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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of January 11

GHaily Episodes for the week of January 11

General Hospital 1-11-16 Preview

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ABC Promo for this week


MONDAY's Live thread for JANUARY 11,2016

Lucas talking to Sonny

Nik and Hayden talking the lawsuit Hayden has an idea
she says marry me..Nik is like OooKKayy. He is like
what is this about. Hayden says protectring ELQ

Alexis worried that Sam is moving out. Krissy comes in witht hemail
letter rom school she is on Academic suspension.. Sam holds her star

Liz and Jason notice the broken pic on the floor Liz runs down and
says Jake is not in his room.

Maxie wants to know what Johnny is doing here, he says, uh, regrouping...Lulu tells her not to freak out, Maxie exclaims dont freak out, Johnny says yeah, don't do THAT....Maxie says I walk in and my bf is harboring a known fugitive...says this is not happening to me again, im sorry, I really like you, but I am calling the Johnny runs to her, no, no, no, no, no, no, they grapple, she is in Johnny's arms...

Krissy hides the letter. talk of thier sex life krissy like Alexis
healthy attitude with sex. Krissy says school has to go a week
from Monday for school.Alexis wonders when class starts Krissy
changes the subject to Sam necklace.

Jake is ffine he heard a noise thought bad man came back. Jason
searched the house no one is there. Liz says someone was in the house
Jake wonders if the bad man broke the picture.. Jason says don;t worry
about this. Be the brave boy and go upstair while mom and I work this out
Jake will be find with dad here.

Nik whines this wouldn;t be necessary if Jason would cooperate..
Nik is like if we arrange a marriage I keep ELQ how, by putting all the
assets in the spouses name.

Lucas talks the new Doc who will handle Sonny case.. Carly asks
Lucas about the marriage.

NEw Doctor comes along has no bedside manner..

Johnny is like Maxie you would really turn me in? Yes I would
last time I kept you secret it almost cost me nathan. (how cute are
BB and KS are here) Maxie talks the car she gave him. she says seriously
where have you been .Johnny says no one has been looking for me.
Maxie says she is calling nathan .

Can Liason not see what Jake is doing the bad man, the bad man
that, who broke that pic the bad man, I feel safe with Daddy here.
Come on now it not like he is upset when he is saying these things.

J...Maxie, u would really turned me in...and he grabs her phone...and reminds her she helped him in the past..Maxie says he was so...He says soooo...she says would have been like leaving a puppy in the gutter...

Maxie and Johnny chase each other..Johnny says give me the phone.
she will call Nathan and turn him i..Lulu grabs the phone if you turn him
in you are sending me to prison too. lulu plays the friendship card.
She wonders where the flowers came from..Johnny says he bought them
Maxie is like OMG you guys are sleeping together

Dr. Gruff (that is what I am calling him till I know his name) he dismisses
Lucas and Sonny is not impressed. Carly says Sonny had movement in his
legs the Dr. is like I examine him then I decide what is progress.

Sam is giving Krissy annoyed look as she goes on about her and Jason
and Danny being a of Jason memory. Sam says we are getting
closer. Sam says stop or I tell mom you are studying pre law..Alexis
gets excited.. Krissy not happy with Sam.

Liz says the police are on their way..She frets about Jake. Jason is like
focus who else has a key to this house. Liz worries about the guy in the
window..PCPD at the door. liz notices the pic.

Hayden is like as your wife the Q can;t touch my portion of the shares
then I can sign them back to you..Nik won;t lose it..Nik says how do I know
you won;t steal it out from under me.

Sam...Jason is actually getting some of his memories back...
Krissy...did he finally realize that he is in love with u, and that u and Danny r a family and that you belong together forever.......what....
Sam...u sound like Spinelli... one sounds like Spinelli...

New doc is Dr. Mayes...although Dr. Gruff fits him better...

Sonny says Doc you are new here you don;t get to tell
me if my wife can be at the exams..Sonny takes up for Carly
if you don;t want her around I don;t want you around/. Dr.Mays
says he is only doc who can treat you.

Sam wonders why Krissy changes subject when school is discussed.
Diane want Alexis to handle Jason case as seh is going out ot town.

A cop wants to do an invesitigation..CSI will life prints..we will check
the data base for match.Jason tells him his fingerprints will be in the data
base, he has record .. Liz is like he didn;t do it..the police wonder if they know who
did this.

Nik is NOT signing anything over to her she came to town working
a con this could be about getting ELQ. she is like ok I will sign
a pre-nup.

Did anyone else notice the funny look Liz made when the cop said they would do a thorough investigation, including fingerprints, etc...obviously her's will be everywhere, too, just looked concerned or guilty for a second...

Did anyone else notice the funny look Liz made when the cop said they would do a thorough investigation, including fingerprints, etc...obviously her's will be everywhere, too, just looked concerned or guilty for a second...

