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Cool GH:Daily Episodes for the week of AUGUST 14

General Hospital 8-14-17 Preview GH 8/14/17
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■■■■■ Previews for MONDAY ■■■■■

● Monica, Liz, Ned, Olivia,M says....i decide who goes and who stays...

● pissed off Finn to Curtis....u knew this and u didn't tell me about it....

● Liesl to target is doctor Hamilton Finn...

● Dante to Nathan ...the gun from the dumpster matches the bullet out of Sonny's leg...

● Jason to Julian...we're going to have a talk about Sam...

● Sam to's important to tell the truth...

● Michael to Sonny....who shot u....
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Here are the last two items via soaphub

Sonny is preoccupied.

Carly grows suspicious.


SNEAK PEEK: The investigative pieces aren't falling together like Sonny hoped they would.

GH Spoiler: Dante and Nathan Demand Answers from Sonny

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) pay Sonny (Maurice Benard) a visit and tell him the bullet shot in his leg doesn't match the two guns recovered at the scene. However, a third gun was found. Nothing is adding up and the two men demand answers from Sonny. Don't miss an all new episode of General Hospital weekdays on ABC. sneak peek video clip for Monday August 14, 2017

Dante and Nathan Demand Answers from Sonny
A third gun is recovered.
The investigative pieces aren't falling together like Sonny hoped they would.
Dante and Nathan pay Sonny a visit and tell him the bullet shot in his leg doesn't match the two guns recovered at the scene. However, a third gun was found. Nothing is adding up and the two men demand answers from Sonny.

Watch video here

or here


TUES 8/15
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MONDAY Live THread 8/14

Jason (who had time to get a haircut) with Sam
telling her she can maybe go home. Sam mentions
the shooting Jason says only the three of us know
Sam says well maybe Julian does.

Julian and Scotty who asks aobut Ava

Micheal with Sonny at home talk of PT. Micheal
says he seems distracted. Michael says I checked
with Dante on the investigation and the bullet in your
leg isn;t garvey who shot you

Dante and Nathan looking at the evidence. Dante
doesn;t believe this as a random cop says they found
something in dumpster dante says this could be the
weapon that shot Sonny

Liz arrives at Casa Q for Hayden/Finn wedding talking
to Olivia and Ned. Monica comes in Cook quit how could
she as Olivia says well I fired her.

Jarod talking to Dr. O about the money Dr.O says
my target is Dr. Finn

Finn sitting in the park all by himself looking sad as
Curtis comes along.

Jason says Julian knows. Sam thinks so JAson says he
came in this room. I think I told him I wanted to get
you away from Sonny. Jason asks what did you tell Julian
that I was afriad that Sonny would take you away that I wanted
to try to get rid of Sonny and that is what I did. Jason says did
you tell him you wanted to kill Sonny. no. Jason says what
did you do after the convo at the metrocourt. talk of the gun
she wiped the prints off and threw it in the dumpster the police
likely have it. Jason will go take care of this don;t say anything
to anyone. as Alexis arrives. Jason leaves. Sam asks
about Julian trial. Alexis says she testified. I told the truth

Scotty worries that the trial is on recess. Julian is like he
is stalling (the DA) Scotty says he has lots of weapons nakely

Nathan tells Random cop to have the gun tested if the bullet
came from that gun. Dante thinks the gun will be untraceable
and whoever shot himi is professional.

Sonny says did Dante ask you to question me. Michael is like
no..Sonny says nothing to tell. Michael speculates you wanted
out of buisness so someone hired a contractor and they followed
you shot you put you in the pit and now you want to retaliate.

Jarod and Dr. O toDr. o Says the finishing touch.

Michael and his lecture on retaliation as Sonny says
he knows what he is doing Michael gets a call from
Dr. O who reports Hayden to Michael about suspicious
transaction she uses an anonymous voice. Michael has
to go. Sonny asks Micheal not to tell his theory to his mother
and assures Michael he has no plans to retaliate against the
person who shot him

Finn tells Curtis he found out Hayden was embezzling from
hospital. Curtis mentions knowing something. Finn is like
you knew and didn;t say. Curtis is like I told her to tell the

Sam says was it good or bad for Julian. Alexis says
I told the truth. Sam says important to tell the truth

Juliain remembering her convo with Sam about Sonny
Jason arrives to talk Sam.

