amazed he can be impartial
about Valentin after what he did.

Alexis says I poured a drink swirled it around
smelled it then saw a pic of you three and
I know I disappointed you and will Krissy and
Molly. Sam believes her they hug. Sam says
we will all be here to help you we can even
get Jax to help. Alexis says she owes him an
apology as well. Sam tells her if knock on the
door don;t answer it could be cops. Sam leaves

Dillon and Kiki she wonders if Carly meant
Morgan would want her to be happy. they admit
PDA in the restaurant was tacky. kiki wants
to be happy again and Dillon makes her happy
they kiss again.

Carly tells Michael about her run in with Kiki
Carly tells him he is wise beyond his years.
He mentions since NYE he and Nelle have gotten

Sonny says why are you hear. Carly asked me
to sort thru Morgan mail. Sonny says he is not
comfortable with that. Nelle is like what would you
like me to tell Carly about that. Sonny says I know
a few things abour rage I see it hiding behind that
smile of yours if not aimed at me then who.

Kiki and Dillon she thanks him for being
understanding. HE talks the wedding photos
for the Crimson edition. She goes to help him

Carly says are you sure you and Nelle on
same page. you could be misreading the situation
Carly says Nelle is unavailable. she is involved
with someone else a married man.

Nelle takes the mail should I take the mail
or tell her you wouldn;t let e. Sonny stops
her from leaving he says that look in your eyes
I have the same thing I have been so consumed
with anger it nearly destroyed me.. She plays
innocent. Sonny says you have your own reason
for feelig it but you keep feeding that anger
it will consume everything you care about.

Alexis pours the wine outside. you can do
this think of your girls. Dante shows up
to ask qeustions about Tom Baker.

Nathan tells Liz Franco has long criminal histort
why are you so sure he is innocent. she has faith
he has really changed and the truthe always comes out

Samat the floating rib gets her phone she left
behind. She finds Franco note and reads it.

The End


● Amy to Hayden...u and Dr. Finn r secretly a hot item...

● Finn to Griffin...I need a favor...

● Kiki..I am coming with you... ●, ur not...

● Franco...I may be running out of time...

● Liz to Seth(outside PCPD, he looks skeptical)...if we work together, I think we can figure this out...

● Dante to Alexis...where were u the night of Dec. 21....
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Live Thread 1/27

Liz telling Nathan she knows the truth
always comes out. as Seth Baker comes in
why haven;t you arrested Franco he killed
my brother.

Franco talking to himself. who did this to me

Sam finds the note on the floor she says
this can;t be happening and she calls Kiki
to meet right away.

Brad talking to gay den about the patent on the drug Hayden has to get to work
Griffin interrupts Brad leaves griffin says finn big discovery saved lives

Alexis talks to Dante who asks if Alexis knew Tom she has read about him. Her name came up
where were u night off dec 21

sam leaves Jason a voice message wondering why he hasn't returned her calls

seth going. On and on about bad Franco Nathan tells him to calm down Liz runs after
seth she wants to help

Franco still talking to himself no food no water

Sam shows Kiki the note kikimsays she will go with Sam who says no

Amy overheard Hayden talking about almost dying Hayden says none of your business

griffin and Finn talk Finn back X-ray griffin writes Finn a prescription Finn says only 10 pills

alexis doesn't remember where she was that night I am waiting till Diane comes you know how
that will turn out.

kiki says you can't go alone you are pregnant Sam won't let anything happen to Franco give me 15 mins if not back call cops

franco draws pic f Liz he crawls on the floor then passes out

liz talks to Seth who is sorry for what his brother did but that doesn't mean it is ok what Franco did

Hayden tells Amy she and Finn are just friends Hayden tells her not to gossip Amy wants
to be friends

griffin says powerful pills

Alexis says I already told u I won't answer questions without council we are down here.
dante leaves

Seth returns home Liz follows to talk Liz says she is confused about something he said

sam at the storage unit she yells out to Franco who feebly yells out

Brad talks to finn

dante says we need warrant for Alexis I know somehow Alexis was involved

diane comes to see Alexis who says she can't thru with the hearing. Diane says younare
being ridiculous

liz says how did u know Franco locked tom in cage

kiki goes to call the police her phone is dead

sam tries to open the door she calls Jason again she grabs the fire exstingriher and hits the lock

Amy...for someone with a rep for being a con woman, ur not a very good liar...I'm sorry, I got carried's just that there is so little romance in my own life...I mean, how could there be, I'm stuck here everyday, day in, day out,'s all I do, is give..mso when I see someone take a little morsel of happines for themselves, I can't help but be their biggest cheerleader..
● Hayden...and...good luck with that..
● Amy...and if u don't want to share that with me, I'm sure that u can tell it to Tracy Quartermaine, I'm sure u have bonded with her as much as anyone can...
● Hayden...she's right behind u...
● Amy, startled, looks over her shoulder, no one there...that was not nice...
● Hayden..yeah, well, life's a bitch, and so am I, see ya...
(UNDETERRED, Amy still wants to be friends, Hayden looks amazed...)....

Brad saw griffin write him a script. Finn gets mad Brad has seen this behavior before he
should give hospital board his opinion Finn stops him what do I want

seth says tom told me Seth recalls his convo with tom Liz says did he say anything about putting Franco in a cage

Diane says relax the man who was suppose to chair ur hearing he got the flu he has been replaced by a lady who is a huge fan of yours Diane says ur a good moral person great attorney

Sam gets the lock open Franco is passed out on the flooe

Diane to Alexis...(about the judge), u know she looks at the extenuating circumstances, which we both know will be the title of your memoirs...

Brad says u r addicted I want credit for my part with the mess Finn says if I don't agree Brad says he will tell
hayden (shades of old Brad)

amy gossips to griffin about fayden

hayden wonders what Finn was talking to Brad about

alexis tells Diane to go ahead and she will meet up with her

kiki shows up at pcpd

sam helps Franco Sam wants to know who did I it ..Franco has no idea

Seth says franconkilled my brother no one else Liz says it could be someone else
as we see the trophy on the shelf that Franco found in the box

the end

Alexis...I am so grateful to have u in my corner...
Diane...of course u r, as well u should be...

● Franco....I'm here, I'm in he'll, and I'm having visions...
● such luck..I'm here, I'm real..
● Franco...surprisingly, that's a lot less comforting...


● Valentin to it is ur turn to be honest, why did u bring me here...

● Anna to Griffin, emphatically...that is Exactly what I want u to DO...

● Nathan to there something else u r not telling me here...

● Tom, yelling at Liz...face it, ur never going to see him again..

● Sam to Franco...r u still going to protect my mom...

● Alexis to Dante at PCPD...I am prepared to cooperate with your investigation into the murder of Tom Baker...

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