Alexis tells Sam about Nik accusation and how things look bad
for him. Hayden is the witness. Sam will figure this out and leaves.
Krissy says with all the legal help he has she think Jason will go free

Dr. Mayes wants one on one..Sonny sasy you have to keep Carly
in volved answer any questions she has.. Carly says it ok she has
to go to work give the new doc a chance. Concentrate on getting better
and she leaves.. Dr. Mayes says for the best let get started.

Nik says I don;t know you past, the con lying about her memory,
you enjoy everything my money has to offer..she is like you
insisted I live there.. I am not a freeloader.. I am working.
he says it could be a rouse. she just wants to help him so marry her,

Jason says the door was open when he came he didn;t notice people
in the neighborhood..The police wonder if someone could have bee
with someone when he was locked wonders if police
can put patrol car outside..The police says not enought of a threat to
do that. the leave. Jason says we are gonna stay somewhere else

Lulu says I am not sleeping with Dillon .Maxie is like you are sleeping
with Johnny? Lulu says Johnny and I did not sleep together..Johnny
is like not my choice..Lulu says he kissed me that was it. Maxie wonder
why Dante is on warpath with Dillon. maxie says Dante was wrong to do
what he did but he is Rocco father he woud be upset if he knew you
left him for this criminal..Lulu won;t sleep with Johnny.. Maxie is like
things will be over with Dante if he finds Johnny hiding here. could u do this... could i do this to Dante...., to Me! U r hitting the sheets with a still sexy but fugitive exlover...
Maxie...and u didn't TELL ME...moving on from your husband with lightning speed while...comitting a felony...

Lulu...I am NOT sleeping with Johnny...
J...still hope for that, right...

Maxie says if I don;t turn Johnny in I am keeping yet another
secret from Nathan. Maxie says to Lulu we can go to prison for
this. Maxie is like think of Rocco we are parents, we have kids
we can;t do this.Johnny asks about Maxie daughter maxie is like
nathan is good to me I can;t risk keeping theis secret.. Maxie
wonders what Lulu needs Johnny for.

Sonny says lets end this Dr Mayes says he is best in field..Sonny
calls him out on his bedside manner. who will treat you..Sonny
says anyone but you..Lucas comes along says I don;t like him either
Lucas has an idea.

Sam and Carly talk the fight Carly had to turn over the tape. Sam says
start with the rooms above the terrace..

Jake asks if the police were here is it safe now.. Jason says why don;t
we stay somewhere else tonight..JAke starts with the bad man finding
us again..Liz can figure out where they stay..JAson is liek let me figure
out where you stay.

Nik appreciates Hayden attempt, Nik has lawyers to work on htis
Hayden talks her deep feelings for Nik. she thought her feeling matter
to him she goes on about thier feelings for each other.

I am already tired of hearing Jake say "the badman"

Maxie...I couldn't make it to Portland, so Nathan arranged for Spinelli to bring Georgie here for Christmas...
Johnny...I always liked the Jackal...he's one of the good ones...

Dr. Mayes...Mr. Corinthos, I don't want to be blunt...
Sonny(laughing)...why stop now...

Be back with the second half

Maxie says I just can;t make promises and she runs out
the door with the phone..Maxie is right if Dante finds out
there will be no hope for us..Johnny is like so he doen;t
talk nice to you he doenst treat you as you should be. Lulu says
finish this thing with Val then you have to go..

Lucas calls someone about Sonny.

Krissy looking at the school letter.. Alexis comes out wonders how
krissy did in school Alexis wonders if the grades came yet..Krissy is
like no..Alexis is like you did well with all that happened this year.

Hayden says trust us we have a huge connection. Nik wants to see
where this goes but thinks getting married is a huge burden on thier
growing relationship. to save ELQ. he doens;t think they are ready for
that lets just explore our hearts and relationship.

Jason will set her and the boys up at the MC. liz is like you dont have
to do that. liz says thanks for watching out for us.

carly asks Sam about her and Jason how are things. Sam is accepting
of who he is. talk of him going to jail..Sam is like no. carly says you need
to talk to this person. who....

The End


Anna on the phone to someone...I might be breaking the Rivera case...

Paul, to an associate on the would be bad business not to pay me in full...

Kiki to NOT try to manipulate me...

Michael to Sabrina...I still care so much about you and the baby...

Morgan to his psychiatrist ( i forget his name)...I don't really know where I fit in with my family...

Sonny shouting...I'm wanna take care of everything...( not sure where he is, looks dark out, dreaming)?....

I'll be back with video of previews before 5 PM EST

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General Hospital 1-12-16 Preview

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GH Promo for the rest of the week of Jan 11th

Also available on twitter video here:

And on facebook video here:
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Tuesday, January 12,2016

Live Thread 1/12

Sonny having a bad dream, Morgan comes along

Paul on the pier with I am assuming it is Raj?

Ava at the MC kiki serves her..Ava says say hi mom

Jordan gets a visit from Andre, he has a little Jaguar statue

Michael talks to Anna at Kellys talk of Robin how are they doing.
Michael then see Sabrina asks how she is feeling. he says let me
know if you need anything..Sabrina says this is not right
acting like strangers. Anna listening

Sabrina says you have been polite there is this wall it is my fault
she misses how they were before. He still cares so much about
her and the baby, he will still offer financial support and leaves.
Anna tells sabrina to sit and talk.