Nathan says so much about this case seems off.
Dante is like my dad will try to handle it himself.
Dante says I wanna know the truth as
random cop comes back with results. Dante says
what we thought the dumpster gun matches bullet
from Sonny. They have to go.

Monica is like this is not what you had in mind. Monica
says call Cook back and apologize. Ned says Olivia should
be able to cook in her kitchen. Monica says my house
I decide who goes and stays. Michael comes in to talk
in private Liz does the lame excuse to get out of the room
while Ned and Olivia talk Olivia thanks Ned for takin up to her

Michael tells Monica about Hayden and the money. Monica
wonders why she would commit fraud and then undo it.

Finn says he should have gone after Hayden last night

Monica says hayden will be back soon we will
have a conversation. Monica gives Olivia attitude
as she tries to apologize. She says she called me
a problem. Liz comes in see Mihcael who says he needs
to talk to Hayden she knows something is wrong.

Curtis takes up for Hayden

Sam tells Alexis she remember how she acted when
she was sick..Not your fault.

JAson has convo with Julian about the convo with Sam.
What really happened. Julian says she was agitated Jason
says what did she want. She was worried about Sonny so
I told her only way to keep you out of the business was to
get rid of Sonny.

Dante and Nathan arrive at Sonnys Nathan says update on
investigation. Dante says the bullet in your leg we found
a third gun in a dumpster that matches none of this adds

Sam says she is sorry for the things she did
she can;t tell what is real and what is not I have
no idea how Jason survived what Helena did to him.
Alexis tries to reassure her Sam says I have to
get well cuz Jason and my kids need me.

Jason says you said Sam was acting wierd. Julian
says Ava had a strange conversation with her. that
she blamed Sonny. Jason says Sam was hallucinating
you can help her. Stay away from her. and Jason leaves.

Sonny told them what he remembers. Dante lays it out.
DAnte says the gun we found has no prints or id.

Jarod and Dr. O part ways. Dr.O calls she needs to speak
to Micheal he cancelled all his appointments how strange
he went to Monica. Lesiel you aim was perfect.

Liz wonders what this is about. is it about GH Liz mentions
the strange call from the bank Michael is like Liz...

Monica won;t have someone go behind her back and abuse
her prividledge. Ned says that is enough. Monica storms off
Olivia is upset.

Monica says are you sure Hayden hasn;t come back as they get a
visit from Finn and Curtis.

Sonny sticks to his story. Dante wants to find out the
truth. Sonny says I gave you answer you don;t want
to hear it. Jason arrives at GH he needs to speak
to Jordan about Julian trial is Dante here. no you can
wait so he does.

Monica says Hayden hot back yet no one knows what is
keeping Hayden. Curtis tries to call her says the number
has been disconnected.

Dr. O smiling if only she could be at the wedding.
Will he dive right back into drugs. My wedding gift to you
as she leaves.

Jarod in the park times up he has his phone notices
the account is closed. He says Rachel you bitched you
double crossed me. Liz says hayden things are not
in her room she is gone left her ring behind.

Alexis goes to let Sam rest it is over. Sam says is it.

Dante and NAthan go to leave Dante gets a call. Dante
says new development on who bought third gun Jason
hears the cops talk the new gun found and being put
in evidence room.

The End


● Alexis, with Krissy, says to Parker...ur here, teaching at PCU...

● Ava opens door to Griffin...what r u doing here...

● Nelle to Michael...the police want me to answer some questions about ur father's shooting....

● Oscar to Joss...concert in the park tonite, want to go with me...

● Jason to evidence guy?....we'd really appreciate this favor...

● Dante to Sonny...if there is anything I should know about this gun, now is the time to tell me...

● Carly bursts in to Sam's room...i know what u did to Sonny
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Alexis and Krissy in the park having a picnic
Krissy tells her to chill..Alexis asks her how school
is going

Griffin shows up at Avas

Joss and Oscar at the bridge. He invites her
to the concert in the park

Nelle and Michael at the park. She gets a call from
the police about your father shooting

Dante at Sonnys on the phone they got info on her
purchased the gun. Dante says we found the vendor
bringing him him to question. Dante says whatever
secret you are trying to hide will come out

Jason at PCPD Jason talks to some random cop (maybe one
who is on Sonny payroll??)