Morgan and Sonny talk dreams. Sonny says he was in a hurry a person
needed me I didn;t feel trapped or useless I COULD get to them. I am
able to handle what comes next..Sonny wants to handle the business again.
Morgan is like he wants to help handle the little things that max can;t
Sonny says to help me stay on the meds, see the dr. Sonny says who

Paul assumes there will be more shipments Raj? will be in touch

Kiki talks to Ava kiki says Carly did me a favor hirinng me I don;t want her
to think I am slacking off.. Ava is like after the progress of the holidays Kiki
is glad that Ava let her take Avery to Sonny but that doesn;t mean things are
fine with us. Ava doesn;t see the point in rehashing mistakes. Paul comes i
notices kiki with Ava who doesn;t want to fight with Kiki. who want things to get
better with MOM..

Jordan and Andre she likes the statue she wonders how he know
of power symbols..he has interest in archeology. He has visited
Mayan ruins. talk of his dancing ability or lack there of he asks her
for another date she gladly accepts.

Morgan knows Sonny will always be a target .Sonny says don;t
worry..Sonny asks about the meds is he adjusting. he gets how
important it is to take them.Sonny says it takes a while to get right
dosage. Sonny says he know how important is is to take as much
as he sometime doesn;t want to. Michael comes in.
Sonny wonders it something is going on with Morgan. Sonny
asks about Sabrina. He misses what he thought they hjad.

Sabrina mentions congrats to Pat and Robin for getting married
and she is happy for Emma. Anna asks about her and Micheal.
Sabrina says they broke ups cuz Michael is not the baby father Anna
wonder i the father is part of her life..(anna is fishing for answers
about Carlos)

kiki says let me set the place if I want to see you or Avery
I will text..same for you if I can;t don;t make it a big drama
do not try to manipulate me..Ava agrees she wants to go shopping
with Kiki who gets a message from Morgan. Kiki says i turned down
you invitation what happened..Kiki reminds her of the boundaries
they just set. Kiki says boundary number we don;t discuss Morgan
Ava thanks Kiki. Ava will do best to respect those boundaries.
Paul comes along

Morgan with Andre who asks how he is and about his meds.
Morgan says he missed a couple doses. Andre reminds him
about taking the meds on time. Andre is like stay away from
alcohol..Morgan says my friend set me straight. Morgan
thinks he can do this..He says I don't know where I fit in with
my family.

Michael talks trust and Sabrina. Sonny says she is probably ashamed
she lied he understand since he did the same to Michael. Michael
forgave him, so he has to turn his anger someone who deserves it
CARLOS.. Michael says he is dead..

Sabrina says the baby father out of picture. Sabrina loves Michae
wanted to raise baby with him so she lied for months the baby was
concieved in may (anna gets a look like she knows) sabrina says Michael
broke up with me cuz I lied..Anna is like the baby was concieve in May
the night of the NB when Carlos came to your apartment? yes Carlos
is the father.

Anna wonders if Carlos forced her..No, No He was my first
boyfriend that night he needed me and I made a stupid
mistake.. She and Micheal didnt sleep together till at least
a month later..Anna fishes for more answers she says you see
a different side of carlos the best of him is in your baby I am sorry
he died beore he knew he would be a fahter..Sabrina knocks over
her coffee when Anna says that.

Michaeal says Sabrina says it was one time thing. Michael says it was
before we were together. Michael understands there is history with
sabrina and Carlos..Sonny says did you tell her no she knows I hate
Carlos Sonny says then maybe she was afraid to tell you.

Morgan feels like a screw up..Andre says no you have been working on
this avoid triggers, promise you won;t drink or go off your meds..stability
is everything..Morgan is liek really

Ava looks in the case she is says you gave me a suitcase of dirty money
right here in a public place.. he is like you are art dealer I am buying art.
Paul mentions Tracy threw him out. He is residing here at MC she wonders
if she can get a key.

Sonny says she misjudged you that you would abandon here.
you have the chance to prove her wrong.

Anna says are you ok..Anna mentions Duke death and being fine
and greiving. anna says she wasn;t fine. Sabrina is like Carlos
took duke from you so sorry..Anna says Carlos paid with his own
life and now you are left to grieve and raise child without a father.
Sabrina says I chose to lie. Anna says you did soemthing you regret.
Anna asks if you need anything and she leaves. anna calls Jordan
she will come by .

Andre says what did you want to do..Morgan says something
special . Morgan says I have been an ass to my dad I blamed
him .Morgan thinks he would be good at running the business.
take risks live life on the edge. He doesn;t want any of us in the business
he can become reliable person by staying stable if not for me then
my family..My dad wants to get better for us..Andre says well pay attention

kiki watching hher mother as Paul tells Ava they need to be discreet.
kiki wonders what Paul wanted.

Sonny and Micheal discuss the baby..Sonny says you can have
a family Sonny says look at it from all angles think with your heart
what will make you happy.

Sabrina leaves calls Carlos leaves him a phone message

Anna arrives at Jordan tells her of the conversation with Sabrina.Anna says
she knows Carlos is alive and knows how to get in touch with him
we need to monitor her phone calls. as Paul comes in.

Ava says she is not in trouble. Paul is an art client. Morgan comes in
wonders if her mom is bothering her..Ava leaves.. kiki says don;t you
have something to say to my mother..he thanks Ava for letting Kiki
bring Avery to his dads..Morgan asks Kiki if she is ok. she asks about
him and therapy..he feels better about lots of things.. Ava goes to leave
Raj points out that the guy who she was just speaking to is a Corinthos
he was on the pier and interesterd in our business. Ava looks over
at Morgan.

The End.

General Hospital 1-13-16 Preview

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General Hospital 1-13-16 Preview

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Wednesday Live Thread 1/13

Maxie looking at Crimson, Nathan surprises her she says
no more out of town assignments. he wants to know what
he missed she remembers Johnny

Lulu walking in the parked masked man grabs her she fights him
its Johnny.

Dante at the gym hitting the bag.

Felix talking to Sabrina she gets a call from Carlos.

Jordan with Anna and Paul

Olivia with Val who is applying for a job at MC. Olivia gives
her attitude.. Olivia thinks Val should go home to PA.

Michael holds the bag while Dante hit it going on about how
he ruined his marriage. Micheal wonders about counceling
Dante is like nothing to save my marriage I tried she payed me
back slept with someone on NYE she did what I did she sent me
a signal it is over.

Lulu yells at Johnny she says in the middle of the day you can;t
take these chances. Johnny says Maxie won;t give me away she is

Maxie and Nathan Maxie says one big thing happened ummm as
Nina interrupts. Nina shows him first issue of Crimson he says
it is so GREEN. Nina is like our fashion revolution.
Maxie says no one has been reading it ..Nina brought up every copy
within a mile to give out free

Anna tells Paul she has been doing an investiagtion you need to
know everything going on here. Jordan says Sonny case and Carlos
case are closed..Paul says lets leave them there.

Carlos has missed her Sabrina says I missed you dad need to talk to
you then tells him she ran into Anna Devane she knows something
do not come back to PC he says I am already here. he never left
he wants to leave now but not without her.

Maxie is like you really bought all these copies.Nina
is like i give them away. Nathan supports them
Nina is like Maxie believe me. Nina gives her magazines
to hand out..Maxie needs to tell Nathan something he says
he has to go.

Lulu says Maxie last covered for you she lost her best
relationship..Nathan will figure out something and Maxie
will crack..Johnny says my plan is almost done

Olivia says this is Lante home they will find way back
you must have friends in PA. Val says you must blame
yourself you lied to Dante about his father then did it
again with Leo..I screwed up but I learned from it unlike
you would rather shovel snow than work for you. and storms
offf. is she gonna boo hoo to dante about his big mean mommy

Dante says if you find love hold onto it. you have to be there for
each other, take care of each honest with each other
lulu and I hurt each other we couldn;t forgive now we pay the price
so does Rocco. Michael is glad to hear all this he has to go.

Sabrina says what are you doing in town..he made arrangements
for them to leave together tonight..She can;t just leave. Carlos
says we can be a family..Sabrina says this is to much for me
Carlos says ILY now more than ever. if you don;t come with me
I will turn myself into Anna Devane and she will kill mme..without
you and teh baby I have nothinng to live for..comes with me on
pier 54 in half hour know ILY forever tell our child sorry I couldn't
be a father..Carlos is really laying it on here.

Anna is sorry she didn;t follow directions she will drop it .Paul is like
I am forgiving man he has appoinntment has to go. he says we will
work this out. you are too valuable to lose. and he leaves.
Jordan says tell me why you are lying to DA. Anna says you wanted
to know the mole in the PCPD its PAUL...

Johnny willl wrap things up tonight..with Val

Val see Dante is kinda cold to him Nathan wonders what Dante
is like don;t say anything

Carlos on the pier Paul comes leave and dont; come back
Carlos is like what are you worried about..someone knows of us

Anna says he is in perfect position this has to be underwraps.
Jordan is like what is the motive. Anna says Paul is involved we have
to keep quite. We start with Sabrina

Michael shows up at Felix who say hear me out..I have always
liked you you made Sabrina happy for a while then she lied thought
you would understand.. Michael says that is why he is here. Feliz
is liek Sabrina is gone.

Paul says this is it gives him money says don;t come back.
Carlos is like don;t worry I will won;t come back as Sabrina is

Valerie to Olivia. ?.is that the answer to everyone's problems....I should just pack up and leave home is here, not gonna uproot my life to make u feel better about ur own failings...
O...excuse me....
Val...u must blame urself in no small part for Dante and Lulu's problems...u led by example, u lied to Dante his entire life about his father and then u turned around and made the same damn mistake decades later with Leo...u have learned nothing...I screwed up..huge...but at least I owned it, I learned from it...

sabrina listens as Paul and Carlos look out over the water
Carlos says he is not danger to you Paul says see that is stays
that way and he walks off.