Sam on the phone talking to I assume Danny in storms
Carly saying I know what you did bitch

Griffin says the concert in the park, She doesn;t
want to go. She wants him to leave. he says you need
fresh air doctors orders. He is asking as a friend.

Krissy said registration went well. Alexis is confident
this will be good for her. Parker shows up.

Joss is like concert in park Oscar says classical at the end
turns into Jazz. Joss wants to call her friend Oscar wasthinking
like a date.

Jason says our mutual friend would appreciate this favor.

Sonny says why are you hounding me. Dante says you
should take a class in stonewalling but we wil find that

CArly rips the phone from her hand did you thinkI wouldn;t
find out. You didn;t know what you were doing when you shot
my husband I wlll make you pay as Sam wakes up from a
nightmare and Carly is sitting there saying you had a nightmare.

Parker and Krissy small talk. Alexis says surprised
PArker is teaching at PCU.

Ava and Griffin in the park Griffin says Charlotte
didn;t know better with her reaction. Ava says it
was an honest reaction.

Joss and Oscar arrive see Michael and Nelle. Micheal
sats tell the truth about the bullet casing
Jasam hug as Car
Carly says she came to pick up Sonny meds came
in didn;t mean to disturb her. Sam says it was
a dream, Carly says tell me about it. Carly says
you can tell me anything as Jason arrives just in
the nik of time..Sam needs rest. Carly says she will
leave. Jasam hug as Carly watches thru the window.

Krissy mentions that Molly has class with Parker.
Alexis is like Molly will drop the class. Parker is just
so understanding. Krissy starts in on ALexis . they argue
Alexis says you two came down about me coming clean
I fell for it I was sincere so I want you two girls to do the
same. Got it..GOOD.

Ava mentions cosmetic restoration. Griffin reminds her
to be careful searching on the internet. Griffin says let
me know when you find something. Ava is like why are you
showing such interest. Ava doesn;t want his pity. good he
won't give it.

Alexis runs after Parker. Alexis says WTH are you doing

Joss says if mom finds out she will freak. Michael says she
will understand.Michael says Nelle got called to the police
station Nelle won;t get in trouble for you. Oscar offers to
go to PCPD to tell them he found the casing he goes with
Nelle. Michael says cool of Oscar to step up. The longer
you hide something the worse the fallout .

Carly arrives at Sonny's She has his meds. She mentions
Seeing Sam who had a nightmare before she could tell me
anything Jason showed up and shut it down. Carly says that
feeling when everyone knows something and you don;t ...Carly
mentions Avery .Sonny has to tell her something

Alexis says so coming to PCU was just coincidence.
Alexis says professors aren;t suppose to have sex
with their students. Parker is like I didn;t know
Krissy would be here. how does your wife feel about
this. Krissy comes along

Ava has a flask with water. He got stung by something
she looks

Jason says wanna talk about the nightmare. Sam
tells him Carly found out and she was furious she told
me she would make me pay and started to choke me.
Jason says it was just nightmare. Sam wants to tell her.
Sam thinks she will understand. Jason says wait till the police
close thier investigation.

Carly says how worried should I be. as Micheal and Joss arrive
Michael says she has to tell you something. Joss tells about
the shell casing. Nelle didn;t find it she was covering for me
Oscar found the casing when he took me there.

Oscar with Nelle telling Dante the tale of finding the casing
Dante is understanding he says since you are minor I need
to contact your parents. Oscar says just my mother. Nelle
says you did good

Rando cop has the gun guy in the room. He wants his
lawyer. Dante says we traced IP address to your computer
the guy has nothing to say. Dante says you are going away
for long time. Dante says who did you sell the gun to.

PArker leaves KRissy starts with Alexis. Krissy
says I am not victim. Alexis says I am in not position
to say this I will go enjoy your concert.

Griffin and Ava at her apartment Griffin says maybe we
should go to the hospital. Ava is like it not that bad she will
give him some lavender oil take off his shirt. Ava notices

Carly is like why didn;t you tell me. Joss knows Sonny
glad that her and Oscar didn;t get hurt but you gotta tell
the truth to your mother. Carly says I have to know what goes
on. Joss is sorry. can Michael take me to the concert. Carly is
like no Micheal will take you home you are in for whole weekend
Joss objects. Micheal says Joss let go. Sonny says weren;t you
to hard on her.