Anna says if Sabrina thinks we know she will tell Carlos.

Carlos putting money in his backpack he see Sabrina. he says does
anyone know you are here.

Michael leaves Sabrina a message he has to talk to her. Micheal is like
if you know where she is tell me..Felix is like not by place. Felix is like
if Sabrina doesnt want to hear from you deal with it.

Sabrina didn;t tell anyone he says we can start our new life as he
he says you didn;t pack a bag. she wonder what he was doing with Paul

Anna thinks they should bring Dante and Nathan in on this. Jordan says
we are not bugging Sabrina.

Nathan and Dante talk his assignement Dante says no more me and
Val. Not sure we are even friends

Nina says hi to Olivia gives her a issue of Crimson she is like
WTH. it green..Nina is like yes it is our green issue..Liv mentions
her cousin started it. why did you make it green.Nina says I am
trying to save the magazine Olivia is like you know what who am I to

Val running in the park Johnny is on the phone talking business as Val
sees him greet Greg...

MAxie handing out crimson as Nina says all her
copies are gone..Nina wonders what the feedback is.
Maxie is worried about her future with nathan talks about
info if Nathan had it it would cause problems for lots of people.
Nina doesnt know what Maxie should do.

Nathan says what happens if Val graduates and works here can
you two get along. Dante says no good from us being together
we need to keep distance. Lulu comes to PCPD.

Johnny sorry about the language on the phone she wonders what
is going on he arguing with tow truck driver. he says his car is dead
cant catch a job maybe he should call THAT car company..Val is like
no need to do that.

Jordan says if we ask for a wiretap warrant paul will find out we need
to go straight to Sabrina.

Michael says tell me where she is. Felix honestly doesn;t know she lefft
without saying..Michae will find her Felix gives him a letter from

carlos made a deal would turn states evidence so Paul hid me. he made
the deal so they could leave. she says you are double crossing DA. Carlos
won;t testify against Julian he wil be a deadman so we get on that boat
and fo far please..disappear with me. this place PC it holds pain for both
of ius lets go start a new life as a family.

Nina watching people at the MC looking at Crimson
Olivia says not bad..Nina gets a call from circulation
manager it Crimson a sucess. based on her face she says
we are back in business.

Lulu thought she should tell him tonight not good night to get
Rocco he is sick..Lulu says do you think I am lying Rocco stays with
me tonight will let you know when you have visit. Dante didn;t tell her
he and Val are over. Maxie comes in this can;t wait puts him in the
interrogation room she has to tell him something his investigation affects
her. He was sent out of town to lead on fugitive ..what fugititive
Johnny Z.. funny you should say that.

Johnny can;t ask her for a ride nice pants by the way. she says I owe you
let me repay you ..if you insist

Anna and Jordan arrive at Sabrinas to one answers they
kick in the door

Michael sit on bench and read the letter she says sappy stuff
about thier time together he deserved better than what he got

Jordan is like place empty.

Carlos says boat is here choice is yours are you coming with me or staying here
she goes with him..

The letter goes on someday someone will e there the way you need
I will always love you will do it from a distance PC is your home not mine

The End


Alexis and Julian at MC, he says...wth?...

Olivia to Lulu...if ur marriage was so perfect, how could Valerie have come between the 2 of u...

Nathan to Dante...Maxie has something to tell u about Johnny Zaccara...

Valerie driving Johnny, he says...once I am done with my thing tonight, it is time for me to bounce...

Michael to Anna and Jordan...Sabrina is the doorknob turns, Anna and Jordan raise their guns....
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General Hospital 1-14-16 Preview

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Thursday Live Thread 1/14

Alexis and Julian at MC he complains about Nina they
are amused at the disaster with Crimson..Alexis is like honey
look he is like WTH

Robert and Mac..awww Eldest and Elder fine, Robert is like
should Mac as a minister be seen in a bar drinking ..Mac is here
to toast his brother..stick around for a while..yes indeed Mac
We need the Scorpio brothers together

Anna and Jordan at Sabrinas wondering where she is

Maxie tells Nathan she spoke to Johnny face to face.

olivia calls Dante to bring Leo to see Rocco Dante says Lulu
says he is sick..

Johnny thanks Val for the lift. she has a test and needs him to
quiz her. he texts his friends to let them know where he is

Lulu returns home to see the baby sitter asks if Rocco is feeling better.
she gets a text from Johnny saying by this time tomorrow Val
will be out of your life.

Anna and Jordan scare the crap out of Michael as he come
in the door and they have guns drawn..Anna says Sabrina
talked to her..Michael wanted to talk to her tell her he was gonna
step up Sabrina is gone.

Mac is like PC is home for you..Robert says he has to many
responsiblities with WSB..Robert says no Robin no daughter.
Mac reminds him that he has ties..him..felicia did you know
Laura is back..and Anna which makes Robert laught

Julian says this is not funny this edition of crimson is gonna make

Nathan tells Maxie to tell Dante, maxie saw Johnny today he showed
up at my door..Dante is like was lulu and rocco she was not
Dante says if Rocco is sick why would she take him out..

Lulu gets a visit from Olivia hugs. she says did you come to check
if Rocco really sick cuz Dante questioin is..Rocco is sleeping Olivia tells
Lulu of her run in with Val. Val says she is not only one who made mistakes
Dante never knew Sonny existed I let Julian think Leo was dead. maybe we
should stop putting all the blame on val for what happended.

Val says where am I taking you..Johnny gives her directions to some
lame restuarant Farmers kitchen..She wants to check it out. she has
a police scanner we hear a liquor story robbery..Johnny is liek you have
a police scanner I thought you were just cadet..she says never hurts
to be prepared.

Dante says you havent told us..Maxie is like Johnny must
think I am a push over..Nathan wonders what did he want
she doens;t know .Dante is like you know he is a criminal
she is like he grabbed my phone. she told him he couldn;t stay
and wanted him to leave and he did..she was scared didn;t
want trouble.. Dante is like did he know Lulu is staying with you
did he mention Lulu at all..

Johnny is like police scanner already..she is like it helps me to learn
all the terms listening to it..she is totally focused on her career.
He asks about what happened. she says it ended she refursed to be
the other woman.she hope he works it out with his wife.

Lulu is like so you say val is blameless. She made a beeline for my husband
Olivia has to put some blame on Her son and see that the problem in your
marriage talks how Dante last year was jealous of Johnny..Lulu is like
so it all my fault?no but Val took advantage but if you marriage was
strong she wouldn;t have been able to come between you.

Feliz returns home he is talking to Donny on the phone finds the police
in his apartment..why are the police here. Jordan says we want info
on Carlos think Sabrina may no.. Michael is like the police are asking
Felix is like I know where she is.

Felix says Sabrina went to Puerto Rico to see her
cousin Juan Santiago.

Mac says when people ask if I have kids I say I have 3 three daughters
I raised those girls..Robert the world needs heros liek you Anna , Frisco
we need people llike you hero come in all shapes and size talks of
Maxie and Georgie and Robin. Robert says stick around Port chuck
and be a deadbeat dad..MAc says well I need you , so does Anna.
Robert says anna top of the heap of heros..anna is struggling and I dont
care if she is you collegue she is inn your life need your helpo

Julian owes IRS back taxes. if my legit business is turning profit
then back taxes can get the justice department involved she is like
you worried you will become like Al Capone.

Lulu says you are wrong. Olivia is like do you think iff Val just left
town all your problems go away..Lulu is like my family is stuck in the \middle
everyone else pities me..olivia is like just talk honestly with Dante about
the mistakes you BOTH made.if you take the focus off Val you can
start to heal

Dante thinks Lulu was lying..Maxie is like Lulu is not seeing Dillon
Maxie says Johnny needed a breather from running.. Nathan says
he poses as a mechanic Nathan says we need official statement.
dante leaves the room.

Johnny says you want your ex to get back with his ex..big of you
Val is like of Johnny flirting with her. he says he was not
stalking her when she drops him off she won;t seehim again when he
is done tonight he is gone as they hear a BOLO over the radio
for fugitive Johnny Z..

Julian says he has lot to lose including three kids he doens;t want
leo visiting in jail..Alexis will take care of it she will cut a deal
He is like who knew Nina would make this a success..Alexis says
I won;t let anyone even the Feds take you away. Olivia watches .

Johnny asks her what a BOLO is..they listen to the description
she says BOLO is be on the look out. Johnny says we have something
in common we are both in love with people who who don;t love us

Maxie calls Lulu tells her she told the police. Dante knows I told them
Johnny was staying at our apartment. lulu is like this is my fault
Dante arrives. Maxie says tell him the truth. Lulu opens the door
he says he is giving her an update on Johnny he was spotted in town
TODAY..have you seen him
Based on what Johnny said I think he now thinks Lulu turned him in.

Mac..u know what I say when people ask if I have any kids...I say I have 3 daughters...I know Maxie is biologically Frisco and Felicia's, and Robin is ur daughter with Anna...daughter, it's just a word..I RAISED those girls...
Robert..u r not trying to make me feel bad, right...
Mac...( the worldneeds heroes, all kinds, like R and Anna, but all kinds...when Maxie.scraped her knee, i got to put bandaid on it...held Georgie'so hand when a boy made her sad...and.when Robin contracted HIV, I got to be the one to tell her I loved her, to hug her and to tell her that she wasn't going to be alone.., U want me to stick around in Port Chuck as penance for being a deadbeat dad...

Jordan on the phone Juan was telling the truth she is not
with him..Felix says Sabrina tells me everything why lie to me
now. Michael wonders where she is..Jordan has a situation she
has to go back to the station..Michael frets that she is due soon.