Jason says the fewer people who know the truth the better
the police can still press charges. Sam wants to tell the truth
but Jason talks her out of it again.He gets texted. He has to

Dante trying to get the guy to talk. The guy admits
the gun was sold to a woman.

Ava tends to Griffin she gets the feeling.....He thanks
her they give each other the look.

Krissy comes to Parker and has food they sit together.

Carson talk Joss. when did Joss turn into a rebel Sonny
says you have been one since I have known you Carly
says you are trying to distract me from what you want
to tell me. He says don;t be mad. I have decided to push
back date for PT.

Sam looking at pic of the kids on her phone says she
will keep quite for thier sake.

Dante says to a woman. As the guy lawyer shows
up Dante leaves. random cop says the gun in the
room is missing as random cop give Jason the gunb
on the bridge Random guy says MR. Corinthos will be
happy. yes.

The random cop tells Dante Jason Morgan was in here earlier
Jason takes the gun wipes it down and tosses it in the water.

The End


● Griffin to Ava....who says I'm not tempted...

● Krissy to Parker...dont u think I am entitled to know how it all worked out....

● Finn...why did u find me...
● stop u from chasing Hayden...

● Jared to exwife screwed me over, again....

● Liz...Franco...(melts into kiss....)

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Ava tending to Griffin

Krissy comes to sit with Parker in the park.

Jarod and Dr. O he says my ex wife screwed me over.

Curtis comes to see Finn at GH Finn is looking
for Hayden. Curtis says be glad Dr.Q not pressing

Liz on the phone trying to track down Hayden she
bumps into FRANCO.

Ava wonders if she embarrassed him. He feels
good what is it like being perfect. HE says thank you
I am not perfect. Ava says you are beautiful how are you
not led into temptation. He says who says I am not

Krissy and Parker talk Alexis. She wants to know why
Parker is really here. Parker says she is hired for one
semester if it works she may stay. Parker didn;t think
Krissy would be here when she took the job.

Dr.O says when she transferred the money it was embezzlement
Jarod says Hayden owes me. I am going to collect.

Franco and Liz kissing. He came to get her brownies. He says
did you miss me. Liz is so happy he is back,(he got a haircut)
He says lets get outta here. The lawsuit is settled. I had to sell
the painting to pay the settlement the rest of my paintings were
returned to me. He doesn;t want to talk about this now. she has
to go to work.

Curtis is like she is pregnant with your baby and you want her
arrested. Finn says no I want her found. Finn won't start
using he looks at her ring. curtis says admit the truth you
are still in love with her.

Ava thanks GRiffin for letting her see this side of her.

Krissy asks if Parker wife will be coming here. No
she is remaining with her practice in CT. PArker doesn;t
think they should talk of this you know boundaries.
Krissy says you left me a note I had to track you down
don;t you think I am entitled to know how it worked out.
Parker says our marriage is over.

Liz tells Franco about Hayden. Liz has to get back to work.
after her shift she will make it up to him as Dr. O comes along.

Finn says of course i still love Hayden.
Jarod walks in Finn goes off on him grabs him
tells him where is she.

Griffin leaves Ava breaths heavy then pours herself
a drink.

Krissy says what happened.

Dr.O tips her hand by mentioning Hayden going to Jail
Franco says who said anything about jail.

Curtis step in between Jarod and Finn Curtis punches

Great scene with Curtis, Finn and Jared.

"Your hands are made for healing, mine, however, are not." Loved it!!

Parker says she does not intend to get in
Krissy way. Krissy says don;t go.

Franco and Dr. O talk about Hayden she finds out Hayden
left town. she is happy. Franco says if you know anything
that would help Liz find her sister. Dr. O says whatever
happens they more than deserve it.

Curtis tells Jarod HAyden is my friend you caused her
to leave town where is she. Jarod does;t know.

PArker and Krissy happy to see each other.

Ava look in the mirror her face is fine Griffin says what
did I tell you miracles happen. They kiss (she is imagining
this) she wakes up looking in the mirror and has her mask on.