Robert says if Carlos is alive why is the DA passing him off as dead.
the DA is trying to cover something up..who is this DA. Paul Hornsby
didn;t know he was back in town..Mac tells the tale of how he got
to be DA. Anna is not at her best that is why he is worried. Robert is like
she will resent me sticking my nose in..Mac says then tell her you are
sticking around cuz your little brother misses you cuz it is true.

Olivia interuppts Julexis with a bottle of champagne and reminds them
of last NYE. and to Alexis you have welcomed me into your home
I want to throw you guys an engagment party here.

Johnny asking her questions from the test. she says how far are we
from the restaurant..we are in the middle of nowhere.

Lulu wonders why Johnny would reach out to me. Lulu says your
mom mentioned this..Dante is like be honest..she says like you
are always with me..Dante knows she has history with him
Dante is gonna check on Rocco so she can have a min to think
aobut Johnny .

Robert will stick around for another drink. Mac says thihnk
about what I said.. Robert is lie=ke hey don;t think I didnt
notice you are sticking me with the check..yeah stick around
and I can pay the next one

Julian wonders what is going on here with Alexis and Julian.
Alexis doesn;t want an engagment party.. she just wants to set
a date as they kiss.

Anna sits at the bar with Robert. she says it is nice having you here.
stick around..she says I need someone with international connecetions
he says he is all hers.

Felix explains to Michael she lied to you she thought it was painful
Felix tells him not to give up hope. Michael says Sabrina shoudlnt
be alone when she give birth

Jordan comes back to PCPD talks any news of Johnny? Nathan
thanks Maxie for telling the truth about Johnny. they hug

Dante and Lulu he says he doesn;t like that they are here alone.
Lulu would tell him if Johnny contacted her..Johnny would never
hurt me. Dante says let me know if he contacts you and becareful.
he leaves.. she texts Johnny teling him to call of the plans for Val
and get out of town.

Johnny ignore the text..she wonders why the stopped here..
he says he can walk the rest of the way. you have done enough
Val good luck on the test. she says same to you. he says maybe
we wil run into each other again ut oh Crazy Johnny returns
he opens her door and howls crazy like (like when we first met
Johnny all those years ago)

The End what do u say...for old time's sake....want to help an ex wife out...
Robert...all u had to do was ask, I'm all your's. ..


Sam to Paul (?) me, ur my only hope...((help me Obie wan Kinobe!! sounding))

Nik to Hayden,who is seated on the side of his bed...he made his choice, let him rot behind bars...

Liz to Jason...being here, with's difficult....

Dante to Dillon, as the latter is leaving PCPD....why r u in such a hurry...

Tracy on phone..this is the voice of doom calling...

Lulu to Laura...what r u doing here...

Psycho sounding Johnny to a tied-up Valerie...KEEP UR MOUTH SHUT AND LET ME THINK. ..

General Hospital 1-15-16 Preview

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Friday January 15,2016

Live Thread 1/15

Nik and Hayden talking Jason and prison Nik says
the only statent that matters are ours

Sam shows us at The DNA Doctor carly used he thinks she is
his lady friend she says you are my only hope

Dillon at the PCPD looking for Val as Dillon hears about the BOLO

Lulu sending Johnny a text to stop the plan. she gets a visit from
Laura says please tell me you don't have anything to do withJohnny

Val running yelling help me..Johnny says no one can hear you

Jason says let have Cam ad Aiden stay here with us Liz doesn ;t
want the whole family here it will confuse Jake. Liz is like we are staying
in your suite..Jason is like I am in another room.Jake runs out says
DADDY you are home.

Dillon hopes the police find Johnny Nathan wants him to stay as he
leaves he runs into Dante who wants to know what is going on

Lulu denies anything about Johnny..Laura is skeptical. Luke spencers
daughter should be a better liar..after the gala you were keeping
a secret tell me it wasn;t jpohnny

Johnny ties Val to a chair..She wonders why you wanted me to give
you a ride. Johnny yells shut up..She says you used to work for
my uncle luke you work for him don;t you..Johnny screams at her
keep your mouth shut as he hears sirens..Johnny is losing it big time.

Nik on the phone with Spencer. Hayden is taking care
of Nik. Nik talks of Jason Hayden is like he refused
to do what you wanted even for his sons. Nik says the
DA will likely supress the statement you made to Dante.
you are looking at man with long history of violence he needs
something more it doesn;t exist.

Sam with Dr. DNA she knows he checks in here and stays
with someone other than his wife. she knows he was here
night of Nutcracker Gala she mentions the fight of the restuarnat
you and your guest witnessed it. He valuse privacy..if he can
tell her what he saw..he says we were at window a light haired
man tired to leave. dark hair man threw a first punch the light haired
man side stepped the dark haired man fell of. Sam is like can
you tell the as she has a recorder

Jason tells JAke he wants to talk to mom for a min. It appears
just liz and Jake are staying at the MC. she is afriad the longer
they stay the more Jake will get the wrong idea. liz says being
here difficult for me. Liz says the nicer you are to me the more
I regret what I did but the love we have doesn;t just go away.

Val is giving Johnny attitude. they are at a ranger cabin in the
state forest. Val tries to get free. Johnny finds the flashlight.
she is like this wasn;t your plan when someone finds us you go
to prison. Johnny says I just figured out a solutionn.

Tracy getting a massage

Nik sasy the fall and its aftermath I know who you show
tough exterior i see how much you care and you do have loving heart.
she gets a call. she ignores it he tells her to answer it. its Tracy says
good eveing the voice of doom checking I almost didn;t call you hayden
but prefer that to RACHEL.. how are things with Nik ,,Rachel..Nik wonders
who it is..the nursing company he says giove me the phone

Johnny lighting candles she wonders who he is calling he gets
the text from lulu..

Lulu is tired of the accusations and denies anything about Johnny.
Lulu says fine it was me staying in that room I was upset about
Dante. Laura says not bad except for the duffle bad ..JOhnny calls
calls for backup

Dante giving Dillon attitude.. Nathan wonders why Dillon got wierd
when they talked Johnny.. Dante is like withholding evidence is
a felony.Dillon has something to tell in private.

Dr.DNA mad she recorded him Sam says it is admissable.
Sam says an affidavit would be helpful, Dr. DNA is mad
Sam is sorry accept my apology. Go to the authorites
as his lady love comes out.

Nathan says we will record your statement ..Dillon is like no
and I want assurance that no one helping will be prosecuted.
Dante wonders if you are not helpign johnny who is..he looks
at Dante who realized it is Lulu

Laura says show me the phone..Lulu gets mad..Laura says you are
working hard to sidestep..she admits the call was from Johnny she says
she let Johnny stay at the HS briefly..Laura says why would let him stay
because of Val.

Johnny looking out the door Val says people will know I am missing
Johnny says he has heard of her friend to last a lifetime.

Jason is sorry if she is uncomfortable. Jason says you made a appointment
with the dr. for Jake..yes tomorrow. Jake asks Dad if they are going
for ice cream jake asks if Liz is going she says no she is tired.

Sam introduces herself to Dr. DNA ladyfriend. Sam says give me a couple
mins. Sam is like I was recording the light haired man will be charged
with attempeted murder. you know what happened..Sam says he is my
husband..please do the right thing,,Sam says if I had other recourse
I would I have cared about this man long time he was shot
and missing for the last 3 year. Sam says you have a really great
mans future in your hands do the right thing.

Hayden says I can handle this.. she says we don;t need you tonight
Tracy says you better if you don;t have ELQ nik and everyone wil know
who you really are Rachel. Hayden hangs up Nik tells her don;t go.

Hayden says you can;t leave I need a nurse. she wants her. She is like
you are recuperating he is like he can think of one place where it wouldn't hurt they kiss.and get busy..

Veronica tells Dr. DNA they know what the decision should be
he doensn;t know what he would do if he lost her. Perhaps
they should go public and come forward. Sam says thank you
she has friend at DA office. they kinds push sam out the door
she show them a pic..of Jason and Nik. The DNA doc says that
is Jason MORGAN..yes why he tells Sam that he ran the DNA
test on Jaosn for Mrs. Corinthos.

Jason with Jake at he mc getting ice cream. Jake wants to do
this everynight.

Dillon says he saw Johnny once the HS Lulu was hiding
him. Dante realizes that the person lulu was in the stateroom was
Johnny not dillon..

Laura says I know you have been hurt and Val partly to blame fof that.
Lulu says if not for Val I wouldn't have....

Johnny yelling at Val again then gags her as he says STHU. he says
he will leave her alone she freaks..Johnny can;t leave any lose ends.

Nik pretty agile for a guy who fell off the he and HAyden
get busy

Tracy getting the massage still. she says she has had so much
taken away but that is about the change.

Jason and JAke eating ice cream Dr, DNA tells Jason they saw the
fight and will go to cops and clear his name..he thanks them.
Veronica says thank your wife..JAke gives a look.

Sam at Jason room knocks on the door as Liz opens in her robe with
a little smile on her face.

Dante see a video of Val giving Johnny money ad them in the park and
in the car.

Johnny says bad idea to leave witnesses lucky or her he is softy.
Johnny leaves..Val struggles to get free

Lulu says if not for Val I wouldn;t have filed for seperation..Laura says
that is a stretch..Rocco cries.. laura says we will continue this convo
andgoes to comfort rocco as Lulu listens to Johnny message about
bringing his bad and money to the cabin..Val is still struggling she
knocls a candle off the table and well.

The End.


Sam...sorry, I thought this was Jason's room.. is....

Jason to Jake...what did u mean when u said Sam isn't as good as we thinks she is...

Sonny to Krissy....I dont want him anywhere near u...

Lulu in the dark, outside the cabin, calls out...where r u...

Jordan to Dante...what's the latest on the search for Johnny Saccara...

Cabin on fire, Valerie still tied up, trying to call out...please, help me (muffled)....

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