Valentin calls Ava to talk about the surgery. Ava doesn;t
believe in miracles and hangs up and looks at his card

Franco brings Liz brownies at work

Finn talking Says maybe curtis could gind her

Liz asks Franco what Dr.O wanted Dr.O comes along
Dr.O must have been in on it.

The End

■■ previews ■■

● Emma, Felicia, Anna, Mac the newest member of the family...

● Curtis to Finn...Hayden covered all her tracks, she cut all ties...

● Liesl to Franco, as Liz over hears....Hayden Barnes got what she deserved...

● Nathan to Amy...ur not asking me to go on being Manlanders, r u....

● Maxie to SPIN...i have a more pressing mystery for he Jackal to solve...o

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General Hospital 8-17-17 Preview GH 8-17-17
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ABC Special Report on terrorist attack in Barcelona.
Not sure if GH will be back.


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"Finn learns that Obrecht drove Hayden away"

Thursday August 17, 2017: Maxie changes her plans for Man Landers, Felicia sees something suspicious, and Liz asks Franco something.

Mac and Felecia arrive at the Metro Court, arguing about whether to tell Anna about nearly being busted for indecent exposure. Felecia thinks they should come clean. Anna and Emma join them. They look at pictures of Patrick and Robinís new baby and then toast to him. After they eat, Felicia has to leave. Emma leaves to take a call. Mac hands Anna a flashdrive that documents everything Valentin has done while she was away. They see that heís been visiting the Jeromesí building and wonder why. Mac encourages her to find something better to do than chase after the Cassadine. Emma returns and tells them about her complicated love life. She shows them the jewelry Spencer gave it. Anna thinks it contains a real diamond.

Maxie-Spinelli-help-GH-ABCIn Portland, Georgie eats grass while Maxie yells at her. Spinelli rushes over to speak up in the name of grass eating. He wonders if sheíll stick around. They discuss his beard and then he encourages her to suggest Nathan get a job with the local police. She doubts he would leave Nina alone and wonders what else is holding him back. Spinelli suggests that Nathan could be jealous of their bond. Maxie assumes there is something else. She asks him to expose Man Landers. Spin is reluctant. He follows that blog. Maxie thinks that outing him in the magazine could land her a promotion. After that, Nathan wonít be able to resist moving to support her career. When Spinelli explains that Man Landers has millions of followers, Maxie decides to discover his identity and blackmail him into working for her.

Nathan-grills-Amy-GH-ABCAmy meets Nathan at Kellyís to tell him heís her hero and her brother is slowly recovering. She thinks the cop must be missing being Man Landers. He canít handle living a double life and mentions his in-laws committing acts of public indecency. As they debate keeping his identity a secret from Maxie, Felecia interrupts. Amy makes an excuse and escapes. Felecia sits down and asks the cop what he was up to. She thanks him for protecting she and Mac from the police. After he walks out, Amy returns and thanks him again for his help. When she throws her arms around him, Felecia spots them through the window.

Obrecht-gloats-Franco-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Franco stops Liz from rushing off to confront Obrecht for chasing Hayden away. He insists on doing it himself and walks over to Liesl. He asks about the rumor she ruined Hayden and Finnís lives. Franco explains that Hayden has run away. That makes Dr. O happy. She hopes Finn learns the role sheís played in this. Liz comes over to lecture Obrecht, who battles back until Franco drags the nurse away. Meanwhile, Finn asks Curtis to track Hayden down for him. The PI refuses. Heís already tried looking and came up empty. He canít hunt down a friend who doesnít want to be found. The doctor begs. Curtis offers to give him a referral. Finn talks about how much he needs a second chance and leaves to find her on his own. In the hall, he runs into Obrecht. She begins taunting him until he realizes Haydenís departure was her doing. Curtis joins them and Liesl continues her taunts. Finn wishes heíd left her to rot in jail. Seeing this is enough to make Curtis agree to help find Hayden, but heíll leave it up to her if she wants to return or not.

Franco and Liz head home and debate his involvement with Obrecht. They discuss his trip to New York. He hated being away from her and the boys. She says heís free to roam if he comes back. Liz asks him to move in. He gets her to confirm that she really wants this. She asks him again. They have sex.

On the next General Hospital:

Kiki has some advice to give.

Liz gives Griffin some encouragement.

Nina has demands that need to be met.

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